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Winter Skirt Awards 2015

Winter Skirt Awards 2015 by Skirt Fixation

We know you’ve been pacing the floors all through winter just waiting for the Winter Skirt Awards! Well, now they’re here, and we don’t think that you will be disappointed.  Without further ado, we bring you THE WINTER SKIRT AWARDS 2015!!!!!

Winter Skirt Awards 2015 by Skirt Fixation

Most Creative Skirt:

We love the BundleUPs over at Pattern Revolution, and so it was a no-brainer to pick this super-sweet pattern hack as our Most Creative Skirt of the winter. Suzanne Winter sewed it up. Congratulations!

Winter Skirt Awards 2015

Fancy Skirt:

Pencil skirts + sequins + Sewbon equals instant fancy skirt award! Good job Erin!

Winter Skirt Awards 2015

Best Knit Skirt:

We love to read A Homespun Country Life, and we are proud to feature these ladies’ gorgeous chevron maxi skirt as our Best Knit Skirt of Winter!

Winter Skirt Awards 2015

Best Little Skirt:

This bubble skirt that Sarah from The Crazy Tailor made for her darling little girl was one of our favorites from Project Run and Play. We had a hard time choosing from all the gorgeous little skirts made this winter, but how could we resist this one?

Winter Skirt Awards 2015

Best Maxi Skirt:

We know, we’ve said over and over that Esther, of Esther fromthesticks, is one of our favorite fashion bloggers ever, but she keeps amazing us!! This maxi skirt is the bomb! Look at all of those petals!

Winter Skirt Awards 2015

Best New Pattern:

The new Potato Chip Skirt from Tie Dye Diva is The. Most. Fabulous. There’s just so many ways that you can hack it, match it, pair it, we are in love! This is totally the best new skirt pattern of the season!

Winter Skirt Awards 2015

Fun Skirt Award:

So much gold! There was a whole Shake It Off series this winter that was fun fun fun, and this little skirt from Rebel and Malice takes the Fun Skirt Award cake!

Winter Skirt Awards 2015

Best Skirt Refashion:

We were awed by Inspinration’s totally awesome bubble dress refashion! It is definitely the Best Skirt Refashion of winter!

Winter Skirt Awards 2015

Best Skirt Tutorial:

Oh, we just love Delia, and Annie totally shares Natalie’s love for pink!  This sweet tutu tutorial is just too fabulous!

Winter Skirt Awards 2015

Best Woven Skirt:

Is pleather a woven? Perhaps not… but we aren’t going to pick at the issue, especially when the skirt in question is this award-winner from Sew Caroline!

Winter Skirt Awards 2015

Best Winter Skirt:

And now, we present you the best winter skirt of 2015. Madalynne sewed, modeled and photographed a skirt that sums up winter all in one beautiful, feminine, delicate package. Hats off to you, Madalynne!

Winter Skirt Awards 2015

Have you ever seen such an awesome season full of skirts? We hope we’ve introduced you to some new blogs and skirts! If you won a badge, go on and grab it and proudly display it to all on your blog, you deserve it! Which of these were your favorite?  We’d love to hear your opinions!  If you would like to nominate a skirt for the 2015 Spring Skirt Awards, coming at the end of spring, send us an email.

Clapping, Cheering and Whistling,

The Skirt Fixation Team,

Audrey, Allegra, Aria & Annie

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An Over The Top Outfit

Over The Top Outfit by Skirt Fixation

When you sew, sometimes you can afford to go all out!  (Especially when you refashion and have a large fabric stash.)

Over The Top Outfit by Skirt Fixation

This is our interpretation of the Over The Top: Holiday Challenge from Pattern Revolution.  It all started with an Uptown/Downtown Dress we made.  Annie’s cousin saw and loved Annie’s Uptown/Downtown Dresses, so we decided to make one for the cousin and asked her favorite color (red) and something she liked (hearts) as well as preferences on pockets, sleeve and dress length, and neckline options.  Armed with that information we whipped out another Uptown/Downtown Dress.  All was going along just fine until we had Annie try the dress on for size/fit.  (The cousin being about the same size.)  Annie L.O.V.E.D. the dress and disconsolately insisted it was for her!  To appease her, I promised I’d make her something lavish.

