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Bloom & Grow Skirt – Free Girl’s Skirt Pattern!

Free girl's Bloom & Grow skirt pattern from Skirt Fixation

Today we’re excited to release a free girl’s skirt pattern, the Bloom & Grow Skirt.  As in the past few years in July, we’re excited to join in with Simple Simon and Co. for the Skirting The Issue charity sewing event!  We’re releasing another free girl’s skirt pattern, the Bloom & Grow skirt.Free girl's Bloom & Grow skirt pattern from Skirt Fixation

If you want to go straight to download the skirt, click here!

We designed the Bloom & Grow skirt with the growing girl in mind.  This skirt is designed for use with double border print fabrics.  Often, these fabrics feature a floral print.  The extra fullness of this skirt makes it super twirly and the elastic waist is perfect for any growing girl.

Annie is wearing a petticoat underneath this Bloom & Grow skirt to show the fullness!  Because this skirt is not cut across the fabric from selvedge to selvedge like traditional skirts, but down the length of the yardage, it is a very full skirt!

The fabric used for this skirt is Sage Prickly Pear Indigo by Art Gallery Fabrics.  It is a double border print fabric which means the pattern is printed along both sides or selvedges, down the length of the fabric.

Another beautiful double border print fabric you could also use is Garden Walk fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics.

We also designed some floral radiograph double print border fabric, and think it’d be smashing on the Bloom & Grow Skirt!

We’d love it if you use this free girl’s skirt pattern to sew up some skirts for Skirting The Issue.  Read all about Skirting The Issue here.  And then link up your skirts for girls in foster care.

You can also check out our other very popular free girl’s skirt patterns:FREE Dollhouse Skirt pattern from Skirt Fixation.

The Dollhouse Skirt

The Pegasus Skirt, a free pattern from Skirt Fixation

The Pegasus Skirt

So now you can go grab our newest free girl’s skirt pattern: The Bloom & Grow Skirt!

A few affiliate links are used in this post to really beautiful fabric.  If you click on our links, we might make a few pennies…thanks!

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Giveaway Winners for All The Skirts: Megan Nielsen & Imagine Gnats

Veronika Skirt (FREE pattern!) sewn by Skirt Fixation

The last 2 months have been so fun because we got to sew up all the Megan Nielsen skirt patterns using fabric from Imagine Gnats.  And some of you had fun doing the same!  Before we reveal the giveaway winners, we want to review the Megan Nielsen skirts.

Kelly Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation in Indigo Denim

Kelly Skirt sewn in Indigo Denim

All 3 versions of Megan Nielsen Axel Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

All 3 views of the Axel Skirt, one in striped knit.

Hello Holli wearing the Erin Maternity skirt by Megan Nielsen. Sewn with fabric from Imagine Gnats.

The ever cute Hello Holli in the Erin Skirt sewn with knit from Imagine Gnats.

Brumby Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Brumby skirt in double gauze.

Veronika Skirt (FREE pattern!) sewn by Skirt Fixation

Veronika Skirt in knit.

Cascade Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Cascade Skirt in French Terry

There were 3 lovely ladies who linked up things they’d sewn with a Megan Nielsen pattern or fabric from Imagine Gnats.

Cat is a Kitty linked up two things including this darling Brumby Skirt.

Our good friend Michelle from Falafel and the Bee linked up a few things she’d made with fabric from Imagine Gnats.

Dana from Sew Thrifty linked up some darling maternity clothing, and was the crowd favorite, winning 1 PDF pattern from Megan Nielsen and $50 from Imagine Gnats.

And the random winner of the Rafflecopter giveaway is Emi from Just Add Fabric, who happens to be an amazing seamstress.

All 3 versions of Megan Nielsen Axel Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

We will be donating the handkerchief hem Axel skirt to Skirting the Issue, which is happening right now!

That’s it for this edition of All The Skirts.  Stay tuned of the next edition of All The Skirts, coming soon!

