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Maternity Jacket Refashion

DIY Maternity Jacket Refashion by Skirt Fixation

For several pregnancies now, I’ve had a terrible secret!  Each of these pregnancies were in the winter, but I didn’t have a maternity jacket.  Well, I had one, but it didn’t fit my tall frame and mostly my long arms.  I decided it was just better to be cold than to fight with sleeves that were 6” too short and didn’t keep me warm anyway.  Mostly, I wore the maternity puffer vest my sister gave me, with a sweater or two layered underneath.  So clearly it was time for a maternity jacket refashion.

DIY Maternity Jacket Refashion by Skirt Fixation

I started with the puffer vest, and this maternity jacket.  It was a nice wool jacket, but the arm were woefully inadequate as I mentioned above.  And it was tight across my back and shoulders.  

To begin with, I unpicked the sleeves from the wool maternity jacket, including the lining.  Then I unpicked the sleeves apart from the lining at the hem as well.  There was a cuff type feature at the bottom of the sleeve that afforded me an extra inch when unfolded.  

DIY Maternity Jacket Refashion by Skirt Fixation

Next I ordered knit cuffs from Style Maker Fabric.  The sleeves still were not going to be quite long enough, so I needed the extra length that the cuffs would give.  Plus, the band around the bottom of the puffer vest is ribbed fabric, so the cuffs would cary on that theme.

DIY Maternity Jacket Refashion by Skirt Fixation

To combine these three elements into one well fitting maternity jacket, first I attached the cuffs to the bottom of the sleeves.  This was accomplished by simply folding over the lining to the wrong side, inserting the cuffs next, and then topstitching on the wool jacket outside.  There were already decorative lines of topstitching along the bottom of the sleeve, so my topstitching blended in perfectly.

DIY Maternity Jacket Refashion by Skirt Fixation

Next, I sewed the top of the sleeve to the vest armhole with the right sides together, keeping the lining out of the way.  Fortunately for me, the sleeves had been gathered on the original maternity jacket, so I had plenty of room to play with.  They fit very nicely onto the vest.  Finally, I folded 1/4” of the lining to the wrong side and stitched it to the inside of the vest by hand, covering the seam allowance and raw edges made by attaching the sleeve to the vest.

DIY Maternity Jacket Refashion by Skirt Fixation

And now, I’m not cold anymore!!!!!  This is such a huge victory for me, and so very sensible too!    It seems like such a small thing now (just one evening of work) but the days ahead are finally going to be WARM!

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Knit Skirt to T-Shirt Refashion

Knit skirt to t-shrt refashion tutorial by Skirt Fixation

Today’s quick and easy tutorial walks you through the steps of turning that skirt you no longer wear into a t-shirt you’ll never stop wearing!  The best part?  No hemming!  Let’s make that skirt to t-shirt happen:

Updated Union St. Tee pattern review

Here is the knit maxi skirt I started with.  It’s a cotton/modal/spandex knit blend with some fun stripes at the bottom.  It has a huge elasticated waistband, I think intended to be one of those convertible dress/skirt things.  If you’re like me, those garments always end up being WAAAAAY too narrow in the hips, and I don’t even have that wide of hips!

Knit Skirt to T-shirt Refashion Step 1:

Knit skirt to t-shrt refashion tutorial by Skirt Fixation

First thing I recommend is laying out your pattern pieces over the skirt before making any cuts.  This is so you don’t have any nasty surprises later when you end up with only enough fabric left for 1 sleeve or something!  Ask me how I know…  I’m using the Union St. Tee pattern by Hey June Handmade.  It’s my favorite, read my full review here.

Knit Skirt to T-shirt Refashion Step 2:

Knit skirt to t-shrt refashion tutorial by Skirt Fixation

Alright, now that you have a plan, grab those scissors and get busy!  I cut the skirt up one side seam and cut off that waistband so things would lay flat.

Knit Skirt to T-shirt Refashion Step 3:

Knit skirt to t-shrt refashion tutorial by Skirt Fixation

Next, fold the skirt into the middle, and try to line up the fabric.  This was easy for me due to the stripes!  Line up the bottom of the pattern piece below the hem of the skirt by whatever amount is the seam allowance on the pattern.  For me the pattern piece was 1″ below the skirt in the center.

