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Jocole Peplum Top Review

Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt Fixation

Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt FixationIn my last post, I mentioned the Summer Capsule Wardrobe.  This event is being hosted by Becca over at Free Notion.  The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to have a small number of clothing items that you love and wear often.  No more closet stuffed full of clothing and feeling like you have nothing to wear.Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt FixationWith the help and guidance of Becca and the Summer Capsule Wardrobe sew along, I’ve finally found some patterns that I love and flatter me too!  You see, the secret to having only a few items of clothing is knowing what you like, and why.  This includes styles, fabrics, colors, and everything!Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt FixationThe first new pattern I tried out is the Jocole Peplum Top.  This flatters several body shapes including rectangle (me) and hourglass (Allegra) so it will be very useful and very much used!  Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt FixationBecca encouraged insisted we make muslins before using good fabric to sew our chosen patterns.  This makes sense and is in line with the theme of the capsule wardrobe; if you don’t like what you make, you won’t wear it.  So the purpose of a muslin, or several muslins is to check the fit with inexpensive fabric before you use the good stuff.  Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt FixationI grumbled about making a muslin!  I’ll admit it!  I just don’t like to sew something I’m not going to wear, and a muslin has a high possibility of not being worn, right?  I prefer to measure carefully and get it close enough.  But there are things I’ve made that I don’t wear, so I just gritted my teeth and made a muslin.  After measuring carefully!  And my muslin actually turned out wearable!  There were only a few changed I made from this one to the final versions.  Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt FixationI lengthened the waist of the Jocole Peplum Top a little bit more from the 3 inches I added for my muslin.  On the muslin, I used wide FOE for the neckline, (which is not called for in the instructions) and on the final version, I used narrow FOE.  I also widened the shoulders by grading out to an XL at the shoulders and back to a M by the underarms.  Because I’m not only tall, my shoulders are very wide.  Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt FixationIn the end, I was very glad I made the muslin, and only partly because I had another wearable garment!  The source of the muslin knit fabric was a dress I refashioned.  I also used some of it here.  And the knit for the final garment came from Girl Charlee.Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt Fixation I actually made a third Jocole Peplum Top…but it’s part of a whole outfit, so you’ll have to wait for another day to see it!  I plan to use the Jocole Peplum Top as part of my summer capsule wardrobe.  In these photos I’ve paired it with my Jocole Knit Pencil Skirt.  Even though the colors don’t scream summer, the knit is very lightweight, and I will be wearing it often in summer!