Over The Top Outfit by Skirt Fixation

While this Uptown/Downtown Dress is a very fancy version of the pattern, it is made of knit fabric, and Annie simply lives in one of her 2 dresses, they are so very comfortable.  The little black dots on the knit fabric are velvet, so that marries beautifully with the crushed velvet side of the cape and muff.  (That lovely, dotted knit is from JoAnn Fabrics.)


You may think we forgot about the request for hearts, but never fear, the pocket fabric is here!

Over The Top Outfit by Skirt Fixation

To fulfill Annie’s request, we decided to make her a reversible cape, hat and reversible muff.  After all, every six year old needs a faux fur and velvet cape, hat and muff combo with a little lace and ribbon thrown in, amiright?  The faux fur for the hat and one side of the cape and muff was in our stash, and the crushed velvet skirt was in our refashion pile.  Although Aria did pull it out for a costume post last year.

Over The Top Outfit by Skirt Fixation

An Over The Top outfit needs a hat, don’t you think?  (Pun intended, of course!)  Do you recognize the hat?  It is the same pattern we used for Annie’s refashioned leather jacket last year.  She outgrew the leather jacket, so it was time for another luxurious covering!

Over The Top Outfit by Skirt Fixation

The muff I made lightly using the tutorial from The Sewing Rabbit.  Except I made Annie’s reversible.  Allegra added the embellishments to the muff and hat, and I think they are just perfectly over the top!

Over The Top Outfit by Skirt Fixation

To make the cape reversible, I started with this vintage Little Vogue cape pattern, (from my stash, of course!) but changed the shape of it a little to work with the constraints of the size of the crushed velvet skirt.  I used the first three tiers of the skirt for the cape, and managed to eek the collar and muff from the remaining tier.  I had already used some of that last tier for the waistband of the Uptown/Downtown Dress.  I just sandwiched a satin ribbon between the two layers to make a tie front closure, but after seeing Annie wear it (for the last 12 hours both in and out of the house!) I will go back and add another tie closer to the neckline.  This tie feature makes the cape reversible, the collar just flips to either side.  I also eliminated the buttons under the arms to make it more easily reversible.

Over The Top Outfit by Skirt Fixation

Before we mailed the dress off to the cousin, we took some photos of the entire ensemble.  Everything coordinates perfectly because the waistband on the dress and one side of the dress and muff all come from the same crushed velvet skirt.

Over The Top Outfit by Skirt Fixation

Of course Annie had to wear high heels for modeling this outfit.  That makes it all the more close to an Over The Top outfit, right?

Over The Top Outfit by Skirt Fixation

Allegra, Aria, Annie and I are all debating which combination of the outfit we love the best.  There are so many different combination possibilities due to the reversible nature of both the cape and muff.

Over The Top Outfit sewn by Skirt Fixation

Annie pretended to be a Russian czarina for the photo shoot.  Due in equal parts to the temperature outside, the shape of the hat, and the extreme opulence of the outfit!  What do you think, it is Over The Top?  (And if you think this is Over The Top, go over to Pattern Revolution and see the others!)

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Challenge Create: Adult Edition Winner & 1st Runner Up

Alright, we won’t hold you in suspense any longer! Today we get to reward the Challenge Create: Adult Edition winner and the 1st runner up! Every single lady worked so hard, and we are so glad that everyone is being well rewarded for their amazing work. The 1st runner up of Challenge Create: Adult Edition is Michelle from Falafel and the Bee. Let’s take a minute and review her four outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.