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Lazy Days Skirt for Older Girls

Lazy Days skirt for older girls, a tutorial by Skirt Fixation

To finish up the month of July with Simple Simon & Co.‘s Skirting The Issue event, we have one quick tutorial for you.  Have you been following the Oliver+S month long tutorials for the Lazy Days Skirt?  We have a modification for that skirt too: our tutorial is how to make the Lazy Days Skirt for an older girl.  Lazy Days skirt for older girls, a tutorial by Skirt Fixation

It’s really, really simple!  The Lazy Days Skirt pattern starts with one piece of fabric, (from selvedge to selvedge by whatever length you desire) and you make a single seam in the back, like this:1 seamIf you follow these instructions for an older girl, the skirt doesn’t end up as full.  So you simply use two pieces of fabric (from selvedge to selvedge by whatever length you desire,) place them right sides together and make 2 seams like this:Lazy Days skirt for older girls, a tutorial by Skirt FixationA final bonus of doing it this way is that you can add pockets when you sew the side seams like this:Lazy Days skirt for older girls, a tutorial by Skirt FixationThen continue with the instructions for the FREE Lazy Days Skirt pattern.

We’ve used this modification for an older girl several times!  On the chess skirt, on the largest 2 of the skirts for girls in Ecuador, and on the skirt shown in this post, which Allegra sewed.  Lazy Days skirt for older girls, a tutorial by Skirt FixationWhy sew a skirt for an older girl and donate it to a charity like Skirting The Issue?  Well, often times that is the size/age needed, but most people who donate or sew think of the younger girls in smaller sizes.  The Pegasus Skirt, a free pattern from Skirt FixationFor more FREE skirt tutorials you can explore the Pinterest board we created so everyone can see all the skirt tutorials created for Skirting the Issue.  And don’t forget about our 1st skirt pattern we released this month, which is also FREE!

Have you made a skirt to donate?  You can find all the information about where to send it here.  And you can see what everyone else has been sewing and donating in this link up here.  (There are some great prizes to be won, including a sewing machine!)

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Skirting The Issue Update #2

Skirting the Issue by Skirt Fixation

Skirting the Issue by Skirt Fixation

We have such a fun post for you today! A couple of months back, we asked a friend of ours who does missionary work in Ecuador if any of the little girls in Ecuador would like or need skirts. She said that yes, they would love to know that girls in America are thinking of them, and she sent us a list of the ages of sixteen little girls. Wow!!!Skirting the Issue by Skirt Fixation

We used this sizing chart from Simple Simon and Co to figure out waist and length sizes, but sized them down a bit, as girls in Ecuador tend to be a bit smaller than American girls.Skirting the Issue by Skirt Fixation

Before our friends came, we picked out fabric from our stash. We wanted something bright and fun, that the girls would love to wear, so we picked out patterned cotton fabrics. We also picked out bias tape to bind the hem with, and some decorative rick-rack or ribbons.

Skirting the Issue by Skirt FixationIn the end, we only had to buy one spool of thread and two packages of bias tape! How is that for using stash materials?!?!

Skirt Fixation makes skirt for Skirting The Issue

We also cut out the fabric before our friends came, so it would be easier to sew up all the skirts in a day.Skirting the Issue by Skirt FixationWe used the FREE Lazy Days skirt pattern from Oliver+S to make these skirts.  It is a great pattern for beginners.Skirting the Issue by Skirt FixationOn the day of sewing, we set up stations, and then began. There were 8 of us girls, so we each made 2 skirts. A few of our friends had never sewn before, so we got to help them learn with this first easy skirt project!  Skirting the Issue by Skirt FixationWe all made 1 skirt before lunch, and then after a quick lunch break, everyone was able to make their 2nd skirt pretty much on their own! I (Allegra) did end up making most of Annie’s 2nd skirt as she was the youngest girl in attendance!Skirting the Issue by Skirt FixationWe had two ironing stations, and the first thing we did was iron the waistband. Using an ironing guide card, we ironed over first ¼ inch, then 1 inch.Skirting the Issue by Skirt Fixation

Then, at the multiple sewing machines we had set up, we sewed the piece of fabric into a tube, and sewed the waistband down.

