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How to Add Bra Cups to a Swimsuit

How to add bra cups to a swimsuit - a video tutorial from Skirt Fixation

Today’s post is all about bra cups.  Grab your copy of the Grace Tankini here.

The Grace Tankini has a shelf bra in both views.  Adding bra cups to the shelf bra gives more stability and support as well as modesty when wet.  First let’s talk about bra cups.

How to add bra cups to a swimsuit - a video tutorial from Skirt Fixation

Bra cups for swimwear come in all different types!  There are several different shapes including inverted u-shape, oval or teardrop.  There are as many different cup sizes as there are for regular bras, but A-DD are the most common.  Swimwear bra cups can be found in a molded poly foam or gel filled, both with a knit covering.  Also, bra cups can be found in white, black, or nude.  Bra cups with enhancing (push up) features can also be purchased.

In choosing what bra cups to use, you should look for a shape and size that matches your bust size and swim fabric.  Be sure the bra cups you purchase include the words “for swimwear” so you can be sure they will not retain water or be damaged by chlorine.

Where to Source Bra Cups for Swimwear

You can purchase bra cups online or in your local sewing store.  As of this post, bra cups cost between $6 and $15.  Some online sources include:

How to add bra cups to a swimsuit - a video tutorial from Skirt Fixation

JoAnn Fabrics Dritz Molded Foam Bra Cups


Sew Sassy

Another tried and true method of sourcing bra cups for swimwear is to harvest them from an old or thrift store swimsuit!  They are much cheaper, and in season you can often buy a suit from the thrift store for a dollar or two.  If you source your bra cups from a swimsuit, you can be assured they are intended for swimwear and will hold up to chlorine and not retain water.

How to Add Bra Cups to a Swimsuit

Sewing bra cups in to the Grace Tankini (or any shelf bra swimsuit) is easy and rewarding.  Watch our video below to watch us sew bra cups into the Grace Tankini and listen for all our little tips along the way!

If you’re looking for more support than a shelf bra with sewn in bra cups offers, try this tutorial from Cashmerette.

Also, watch for a tutorial on how to make your bra cups removable, which is useful if you’ve purchased special/expensive inserts (i.e. mastectomy prosthesis) you want to use in several different suits.

Leave us your thoughts about bra cups in the comments below.

Grab your copy of the Grace Tankini here.

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Summertime Swim Suit Coverup Skirt – Yes we’re tired of winter!

swim skirt coverup

Have we mentioned that we are ready for warmer weather?  We have?  Oh, well, just to be clear…WE’RE READY!  And today’s skirt refashion reflects that desire.  We present you a swim suit coverup skirt refashion.  We started with a skirt that we got from St. Vincent de Paul for $1.50.

swim suit cover up skirtThis skirt is make of that great stretchy combination of about 80% polyester and 20% spandex.  Which is comfortable to wear, but also great material for a swim suit.  In fact, that was our first idea, to make a swim suit out of this skirt.  But never having made one before, and not having a pattern, we decided to go with a swim suit coverup skirt.

Step by step swim suit coverup skirt instructions

Step 1: Decided what the finished length should be and then measured the skirt to figure out where it would be best to get the needed 14” from.  We decided to keep the waistband (because it fits Allegra perfectly, and she is in need of a new swim suit anyway!) and also use the cute ruffles at the hem.

Step 2:  Cut the skirt in 3 pieces; 5 inches at waist, 9 inches at hem, and the rest in the middle section.  Actually we took the “before” picture at this point, having forgotten earlier!!

Step 3: Pinned ruffled hem section to waist section, gathering in excess around width.

Step 4: Sewed the hem section to the waist section using the knit stitch (also called the overlock stitch) to retain the stretchy properties we wanted in a swim suit coverup skirt.

swim skirt coverupThere you have it!  It was easy, fast, cheap, and looks so gorgeous!  Now we don’t have the after pictures modeled on Allegra, because as we mentioned earlier, she needs a new suit!  But we checked out a few options for her and these are our suggestions:

vintage modcloth suit This navy blue cutie can be found at Modcloth.  It has cute, vintage touches, a flattering fit due to the side rouching, and modest bust line.  But adding our cute swim suit coverup skirt will make it just awesome!

athleta swim suitThis aqua swim suit from Athleta would be another great option!  One thing about Athleta swim suits is they are made for active women, so you could be assured this one would stay right where you wanted it to!  Just throw on our swim suit coverup skirt and you’ve got a comfy, all-day, beach volleyball ensemble!

Land's End floral swim suit


This last swim suit can be found over at Land’s End.  It would be a daring splash of color with our coverup in the same colors, but different pattern!  The only thing wilder would be the waves!  This suit is also flattering with the cross body fabric panels.  These would be echoed in the asymmetrical hemline ruffles of our swim suit coverup skirt.  The bust line on this one looks a little low, but since we are refashionistas, we would add either a navy piece of fabric, or better yet, some of that middle section of the skirt we started with!  Go bold!

swim suit coverup skirt refashion

Total Time: 30 minutes

Total Cost: $1.50

Talent Level: Intermediate Seamstress (The fabric is a little tricky to work with…it wants to slip and slide…hey, that’s perfect for a swim suit coverup skirt!)

Swim suit coverup skirt refashion

Collaborating today,

Audrey & Aria