MichelleNatureInspiredMichelle’s Nature Inspired Outfit

michellerefashion2Michelle’s Refashioned Outfit

michelle in vintageMichelle’s (Hint of) Vintage Outfit

michelle destashMichelle’s Destash Outfit

Beautiful! What an amazing seamstress! Wouldn’t those four dresses be reward enough for anyone? But we’re so glad that the sponsors are going to help reward her for her hard work by giving her:

tiptop125x12525 patterns (a $39.99 value!) from Tip Top Fit Etsy shop

TRR-Circles-Logo-2$40 gift certificate from The Ribbon Retreat

Not A Skirt! eBookA copy of our ebook, Not A Skirt!

NDADAlso, as a special thank you from us personally, we are giving Michelle the book, New Dress A Day, by Marisa Lynch. Since Michelle totally rocked Refashion week, (hands down!) we know she (and her daughters) will enjoy this book!

We have a little secret to tell you about Michelle! Before Challenge Create: Adult Edition began, Michelle asked us if she could sew (adult size) clothing for her teenage daughter and her friends. Can you imagine how dull this contest would have been without Michelle’s spunky contributions? Without her smiling face?

We are so glad Michelle decided to make and model clothing for herself, aren’t you? We’d like everyone to go over to Falafel and the Bee and congratulate her!

Thank you, Michelle, for contributing such a fun spark to Challenge Create: Adult Edition. We can’t wait to see what you sew up in the future!

This brings us to the Challenge Create: Adult Edition winner, the Becca & Suzanne team from Pattern Revolution. Let’s take a minute and review their four outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.

becca&suzanneBecca & Suzanne’s Nature Inspired Outfits

Becca& Suzanneweek2Becca & Suzanne’s Refashioned Outfits

becca&suzannevintageBecca & Suzanne’s (Hint of) Vintage Outfits

Becca&Suzanne destashBecca & Suzanne’s Destash Outfits

What a great team! What amazing outfits! What awesome sewing talent! As if those four outfits aren’t reward enough, our sponsors are going to make sure Becca & Suzanne are well rewarded with:

SewSquirrel125x125$60 gift voucher from Sew Squirrel

Fat Quarter Shop Certificate$50 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop

Laura Marsh Designs£15/$25 gift voucher from Laura Marsh Design

orangePCHCsalt$25 gift basket from Pure Hearts Clean Hands Soap Co.Not A Skirt! eBook2 copies of our ebook, Not A Skirt!

liquidPHCHsoapAnd as a special thank you from us personally, we are doubling the gift basket from Pure Hearts Clean Hands Soap Co. so each of these hardworking ladies can be pampered!

The judges were in agreement, (and we concur) that Becca & Suzanne sewed up some amazingly complex outfits using very skilled sewing techniques. We learned in the course of this contest that Becca has only been sewing adult clothing since January! And we also learned that even though Suzanne has a personal blog, she (and Becca) chose to represent Pattern Revolution as a team for the course of Challenge Create: Adult Edition. We were so glad to have them along for the contest.   They added such a modern, stylish element to the challenge.

We’d like everyone to go visit Becca & Suzanne at Pattern Revolution and congratulate them on their win.

Please be sure to come back tomorrow as we tell you more about the second set of sponsors and finish up rewards week with thank you presents for our hard working judges. Seriously, would you like to have been a judge for this contest?

And then be sure to come back next Friday, May 9th, as we reveal where Challenge Create: Adult Edition is headed next! And until then, we’ll be showing you what we were up to during Challenge Create: Adult Edition!

Make it beautiful,


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Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution’s Destash Creation(s)

Today we get to present you our second contestant team for the final week’s event.  Unveiling Becca & Suzanne from Pattern Revolution with their destash creation(s):

Becca: I’ll admit, of all the themes this month, I was most prepared for DESTASH! I have *so* much fabric I’ve collected over the last year of my sewing adventure, and one print in particular I’ve been dying to use. But see.. it isn’t especially versatile, this print of mine. It’s sorta, kinda… TRIBAL.

But I’m not the only one with a vision. Suzanne has had a fabulous city-slicker trench planned for weeks. Merging our visions, we decided an “URBAN JUNGLE” theme was the way to go!

