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A Betty Skirt for Fall

The Betty Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

We are delighted to be the next stop on The Betty Skirt tour.  The Shaffer Sisters created this sweet little skirt pattern, and have are hosting the blog tour to show it off.

The Betty Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

There have been some fantastic versions of The Betty Skirt, and if you haven’t already, go visit the other Betty Skirts.  If you’ve been around Skirt Fixation very long, you know we L.O.V.E. the Betty Skirt.  We made two for Annie already, the seashell skirt, and the honeybee skirt.  But she’s had a mega growth spurt and outgrown them both!

The Betty Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

So it was time for a new Betty Skirt, and we wanted to make one that was going to last her through the fall and winter.  We decided to refashion a sweater to make her new Betty Skirt.

A sweater skirt refashion

We found this 2XL argyle cardigan at Goodwill, and our new Betty Skirt began to take shape.  The other two Betty Skirts we made were the gathered version, and this time we wanted to make the version with the placket, so the cardigan fit the ticket perfectly.  Although this sweater was very big to start with, it wasn’t quite big enough to make the full width of the panels, so this Betty Skirt is not as full as intended, but we’re pretty happy with the way it turned out anyway.

The Betty Skirt

The Betty Skirt is so fast and easy to sew up that we decided to make Annie a matching top, and we turned to our new favorite top pattern, The Bimaa Sweater.  At Goodwill, we grabbed another large and matching sweater for The Bimaa.

sweater refashion

Talk about another fast sew, this one was even faster because we used the existing hem and some of the existing sleeves.  (We made the sleeves extra long so she can cuff them and so she can wear the Bimaa Sweater more than just a few weeks!)  Growth spurts be gone!

sweater skirt refashion

We used the sleeves from the first sweater to make the shawl collar.

The Betty Skirt

So now Annie has a new outfit, a Betty (Sweater) Skirt and matching Bimaa Sweater.  The only thing left to do is figure out how to make one in my size!

The Betty skirt by Shaffer Sisters

The Shaffer Sisters have graciously allowed us to giveaway one copy of The Betty Skirt, so use the Rafflecopter below to enter to win.  This giveaway ends Saturday night, so if you’re not the winner, you still have one more day to use the coupon code “BETTYTOUR” for 30% off The Betty Skirt.  Believe me, this is one pattern you will make over and over and over again!

The Betty Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sweater Skirt refashion by Skirt Fixation

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Maternity Sweater Skirt Refashion

maternity sweater skirt refashion

What does a pregnant woman do when she only has 6 weeks of pregnancy left?  Sew up a storm, of course!  (Remember, good logic leaves her brain when the baby enters the womb!)  So I rationalized that I’d better do something with those maternity skirts that I never wore for one reason or another.  Enter the maternity sweater skirt refashion!

motherhood maternity skirtI started with this long black skirt from Motherhood Maternity.  The problem?  Well, there were many!  It wasn’t made for a 6 foot tall woman…no maternity clothes are, thus it was yuck length!  The second problem was that the material was so lightweight that it was almost immodest to wear (read: see-through) not to mention terribly cold!  Which lead to a third problem; the slit was ripped, fixed, ripped again, fixed again, etc.  Yeah, so basically not wearable!

sweaterThen there was this sweater.  Yep!  For real!  But the person who gifted it to us intended for us to refashion it, not wear it.  Too big for anyone in this house, too scratchy to wear without anything underneath, too thin to be refashioned into a sweater skirt without a layer underneath.  (If you are a regular refashion-er, you immediately see where to go with these two things!)

 Step by step maternity sweater skirt refashion instructions:

Step 1:  Pin bottom of sweater to outside of maternity skirt, just below maternity panel.

Step 2: Sew 2 layers together.

Step 3: Cut off sleeves and across shoulders/neck opening.

Step 4: Sew former sleeve openings shut and hem around bottom of skirt.

Step 5: Cut off maternity skirt just above hemline of sweater and zig zag edge.

maternity sweater skirt refashionAnd because I never have, but have seen so many cute boot socks photos, I thought I’d give it a whirl!

Step by step matching boot sock instructions:

Step 1: Cut tops even.

Step 2: Zig zag edge.

maternity sweater skirtWell, do you think that’s an improvement?  Those items are definitely more wearable now!  And the matching boot socks were so easy, it’s a shame we didn’t try it earlier!  Annie will very soon have matching boot socks for her sweater skirt!  

maternity sweater skirt and matching boot socksTotal Time: 1 hour (The socks took 10, the skirt 50!)

Total Cost: $0

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

ruffled edge on maternity skirtOne thing I did was to pull tension on the sweater as I hemmed it to create the lettuce edged ruffle you see.

maternity sweater skirt

And I love the buckles at the top, rather than at the bottom.

lining for a sweater skirt

Leaving the underskirt adds warmth (Go away winter, go away!) and prevents the itchy sweater issue.

maternity sweater skirtWe’re linking this post to Project Sewn!  This week’s theme is signature style.  What more defines my style than a maternity skirt refashion?  (Now in a 6 weeks my signature style will dramatically change, but that’s part of the fun, right?)

maternity sweater skirt refashionMake it beautiful,


This maternity sweater skirt refashion can also be seen over at Refashion Co-op.

P.S. Did you notice the new tab at the top of our blog?  Stay tuned for some VERY exciting news later this week!

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Sweater to Skirt Refashion – Swallowed to Sweet

For today’s post we are so excited to finally have tried something we’ve been contemplating for a long time…a sweater to skirt refashion. Sweater skirts are really in right now, as we posted about recently in a Skirt Alert! Post.. So we had an idea about how to make a sweater to skirt refashion in general, and after reading some online tutorials, we decided to take the plunge!

