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Valentines Day Skirt Alert

Looking for a skirt for Valentines Day? Skirt Fixation has gotcha covered!

We know you might have been searching for that perfect Valentines Day skirt, and also we know that all of our readers don’t sew, so we’ve rounded up a few skirts you might want to consider purchasing for that special day.

First up we have an inexpensive Valentines Day skirt you can get from good old Amazon! This skirt can be purchased for only $20.99.  This Lady’s Organza Princess Bowknot Pleated Midi Skirt (Lavender Blush) is tulle and sure to make you feel special.  Plus that bow!

Matilda Colorblocked Pink/fuschia

This fun skirt, Matilda Colorblocked Pink/fuschia simply shouts your love of hearts and pink and all things Valentine to the world. It’s on sale for $104.75, and be sure to use the sale code below to get and extra 30% off.
“EXTRA30” For 30% Off All SALE Items Only At Expires Jan 31!

Another fabulous skirt in the pink and maxi family is the Ashir Aley Woman’s Summer Beauty Chiffon Floral Maxi Skirt (Pink)  It’s from Amazon also and really not going to break the bank at $16.99!

Modcloth Skirt

Here’s a skirt from Modcloth that’s all business about this business of love and red and hearts and so on.  It’s A Trip Into Town skirt in cherry, and will only cost you $39.99.

Rose by any other Name Skirt

What female doesn’t love roses on Valentines day?  This skirt is the only way roses on Valentines day can be improved upon!  The Rose by any other Name Skirt is $62.  But if you click on the link below you can get 30% off this skirt too!
“SITEWIDE30” For 30% Off Sitewide Only At Expires Jan 31!


The final skirt in our Valentines skirt alert showcase it this fun little pink number.  It’s the High Waisted Candy Colors Polka Dot Skirt and at $13.99 from Amazon has everyone all heart eyes emojis.

How about you?  What skirt will you be wearing on Valentines Day?

Now for the legal mumbo jumbo: affiliate links are used in this post, not because we’ve ever made any money off of affiliate links, but being ever optimistic, we plan to be the next Bill Gates of affiliate links.  Clicking on an affiliate link won’t harm you, and will certainly give our ego a boost, and may even add a few pennies to our bank account!  

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Tulle Anthropologie Knockoff Skirt {Buy or DIY Skirt}

Buy or DIY Skirt comparison by Skirt Fixation

You’ll never believe what I found in the skirt section at Anthropologie! A tulle midi skirt almost exactly like we just made. So it’s time for the next skirt hack in our Buy or DIY skirt series! Today it’s another Anthropologie knock off skirt.Buy or DIY Skirt comparison by Skirt Fixation

BUY or DIY Skirt Details:

Anthropologie Tulle Midi Skirt $168
Fabric Recommendation: Black Tulle 54” Wide Tulle Black Fabric
Pattern Recommendation: Estelle Skirt by Violette Field Threads Estelle Skirt

BUY or DIY Skirt Math:

Anthropologie skirt: $168 retail price
Fabric needed: Tulle: 5 yards at $0.99 per yard 54” Wide Tulle Black Fabric
1 3/4 lining at $4.50 per yard Silky Satin Charmeuse Black Fabric
Notions: 7 inch zipper for $5.12 : Coats Thread & Zippers All-Purpose Plastic Zipper, 7-Inch, Black

Pattern: $10.95
Total $: $17.95
Total Savings: $150.05

So you could make yourself this tulle midi skirt with a little time and effort for a huge savings and look like you shop at Anthropologie. No one would know unless you told them it was an Anthropologie knock off!

Some affiliate links are used in this post.  This means if you click through we might get a few pennies to throw at the bottomless pit Mr. Skirtfixation calls our blogging habit!!!  Thanks for helping!