Suzanne: Well, any girl entering the jungle needs to be well prepared – which means: layers, prints that will help her blend with the indigenous tribes, and a weapon – Killer Heels!

I really was set on a trench style coat though – I have been wanting one for a while but couldn’t afford the retail ones I fell in love with.

You may not believe this, but this is the same Burda Pattern I used in the Refashion week! Wellllllll, sorta…. I used it as a base and drafted a skirt, the cross over lapels, and the gathered back, along with the trench sash tie. My favorite thing is that every single seam is finished with bias tape binding – my fingers are still a bit singed!

I LOVE that the you used a contrast bias! It’s details like that you can’t find in retail!

What about that coat of yours – it just looks so cool!

Thanks girl, I’m *kinda* obsessed with it actually! It’s also a Burda jacket base… but I made it REVERSIBLE! (Gotta knock out another fabric from the stash, amiright?) It’s rib knit across the cuffs and waistband, so it’s super comfortable, for such a fitted piece.

I love that – so versatile!!!!! And yes – hubs keeps eyeing my stash and the garbage bags! It looks amazing on you!

I’m pumped with how the bomber turned out, considering it was my FIRST time working with a reversible zipper.. OR a separating zipper for that matter! *backpat*

But tell me about that inner animal I see you rocking under the trench, is that an IKAT print tank?

You did awesome! And yes, that is some awesome Ikat I scored from Fabric Fairy. I adapted the Penelope Peplum to a tank… it looks pretty tame from the front, but turn it around, and this girl has a wild side!

Oh la la! EYE will LET you make me a saucy cross-back tank like that anytime, my friend! I love that design! I can’t believe how easy you make self-drafting patterns look!

It comes from years of looking at things in stores and not being able to fit in them or afford them – and saying, ‘I can make that.’ Speaking of tops – I completely love the neckline of yours!

My top isn’t self drafted, it’s another Burda design, but I like to think I’m pretty good at modifying things to fit my petite frame. This shirt was no exception. Straight out of the pattern, it was too wide across the shoulders to hold up! Last thing I need during a photoshoot is my 1 year old staring at me screaming “LUNCH!” (too much?? Oh well. Subtlety isn’t my style.)

*insert a joke about my tights here*

But I like the tights ;o) And the top looks like it was made for you – oh wait – it was! It is also the perfect compliment to that skirt. HELLLOOOOOOO Legs!

You told me to bare them, so bare them I did! Leave it to a circle skirt to prove that the simplest of sews can still pack a powerful visual punch! Those shorts of yours look anything but simple though – is that a tuxedo stripe??? That pulls in the (albeit accidental) piping detail on the reverse side of my jacket!

That is indeed a tuxedo stripe – couldn’t hold back on the last week. I made these shorts from the Sewaholic Thurlow Pattern. The fabric I dyed so that I could get a more vibrant green – they were originally a faint olive colored curtain. I felt like the tuxedo stripe dressed them up and pulled the whole outfit together. I love that they have both front pockets and back welt pockets!

Welt pockets, refashion, AND a dye job?? Way to make the rest of us look bad 😉 I’m so excited I got to sew beside you in this contest! It’s been such an incredible learning experience for me!

But the journey’s not over – check the Pattern Revolution blog on Friday for more details on this week’s destash challenge, and again next week for our #challengecreate REMIX wrap-up! We’ll be restyling all our pieces from the contest, and answering YOUR questions. So pop by our facebook group and tell us what you want us to cover in our final contest behind-the-scenes post.

Way to get wild, Becca & Suzanne!  With sewing talent like that, it’s no wonder you had a copious stash to draw from…you know, the POSSIBILITIES!!  We’re so glad you were a contestant team for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.  You two, you creations, and your banter brought such a modern vibe to the Challenge!  Everyone, come back tomorrow to see the third contestant’s destash creation!  And if you haven’t joined the Destash Sew Along, it’s not too late to link up!

