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Anthropologie Tweed Skirt Knock Off

Anthropologie Tweed Skirt Knock Off by Skirt Fixation

Today we have another Buy or DIY skirt for you! This time we’re showing you how you can make a perfect skirt for cold weather and look like you paid big bucks.  Except you didn’t!  Our skirt pick of the day is an on trend tweed skirt from Anthropologie.  Here’s our recommendations for an Anthropologie Tweed Skirt Knock Off job.

Anthropologie Tweed Skirt Knock Off by Skirt Fixation

Anthropologie Tweed Skirt Knock Off Details:

Here’s the inspiration skirt: Anthropologie Tweed Buttoned Skirt

Fabric Recommendation: Telio Tweed Red Fabric & Soft Suede Wine Fabric

Pattern Recommendation:  Pauline Alice Rosari Skirt

Anthropologie Tweed Skirt Knock Off Math:

Anthropology Tweed Buttoned Skirt: $128 retail price.

Tweed Fabric needed: 1.25 yards at $12.98 per yard

Suede Fabric needed: .25 yards at $7.65 per yard

Pattern: $9.94 (at today’s conversion rate from euros)

Notions:   12 at 50 for $8.99

Anthropologie Tweed Skirt Knock Off Summary:

Total Cost: $30.24 for DIY

Total Savings: $97.76

If you look closely at the skirt, you will notice the pattern we recommend doesn’t have separate plackets for the button front of the skirt.  There are a couple ways to modify the pattern.  You could cut apart the front pattern pieces (remember to add seam allowance, and sew the suede to the tweed before you begin.  Or you could also cut the suede to the placket width and top stitch it in place before making the buttonholes.

Wow, the DIY wins again!!  Are you seeing a pattern here?  (See how amazing we are at puns?!?)  On trend, warm, and totally worth the time and price you paid if you DIY!  We’re going to keep showing you these great Buy or DIY Skirt deals because skirts are a great way to get into sewing, and what more to inspire you than to see how you can sew it for waaaaaaaay less?

Affiliate links are used in this post because we love fabric and it’s not free!  So this means if you click on one of our affiliate links, we might earn a few pennies at no extra cost to you.  Thanks!!!

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Wool Tweed Molly Jacket

Molly Jacket sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

If you’ve been around Skirt Fixation for a while, you know that I love sewing coats.  Well, much to my delight, Annie outgrew her coat from last winter.  You see, I had the perfect pattern and the perfect fabric just waiting for that very thing.

Molly jacket sewn by Skirt Fixation

A while back I found the Molly jacket pattern by Violette Field Threads.  It’s a great pattern with quite a few options for customization.  This pattern comes in 9 sizes from 12 months to 9/10.  I sewed the size 9/10 for Annie.  The Molly jacket can be sewn in 2 lengths, hip or above the knee.  I chose to lengthen the jacket several inches to hit Annie just below the knee.  Instructions are included for including a layer of batting between the lining and main fabric, and we did that for Annie’s new winter jacket.

Molly Jacket sewn by Skirt Fixation

This pattern can be made into a reversible jacket if you desire.  While Annie’s could probably be reversible, since I used faux fur for just one side of the collar, she will probably wear it only on the one side.  This is a very easy pattern to sew.  While I was making it, I kept thinking I should make bound buttonholes or add in welt pockets or do something to make it more difficult!  But in the end, it was the plain and simple version that won out.

Molly Jacket sewn by Skirt Fixation

The other change we made to the Molly jacket pattern was to narrow the sleeves.  If you look at the pattern, you can see they bell out quite a bit at the bottom.  There are instructions for making a gathered sleeve hem, but since we wanted to add a cuff, we decided to just narrow the sleeve.  We will have a tutorial later for adding fur cuffs to this (or any!) jacket pattern.

Molly Jacket sewn by Skirt Fixation

More about that fabric!  Several years ago, we were gifted this fabric.  I think it’s a wool tweed, and very stable and warm.  For the lining we used black stretch sateen.  The collar and cuffs are from faux fur.

Molly Jacket sewn by Skirt Fixation

We harvested the buttons from off a different jacket we got at the thrift store.  That’s my new go-to place for buttons.  If you don’t mind hunting a little, you can usually find a garment with pretty unique and numerous buttons for the price of the entire garment!  If you’ve purchased buttons at retail prices lately, you’ll know why I’ve started this new method of sourcing buttons!

Molly Jacket sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

It’s pretty safe to say Annie loves her new jacket!  She wears it every time we go out of this winter.  She says it’s warm, pretty and makes her feel great !