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Me Made May 2017 Week 2

Me Made May with Skirt Fixation

Continuing on with Me Made May, we’ve been posting our skirt outfits over on Instagram.  (If you want to see them in real time, follow us here.)

Me Made May Day 6:

Day 6 verdict:

Me Made May with Skirt Fixation

To reward myself for getting rid of several garments last week I sewed up a new Union St. Tee for myself.  (affiliate link) in double brushed poly from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  It’s dreamy!

Me Made May Day 7:

Day 7 verdict:

Me Made May with Skirt Fixation

This is my Cheyenne Tunic (reviewed here) and a Runway Skirt.  Both are keepers, I just need to repair the hem!

Me Made May Day 8

Day 8 verdict:

Me Made May with Skirt Fixation

I put on this Julia Sweater in hopes of loving it again.  But it’s definitely seen it’s best days and going to have to go.  The Jocole yoga skirt is a keeper.

Me Made May Day 9:

Day 9 verdict:

Me Made May with Skirt Fixation

I’m not sure what happened to my Julia Cardigan, but it’s completely unwearable and stretched out of shape beyond repair.  I guess that’s what I get for using cheaper fabric.  The scuba tank in great, and the Nani Iro skirt is divine…so they are both staying in my wardrobe.

Me Made May Day 10:

Day 10 verdict:

Me Made May with Skirt Fixation

Still in love with my Sailor Top in Mille Fleur fabrics!  It took me quite a few times to get this shirt to fit my tall, wide-shouldered self, but we’re there now!

Me Made May Day 11:

Day 11 verdict:

Me Made May with Skirt Fixation

This Seafarer shirt is proof that when you have a good pattern and you use top quality fabric, you’ll get a garment you can wear and wear and wear!

Me Made May Day 12:

Day 12 verdict:

Me Made May with Skirt Fixation

And since I threw away some more garments, I made myself the new Willamette Shirt!  (Read my review here.)

Me Made May Day 13:

Day 13 verdict:

Me Made May with Skirt Fixation

This Hampton Hoodie fits great and still gets lots of wears even though I accidentally threw it in the wash with something red that stained some of the feathers pinkish!

The kid have been wearing Momma Made clothes too!  Check it out:

Kids Day 6:

Kids Day 7:

Kids Day 8:

Kids Day 9:

Kids Day 10:

Kids Day 11:

Kids Day 12 & 13:


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Me Made May Week 1

Just like last year, I’m participating in Me Made May.  As a refresher, Me Made May is an event where people who sew their clothes wear them for the month of May.  Everyone personalizes it to what works for them, and I’m doing the same.  This year I’m using the Me Made May event to assess my wardrobe, looking for handmade gaps and to determine what I wear and don’t wear and why.  Then I’ll summon up the courage to get rid of the things that don’t work…even though I made them!  For some reason I have a really hard time getting rid of garments I made.  I’ll summarize each week here, and let you know how it goes.

Me Made May Day 1:

Day 1 verdict:

This is the Marlene Shirt and the nursing modification works really good!  But I’ll probably use it on a different shirt in the future, or lower the armscyle on this shirt if I make another one.

Me Made May Day 2:

Day 2 verdict:  This Santa Fe top is a keeper!  And the Jocole a line yoga skirt works great too.

Me Made May Day 3:

Day 3 verdict:

This Lonetree Vest is absolutely amazing!  I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it, since I used top quality Art Gallery Fabrics canvas and made 3 muslins before sewing it up so the fit is perfect.  This ombre Syrah Skirt is one of my absolute favorites too.  I just need to repair the hem.  My double needle and I are not good friends right now!

Me Made May Day 4:

Day 4 verdict:

The Mountain Pose Yoga Pants need repairs, for some reason my machine has a little trouble sewing the knit stitch in long continuous lines…and starts to skip after a while.  The Jocole pencil skirt and Halifax Hoodie are always in constant rotation and good shape!

Me Made May Day 5:

Day 5 verdict:

I really do like the collar of this Parisian top and it’s shape, but it’s old, pilling and the collar is off center.  So I might make this pattern again, and pay special attention to collar placement, use better fabric, and lower the arm cycle and widen the shoulders a bit.  I’ve got a couple other cardigans, and only a few things to wear this Julia Cardigan with, so it’s going to have to go.

I’m also posting pictures of my kids wearing handmades every day over on Instagram, so if you want to see it as it happens, follow us on Instagram!  Here’s what my kids wore this week:

Day 1:

I spy 2 barefoot knights in #mommadeclothes for #mommmay and #minimemademay !!! . . #knighthoodie #parachutesweatpants

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Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

There you have it!  See you next week…