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Mystery Fabric Swap Results & an Announcement!

Vote for one of the final 5!

What a mysterious week!  We were so pleased with every creation made with mystery fabric, and the sew along was so very awesome!  So now you want us to let you know the winner, right?  Well, we want you to take one last look at the amazing four entries!

Vote for your favorite Fabric Swap look.

The judges have had their say, the votes have been counted, and the scores reveal that the winner of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition for Mystery Week is:

Mystery Fabric Swap Tank

Kara from Sweeter Than It Seams

Beside the warmth of victory, your positive applause, and many virtual high fives, she will receive:

White Tree

$50 gift certificate to White Tree Fabrics


One copy of Style That Kid


6 pattern bundle of her choice from the recent Women’s Bundle or the Upcoming Boy’s Bundle from Pattern Revolution


3 PDF patterns of her choice from Lekala Sewing Patterns

Now Kara couldn’t have done it without help from Lauren who sent her that mystery fabric, so in addition to many thanks from Kara,  Lauren will be receiving:


$25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop.

And just so Terri & Jordan know how very awesome they are, we are sending them each a yard of fabric from our stash!

The winner of the Favorite sew along, as determined by equal parts vote and the contestants judging is:

Emily from The Lady And The Gents

She will receive:

1 yard of this beautiful fabric from Mapology.

Now we have had so much fun with Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition, that we just couldn’t let it end here!  So because our sponsors have been so very, very generous, we had prizes left over!  So we are going to extend the Challenge for one more week!  Here’s the deal…the 5 winners from the 5 weeks of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition are lined up for you, the voter, to choose the final winner.  The final winner will be receiving:


$60 Gift Certificate to Sew Squirrel

etsy button

$40 Gift Certificate to Five Monkey Fabrics


2 PDF patterns from Winter Wear Designs

So here is the lineup of the 5 weekly winners for your viewing pleasure:

Vote for one of the final 5!

  1. Noelle from The Sewing Sparrow

  2. Bonnie from Fishstick Designs

  3. Teri from FaSewLa

  4. Ajaire from Call Ajaire

  5. Kara from Sweeter Than It Seams

So let the voting begin…100% of the score is based on your vote!  Voting ends Sunday (August 10th) at noon (EST) winner will be announced Monday, August 11th.

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Gladys & Viv’s Linen Fabric Swap Challenge

This is the fourth and final day of the Linen sewing creations made from the fabric the 4 contestants swapped.  They each sent and received 2 yard of fabric and then sewed it up!  Their only stipulation was that the fabric be Linen.  Today, Sara from Gladys and Viv is here to show you what she created:

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be part of linen week!
1-saraBonnie from Fishsticks Designs sent me some great spotty fabric–one yard of the black, and half a yard each of the green and the grey. As it turned out, I wound up not using any of the green, but I’m sure it’ll find its way soon into another project. 
Since this challenge isn’t adult-clothing-only, and I suspected some of the other participants might not be sewing garments for themselves, I seriously considered trying to make something that wasn’t for me to wear. But really, that just wouldn’t be me. So, I made a pair of shorts with my linen–because where better to put a fabric that’s notorious for being wrinkle-prone? Actually I’ve been impressed so far with the lack of wrinkliness. And the fabric is a good weight for shorts, whereas it would’ve been too stiff for anything that needed to drape, so I think I made the right choice.
My base pattern was Simplicity 3435 (vintage, from the early 60s), although I’ve made so many alterations to it now that the finished product bears little resemblance to the original. I’ve added pockets (front and back), lowered the waist and given it belt loops, drafted fold-up cuffs and little tabs to hold them in place, and changed the closure from an invisible side zipper to a fly front. I hadn’t sewn a proper zip fly in a long time, so I followed this tutorial from Oliver + S. The rest of the sewing, though, I just put together as I went along. 
I really like these two fabrics together–I arranged them so the grey accents the black, and the black, in turn, accents the grey. (And I made–or re-fashioned–the top (not linen) I’m wearing specifically because I thought its colors would match well, too.) I got lucky in that I was sent a fabric with a small pattern repeat, but I still spent a lot of time meticulously matching my pieces. There are a few whoops spots, but overall, I’m really happy with it–especially with those back pockets. 
These are definitely the most wearable shorts I’ve made. (And they are short, but I promise they’re longer than they look. I just have really long legs.) Weather permitting, I’ll be wearing them at the Oregon Coast next week, and hopefully throughout the rest of the summer. 
Sorry about the photos… I think I’m still recovering from Me-Made-May a bit; taking pictures of myself is still just not on, hence the multitude of cropped images. That said, if you enjoy awkward photos of me, there are a few more on my blog, Gladys and Viv–come say hi!

