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Cowboy Poncho from a Skirt!

Cowboy Poncho

Cowboy PonchoRemember that boy we introduced you to earlier in the week with his cowboy quilt?  Did we mention it was his birthday recently?  Oh, we did?  Well, did we mention that he l.o.v.e.s. cowboys?  Oh, we did?  Well, when a boy loves something as much as this boy loves cowboys, it’s easy to know what to make him for his birthday!

Cowboy Poncho with HoodThis gift was actually Aria’s idea, so here she is to tell you how the cowboy poncho came to be:

So while mom was making Thomas’ quilt I decided that I would like to make him a birthday present too.  And ever since we made our Not A Skirt ebook, he had been asking for a cape like the one I made. So I finally got an excuse and time to make him one.  Anyway a while back I had been looking through ‘the girls’ closet, and I found a not so great skirt that had cowboys and Indians on it.

skirt refashionIt had been mom’s from when she was a cowgirl, and it wasn’t anything I was ever going to wear, so into the remake pile it went, and it was just the perfect thing for a cape.

Cowboy PonchoSo here’s Mom to tell you how we made a skirt to cowboy poncho transformation:

Step1: Cut skirt off above the denim about 2 inches.

Step 2: Cut skirt open along one side seam.

Step 3: Fold over and finish edges of skirt.

Step 4: Cut out hood pieces.  (We used the pattern pieces from this rain jacket, but you can just eyeball a hood shape!)

Step 5: Fold over top edge of denim 2 times, sandwiching hood into the last fold and sew a new hem across the top.  (Make sure to situate your hood the right way before you sew!)

Cowboy PonchoAnyway now he loves it and he’s so happy with it he wears it everywhere.

Cowboy Poncho by Skirt FixationAnything to do with cowboys or horses and he’s all over it!

chagra & tack, south amrice horse ridingWe think he imagines this in his mind’s eye as what he looks like when he’s wearing it!

Cowboy Poncho by Skirt FixationIt was Aria’s idea to add the hood because she said she’s often wished she had one on her cape!

Cowboy PonchoThis cape makes him feel like he’s on top of the world!

cowboy poncho by Skirt FixationWe think he’s pretty cool too!  Just in case you were wondering!

Hats Off!How about you, have you made a cape or poncho?   Hat’s off to you!

Cowboy Poncho by Skirt Fixation


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Skirt to Cape – Day 5 – 10 Days of Thoughtful, Handmade Gifts

Skirt to cape DIY tutorial

We are participating in a 10 Day blogging series: 10 Days of Thoughtful, Handmade Gifts!  We are so excited to produce some gifts, and you’ve probably guessed, we’re going to start from skirts all 10 days!  Also, we are very anxious to see what others produce too!  If you want to join in or follow along, visit A Homespun Country Life to get started.

 For today’s post, I remade a skirt into a cape!

skirt to cape

I started with this patchwork skirt in shades of dark blue that had a side zipper, and seemed like the best candidate to be turned into a cape. It had been gifted from a dear grandma lady, and it was a bit too large for me.

 Step by Step Skirt to Cape Instructions

1. I cut down the side seam from the bottom of the zipper, and cut out the zipper.

2. I hemmed the raw edges of the skirt and the lining, keeping them separate.

3. I sewed a snap on both sides of the waistband, and mounted a silver button over the snap for decoration.

Skirt to cape DIY tutorial

There! I knew right away that I wanted the waistband to go around the neck, and I didn’t want to do a buttonhole, so I measured where it would close, and sewed a snap on!

Total Time: 30 minutes

Total Cost: $0

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

DIY skirt to cape tutorial

It is really cute now, and the patchwork pattern makes it so that there’s a diamond on the back! The button also looks really cute and helps you to know where the snap is. It was a super easy project,  and a super cape for fall and spring as this is a bit lighter of a cape.  A thick wool or sweater skirt underneath would be a good option for this cape.   For a winter cape, I would find a velvet circle skirt or a full wool skirt to start with.  And I would probably add a fur collar or a sumptuous hood!

Before and after photos of skirt to cape tutorial.

A lot of women wear capes as an alternative to a coat!  Personally, I love to wear a cape for just the right occasion because it make me feel like Maid Marian riding out to visit Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest!

Maid Marian's cape!

Leave us a comment telling if you prefer a cape or a coat?

Always be Exciting,