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Hanging Out Linen {Living Skirt Art}

Living Skirt Art recreated by Skirt Fixation

Today everyone’s favorite skirt series, Living Skirt Art, is back for it’s monthly appearance.  We just love recreating works of art with a skirt in them.  What is SO VERY special about today’s Living Skirt Art installment is that we’ve got not one, but two special guest bloggers creating living skirt art with us!  Stay tuned to the end of the post for a couple of sneak peeks.

The artist featured in today’s Living Skirt Art recreation is Charles Courtney Curran.  He was born in 1861 in Hartford Kentucky and raised in Ohio.  He studied art in New York.  He showed his work publicly for almost 30 years.  Then he studied in Paris for 2 years under fellow Impressionist Jules Lefebvre.  Upon returning to the U.S. he settled in New York and began teaching art.  Later in life, he also began to teach at Cragsmoor, a summer art center.  He died in 1942.  Even today his works of art can be found in museums and Art Institutes around the world.

Living Skirt Art series by Skirt Fixation.

This piece of art, Hanging Out Linen is one of several he did with ladies hanging laundry as the main subject.  In each of them the play of lighting and shadows is incredible.   It is an oil on canvas, originally painted in 1887.  And it’s almost life size at 54” tall by 30” wide.

Living Skirt Art recreated by Skirt Fixation

The hardest thing about recreating Hanging Out Linen was recreating the lighting.  We decided that artist take creative liberties with lighting and color that cameras just can’t recreate!  So we’ve done our best and you’ll have to forgive the imperfections.  Do you recognize the skirt?  It’s one from our most recent All The Skirts series with Megan Nielsen and Imagine Gnats; the Brumby Skirt.

Horizontal Hanging Out Linen

In Summary:

Painting: Hanging Out Linen

Artist: Charles Courtney Curran

Model: Audrey

Photography: Allegra

Skirt: Megan Nielsen Brumby Skirt in champagne double gauze blogged here.

Living Skirt Art recreated by Skirt Fixation

To see all the other works in our Living Skirt Art series, click here.  As always, check out our Skirt Art (Paintings) and Skirt Art (Illustrations) boards on Pinterest. Any suggestions on which piece of skirt art we should be inspired by next?


And now go visit Michelle over at Falafel and the Bee to see and read about her Living Skirt Art recreation.  This sneak peek is of the “before” and we’re sure you are familiar with the “after,” it’s a VERY famous piece of art by a very famous artist!

Living Skirt Art with Paisley Roots

Also we have Karly from Paisley Roots with another Living Skirt Art representation.  You may not be as familiar with this piece of skirt art, but you DEFINITELY should not miss Karly’s recreation!

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Paisley Roots Knit Fabric Swap Challenge

This is the second day of the Knit fabric sewing creations made from fabric the 4 contestants swapped. They each sent and received 2 yard of fabric and then sewed it up! Their only stipulation was that the fabric be knit fabric. Today, Karly from Paisley Roots is here to show you what she created:

Knit happens to be my most favorite fabric to sew with. It’s comfy, it’s forgiving, heck, what is NOT to love about it??
SarahLynn (aka Scary) from The Shaffer Sisters got me this amazing, AMAZING knit fabric.
I am in love with this stuff. It’s so incredibly soft and the perfect medium! I couldn’t wait to cut into it. Although a part of me just wanted to wrap myself up in it every night…..
I had an idea of what I wanted to make so I got to work.
My first outfit was for Zoe. I drafted a dress inspired by one I had seen on Pinterest.
The back had a cut out heart shape and I couldn’t help it!
Next was Paisley’s dress. I drafted a colorblock dress based off the pattern I made for Zoe’s.
Along with the knit I received from Sarahlynn I also added in some striped Saint James Interlock Knit I won a while ago from Willow & Co. This stuff matches the heavenliness of the stuff SarahLynn got me.
Then of course with my girls, if I make for one I basically have to make for all, so Aevarie got an outfit too.
She has tons of dresses, so I went with a shirt and shorts this go round.
With the shirt I started with the Uptown/Downtown Dress by Terrilin Collections, but I didn’t add facing and made it into a hi-low shirt. I have so many more plans with this dress.
The shorts are the FREE Summer Shorties by Baste & Gather.
I also had to make the girls matching headbands to tie them all into each other.
Seriously, it is SOOOO hard to get all 3 to cooperate at the same time in pictures!
Mostly we get pictures…

You can check out my blog for the heart tutorial and a some more pictures!

Well, how’s that for some awesome knit loveliness?  These girls are so lucky to have a famous seamstress as their mom!  Those outfits look like they will be worn every day for the rest of the summer.  How about you?  Are you going to link up to 3 projects to the Knit Fabric Sew Along Link Party?  The winner is going to get a $25 shopping spree at Nature’s Fabrics.  Go ahead and give it your best shot!  And come back tomorrow for some more knit fabric fabulousness from our third contestant!