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Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution’s (Hint of) Vintage Creation(s)

Today we get to unveil the first of the (Hint of) Vintage creations! Presenting Becca & Suzanne from Pattern Revolution:

I’ll admit. Refashion week scared the daylights out of me. But “Hint of Vintage” I’ve been looking forward to from the start! There is something so liberating about sewing for a time that fit your asthetic, your body type, your modesty preference. Suzanne and I may have had *too* much fun coming up with and styling our looks this week, but we think it’ll make them that much more fun for you to view!

Suzanne: A hint of Vintage – what a fun theme, especially for this ex-costume designer/historian. I’ll admit, there was no way I could have narrowed down a time frame, so I am so thankful for my awesome partner. Becca, tell me what drew you to be inspired by the 30’s?


Becca: It all started with the black floral print! It immediately conjured up images of a bright red lip and feather hairpiece.. stash-shopping did the rest! Stash-shopping and a long time dream of stitching up the Virna crop top. It was so reminiscent of vintage swimwear, I thought.. “let’s go for a 30’s Hamptons look!” Which of course SCREAMED “wide leg pants” to you! Tell me about those, they look great!

S: I have to admit that I have been looking for an excuse to sew up some wide leg pants…. 30’s Hamptons fit the bill perfectly. These are super comfy. I originally went with a high waist, but let’s just say that it wasn’t a flattering cut on my figure, so I dropped the waist back down for a more flattering cut and more modern take.


B: This week’s challenge IS a “HINT of vintage” after all! Which I took to mean “bring a classic trend up to date” – so I picked a high waist option too (hello, built in corset effect!). But I chose a narrow leg option, with these beautiful plum skinnies!

We both chose to sport shrugs – tell me about yours!

S: My shrug is by far my favorite piece of this look. First, it is red, and I love red! I modified the free Deer and Doe Plantain shirt, added puff sleeves as a nod to the 30’s, and I picked a cropped length to accentuate my happy curves. The back has a kick pleat as an extra fun detail.


B: You ROCK the red! What a great look for you. You make sewing and pattern drafting/adapting look so easy, but I wonder.. were there any challenges you faced this week?

S: Hahahahah – weeeeeeeeeelllllllllll, this was the second pair of pants I made. The first pair had the high waist and were made from a silk cotton blend from Myanmar . I should have known something was off when I cut my fabric and my nails were black with fiber fuzz. I sewed up the pants, put in the waist band, top stitched all my seams, put on the pants, bent over, and RIIIIIIIIP! Ugg, I am 99% certain that the fabric is in a stage of dry rot. Good thing I realized the high waist look really wasn’t for me, but I am so sad about the gorgeous fabric. At least it didn’t happen at the photo shoot!

Your outfit looks pristine – is this the first week that everything just fell into place perfectly for you?


B: I think so! There were a few hiccups, like I’m sewing from out of town this week and forgot to pack the back pocket pieces for these capris… and as my son’s nursing needs are shifting suddenly the fit of the Virna bodice looks OVERLY generous. But for the most part, I cut it, I sewed it, I wore it, and all went according to plan!

I can’t end this post without drawing attention to that BEAUTIFUL period hat you made! The green, the stripes.. the flecks of gold that make your eyes POP! I’m starting to think that you were MADE to live in this era! …But selfishly, I’m glad you weren’t! And your fans are too, so we can see your sewing genius blogged week after week! Keep it up, girlfriend 🙂

Read up on more behind-the-scenes details on the Pattern Revolution Blog on Friday!

Wow, ladies, just wow!  You both brought the best from the 30’s and modernized it for totally awesome (hint of) vintage looks!  Everyone, be sure to come back tomorrow for the next (hint of) vintage outfit.  And if you have not already done so, be sure to link up your own (hint of) vintage in the sew along!  There are some great prizes waiting for the winner!

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Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution’s Refashion Creation(s)

Today we get to present you our fourth and final refashion creation(s!)  Unveiling Becca & Suzanne from Pattern Revolution:

Becca: I see London, I see France, I see SUZANNE’S UNDERPANTS! And two table cloths, button-up, AND a belt buckle and 2 reclaimed zippers?? You nailed this week’s refashion challenge!

