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Vintage Paper Fashions

2 paper fashions

I thought it would be fun to do another fashion design post today. So since this week we’re echoing the (Hint of) Vintage week from Challenge Create: Adult Edition, I decided to make some paper fashions in vintage style.  So I got out our Paper Fashions (Klutz) kit.

For the first one, I decided to do a retro outfit made of a tank and skirt together resembling a sundress. I was going to do this out of a floral paper, but as I was looking through the fashion papers, I found this pink bubbles pattern and thought it was perfect! Next I decided to add a pink belt to break up some of the pattern. After that, I added the finishing accessories: a floppy sun hat and flip flops.

paper fashionThe whole outfit reminds me of something someone might wear to work in a garden, or attend a garden party! I glued the whole outfit to a mannequin that I’d cut out of black paper. I think an outfit like this would be adorable glued to the front of a “Thinking of You” card from one friend to another!

paper fashionMy next outfit is a more formal outfit, maybe someone would wear to work in an office. I started with a plaid red and beige paper for the shirt. I added black cuffs and a collar. Then I used denim looking paper for the skirt and added red accent pockets. I drew a small design across each pocket. To go with the ensemble, I made some black boots and again, drew a design on them. Last of all, I glued on black beads for buttons. This one I hung on one of the little metal hangers that came with the kit. It would be fun to use this outfit as the tag on a gift bag for a college graduate, going to their first job!

2 paper fashionsSince those tiny metal hangers are so stinking cute, they get used up pretty fast, but I found where you can buy extra ones on Amazon with this Extra Stuff for Paper Fashions Fancy kit.

You may have noticed that this blog post has a new feature…Amazon affiliate links!  We have decided that as much fun as we have simply creating for this blog, it would be totally awesome if this blog could help support our sewing habit too!  So we’ll be slowly adding affiliate links here and there for things we totally love and use.  This means if you click through and buy something we’ve recommended, we’ll get a tiny portion of the profits!  Hey ~ every little bit helps, right?

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Annie’s 1st Fancy Skirt Paper Fashion

cut out paper fashion

When we were planning this week’s blog posts, Annie was very vocal about wanting to design a fancy skirt paper fashion!  The rest of us were anxious to see what she had in mind, and we approve of her designing abilities!  But I’ll take you through her process, so you can help a little designer make a fancy skirt paper fashion too!

fancy skirt paper fashion

First Annie sat down and looked through our Paper Fashions Fantasy book for “ideas.”  Then she sat down with some stencils and played around with different tops and skirts and outfits for awhile.

skirt sketches

Finally, she felt like she had her idea cemented in place and was ready to begin.  She picked out her papers from the fancy papers that came with the Paper Fashions Fantasy book, and her desired stencils.

Fantasy paper fashion paper

Then we carefully traced her chosen stencils on the back of her chosen paper.  Next I cut them out for her because she wanted them to be “perfect!”

cut out paper fashion

After spending all that time on her design, she didn’t want to glue it onto a plain piece of paper, so we googled “ballroom background” and she picked out this one.

Cinderella Ballroom Background

We printed it out and she arranged all her pieces in place.  Next we glued them down.  She loved the effect, but wanted even more fancy touches, so we found some curly doll hair in our craft supplies box and added that over one shoulder and tucked under the hat.  Last of all she chose some yellow ribbon for an accent trim across the bottom of the skirt and the face of the purse.

paper fashion purse

I just love her paper choices, from the metallic gold skirt to the flashy, matching purse and hat.  And her choice of a backdrop in contrasting blues really makes her fancy skirt paper fashion stand out! 

fancy skirt paper fashion


Leave Annie a comment on her first skirt design!

Make it beautiful,

Audrey (and Annie too!)

