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Tip Top Tunic Review

When I was sewing up the capsule wardrobe for Baby before he was born and before we knew if he was a boy or a girl, I decided to sew up a dress or two…just in case he was a girl.  I used the Tip Top Tunic and Dress pattern for one of these.  Well, he was not a boy, so I had this dress.  

Lucky for Tina, even though I had made the smallest size of this pattern (6-12 months) the ease is quite generous, and Tina is petite enough to wear it as a tunic.  She loves the swishy double sleeves, and delights in the feel of the soft voile.

As with all patterns by Petit a Petit & Family, this one is very easy and fun to put together.  The instructions are easy to follow with drawn illustrations.  The sleeves are a fun shape, and that is accentuated by doubling them and making the different colors.

You might recognize the fabric, it’s leftover from making this skirt.  I didn’t quite have enough and had to piece the back.  But it’s not really noticeable unless you’re looking for it, like me!  It’s voile from Art Gallery Fabrics, and really good quality and easy to work with.

For the sleeves, we used a lightweight tencel twill in pink, and a white shirting used in my Key Largo Top.  They are lightweight fabrics and this is imperative to getting good drape on the fluttery sleeves.  The effect would not be the same with a stiff fabric.

Because the neckline is elastic all around, it make this still wearable for Tina even though she just turned two.  She is really fun to dress because she will wear almost anything if you exclaim about how pretty/nice/fun/happy/etc. in it!  She’s very verbal for a new 2 year old and it’s super delightful to interact with her!

The pictures in this post aren’t perfectly posed, the dress is a bit wrinkled, but the expressions on Tina’s face are purely who she is in a nutshell!  Every single one of them!