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Soft Surroundings Knockoff Skirt

Skirt Fixation shows you how to make this Soft Surroundings knockoff skirt on the cheap!

Today we have another Buy or DIY skirt for you! We’ll be showing you an easy way to make an beautiful knockoff of a skirt that’s sure to become your favorite!  What’s really fun about this skirt is it’s fullness.  This skirt has godets that add fullness that will have you twirling and whirling the day long!

Skirt Fixation shows you how to make this Soft Surroundings knockoff skirt on the cheap!

Soft Surroundings Knockoff Skirt Details:

Soft Surroundings Skirt: Manhasset Skirt

Fabric Recommendation: Black Gray Ombre Jersey Knit fabric

Pattern Recommendation:

Soft Surroundings Knockoff Skirt Math:

Soft Surroundings skirt: $69.95 retail price.

Fabric needed:  2.5 yards  at $6 per yard

Notions: $5.56 zipper

Pattern: $10.72

Total $: $31.28 for DIY

Total Savings: $38.67

Once again, the DIY wins.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  (Ha, ha, pun intended!!)  You’ll be winning if you follow this fun DIY trend and make yourself this fun wardrobe addition.  Check out all our other Buy or DIY skirt posts.

Now for the legal mumbo jumbo: affiliate links are used in this post, not because we’ve ever made any money off of affiliate links, but being ever optimistic, we plan to be the next Bill Gates of affiliate links.  Clicking on an affiliate link won’t harm you, and will certainly give our ego a boost, and may even add a few pennies to our bank account!

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Copycat: Soft Surroundings Top (made from a skirt!)

A few days ago we got a magazine in the mail from Soft Surroundings.  Now those things are good for several minutes browsing and daydreaming time!  I always love the skirts in them, they are so feminine, but this time, a beautiful top caught my eye.

Soft Surroundings Soutache top

Now there are several reasons I couldn’t order this right away; they don’t carry it in my size (um, I guess that would be smaller than women’s sizes) and the neck looks pretty low for the low temperatures we are still having, and I don’t really want to spend $70 for a top!  So for today’s post I decided to do a Soft Surroundings copycat top.

girls' skirt from Target

This was a short skirt we found at Target several years ago. I wore it for a long time and really liked this skirt and wore it out!  This skirt was a good exercise skirt and other things, but soon got too short and too tight so I donated it to the Skirt Fixation bin.

Here are the steps for making the Copycat Soft Surroundings Top:

Step 1: I cut out some of the patterns on the skirt.  I just sort of meandered around, getting several of the parts I liked best, but missing the stains and holes!

Step 2: I laid out the designs into a pattern onto a t-shirt I had and liked and fit.  Then I pinned them in place, and Mom helped me zig zag them down in place to the t-shirt.

after copycat t-shirt

There you have it!  It was easy, and I just love how it looks.  Since it is snowing, for now I will layer it up with a black turtleneck and a long black maxi skirt to stay warm.  But when spring arrives, maybe I will borrow Allegra’s khaki pencil skirt, or wear one of my denim skirts with it.

soft surroundings copycat top

Here is a close up of the details on this shirt.  I still have a lot of this skirt left, so maybe I will have to do this again on a different color t-shirt!  After all, Soft Surroundings offers their top in four different colors!

copycat soft surroundings top

The best thing about this Soft Surroundings copycat?  The $70 I saved!  Leave me a comment!

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Sale Skirt Alert!

modcloth vintage sale skirt

For today’s Skirt Alert! we thought we’d share some skirts on sale from some of our favorite places to shop on the internet.  This is a good time of year to shop sales, holiday shopping is over, retailers are thinking about stocking for spring fashions which means it’s time for the winter stuff to go!  That’s just fine with us, the consumer, because we still have several months of winter clothes wearing left.

sale skirtOver at Soft Surroundings they have a sale going on!  One of our favorite winter skirts from the sale is this Sabrina Suede Skirt. It’s over 50% off, so now is the time to get a skirt that’s really cozy, cute and comfortable!

soft surrounding sale skirt

Or if you’re just waiting for the skirt we featured earlier to go on sale, now’s your chance to snap it up!

sale skirt at j jill

Over at J.Jill there is a sale going on, and we just love this cute plaid wrap-style skirt!   Just the right way to finish off winter!

pink ribbon skirt

Also the pink skirt we featured back in October if a very reasonable price in their outlet shop right now, if you had your eye on that one!

anthropologie sale skirt

Now Anthropologie skirts are expensive, but when they go on sale, they really go on sale!  For example, this Sundial Silk maxi skirt was $168, but now you can buy it for $29.95!  What’s not to love?  It has the very popular mullet (or hi-low) cut, it’s silk, elastic waist, and very IN colors!  Now the sizes are limited but with an elastic waist, you can play with that a little bit!

Style J sale skirt

Our favorite source for denim skirts always has a sale skirt section, again with limited sizes, but this one is on sale and has a pretty big range of sizes available.  We think you could finish out winter in this with a pair of thick tights, boots and a sweater!

modcloth vintage sale skirt

Last but not least, Modcloth has a sale section on their vintage/retro inspired skirts!   You might have to become a member (don’t worry it’s free) to be able to shop these great sales, but be aware it’s worth it.  We love this Heartened Soul Skirt which is 70% off!  In fact, since this one is no longer available in our size, we may just have to do a knock off version!

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Guest Post – Sandy’s Skirt Fixation

Sandy's Skirt Fixation

Today’s post makes us so happy!  Sandy’s Skirt Fixation is so pretty and practical.  Here’s what Sandy wrote:

Someone gave me this Soft Surroundings skirt and I love it! However it was
SO long that I felt like I was off-to-the-prom when it wasn’t prom
occasions! Ha.
Sandy's Skirt Fixation
So (well here comes the confession, I guess I didn’t do the
remodeling, a good friend did!) I had someone who could sew take off the
bottom ruffle, remove the next “tier” up and then sew the bottom section
back on! Now its long and flowing but not getting dirty on the ground, or
making me trip!!
Sandy's Skirt Fixation
Wow Sandy!  We think that’s gorgeous!  You kept the aura of the skirt while making it work for you!  We totally support your Skirt Fixation!   Congratulations on a pretty, practical skirt makeover.  Keep us up to date with all your skirt adventures!  To all our readers, send us your story and photos so we can share in your Skirt Fixation!  Also, just a reminder, today and tomorrow are the last days to enter the free skirt giveaway!
Make it beautiful,