Suzanne: Hahahahahha – I still can’t believe you helped convince me to go with the black lace sleeves knowing where it came from! But as an avid re-fashion/up-cycler, there is nothing off limits in my sewing room.

But hold the phone… I am in love with that skirt, and all the fabric in it, did you seriously make that from an Ikea Duvet Cover?

B: Oh yeah, my whole look is built from a duvet cover, one of hub’s old t-shirts, and a bag a girlfriend donated for the cause! I was really scraping the bottom of the barrel for this challenge. Five bags worth of Goodwill donations last month didn’t leave me with a whole lot to work with!

S: bad timing! This is why I have friends drop off their Goodwill bags to me first… hmmmm and maybe why my sewing room looks like a clothing bomb went off!

B: Totally worth it, if it means you get a leather jacket out of the deal! Tell me about that beauty. It perfectly fits with our “Rocker Chic” inspiration for this week!

S: Well, leather might be stretching it a bit…. pleather might be stretching it a bit…. this beauty is made from a Vinyl outdoor tablecloth. Now it is my own personal gorgeous white cropped ‘leather’ jacket. It was no ‘picnic’ working with it though, I had to top stitch the seams so they didn’t rip out.  The double rows of top stitching perfectly fit the style of this jacket.
Speaking of leather…. did you make that leather belt?

B: I did! Also more of a “pleather” material. I seam ripped the whole bag to pieces and attached the two side pocket flaps to one long “belt” band made from the longest useable piece on the bag itself – the bottom! (Not going to lie, it was a total self-high-five moment)

S: I’ll give you a high five for that one!!! And your top, you said that was a normal old T shirt once upon a time?

B: No m’am. It was a GRUNGY old T-Shirt. One the hubs did yard work in, and took him little-to-no convincing to part with. But it doesn’t get any less ROCK N’ ROLL than an old Old Navy hand-me-down. So I thought I’d break up the cliche logo with some strategically placed pleats, and a healthy splash of bleach. I love the cool asymmetrical hem detail too!

S: Nice! I love little details like that hem and how it balances out that MEGA slit in your skirt.

B: Oh yeah, Lots of leg, and lots of TWIRL factor courtesy of the many godets I used, too! But I’m not the only one twirling in rocker chic – tell me about that dress!

S: I started with the MHC Caroline Dress as a base and switched out the the skirt for a circle skirt. I knew I wanted to use a men’s button up, but there isn’t enough in even the largest size oxford to create a circle skirt on my figure, so I mixed in a coordinating fitted sheet from my stash to create a modern look. I love how flattering this is!

And it TOTALLY is! Check the Pattern Revolution blog for answers to your most pressing questions. Like, “Did Suzanne really scrap a zipper from an old hole-y hoodie?” and “How many dye bathes does it take to get Becca’s skirt that color?”

Yep, you two have totally rocked the refashion!  Of course the SKIRT is our favorite part!!  Now it is time to review and vote!  Here is another look at each of the Refashioned outfits:


Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s Refashioned Outfit

stacy's refashion

Stacy @ The Land of K.A.’s Refashioned Outfit

magda refashion

Magda @ House of Estrela’s Refashioned Outfit

Becca& Suzanneweek2Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution’s Refashioned Outfits

Now it’s time for you to participate.  Vote in the poll for your favorite Refashioned outfit.  Voting is open NOW and ends at midnight Saturday.  Remember, 25% of their score is based on your vote!

Vote for your favorite Refashion!

  • Stacy @ Land of K.A. (6%, 9 Votes)
  • Magda @ House of Estela (8%, 12 Votes)
  • Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee (37%, 56 Votes)
  • Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution (49%, 74 Votes)

Total Voters: 151

Loading ... Loading ...

Voting is also now open on the Sew Along entries, and you get to choose the winner, so be sure to visit the Sew Along seamstresses and vote there too!  Come back Monday when we reveal the winners!

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Becca & Suzanne’s @ Pattern Revolution’s Nature Inspired Creation(s!)

