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Boy Raglans and Boy Antics

Boy Raglan t-shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

I love these two boys and I love sewing for these two boys!  This project was born out of the need to do some scrap busting.  You see, my friend and fellow tall seamstress over at Sew Journers put out a free spreadsheet called Stash Shrinker.  The idea is to choose a multiplier and only buy fabric when you use up a certain amount of fabric so you can shrink instead of grow your stash.  Well I set my multiplier rather high.  My goal is to sew 5 times the amount of fabric I buy until I sew 100 yards, and then change my multiplier to 2.  Yes, my stash is large, and I’m serious about shrinking it!  And then something else happened.

Boy Raglan t-shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

One day I decided to refold and sort my knit fabric, and Aria kindly stuck by my side through the whole project.  She was very insistent I get rid of scraps smaller than 1 yard and fabric we’d never use.  It was all very encouraging and inspiring to end up with only useable cuts of fabric, just ready and waiting to be chosen and sewn!

Boy Raglan t-shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

I did talk Aria into letting me keep a few scraps that were smaller than 1 yard, but only as many as could fill a small box and only if I had a purpose for them!  That’s when these 2 Oliver + S Field Trip raglan tees were planned.

Boy Raglan t-shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

The green fabric is organic bamboo cotton jersey fabric left from an unblogged Skyline Skort.  It’s super soft and very lovely to sew.  I wanted to sew similar shirts for the boys without being identical.

Boy Raglan t-shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

David’s shirt is sewn from the green bamboo knit and gray double knit fabric leftover from making this Jade skirt for Allegra.  David is a great older brother, he’s so kind and patient most fo the time with his younger brother.

Boy Raglan t-shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

Little brother Lowell’s shirt is sewn from the green bamboo knit and the gray knit fabric leftover from this skirt of Allegra’s, I think!

Boy Raglan t-shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

Photoshoots with these two are always a blast.  From showing me their muscles, to putting their hands in the wrong pockets, to laughing uproariously at the bunny ears on the photographer, there’s never a lack of photos to choose from.

Boy Raglan t-shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

We use this raglan pattern to make the boys tees often, and it’s really good.  My only complaint is the neckband.  We’ve added 1/2” to the width and that has kept it from rolling to the inside.  But now it seems to stick up away from their necks.  It’s only a tiny thing, but I’m going to keep working toward getting a perfect neckband for this pattern.  The boys are not complaining…they both welcome the new shirts!

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Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan & Cargo Pants Pattern Review

Oliver+S Field Trip Pattern Review

Oliver+S outfit sewn by Skirt Fixation using Cotton & Steel fabric from Fat Quarter Shop

Last week we gave you a glimpse of a BOY outfit we made and only gave you these general details of his outfit:

Dress Shirt:

Pattern: Ethan Shirt by Sis Boom patterns 

Fabric: Robert Kaufman Chambray Union  and Playful Aqua Jacks


Pattern: Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan

Fabric: Art Gallery Fabrics Sahara Sun &  White Knit


Pattern: Oliver + S Field Trip Cargos

Fabric: 2 pairs of Daddy’s khakis, refashionedOliver+S Field Trip Pattern ReviewBut that much hard work deserves a post of it’s own.  Not to mention the smoldering model.  Ahem.  So today we’ll give our our complete Oliver+S Field Trip pattern review.

Oliver+S Field Trip Pattern ReviewWe started with an Ethan Shirt.  We’ve made this boy an Ethan shirt before, and loved it.  Plus he wears it a LOT.  So it was time for another one.

Oliver+S Field Trip Pattern ReviewAnd we decided to get a little more adventuresome with this one.  We chose chambray for the main fabric, which Thomas loves!  He says every boy needs a denim shirt. Oliver+S Field Trip Pattern ReviewWe also decided to use some fun fabric for the facings of the cuffs and collar.  This was inspired by Annie’s 2+2 skirt outfit, and we wanted to make them coordinating without being too matchy-matchy.  Thomas wasn’t too sure about this, since a few of the jacks are PINK, but it hasn’t stopped him from wearing the shirt!

Oliver+S Field Trip Pattern ReviewThomas’s grandpa always used to say there are some people who look good in anything they wear, and Thomas seems to be one of those people.  He makes anything we sew for him look awesome!

Oliver+S Field Trip Pattern ReviewFor underneath the Ethan Shirt, we made a Field Trip Raglan T-shirt.  Because the chambray is a tiny bit itchy, and because we were making the other piece from this pattern and because we made Annie 3 pieces!

Oliver+S Field Trip Pattern ReviewWe used the same Art Gallery solid knit fabric as Annie’s Aster cardigan.  For the whole matching, not match-y reasons as stated above!

Oliver+S Field Trip Pattern ReviewThe sun gold knit and the white knit fabric both came from Imagine Gnats, and let us tell you about how awesome they are.

HisOutfitAnd about how awesome Rachel from Imagine Gnats is!  She really makes you WANT to get all your fabric from Imagine Gnats.

Oliver+S Field Trip Pattern Review

The Field Trip Raglan Tee is one we will be sewing again and again for our boys and our girls!

Oliver+S Field Trip Pattern ReviewLast of all we made the Oliver + S Field Trip Cargos.  Besides pajama pants, this was the first pair of pants we’ve ever made.  Of course Oliver + S made it doable, even easy and with a professional result!  Almost every seam has double top stitching, and there are 6 pockets…boy heaven!

Oliver+S Field Trip Pattern ReviewThomas is very tall and skinny (where do these kids get this from?) so we made a size 7 width and a size 10 long.  It was fairly complicated to figure out where to lengthen the pants because of all the leg pieces.  We ended up lengthening each piece, which put the knees too low.  So we chopped off the top of the knee pieces, which made the overall result too short to hem with a regular pants hem, and we ended up making the hem just folded over twice, like jeans.  Next time we will lengthen each piece a little, and the bottom piece a lot.  Because there will be a next time.

Oliver+S Field Trip Pattern ReviewThe only other thing Thomas asked to be changed is the next one have a real fly instead of a faux fly.  There’s tutorial for that, so we’ll attempt that next time.

Oliver+S Field Trip Pattern ReviewIf you’re still with us after all that explanation and all that boy sewing, Thanks for reading!  We love sewing for the boys, it’s a nice change of pace and they love it when we do!

Oliver+S Field Trip Pattern Review