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Savvy Noggins Shop Launch & Sale Code

Remember when we promised we’d tell you what’s been keeping us busy?  Well today we’re spilling the beans.  We’ve launched Savvy Noggins!  It’s “Millinery for the Fashion-Conscious Baby” or just plain fun baby bonnets!

Every one of our darling bonnets are reversible and have ears that reverse to the other side too!  There are 6 bonnets in the fall release, 3 for boys and 3 for girls.  One side is flannel and the other side is top quality cotton.  All the bonnets come in ready made sizes 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years.  If you need a different size, or the size you need is sold out you can place a custom order for girls here or a custom order for boys here.  Custom orders start at newborn size (13.5″ head circumference) and go up to XXL which fits 5+ year old children with a 22+” head circumference.

Here’s each one in detail.  Click on the photo to be taken directly to that bonnet in our Savvy Noggins shop.

This first bonnet is the quintessential baby girl bonnet.  In soft pink rosebud flannel and painterly floral Art Gallery Fabrics cotton on the other side, it’s sure to please!  Pink grosgrain ribbons secure the bonnet to baby’s head.

Baby is modeling the 6-12 months size in this photo at 8 months old.  Every bonnet listing includes head sizes, which is a better way to choose a bonnet than strictly by age.

The next bonnet is made from soft chocolate flannel on one side and deep blue ink drawn flowers on cotton fabric on the other side.  Matching chocolate brown ribbons secure the bonnet under baby’s cute chin.

Again, Baby is modeling size 6-12 months and having fun chewing on the ribbons she successfully untied!  It took Baby about 1 day to get used to wearing a bonnet, and now she doesn’t even notice it!

The 3rd bonnet boasts sweet birds in flannel on one side, and sprinkled yellow dots on soft cotton fabric on the other side.  Yellow ribbons tie the bonnet onto baby’s head.

Here Baby is watching her brothers try to make her look at the camera as she models a 6-12 month size bonnet.

It’s much rarer to find handmade items for boys, and very difficult to find items as cute as these boy bonnets (or caps) we’re about to show you!

The first boy cap is made from sturdy brown plaid flannel on one side and glittering metallic stars on blue cotton on the other side.  Here Lowell is modeling a 6-12 month size, which just barely still fits him!  See the next 2 for photos of the hats fitting more properly in a larger size!

Next up is our very popular mustard plaid flannel with spotty blue cotton on the other side.  Lowell, who is 3, is modeling a 1-2 year size, and you can see it’s a better fit.  Plus, eyelash envy!

The final cap is our hottest selling, on trend buffalo plaid flannel cap with cloudy skies cotton on the other side.  Lowell is again modeling a 1-2 year size cap.

We’re using several venues to sell these reversible baby bonnets.  Locally, Savvy Noggins bonnets can be found in several children’s boutiques and at select craft fairs.  If you aren’t local to us, please visit our Savvy Noggins Etsy Shop!

And WE’RE HAVING A GRAND OPENING AND BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY SALE!  All in stock, ready to ship hats are marked down until December 2nd!

Even if you don’t have a baby yourself, you might want to stock up for the next time you’re invited to a baby shower, or a friend tells you they’re expecting.  Leave us a comment below letting us know what you think of our newest arrivals!

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Reversible Gemma Blouse Tutorial

Reversible Gemma Blouse tutorial by Skirt Fixation

Reversible Gemma Blouse tutorial by Skirt Fixation

Today I have a reversible Gemma Blouse tutorial.  Yesterday I showed you the first Gemma Blouse and Skirt pattern I made, and promised you a tutorial on how to make it reversible.  First the tutorial, then more about this particular Gemma Blouse and Skirt.

The Gemma Blouse and Skirt is a Violette Field Threads pattern.  Since it is fully lined it is easy to make the Gemma Blouse completely reversible.  Just follow these steps:

Cut out 2 sleeves of each fabric.

Omit steps to sew on cuff.

Reversible Gemma Blouse tutorial by Skirt Fixation

Pull apart lining and main fabric bodice pieces and pin each sleeve to it’s matching bodice.

Gather the top of each sleeve as instructed.

Sew each sleeve to it’s matching bodice piece.

Reversible Gemma Blouse tutorial by Skirt Fixation

Gather bottom of each sleeve to 1/2 it’s original width.  Baste gathers in place.

Reversible Gemma Blouse tutorial by Skirt Fixation

Fold over bottom of each sleeve 1/4 inch and iron in place.

Repeat for the hem of each bodice.

Reversible Gemma Blouse tutorial by Skirt Fixation

Pull apart the lining and bodice and unfold ironed over hems.  Pin together underarm and side seams RST.  Sew.

Reversible Gemma Blouse tutorial by Skirt Fixation

Turn the shirt with one right side out.  Tuck the arms together.  Refold and line up hem at bottom of sleeves.  Carefully pin them together WRONG sides together.  Sew.

Repeat for bottom of hem.

We used snaps instead of buttons, but if you choose buttons and buttonholes, simply sew on 2 sets of buttons one on the right side and one on the wrong side of the fabric.