Knit Skirt to T-shirt Refashion Step 4:

Knit skirt to t-shrt refashion tutorial by Skirt Fixation

Okay, grab those scissors and get busy!  I cut out the front and back.  Next I folded the skirt all the way in 1/2 so I didn’t have a seam down the top of my sleeves, and cut the sleeves.  The neckband did end up with a seam at the center back (which a v-neck usually doesn’t have) but not a big deal!

Knit Skirt to T-shirt Refashion Step 5:

Sew that t-shirt together and put it on!  Once again, I used the Union St. Tee pattern and instructions from Hey June Patterns.  Happy sewing and t-shirt wearing!

Updated Union St. Tee pattern review

By now you probably know that the link to Hey June Patterns is an affiliate link.  That’s because it’s a really awesome pattern and we want you to succeed in your sewing ventures, not get frustrated or fail!  Because it’s an affiliate link, if you click on it, we might make a few pennies at no extra cost to you.  So thanks!

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Button Up to Baby Dress {Handmade Baby}

And then we couldn't help ourselves...we had to make a second dress using this pattern!

One thing we want to highlight in the course of our Handmade Baby series is how easy it is to refashion for a baby!  You can use larger garments as (pre-sewn) fabric, and still take advantage of some of their existing elements.  Today’s post is a perfect example of refashioning clothes for a baby.

From button up to baby dress! A cute tutorial from Skirt Fixation.

Mr. Skirt Fixation cleaned out his closet of button up shirts again, and this time our new baby was the beneficiary!  Men’s button up shirts usually good quality.  This shirt was made from seersucker fabric, perfect to refashion into a baby girl dress for summer.

From button up to baby dress! A cute tutorial from Skirt Fixation.

We used the Brooklyn Pattern Co. Franklin Dress pattern.  Last time we sewed this we made it into a top for Annie.  Since this pattern starts at size 6 months, it was a perfect choice.  The elements of the men’s button up shirt that we took advantage of for this refashion were the back hem (notice how it’s scooped?)  Also, we kept the sleeve hems and just added elastic to them.  Of course, we took advantage of the button placket, and extended it all the way down the front of the dress.  And we just had to keep the pocket from the front of the shirt on the skirt of the dress.

From button up to baby dress! A cute tutorial from Skirt Fixation.No hemming was required on the back of the dress and the sleeves, plus we didn’t have to make the button plackets.  This made refashioning clothes for a baby faster and easier than if we had not used Daddy’s button up shirt!


From button up to baby dress! A cute tutorial from Skirt Fixation.

And then we couldn’t help ourselves…we had to make a second dress using this pattern!  The pin tucks and addition of piping are so darling in the tiniest sizes!

From button up to baby dress! A cute tutorial from Skirt Fixation.

We made only one change to the (not refashioned) dress.  We shortened the sleeves to just above the elbow length.  I guess adding piping to the yoke bottom isn’t written into the pattern, but it’s hardly a change…just an addition!

And then we couldn't help ourselves...we had to make a second dress using this pattern!

We used Art Gallery Forest Floor Clover Grove Whisper Fabric for this dress and a matching diaper cover.  (The diaper cover goes well with both dresses.)

And then we couldn't help ourselves...we had to make a second dress using this pattern!

The diaper cover pattern is free from Made Everyday.

And then we couldn't help ourselves...we had to make a second dress using this pattern!

Look how darling this dress is with other items made from the Forest Floor Fabrics line.  You might have noticed we had JUST enough material left from the men’s button up shirt to make a contrasting yoke inside this second dress!

And then we couldn't help ourselves...we had to make a second dress using this pattern!

Baby is getting super wiggly for her big sister to hold sometimes!  Nevertheless, we managed to grab a few modeled shots of the dress on Baby.

And then we couldn't help ourselves...we had to make a second dress using this pattern!

Leave us a comment…what is your favorite thing to refashion for a baby?

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Sweater Refashion to Coat

Sweater refashioned into a baby coat by Skirt Fixation

Signature Style sewn by Skirt Fixation

I’ve got one other garment from our Signature Style look that I want to tell you about in detail.  There were so many items I made for that look, maybe you can put up with another blog post.

Sweater refashioned into a baby coat by Skirt Fixation

The coat I made for Baby is actually a sweater refashion.  I was on the fence for a long time about what material to use for the outer layer of his jacket.  I’d already settled on the suede backed sherpa vest for the inner layer.  Since I was going for solid colors I wanted to make the jacket interesting by incorporating textures.  Finally inspiration hit, and I went to the thrift store on the hunt for the perfect garment with chunky cables.  I found this sweater that was close enough, and bought it.