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Estelle Skirt {All The Skirts: Violette Field Threads & Raspberry Creek Fabrics}

Estelle skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation for All The Skirts

Estelle skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation for All The Skirts

The next skirt in for All The Skirts: Violette Field Threads & Raspberry Creek Fabrics is the Estelle Skirt.  This skirt is an A-line Tulle skirt which is an important little detail.  A full, fluffy tulle skirt like the Ellie Skirt we made looks so cute and tutu like on a little girl, but unless a woman is trying to make her hips look wider than they are, a fluffy tulle skirt is not the direction to go.

Estelle skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation for All The Skirts

The Estelle Skirt come in 6 sizes from 2 to 12.  Because of the way you cut the tulle, it only requires 5 yards of tulle, which is pretty minimal for a tulle skirt.  The recommended width for the tulle is 58-60”, and again I was unable to find anything wider than 54”, but it didn’t matter on the women’s Estelle Skirt because the width of the fabric ends up the width of the skirt, so a few less inches just make it a tiny bit less full.

Estelle skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation for All The Skirts

As I said after I made the Ellie Skirt, sewing a tulle skirt is a labor of love!  But if you’re going to go to the trouble of working with tulle, you really should use a pattern that you will love the results when you are finished.  It seems like inserting a zipper, gathering tulle, and a fitted waistband should be a recipe for a headache, but because of the complete and thorough instructions included in the Estelle Skirt, it all turns out fantastic.

Estelle skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation for All The Skirts

Raspberry Creek Fabrics does not carry tulle fabric, so I used 54” Wide Tulle Black Fabric, and Silky Satin Charmeuse Black Fabric from for the lining. *affiliate links

Estelle skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation for All The Skirts

In some of these photos, you can see the Estelle Skirt styled with the Cambridge Cardigan from Peekaboo Pattern Shop.  (See this blog post for fabric source and pattern review.)

Estelle skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation for All The Skirts

Are you ready to play along with this edition of All The Skirts?  Just join those who have already linked up.  And be sure to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway too.

Estelle skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation for All The Skirts
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Ellie Skirt {All The Skirts: Violette Field Threads & Raspberry Creek Fabrics}

Tulle Ellie skirt reviewed by Skirt Fixation

Tulle Ellie skirt reviewed by Skirt Fixation

The next skirt in All The Skirts: Violette Field Threads and Raspberry Creek Fabrics delights and rewards the creator. When you make the Ellie skirt you will end up with a true tulle skirt. While you can add a tulle layer to many skirts (like we did yesterday) a true tulle skirt has layers and layers and layers of tulle and yards and yards and yards of fabric!

Tulle Ellie skirt reviewed by Skirt Fixation

The Ellie skirt took me 4 hours to make, but just like is the case with all the Violette Field Threads skirts we’ve made so far, it was totally worth it. Besides many layers and yards of tulle, the Ellie skirt has an underlayer and waistband. It can be made in 7 sizes from 2T to 10.

Tulle Ellie skirt reviewed by Skirt Fixation

Even though the Ellie skirt took quite a while to construct, I’ve never had an easier time working with tulle! The directions made this skirt simple to sew and it has a very professional finish. We love that there is no exposed tulle on the inside – perfect for a child with sensory issues. Who likes scratchy tulle against their skin anyway?

Tulle Ellie skirt reviewed by Skirt Fixation

There are so many different colors of tulle available, you could make many different Ellie skirts.   We settled on charcoal gray tulle because it seems perfect for the upcoming holiday season paired with black lace leggings and a bright red cardigan.  I do want to make one note about the amount of tulle required to make the Ellie Skirt.  On the pattern, 58″-60″ tulle is called for, but I was unable to find that width anywhere.  So my recommendation is to figure your amount of yardage you will need based on the length of tulle skirt you want and the width of tulle you are able to purchase instead of the yardage recommended on the pattern.

Tulle Ellie skirt reviewed by Skirt Fixation

Speaking of those black lace leggings, they are included in the Ellie skirt pattern. They use stretch lace (which also comes in so many different colors) and can be made in sizes 2T to 10 also.  Here is a similar stretch lace to the one we used: Darling Lace Black Fabric  (affiliate link)  The leggings can also be made in Capri length or have ruffles on the bottom (or both!) While the Ellie skirt took quite a while to make, the leggings were fast and easy and required less than an hour to construct.