Today we get to present to you our third contestant team with their Nature Inspired Creations.  Unveiling Becca & Suzanne from Pattern Revolution and their Nature Inspired Outfits.

Feel that? That tightness between your shoulders, the breath you didn’t know you were holding? That’s the feeling of ANTICIPATION shared across the country. We’re all straining to see the first green shoots emerge from dead branches of Winter. We’re all waiting for SPRING.

In the Mid-Atlantic, there’s no greater symbol of this season than the pink tinged white blooms of Cherry Blossoms.
Motivated by the deranged belief that “if you sew it, they will come” – Suzanne and I used these flowers to inspire our outfits for this week’s Nature theme.
BOTANY WITH BECCA! For those unfamiliar, Cherry Blossoms are small white flowers with a tragically short lifespan (like, a week ya’ll!). They’re accented by bright green leaves and petals with pinky-purple hues. They’re a long-time symbol of Japan and Japanese nationalism.

Blah blah blah, onto the fun part! The SEWING.(the following is conversation style, normal print/Becca, BOLD/Suzanne)

Suzanne, my over-achieving friend, you knocked this one out of the park! Skinnies, green silk tank, flowy white chiffon top, red floral Obi belt, AND fancy pants hair accessories. What part of this look are you most excited about?
Hahahah – well, I have to say the jeans. The fit is perfect – which as a curvy girl with some healthy assets can be impossible to ever find in a store. Plus I’m kinda crushing on the top stitching I did on the back pocket. But girl – what about you!?!? I am drooling of that kimono and those green skinnies, and is that a racer back I spy? 
What, this old thing?? (Just kidding, judges! Its brand spankin’ new :D) It is indeed a racer back, but I’m most excited about the see-through back panel. I don’t have any of these “womanly curves” you speak of, so back baring looks are about as sultry as I can pull off! Paired with skinnies, I can rock these pieces all summer long chasing my babies. What my pants lack in embroidered booty detail, they make up for in yoga waistband comfort. Boo-ya!
Well – I think you pulled off sultry just fine! And ditto on the chasing toddlers in this outfit. The rise on these pants is perfect for making sure everything stays where it should, and the High Low top ensures modesty and comfort as I perform feats of speed and Elasti-girl like daring trying to keep my three alive on a playground.
I am a huge fan of the hi-lo hem! And together your layered look resembles green leaves peeking out behind the white petals of the cherry blossom. How did your accessorizing relate to this theme?
My main accessories are my belt and flowers. The belt is my modern interpretation of an Obi – while cherry blossoms bloom in abundance on the east coast, they always make me thing of Japan. Silk, interfacing, D rings, wrap it twice and voila – simple belt that stays put no matter how many times I pick up my kiddos. The hair flowers were fun and of course a direct link to the blooms of Spring. Left over wedding fabric rose petals, some glue and a circle of cardboard…. easy project, and they make a huge impact. You should give it a try!
My kimono was plenty flowery enough for one outfit! And Japanese-inspired, too. With a print that bold, I had to keep the rest of the outfit visually simple. I did incorporate gold thread details in the skinny pants, and opted to add interest to the racer back tank with a small graphic print overlay for some additional texture.
Well, that’s a WRAP on our FIRST Challenge Create submission! (No? the kimono joke was too much?)
Becca – Jocole Yoga Waist Skinny Pants, Jocole Racer Back Tank, Modified Kimono Tutorial by Elle Apparel Jewelry styled by Krystle Clark, Rep of esbe Designs
Suzanne – Named Jamie Jeans, Modified Date Night Dress and Slip by April Rhodes, Wrap Belt by me
How’d we do? What else do you want to know about our looks? See more pics and our fair share of “lessons learned” on the Pattern Revolution blog this Friday.

Wow, Becca and Suzanne, you two sure do make a dynamic duo!  We sure love the spring flowers echoed in your Natured Inspired creations.  Everyone, be sure to come back tomorrow for the last Nature Inspired outfit and to vote for your favorite Nature Inspired creation!