Skirting the Issue by Skirt FixationThe next step was to pink the one seam’s edges.Skirting the Issue by Skirt FixationNext step was to pull elastic through the waistband.  Then we sewed the elastic together, and the waistband shut.Skirting the Issue by Skirt FixationThe next step was binding the hem using bias tape or lace. The smaller bias tape was very hard to work with for the littler girls, but they did just fine when they had wider bias tape to work with.Skirting the Issue by Skirt FixationThe last step was sewing the decorative ribbon or rickrack onto the skirt above the hem, and then each skirt was done!Skirting the Issue by Skirt FixationAfter they were all done, we sewed ribbon tags into the waistband with the size of the skirt, and the initials of the girl who’d made it.Skirting the Issue by Skirt FixationWe made sizes Newborn to Ten, and the newborn and size one skirts are pretty adorable! Since they’re also pretty short, mom used the MADE Everyday bloomer tutorial to make four little matching diaper covers.Skirt Fixation for Skirting the IssueOverall we are pretty satisfied. This project was fun in all sorts of ways! We got to spend a day sewing with our friends, make little Ecuadorean girls happy, and contribute to Skirting The Issue. It’s a win-win-win situation!!!

Skirting the Issue by Skirt Fixation

Here are the skirts by size:

Skirt Fixation makes skirt for Skirting The Issue

Size 2 skirts

Skirt Fixation makes skirt for Skirting The Issue

Size 3/4 skirts

Skirt Fixation makes skirt for Skirting The Issue

Size 5 skirts

Skirt Fixation makes skirt for Skirting The Issue

Size 9/10 skirt.  We challenged 2 of the older girls to include pockets on their 2nd skirt, so this skirt, and the next skirt pictured both have pockets!

Skirting the Issue by Skirt Fixation

There’s one last fun little story. This blue and orange skirt, size seven, is made from hand-sun-printed fabric, which was made by women in Africa! So the African fabric is made into a skirt by American girls, and sent to Ecuador! That is a pretty special, world-traveling item!

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Skirting the Issue Update#1

skirting the issue

skirting the issueIt’s getting to be that time of year, guys!  Yes, Simple Simon and Company’s ‘Skirting the Issue’ time of year.  Probably one of our favorite times of the year, as it combines skirts (one of our favorites, surprise, surprise), and giving to girls in need (also one of our favorites.)  We have a big blog post coming up next Friday with our main project for Skirting The Issue, but today we are telling you about some other skirts that we will be donating.

We have been doing our All The Skirts series for almost year now!  From the first, we decided that we would be giving some of these skirts to charity for Skirting The Issue.  We hope that little girls in need will be made happy by these skirts that we really enjoyed making.All The Skirts: Sis Boom & Imagine Gnats

From our Scientific Seamstress series, we are donating the Patchwork Twirl Skirts (both the girl and the doll skirts!) done in Imagine Gnats quality fabric.  This was one of Annie’s favorites, but she has graciously donated it since she got another one for her birthday.Alyson Skirt sewn by Skirt FixationFrom our Spit Up And Stilettos series, we are giving the Alyson Skirt!  This was made with fabric from our stash, and it is in a bigger size.  Simple Simon and Co said that the real need is for bigger girl’s skirts, so we hope that this will make some teen feel fabulous.Chickadee Pattern sewn by Skirt Fixation

From our Clever Charlotte series, we are donating the Chickadee skirt and matching blouse made with Mabel Madison fabric.

Jocole's Pixie Strip Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using Far Far Away fabric by Heather Ross from Urban Sew

From our Jocole series, we are donating the Pixie Strip Skirt, made with awesome Urban Sew ‘Far, far away’ fabric.  This is such a fun little skirt that we hope can brighten a little girl’s day.  We are also donating the matching vest, and the matching doll outfit!

Sailboat top & skirt by Oliver+S sewn by Skirt Fixation using fabric from Fat Quarter Shop

From our Oliver+S series, we are donating this little Sailboat Skirt and Shirt done in Fat Quarter Shop fabric.  It’s so nautical and fun, and Annie is delighted for some other little girl to have it.

Blank Slate Pattern's Schoolday Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using fabric from Hawthorne ThreadsFrom our Blank Slate Patterns series, we are donating the Schoolday Skirt sewn with Hawthorne Threads ‘Calliope’ fabric.

In summary, that’s 6 skirts for girls, 3 tops and 2 matching doll skirt outfits!  Are you feeling like sewing and donating some skirts too?  Find all the information on the Simple Simon & Co. website here.

