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5 Skirts to Smooth your Waistline

5 skirts to smooth your waistline

5 skirts to smooth your waistline

Today we’re starting a new series (because we love skirt series!) called 5 Skirts.  5 Skirts is a series where we highlight five skirt patterns to help you feel confident about your body.  Today’s edition is: 5 Skirts to Smooth your Waistline!

All 3 versions of Megan Nielsen Axel Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Megan Nielsen Axel Skirt: Hip sashes can be added to any of the three versions.  What’s so great about the hip sashes?  They minimize and cover the stomach.  An Axel skirt will have you looking as great in the evening as you did in the morning.

Violette Field Threads Quinn Skirt pattern sewn by Skirt Fixation in maxi length

Violette Field Threads Quinn Skirt: The neat feature of this skirt is the huge elastic waistband which accentuates the waist.  Because it’s elastic, it’s like wearing stylish shape wear on the outside.  Go ahead and order the extra large burrito, Quinn’s got you covered!

Jocole Yoga A-line skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using Urban Sew knit fabric

Jocole Yoga A-line skirt: Choose the fold over waistband when sewing any version of this skirt.  Can you say double the tummy control?  Or open the waistband up for extra coverage and control.  Also, this skirt hugs your hips.  Which means all the heart eyes on something other than your stomach as you sashay across the room.

Jade Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Paprika Patterns Jade Skirt: The lines in this skirt are incredible.  They have the effect of moving the eye across the skirt and drawing the eyes away from stomach with diagonal lines.  Wearing a Jade skirt will bring you compliments over and over and over again!

Ombre Syrah Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Baste & Gather’s Syrah Skirt: This skirt has an option for a wide, ruched waistband.  This feature adds visual interest and also disguises tummy rolls.  Choosing the ruched waistband means choosing confidence!

There you have it; 5 Skirts to Smooth your Waistline!  Now you can go ahead and wear a skirt…with pride!

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Ombre Syrah Skirt

Ombre Syrah Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Ombre Syrah Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

As in years past, I made myself a skirt for my birthday.  And of course, it’s my new favorite skirt to wear!  But this time it’s for a very good reason.

Ombre Syrah Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

I sewed the Syrah Skirt pattern (full pattern review here.)  I chose it for this fabric because it has a lining, and this fabric is rather thin.  What is that fantastic fabric, you ask?  I got it at JoAnn Fabrics, here’s the direct link:  Knit Fabric-Double Border Ombre Slub Knit Mint (affiliate link)

Ombre Syrah Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

It’s a knit fabric, with a double border ombre knit.  To get a full length maxi skirt with the ombre running vertically down the skirt, I had to lay my Syrah pattern pieces horizontally across the grain of the fabric.  This worked out because the fabric has 4 way stretch.  This fabric is perfect for a Syrah Skirt.  It’s flow-y and swishy and has awesome movement which you can’t really tell from still photographs.  But this skirt seriously makes me want to walk barefoot along the beach!  I put in my request to Mr. Skirt Fixation…

Also, here’s my secret to get that soft, dreamy, minty look: I used the wrong side of the fabric!

Knit Fabric-Double Border Ombre Slub Knit Mint Yep!  If you look at this photo on the JoAnn Fabric’s website, you’ll notice it’s greener than my skirt.  Plus it has the trendy “slub knit” texture thing going on, which I also didn’t want on a scale as large as the Syrah Skirt.  So, to quote, “It’s my party and I’ll cry use the wrong side of the fabric if I want to!”

Ombre Syrah Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Of course a skirt this fantastic needed a basic to support and accentuate all it’s greatness, so I paired it with my Union St. Tee.  (Oh, and a fun side note; today we’re celebrating Hey June June over on Instagram, so check that out!)  And those shoes?  They were given to my daughters by their cousin, and passed on to me completely unworn.  All the teenagers wanted them back once they saw me pairing them with my new Syrah Skirt, but I said no.  It was my birthday and all.

Ombre Syrah Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Alright, leave me a comment about something.  Do you have a birthday tradition?  Have you ever used the wrong side of the fabric?  Stolen your daughter’s shoes?