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Skirt Designer – Skirt Costume Theme Week

costume skirt design

For today’s Skirt Costume Week, we are featuring a costume skirt design that I did a while ago. I was bored one day, and using the same design stencils and paper as ‘this day’s design’ made a two-sided Cinderella themed paper. On the first side, pictured below, The fairy godmother is flying, or floating, whatever you want to call it, with her wand, and just at the point of turning Cinderella into a ravishing beauty.

costume skirt design

I know that the fairy godmother is wearing her fairy dress, and Cinderella is wearing a ragged-hemmed skirt and a olive colored top. There are two coordinating green patches on her skirt, and she is wearing plain black slippers and holding a broom. Since we all know that everything is better with glitter, and I had a lot of glitter glue at that point, I used lots of it. On the fairy godmother’s dress I used silver glitter glue, and I used gold glitter glue for her wings and handle of the wand. I also used silver glitter to make it look like magic is coming out of the wand, and even put a tad of silver glitter on each patch of Cinderella’s skirt. Come to think of it, this would be an easy Cinderella last minute free costume. Just rip up the bottom of an old skirt, sew some patches on it, wear an old shirt, and some plain black shoes, and carry a broom. Fast and easy!

costume skirt design

On the back of the paper, I had some real fun, especially with the stepsister’s skirts. With the stepsister on the left, I used some bright floral paper on the skirt behind, and then covered it up with some red paper, of which the bodice is made of also. I added a large eggplant bow on the bodice, and two eggplant gloves, one of which is holding a sparkly paper lorgnette with a red feather. The stepsister on the right I used the opposite technique and used orange paper for the behind skirt and bodice, and layered some feather patterned fabric over it. I also used some of the feather paper to make three bows on the right sleeve, and added black gloves. Instead of the traditionally accepted Cinderella blue, I dressed Cinderella in pink (it happens to be my favorite color!) I made her large fluffy skirt out of pink paper with white glamour spots on it, and used a darker pink for the bodice. I finished it with sparkly paper crown and shoes, and pink lace gloves  (Ooh lala! Get me some!)

I used glitter liberally on this side too, making swirls of it on the left stepsister’s skirt, bow and feather, and on the bows and over skirt of the right stepsister. I also used it around the neck of Cinderella’s bodice, and on each white dot of her skirt.

Whew! It was a lot of work, and to tell the truth, I like the stepsister’s outfits more than anything!  This would be a fun costume set for a trio of friends attending a costume party together!

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Skirt Designer – Paper Skirt Fashion

paper denim skirt

This is a cute skirt that I designed. You might notice that it is the same style as the last one I made. Well I do like the style of the skirt a lot! I was going to make the shirt pattern a little bit faded looking blue green color, but on the other side of the blue green paper was this water/bubble type design. I really liked it so I decided to go with that instead. The jean skirt, I’d really like to have this paper skirt fashion made from fabric like that myself. Maybe some day I’ll make one like that out of my brothers ripped up jeans… or maybe not.

Here is the paper fashion kit I use from Amazon.  Click on the picture to be taken to Amazon.

Klutz paper fashionsI love to use this paper fashion kit to design skirts because it’s a lot easier to try things out with paper than fabric!  And making outfits is really fun too!  They offer so many patterned papers and they are printed on both sides offering even more options!  I take immense satisfaction from finishing an outfit and hanging it on one of the itty-bitty hangers provided!

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Skirt Designer

fashion paper design
A lovely skirt design

This paper material reminded me of a shirt that my mom has. Her shirt is made of rayon and I thought that it would be fun to make a shirt and a skirt out of the paper. I have a paper fashions kit which made it easy. First I made the skirt. Then once I saw the style of my skirt and the material, I was easy to picture the style of shirt that would go with it. At first the shirt looked fat so I added the belt, and I had a lot of beads so I made the belt out of them, but then that made the skirt look a little plain, so I decided that some beads would brighten it up. I added the beaded trim and now I have a very cute paper fashion that I can hang on my wall or paste on a card!

This post was created for you by Aria.  It is first in a series of posts about skirt design.