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12 Skirts for Skirting The Issue

Skirting the Issue

July was a great month for skirts!  Over at Simple Simon & Co. the Elizabeths held an event that’s probably the best skirt event of the year.  It’s called Skirting The Issue, and it’s all about making skirts…for needy girls in foster care.  What a great event!  What a great cause!  So of course we couldn’t miss out.  After all, we are the skirt website, right?  So we sewed up some skirts for Skirting The Issue and now we are sharing them with you.

We felt like this event was so great, all 4 of us wanted to contribute some skirts.  Annie’s sewing ability is a little in the shady area so far, but in time she’ll learn!  So she chose 3 skirts from our stash of skirts to be refashioned.  Here are Annie’s selected skirts in sizes 5, 8, and 5:

Skirting the Issue

Aria wanted to refashion some skirts.  So we started with 6 skirts.  The tops of three of the skirts were in great condition, but the fabric on the bottom was ripped.  And for the bottoms of the three refashioned skirts, the original skirts were either stained, lackluster, stretched out or dated!  Combine them, and you have 3 new skirts for girls who need them!  They are sizes 6X/7 and two size 10s:

Skirting the IssueSkirting the Issue RefashionsSkirting the Issue refashions

Aria’s contribution:

3 refashioned skirts

Allegra raided our fabric stash and found three fabrics as her base.  She matched them with the most adorable coordinating fabrics for the pockets and trim for the pocket edges.  She used the basic measurement charts that was provided over at Project Run & Play to make 3 skirts in the upper sizes, a 10, 12, and 16.

3Pocket Skirts2

When Annie saw Allegra’s handiwork, the fairy pockets, the sparkly gold trim and that certain shade of blue, she just had to have “an Elsa skirt” and a photo shoot, so Allegra ended up making 4 skirts!


This child was in full actress mode for these photos!


She has never seen Frozen, only a few YouTube videos of the songs, but that seems to be enough!Elsa Skirt

She found a “perfect cape” in the dress up box!Elsa SkirtI think she was right…the skirt works, and it wasn’t as hard to make as a whole costume!
Elsa Skirt tutorial

You just have to wonder what she’s thinking!!Cute and easy elsa skirt tutorial!

These photos were taken in our “squash tunnel” where things are growing gangbusters!  But we’re not sure how we’re going to harvest this pumpkin!!

Pie Pumpkin

I decided to make 3 skirts, and make a tutorial.  Every day during Skirting The Issue, there were skirt tutorials posted!  We’d love to be chosen to share a skirt tutorial next year!

Finishing a skirt with bias tape tutorial:

Using Seam Binding to finish a skirt

1: Cut out 2 rectangles using dimensions on chart for desired skirt size.  Gather together matching seam binding and thread.


2: Sew 2 rectangles, right sides together, at sides to make a tube.  Finish seam edges as desired.


3: Fold over 1/4 inch on top edge of skirt and iron, wrong sides together.


4: Fold over additional 1 inch on top edge of skirt and iron, wrong sides together.  You have just made the elastic casing.


5: Sew close to bottom edge of elastic casing at top of skirt.  Sew on the inside of the skirt so you can line up the edge of your presser foot along the edge of the casing and end up with a nice straight line!


6: Stop before you get to where you started so you have room to insert the elastic!


7: Insert elastic through casing by using a pin on one end to pull elastic through.


8: Over lap the ends of the elastic and sew together.  Work elastic fully into casing.


9: Sew casing shut.


10: Fold bias tape around unfinished bottom of skirt and sew in place.


11: Overlap the ends and fold under the last end for a nice clean finish.


TaDa!  You have finished a skirt in record time!

pink bias tap skirt

And such pretty hem detail too!

pink bias skirt

You can use this for a pencil skirt shape too!

pencil bias2

You can add pockets and use bias tape trim at the top of the pockets if you want too!

bias tape pocket skirt

I made 3 skirts like this, in sizes 4, 6 & 8:

Skirting the Issue

So that’s a total of 12 skirts donated for the Skirting The Issue cause!  We loved this event, and since our mission here at Skirt Fixation is to promote skirts, this event is right up our alley!  If you have time to whip up a skirt or two, be sure to find all the information you need here for donating your projects to this great cause.

Skirting the Issue