Sweater refashioned into a baby coat by Skirt Fixation

The main problem I could not figure out was how to get my front, back and sleeve pieces from the sweater.  I wanted the front and back of the coat to be cable knit fabric, but the front and sleeves of the sweater were cable knit.  The back was a ribbed fabric.  With Allegra’s help I finally solved the sweater refashion jigsaw puzzle.  The front of the sweater became the back of the coat.  (I sewed the vent shut above the button.  The button hides under the hood, only visible when the hood is up; it’s really cute!)  The back of the sweater became the sleeves of the coat.  And the sleeves of the sweater became the front pieces of the jacket.  The hood is from the same twill fabric as the coat lining, and the hood lining is fleece leftover from Annie’s quilt.  Half of the sweater’s collar became the trim on the coat hood.

Sweater refashioned into a baby coat by Skirt Fixation

You might notice in several of the photos that Baby is grabbing the jacket near the top of the zipper.  Well after he wore it several times, complaining each time we discovered a sharp piece of plastic protruding out of the edge of the zipper!  Poor Baby, one snip took care of the problem, and now he wears the coat joyfully.

Sweater refashioned into a baby coat by Skirt Fixation

Be sure to catch the tutorial in this blog post for the reversible sherpa vest that snaps in and out of this coat.  I think I want to go buy rescue aaaaallll the chunky cable knit sweaters from the thrift store now!

Sweater refashioned into a baby coat by Skirt Fixation

 Sweater Refashion details:

Coat Pattern: Downton Duffle Coat

Coat Fabric (outer): Upcycled Sweater with large cables
Coat Fabric (inner): Sew Classic Bottomweight Classic Twill Solid Fabric – Black
Vest Fabric: Luxury Faux Fur-Sherpa Suede Gray
Hat Pattern: Free newsboy cap pattern
Hat Fabric: Wool plaid remnant from the stash

Oh, and if you’ve got your eye on that stunning dress fabric, right now My Fabric Designs is having an unheard of 35% off sale!  Here’s the direct link to that dress fabric I designed.  Use the promo code QUILT35 until March 31st.  Hurry!

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Refashion for Magda!

Perfect gift set for a baby boy!

If you’ve come here from from House of Estrela, Hi, and welcome!  Let us introduce ourselves.  We are a mother/daughters team and we blog here at Skirt Fixation about everything to do with skirts!  When we signed up to be a part of Magda’s Refashion Month, we had no clue what we would be refashioning!  How’s that for planning?  But sometimes we work best when we fly by the seat of our, er, skirt!  So we signed up and thought hoped inspiration would hit later.  Then Magda was one of our contestants during Challenge Create: Adult Edition, and we learned a lot more about her, including that she was expecting a baby boy.  By the time the contest was finished, we loved Magda and her style and her new unborn baby, and knew we had to make something for the little one.  Having welcomed a baby boy to our family in April, we had a pretty good idea of what the perfect baby boy gift basket could contain!  (And to make it extra special for Magda, the refashion queen, we had to include a refashion!)  So here’s a photo of the finished baby gift set.

Perfect gift set for a baby boy!

We got the courage to actually sew something, as opposed to buy something, from a cousin because she sent us a handmade baby gift in April, and it was our absolute favorite gift!  We knew all the work and love that had gone into it!  Now we’ll explain each piece of that set individually.  First, the sleep sacque, refashioned from a nightdress.

NIghtdress before

We took this picture right after we forgot to take a before photo and had cut off the lace hem and bodice top!  But we pieced them back together for you to get the idea.  We used Frances Suzanne’s tutorial except made the sleep sacque a little shorter as they suggested.  We cut the top off a long sleeve onesie (see the mittened hands, perfect for covering newborn baby fingernails?!)  and used it for the top of the sleep sacque.  We gathered the bottom piece of the nightie, and here you have a little comfy sleep sacque for a newborn boy!

sleep sacque for baby boy

We love to use sleep sacques at the beginning of a newborn’s life because they make diaper changes so much easier!  And there are a lot of diaper changes at first!

The next piece in the baby boy gift basket is the footed set.

footed pants with matching hat

We used two tutorials for this one, the footed pants from Sew Much Ado, and the knotted knit hat from Make It Love It.  Again, we always keep a hat on our newborn, and the footed pants are so nice too because they eliminate the whole missing sock, cold foot epidemic our babies have always suffered from!  Allegra embroidered around the monkey we added to the (store bought) onesie to make it match the rest of the outfit.