Finally, thanks to Bonnie for the fabric, and thanks to the Skirt Fixation team for inviting me to take part in the challenge. I’ve had fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else makes!

Those are the cutest shorts ever!  The pattern matching is exquisite with just the right amount of contrast detail!  Much applause from this direction for sure.  Now let’s review the four creations submitted for the Linen Challenge.

Vote for your favorite Linen Week Contestant for Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition

1: Jenn from A Jennuine Life

2: Janice from So-Cal Sewing Mom

3: Bonnie from Fishstick Designs

4: Sara from Gladys & Viv

Be sure to vote for your favorite Linen contestant and their fabulous creation by clicking the little circle next to their name.  (We thought our old poll format was boring and we heard it was confusing, so we’ve upgraded to Polldaddy!)

Now go over to the Sew Along and vote for your favorite Linen fabric item there too!

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Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s Nature Inspired Creation

Our final contestant with her Nature Inspired Outfit is Michelle from Falafel and the Bee.  After you check out her work, be sure to vote in the poll for your favorite nature inspired creation.

For this first challenge, “Nature Inspired” I set out to make something based on these Springtime images:


source source source


The dress was made using the Lady Skater pattern by Kitschy Coo. This is the very first time I ever used it. Different parts of me were different sizes, so I had to grade the pattern to fit. It is form fitted while also really comfortable. My kind of dress! I used a super soft textured knit in a purple that reminded me of the color of spring crocuses. We are surrounded by such lush greenery that when you see a bulb coming up, it is a beautiful contrast. I wanted my outfit to pop like those flowers of Spring!


The pants are self-drafted. I love wearing free-flowing comfortable yoga pants (it’s like being in jammies all day…and who wouldn’t like that, really?). I never thought to make my own before this! I used a super soft ponte knit. This fabric is like buttah, I tell you.These have all the swish of a skirt with all the benefits of wearing pants. Spring, to me, is a time to shed the uncomfortable layers of winter and get down to clothing you can move in.


I free-hand painted (with acrylic paints, then heat set them so they will stay on after washing) on a feather to look like it is stuck through the dress. I thought it added a nice touch without adding bulk. I put blue egg-shaped dots all along the border of the dress and white dots around the neckline. I also painted a nest and a feather onto a rectangle of knit to make a scarf to create some consistency and connection in the outfit. I love wearing scarves in the Springtime. They bring style to what you are wearing and provide some warmth for the slightly cold breezes we can get in these parts.


This challenge really got my creative juices flowing! AND it helped me get into the mood of this season.

If you would like to read a bit more about this outfit you can head over to my blog, Falafel and the Bee.

Very, very awesome, Michelle.  We totally get the comfortable clothing idea, and your nature inspired outfit tops the list!  Now it’s time to review and vote!

Here is another look at each of the four Nature Inspired outfits.

StacynatureInspiredStacy @ The Land of K.A.’s Nature Inspired Outfit

Magda - Nature InspiredMagda @ House of Estrela’s Nature Inspired Outfit

becca&suzanneBecca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution’s Nature Inspired Outfits

MichelleNatureInspiredMichelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s Nature Inspired Outfit

Now it’s time for you to participate.  Vote in the poll for your favorite Nature Inspired outfit.  Voting is open NOW and ends at midnight Saturday.  Remember, 25% of their score is based on your vote!

Vote for your favorite Nature Inspired Creation!

  • Magda @ House of Estrela (5%, 7 Votes)
  • Stacy @ The Land of K.A. (7%, 9 Votes)
  • Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee (22%, 30 Votes)
  • Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution (66%, 91 Votes)

Total Voters: 137

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Voting is also now open on the Sew Along entries, and you get to choose the winner, so be sure to visit the Sew Along seamstresses and vote there too!  Come back Monday when we reveal the winners!