Ta-Da!  Your Gemma blouse is now completely reversible.  Two shirts for the price for one!

Reversible Gemma Blouse tutorial by Skirt Fixation

The fabric for the Gemma skirt and the wine color were both purchased at Walmart several years ago.  They were just sitting in the stash, so, it was time to see the light of day.

Reversible Gemma Blouse tutorial by Skirt Fixation

The blue chambray was leftover from making a shirt for my son.  The pink collar and pockets is a soft baby linen also used as the lining for the Gemma Blouse yesterday.

Reversible Gemma Blouse tutorial by Skirt Fixation I think it would be fairly easy to make the Gemma Skirt reversible also.  Just cut out two skirts and sew them wrong sides together when attaching at the waistband.  Similar to the way we made the reversible Swingset Skirt.

Reversible Gemma Blouse tutorial by Skirt Fixation

Be sure to visit yesterday’s post to enter the giveaway for 10 PDF patterns from Violette Field Threads and $100 to spend at Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

Reversible Gemma Blouse tutorial by Skirt Fixation

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Huge Mustard Shirt Refashioned to Skirt {Kid Clothes Week Day 1}

shirt refashioned to skirt

Yesterday we mentioned that this is Kids Clothes Week.  In the fall, we participated in Kids Clothes Week, when the theme was Storybook and ended up making something for each of the seven children.  This time the theme is Upcycle, and I decided to keep in simple (well, sort of, I always seem to overcomplicate things!) and sew a complete outfit for one child.  I started with a huge mustard shirt refashioned into skirt!

shirt refashioned to skirt

I found this gigantic 2XL mustard yellow wide wale corduroy shirt at the thrift store, and had to have it!  The girls weren’t sure, but I have been seeing so much mustard lately, I was sure I could pull it off.

shirt refashioned to skirt

I decided to go back to a familiar pattern, the Chickadee skirt by Clever Charlotte.  During All The Skirts: Clever Charlotte and Mabel Madison, we made the Chickadee with a very fine wale corduroy, so knew the Chickadee skirt was a good candidate for corduroy.

shirt refashioned to skirt

For the lining, I used a fabric from Hancock Fabrics that Annie herself picked out last fall.

shirt up cycled into reversible skirt

When I made the first Chickadee skirt, it seemed like with a very few modifications it could be a totally reversible skirt, so this time I experimented and it worked!  Here’s what I did:

Attached the waistband on at the top instead of nested within the skirt.  (I went with a skinny waistband to match the bias tape trim, but if I did it over again, I’d cut out two waistbands and make it twice as wide.)  As it turns out, it doesn’t really matter as far as looks go because Annie always wears her shirts untucked!

Made the elastic go all the way around the waistband instead of buttonhole elastic in the back only.

shirt refashioned to skirt

And if I use bias tape and make it reversible again, I will skip the sewing the two pieces together first, it was a waste of time and added extra bulk!

back of refashioned shirt

In these photos, Annie is modeling her skirt with another upcycled item, her Bimaa shirt from her Bubble Skirt ensemble!  This photo is of the back of the skirts, but you can see the cute back of the Bimaa shirt too.

refashioned garments

See you soon for some more upcycled goodness!  And hop over to Kids Clothes Week for lots and lots of inspiring upcycled garments.

A shirt refashioned into a reversible skirt by Skirt Fixation

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Reversible Fleece Jacket

Reversible Fleece Jacket

Reversible fleece jacket

The time arrived to sew something for the horse loving boy again!  This time we found the perfect fleece at Hancock fabrics and paired with a black twill from the stash, it was time for another reversible jacket.  You can read our review of the Which Way Out Jacket here.  This time we sewed up the pattern almost exactly as directed with only one change.  We added elastic around the bottom of the sleeves because the boy wanted to be able to layer this jacket underneath another jacket if needed.

Reversible Fleece Jacket

It was much easier to sew this jacket with woven fabrics rather than knits like we did last time.

Reversible Fleece Jacket

We had the opportunity to take photos at the perfect location for a horse jacket…Churchill Downs, the home of the Kentucky Derby!  Of course on race day in May, one wouldn’t need a jacket, horses on it or otherwise, but on a sunny December day, this reversible fleece jacket was just right.

Reversible Fleece Jacket

Through the back entrance to the stadium, Thomas, the horse lover, got very close to the action.  He could look out on the track and see where the famous race takes place.

Reversible Fleece Jacket

And he got to visit the resident horse and pony.  It was quite a day, and he was prepared with quite a jacket!

Reversible Fleece Jacket

We did put pockets on the inside and outside, so Thomas had a place to store his Churchill Downs souvenir.  He did wonder aloud if he would grow to be too tall to be a jockey someday.  (Sorry, buddy, wrong genetics for that line of work!!!)

Reversible Fleece Jacket

All in all, the reversible fleece jacket, and the visit to the Kentucky Derby were a success.

Reversible Fleece Jacket

If you bought some fleece fabric recently (aren’t there some yummy fleece fabrics this year?) you should consider making a reversible fleece jacket.  We recommend the Which Way Out Jacket from Fishstick Designs!