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Mossimo Supply Co. Skirt Remake – Flat to Fabulous

On this skirt remake, I started with a ‘Mossimo Supply Co.’ skirt in brown, tan, and white.

Do I want to remake this skirt?  Yes!
Do I want to remake this skirt? Yes!


There were two big pockets, which I totally LOVED, but they kind of got lost in the skirt and the decorative ties for the pockets were major BLAH!!! The ties were made of some kind of cloth fabricky stuff, and they were a kind of military olive greenish color.

Icky pocket ties
Icky pocket ties

I dig military on some skirts, but this feminine skirt was totally made to go a different way.   I got this skirt for $2.00


Here are my steps.

Step 1. I ironed the skirt and sewed a flowered vintage cream lace around the bottom.

Step 2. I took out the gross military ties from the pockets and sewed in some pretty satin ribbon in a brown that matched the skirt color.

Step 3. I edged the pockets in a thin frilly white and pale yellow lace.

See the lace!
See the lace!


Oooooh!!! Look at it now! The pockets totally stand out with the ribbon ties and the lace edging. The lace around the bottom helps it to not look so worn out now too!!!

Look at that pretty skirt now!
Look at that pretty skirt now!

For the after photos, I paired this with a dark brown ‘Candies’ blouse, a vintage cream sweater, leather ‘Land’s End’ slouch boots, brown tights, and a vintage leather handbag!

Total Cost: $4.00 (The ribbon cost $2)

Total Time:  30 minutes

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

Just in time for the fall wardrobe!
Just in time for the fall wardrobe!

How cute is this now?!?! I mean, the perfect fall outfit, right? In case you can’t live without this skirt, we have decided to put it up on Etsy here.

Your turn to choose!
Your turn to choose!

So what do you think?  Did you prefer the flat before or the fabulous after?  Vote in the poll and comment to let us know what you think!

Which skirt did you like better Flat or Fabulous?

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American Eagle Mini Skirt Ragged to Ravishing!

For this fantastic skirt fix, we started with 2 pieces that had a lot of potential, but didn’t work on their own.  First off, there was the American Eagle green mini skirt.  It was in great shape except for the hem, which had seen better days.  We paid $2.50 for it.

green mini before
Used to be really cute, I’m sure!

The next item we chose was a fun, bright skirt.  The greens in the skirt were the same exact color as the green mini.  The problem?  A few sizes too large!  We paid $2.50.

blue florals before
Just a smidge too big?


So here’s what we did:

Step 1: Detach bottom 1/2 of pockets from green mini.

Step 2: Remove ragged hem portion from green mini.

Step 3: Measure bottom width of remaining top piece of green mini.

Step 4: Find same measurement across width of blue floral skirt.

Step 5: Trim off top of blue floral skirt.

Step 6: Sew top of green mini and bottom of blue floral skirts together.

Step 7: Reattach bottom 1/2 of pockets to blue floral skirt.

 blue florals after 1

Total Cost: $5

Total Time: 30 minutes

Talent Level: Beginner Level

blue florals after 2
Fun pockets on the back!

Your turn!  What do you think?  Do you like the before or after better?  Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts on your choice below.


What do you think? Ragged or Ravishing?

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