The last two things in the gift basket for Magda’s baby boy are two swaddle blankets.

swaddle blankets

When our first baby, Allegra, was born, you could find receiving blankets in sizes large enough to swaddle a baby well into the first six months of their lives.  But since then, baby blankets have shrunk!  Quite a few years and babies later, we decided to start making our own blankets in just the right size for swaddling!  Now being that Magda’s baby is going to be swaddled in July, we used a lightweight flannel of just one layer.  For winter babies, you can use thicker flannel or two layers.  Most baby blankets are slightly rectangular, and that just doesn’t work for swaddling very well, so we make ours 42″ x 26″.  That size gives you plenty of width for wrapping around the baby, and not too much extra hanging past their feet that you don’t know what to do with!

Perfect gift set for a baby boy!

Well, there you have it…in our opinion, the perfect gift basket for a baby boy!  Be sure to pop over to House of Estrela in July for all the fun during her Refashion Month.

Here is the lineup of who else is making a refashion for Magda during her Refashion Month.

Gigggles & Beans – Nest full of Eggs – Friends Stitched Together – The Lachman Collection – Sew Straight & Gather – FABulous Home Sewn – Skirt Fixation – Swoodson Says – Gracious Threads – Sews n Bows – Carissa Knits – Sew Shelly Sew – Hamilton Chicklets – Climbing the Willow – Serger Pepper – xoxo Grandma – Threading My Way – Sara Made – The Land of K.A. 

Did you know there’s a giveaway, too?   a Rafflecopter giveaway
 The giveaway is for people who link up a refashion in the Flickr group!


Congratulations, Magda, and enjoy that new baby boy!

Audrey, Allegra, Arie & Annie

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Refashioned Skirt for a Bear!

refashioned skirt for a bear!

This week I have another Sarah-Bear post for you. To correspond with our Challenge Create: Adult Edition theme; Refashion, I made a little satin ballet skirt fort Sarah-Bear.

The thing is, I’m really particular about these outfits. The colors have to be exactly right. For instance, I don’t want to make too many red or orange clothes, because her fur is orangey-brown. On the other hand, I don’t want to make too much of just one color. Decisions, decisions.

2skirt to lampshade after 1Anyway, Remember –this- refashion?  It’s in our ebook, too!  I decided to use the bottom of the lining to make a small skirt for Sarah-Bear.

 Refashioned Skirt DIY Instructions:

1. I took the tube of satiny fabric and gathered it.

2. I sewed a tube out of swirly blue-and-white fabric for a waistband.

3. I sewed the satiny fabric onto the tube waistband.

refashioned skirt for a bear!

Ta-da! A refashioned skirt for Sarah-bear! This was pretty easy, and I love the way that it turned out. Admittedly, the skirt doesn’t have any snaps, buttons, or elastic, so it isn’t flexible at all. The good thing is, bears, as opposed to dolls, can be squished into satiny skirts, so that isn’t really an issue. The thing I would do differently if I ever did it again, is make the waistband a titchy bit bigger and fold it over so that it covers the top of the gathered part.

Oh yeah, I also made the white bow tie that Sarah-Bear is wearing. I didn’t want to make a top, so I just made this bow tie instead. I simply made a bow out of two tubes of fabric, and sewed them onto a white band that closes with a snap.

I think Annie is goin’ to looooooove this sweet little refashion, so remember, all y’all, mum’s the word! Nobody go leaking this to Annie, I think she suspects something already!

Kay thanks,


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Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s Refashion Creation

refashion by Michelle

Today we get to unveil the first of the Refashion Creations from our four contestants.  Introducing Michelle from Falafel and the Bee:


Usually, I like to alter an existing garment (without changing the style too much) to my size. It is one of the best things about thrifting. You can make anything fit.

For this challenge, I really wanted to push the limits of my creativity, though, and step away from what I normally do.

It started with finding this shirt at the thrift store (And then the song “Love me, Honey Do” by Patsy Cline came into my head ~and hasn’t left yet). Oh my wow. It had such great details and was a Men’s Large. It was such a strange Men’s Large, though. It had short arms and was super tall and narrow. I have no idea who this was intended for, but am thankful I found it! I just added a Twin black flat bed sheet into the mix, and this is what happened…

PicMonkey Collage

I used a pattern for the bodice that I have never used for me before. Simplicity adjustable fit. It was awesome. I had to do quite a bit of finagling (ie: MATH), but when I finished, the end result is a perfectly fitted bodice.