Tulle Ellie skirt reviewed by Skirt Fixation

We encourage you to use the Ellie skirt pattern if you want a REAL tulle skirt!

Tulle Ellie skirt reviewed by Skirt Fixation

For this photo shoot, Annie wanted to look like a real ballerina, so we looked up images of the 5 basic positions and she tried to mimic them.

Tulle Ellie skirt reviewed by Skirt Fixation
First Position


Tulle Ellie skirt reviewed by Skirt Fixation
Second Position
Tulle Ellie skirt reviewed by Skirt Fixation
Third Position
Tulle Ellie skirt reviewed by Skirt Fixation
Fourth Position
Tulle Ellie skirt reviewed by Skirt Fixation
Fifth Position

Raspberry Creek Fabric doesn’t carry tulle or stretch lace, so this week’s fabric was sourced elsewhere. You can get 54” Wide Tulle Charcoal Fabric here.  (affiliate link)  But they do have so many other neat fabrics and are having a pre Thanksgiving sale right now, so be sure to click through and check them out.  Next week we will have a skirt with fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

We’re so delighted to see so many people getting involved with this edition of All The Skirts. Have you linked up your entry yet? How about the Rafflecopter giveaway?  Do so below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This skirt is available for purchase in our Etsy shop.

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ChildrenSalon Copycat Skirt {Buy or DIY Skirts}

ChildrenSalon copycat skirt

Today is our first Buy or DIY post featuring a GIRL’S SKIRT! We’ll show you how to make a professional-looking tulle skirt for a less expensive price.

ChildrenSalon copycat skirt

Our skirt pick is a tulle and woven skirt from ChildrenSalon. Here’s the way to make your $225.29 skirt for much less.


ChildrenSalon skirt: The Simonetta Blue Striped and Tulle Skirt

Fabric Recommendations: Forever Stripe Blue & 54” Wide Tulle Silk White

Pattern Recommendation: Oliver+S Onstage tutu skirt


ChildrenSalon skirt: $225.29 retail price.

Fabric needed: 1 yard of the blue stripe at $7.98 per yard

1 yard of the tulle at $0.99 per yard.

Notions: Elastic $0.99

Pattern: Free!

Total $: 9.96

Total Savings: $ 215.33

Well, that’s a no brainer! If you want to see a similar skirt we made, visit this blog post.  Or you can see the skirt we made using this pattern here.  As always, you can see all our Buy or DIY skirt comparisons we make on our Copycat Skirts Pinterest board.  Check them all out!

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Knock It Off Tulle Skirt

Knock it off Tulle skirt

Today we’re participating in Heidi from Elegance and Elephants Knock It Off series.  What is that all about?  It’s basically why a lot of people sew.  We see something we like, and want to copy it without breaking the bank.  There have been some really beautiful Knock It Off creations over at Elegance and Elephants, and today we are showing you our knock off.

Knock It Off tulle SkirtWe saw this beautiful tulle and floral silk skirt over on Melijoe.  It was $583.33 when we first spotted it.  (It’s on sale for $350 now, but that’s still out of our price range!)  So what did we do?  Knock it off!!!

Tulle Skirt

We found some floral cotton fabric in a very similar print as the original Roberto Cavalli skirt in our stash.  The original skirt is silk, but we didn’t want to have to care for a silk skirt, so we went with cotton.

Tulle Skirt

This was my first time working with tulle, and it was very easy.  I read a couple of tutorials, and decided to just draft my own skirt.