20140113-193315.jpgWe started with a sweater of Allegra’s. We thought it would be cute and funny to have Annie model it! You could make one for yourself with your own sweater as long as it fits comfortably over your hips, or you could use an oversize men’s sweater. Anyway, Allegra Loved this sweater and wore it and wore it and wore it! By the time it didn’t fit her any longer, it was too stained and out of shape to pass on to Aria. In fact, truth be told, Allegra’s Dad kindly suggested she quit wearing it in public a long time before that! But you know how it is with a favorite sweater! (By the way, Dad is the ultimate fashion consultant in our house, he sees colors more accurately than any one else we know, and has an eye for style that’s dead on!). So here were our steps:
Step 1: Cut off sweater just beneath arms.
Step 2: Fold over top of cut off sweater 1 inch and zigzag edge, leaving opening to insert elastic at end.
Step 3: Insert elastic and sew opening shut.
Step 4: Sew on decorative ribbon just above former waistband.20140113-194056.jpg

Worn out sweater no more! Now we are on the hunt for more sweaters to refashion into skirts! The rest of us all want one in our size!
Total Time: 30 minutes
Total Cost: $0 (but we may owe Allegra a new sweater!)
Talent Level: Beginning Seamstress20140113-194414.jpg

Doesn’t Annie look just soooo cute? We are so in love with her new skirt, and so is she! In fact she is insisting on going shopping to find a shirt that matches it better, she wants a brown t-shirt! Better get moving!!

Fun sweater to skirt refashion.

You choose! Swallowed beforehand sweet after?

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Well, leave us a comment about your favorite sweater or sweater skirt!
Make it beautiful,

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Sweater Skirts – Skirt Alert

sweater skirt

For this week’s Skirt Alert, we have decided to feature sweater skirts, as they are in right now, and we are getting some cold cold weather here. Mom has a sweater skirt that I borrow from time to time (I actually practically own it, I wear it so much.), and I thought that I would feature some cute skirts that I found on Pinterest.

sweater skirt1. The Cream Sweater Skirt.

This skirt is cute because of its asymmetrical design, and the way that the larger-cable panels intersect with the other pointed panels. I would wear this, if I had it, with a pair of brown tights, brown riding boots, and a brown vest over a red shirt. This skirt would work really well to play the cello in, which I love because it is hard to find winter cello skirts!

sweater skirt2. The Maxi Sweater Skirt.

I love this sweater skirt because of its length and its chunky knit. Mom’s sweater skirt is maxi, and I really like this one, although it looks a bit tighter than what I’m used to. The model is wearing a graphic tee, a mustard yellow fur collared jacket, and a leather belt and fedora hat. The outfit is cute, but I would wear brown riding boots.

sweater skirt3. The Patterned Sweater Skirt

This skirt literally looks like a sweater, which is adorable. I love the rows of pattern, and how its not knit like the others, but is still most definitely a sweater skirt. It even has these cute vintage buttons! I would pair this cutie with black leggings, boots or moccasins, and a warm cream down vest and/or shirt.

Sweater skirts are really the best for lounging around the house when you’re snowed in, or going out on the town after a fresh snowfall. Head on over here to Marisa’s blog to see one reader’s cute sweater skirt remake. We want to make one like this, so keep your eye out!

Always be Exciting,


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Will Sew For Food – T’s Skirt Fixation

sweater skirt refashion

Today we have a treat for you!  We have another Will Sew For Food customer and what a cutie it turned out to be!  We love sweater skirts for fall and winter, so a denim mini with a ruffled sweater skirt refashion is just icing on our cake!  So without further ado!

denim mini refashion

T.’s mom gave us two skirts.  First was a denim mini that fit T. well, but was not ideal for fall and winter wear.  Who wants cold legs?  Not T. (and not us either,) so it was time for a denim mini refashion!

sweater skirt refashion

Also T.’s mom gave us a sweater skirt.  Now there’s a little story behind this skirt, and we have a part!  A few years ago T. had a birthday party at our house and we gave her this skirt!  We loved it then, we loved it whenever T. wore it, and we were sad to see her getting so tall, because it meant the sweater skirt was getting too short!  Again, cold legs not needed!

Here were the steps we took to expel cold legs syndrome!

Step 1: Pin top ruffle of skirt to lining underneath.  Now some ruffle skirts are constructed so that the linings attach to each other (probably more accurately called a tiered skirt) and some ruffle skirts are made with each ruffle attached to a lining underneath.  Well, this was a lining underneath type of ruffle skirt, so that if I would have cut off that waistband of the skirt without pinning the ruffle down, the ruffle might have gone floating off into space and I would have had a difficult time lining it back up.  Well, since one of our major themes here at Skirt Fixation is F-A-S-T we decided it would just be faster to pin the ruffle about an inch down from where we planned to cut.  Hope that all makes sense!

Step 2:  Cut off the ruffled bottom of the skirt where the waistband met the first ruffle.

Step 3: Pin ruffle bottom to denim mini.  (I did iron that rolling hem first!)

Step 4:  Sew two skirt together, sweater skirt under denim mini.

Step 5: Sew another row of stitching for decorative purposes and also to hold down that rolling hem permanently!

That was easy!  Introducing our first sweater skirt refashion!  It was fun, we want to do that again soon!

sweater skirt refashionCold legs be-gone!!

Total Time: 45 minutes

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress  (Sweater material is very easy to work with, stretchy & forgiving!

DIY sweater skirt refashion

Back view

We can’t wait to see T. in her new skirt.  We’ll update and let you know what she thinks when we hear from her.  Hopefully we can get a picture or two for you too!

pinterest ready photo

Leave us a comment and let us know about your favorite sweater skirt!

Make it beautiful,