I took apart the entire shirt and started with making the bodice front from the back of the shirt. I used the sleeve cuffs as a peplum type feature in the front. The front yoke became a bustle in the back (as well as extending my snaps- I’ll get to that in a second).


I wanted to keep the snap placket from the front as my closure in the back, but soon realized it would not be wide enough to get on and off if I sewed it to the skirt part of the dress. So I took a second piece of the placket that I had lopped off from the top of the shirt, and extended the snaps in the back. I attached the skirt portion of the dress to either side of that placket, allowing the dress to be opened all the way down my back. Whew. That was hard. But it worked like a charm!

Oh and those sleeves? They were the collar. I cut it in half, finished the ends, and sewed them in!


This is the dress without the crinoline underneath.


And with a little puffy support.

I had a lot of fun with this one, and used every bit of that shirt! That always feels good.

Head over to my blog for more details and so many more photos!

Thank you Michelle, and we have a little request…can we hire you for our personal seamstress?  You are absolutely AMAZING!  Everyone be sure to come back tomorrow for the next Refashion Creation, and be sure to link up your own Refashion Clothing in the sew along!

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Week 1 Scores and Week 2 Refashion Sew Along!

Refashion sew along

Last week was such an amazing week!  Each of our contestants submitted their amazing Nature Inspired outfits.  They put their all into creating and sewing these outfits, and they were truly fantastic.  The way Challenge Create: Adult Edition works is that each week the judges grade the contestants for 75% of the contestants’ score, and you vote for your favorite creation for 25% of the score.  At the end of the four weeks, the contestant with the highest score takes home the grand prize.  But there are also 1st, 2nd and 3rd runner up prizes, so each of these hardworking ladies is rewarded!  This week, the judges have had their say, and you voted, and the accumulated scores this far are:

Becca & Suzanne from Pattern Revolution: 86

Magda from House of Estrela: 80

Michelle from Falafel and the Bee: 72

Stacy from Land of K.A.: 72

Keep up the great work ladies!  Each and every one of you is amazing!

We also had a great Nature Inspired sew along!  The viewer’s choice winner was: Angela from WorkPraySew!

refashion sew alongGo visit Angela from WorkPraySew and tell her how awesome her nature inspired creation for Challenge Create: Adult Edition is!

She will take home a $20 gift certificate from The Ribbon Retreat

The Ribbon Retreat 125x125

2 patterns from Shop Onion


and a free copy of our refashion ebook, Not A Skirt! 

Not A Skirt! eBook

All the other sew along contestants have received a 1/2 off coupon for Not A Skirt!  Thanks to everyone who participated in some way to make the week great!

Refashion sew alongWe are sure this week is going to be awesome too!  Starting tomorrow, we get to present to you our contestants creations for Challenge Create: Adult Edition week 2: Refashion Week.  Once again we encourage everyone to link up your refashioned clothing creation.  Be assured that your sew along link will uplift and spur on the contestants.  You have until Friday morning to link up.  Voting for both the sew along and the contestants’ refashioned outfits opens Friday morning and ends Sunday morning.  Are you ready for the refashion sew along?  We can hardly wait to see what you make!  

Here is the description for the Refashion Theme:

Challenge Create: Adult Edition Week 2: Refashion

There is nothing quite as satisfying bringing an item back into usable condition.  Curtain, tablecloth, hole-y sweater, muumuu, or boyfriend shirt, no matter where you begin, the end result is sure to be amazing when you refashion!

We are so excited to see what you refashion!  We have a little reward for you from one of our sponsors, Laura Marsh Designs.  During Challenge Create: Adult Edition, using the promo code for the month of April gives you 15% off patterns on the website. One user per customer code: SKIRTFIXATION15  To take advantage of this special offer, just click through the Laura Marsh Sewing Patterns button in the sponsors section of the  sidebar, and use the promo code when you check out.  Also, as a special thank you, our refashion sew along contestants will receive a coupon code via email when you enter the sew along to buy our ebook, Not A Skirt! at 50% off!

Be sure to come back tomorrow as we unveil our first contestant’s Refashioned creation!

Make it beautiful,