Tulle Skirt Knock Off

The tulle was the only thing I bought for this project as the floral cotton was in our stash, and I salvaged the elastic from a dress in our refashion pile!  The tulle cost me a whopping $2.97, total!!!

tulle skirt knock off

I decided to make this skirt for Aria.  As a tween, she has a pretty much straight figure, and so I gathered both the full width of the tulle and the floral cotton for one poofy ballet skirt!

copycat tulle skirt

If I were going to make one for Allegra or I (who both happen to have hip curves!) I would use a circle skirt pattern.

tulle copycat skirt

The one thing I did that was different from any of the tutorials I read was to fold the tulle in 1/2 (I had 54/55 inch wide tulle) and sew it into the waistband like that rather than cutting the tulle in 1/2 and sewing all layers into the waistband.  This made it easier for me it 2 ways: the most difficult thing about working with tulle is is slippery quality which makes it hard to cut.  And the second reason is I didn’t have to keep track of how as many ends that I was sewing into the elastic waistband because some of them were folds and stayed right where they needed to be.

tulle skirt copycat

Then it was time for the photo shoot!  I decided I wanted to try another photoshoot (this is my second sucessful one after reading Aleta’s ebook; Style That Kid.)   You can see the first one here if you missed it!

knock off tulle skirt

As I’ve told you about before, Allegra is usually the photographer around Skirt Fixation.  But she was unavailable, so off we went without her!

tulle skirt

When she saw the photos, she said, “Ooooh, Mom!  You did really good…you got a couple of great ones!”  So that makes me happy too!

tulle skirt copycay

I had fun playing around with different lighting and different poses and backgrounds.

Knock It Off

Of course when you are working with a tween, they are able to be posed and hold still longer!

Elegance and Elephants Knock It off Series

And Aria thought of many of these poses and secret spots in the woods to show me herself!  She’s got great taste!

Knock it off Tulle skirt

This fabric is some we had purchased to make a refashioned denim mini like this one, but that never happened, and then Aria outgrew the denim mini.  So the fabric just sat waiting for a happy project like this!

Tulle skirt

Now for just photos and no commentary!

fairy tulle skirtspider webfairy skirttulle skirt for ballerinatween tulle skirttulle skirt for a tweentulle skirt on a tweentween tulle skirt

I am very happy with the way this whole project turned out.  Aria loves the skirt, too.  And of course the $580.36 savings helped!  Stay tuned for more sewing with tulle in the near future!

Knock It Off tulle Skirt

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Tulle History – Fabric Series – Skirt FACTsination

tulle history

For this week’s Skirt Factsination post, we continue our series with Fabric: Tulle! Tulle is a lightweight, extremely fine netting that is made of various fibers. Tulle is most well known for being used in ballerina’s tutus. It is also used for petticoats, wedding dresses, and other things. It is used in veils because it obscures the features, but allows the wearer to see. Here is some tulle history for you!  Tulle originated in France, probably in a town named…wait for it…Tulle! Tulle is able to be starched easily, and creates a lacy, floating look when used in clothes. Several tulle petticoats under a skirt make a very puffy look. We found some tulle skirts on Pinterest, and chose four of our favorite.

tulle history1.  Your Not-So-Average Ballet Skirt

This is a tulle skirt that has rose petals sewn on it, and a cute pink bow on the waistband. The tulle of this skirt has a jagged edge, and the tulle itself is crumpled and wrinkled, all of which lends to the romance of a skirt that the star of a ‘Corp de Ballet’ would be proud to wear.

tulle history2.  The Tulle Maxi Skirt.

Another beautiful number, this skirt is not meant for the street. I think it would probably be a candidate for a wedding skirt! You know, as opposed to a wedding dress? 🙂 Again, I love the bow, and I think that there is a lot of potential here (Mentally pinning this on my wedding mind-board) 🙂

tulle history3. The Wide Tulle Skirt.

These last two skirts are a bit more streetstyle, and this is a typical tulle skirt. The width makes it something that not everyone can pull off, but the accessories on the model in the picture do a pretty good job of making it look almost office chic!

tulle history4. The Paris Tulle Skirt.

Yeah, I called it the Paris skirt because I can’t imagine wearing anything else in Paris! The skirt is adorable because only the outside layer is tulle, and it is thin enough for every day fashion. (Every day fashion in Paris, that is) I ADORE how the skirt is paired with a ruffled shirt, a olive coat, and burgundy flats in the picture.

Leave us a comment about tulle skirts, or some such tomfoolery.

Always be Exciting,