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Linen and Leather Newsboy Cap

Newsboy Cap made by Skirt Fixation

Newsboy Cap made by Skirt Fixation

I can hardly believe it, but I made a hat!  Or more properly, a linen and leather newsboy cap.  And if you can’t tell, I’m quite pleased with my new creation.

Newsboy Cap made by Skirt Fixation

I used the free newsboy cap pattern from Waffle Patterns.  The smaller of the two free patterns was just the right size for Thomas’s head.  Since the leather jacket I made Thomas doesn’t have a hood, a newsboy cap was in order.

Newsboy Cap made by Skirt Fixation

I have a very special Grandpa who has always worn a hat (outdoors only, he’s a true gentleman) as long as I’ve known him.  Often I see him in a newsboy cap, looking ever so fine!  So when I was sewing this newsboy cap, I thought about my Grandpa often.

Newsboy Cap made by Skirt Fixation

The fabrics I used were linen and leather for this newsboy cap.  The brown linen was leftover from this skirt, and the leather for the bill was the final scraps from refashioning the leather skirt into a jacket for Thomas.

Newsboy Cap made by Skirt Fixation

For the lining, I used some chocolate brown lining from my stash.  I used the thickest, stiffest interfacing I had in my stash inside the bill.

Newsboy Cap made by Skirt Fixation

The only change I made to the pattern was to use double fold bias tape to finish the inside of the hat because I couldn’t figure out how to do it otherwise.

Newsboy Cap made by Skirt Fixation

Overall I’m pretty impressed that I made a newsboy cap.  It was a fun little diversion from my regular sewing.  I still need to tack down upper cap to the bill better, but the leather is a little hard to sew through.  Some newsboy caps have a snap between the bill and the upper cap, so it bears thinking on how to add a snap during construction.

Have you ever made a cap or a hat?  Got any tips for a newbie hat maker?  Leave them in the comments below…

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Women’s Whitney Skirt {All The Skirts: Violette Field Threads & Raspberry Creek Fabrics}

Whitney Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using linen fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Whitney Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using linen fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

The last skirt we showed you in the series All The Skirts: Violette Field Threads & Raspberry Creek Fabrics was the Whitney skirt for girls.  Since we were so enamored with that skirt, we simply had to sew up the Whitney skirt for women next.

Whitney Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using linen fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

The Whitney skirt by Violette Field Threads is a pleated skirt (and trousers) pattern.  This pattern comes in 8 sizes from 2 to 16.  As you can see, it is a great pattern to make for tweens and teens.  The instructions are photo illustrated.  The pleats are constructed differently than for the girl’s Whitney skirt, and come out just as beautifully.

Whitney Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using linen fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Our instructions had an error in them (the first time we’ve ever come across an error in a Violette Field Threads pattern!) but we emailed Jessica and Ericka, and within a very short time had the corrected instructions.  If you are making the Whitney skirt pattern, the first instructions say to trace the pattern markings onto the main skirt front.  There are no pattern markings, so here’s what Jessica & Ericka instructed me to do.  You will take your skirt that has been cut on the fold, leaving it folded, mark the skirt into thirds and cut the skirt piece two times (see the picture). This will give you 5 pieces now.  If you already have the Whitney skirt pattern, you will need to do this too.  But the fabulous ladies over at Violette Field Threads quickly fixed the instructions, so if you buy the Whitney pattern now, it will have those corrected instructions.  I love a company with fabulous customer service!

Whitney Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using linen fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

We made 2 alterations to the Whitney skirt pattern.  Since Aria is growing like a weed, we added length to the bottom of the Whitney skirt pattern pieces.  The other change we made was accidental.  Somehow the skirt ended up too big for Aria after it was completed, and so I added elastic to the back (just like the girl’s Whitney skirt.)  I’m positive this was a measuring mistake on my part, and not due to the pattern, but it was an easy fix.

Whitney Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using linen fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

The fabric we used was again a perfect match for the Whitney skirt.  This fabric is yarn dyed linen by Robert Kaufman from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  It is a linen rayon blend and so holds those pleats spectacularly without wrinkling.  It is also a little heavier than regular linen and so works in the cooler temperatures we’ve been having.  Besides the charcoal grey we used, Raspberry Creek Fabrics has it in navy blue also.

Whitney Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using linen fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

We’ve been working on Aria’s wardrobe because of aforementioned growth spurt, and so we made her another Julia Sweater by Compagnie M.  The sweater knit fabric came from JoAnn’s and the gray contrast fabric is a double knit from Urban Sew.  She is also wearing the Granville shirt she made this summer.

Whitney Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using linen fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

We hope you’ve been sewing up some Violette Field Threads patterns too!  Or maybe you’ve found some luscious fabric at Raspberry Creek Fabrics?  Well, now you can enter to win, too.  Simply link up anything you’ve made this year with a Violette Field Threads pattern or fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  And be sure to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway too.  Two winners will each receive 5 PDF pattern from Violette Field Threads and $50 to spend at Raspberry Creek Fabrics.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Whitney Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using linen fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

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Molly Schoolgirl Skirt {All The Skirts: Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop & The Fabric Fairy}

The Molly Schoolgirl Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

The Molly Schoolgirl Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

We would like to present you a very, very sweet skirt.  The Molly Schoolgirl Skirt by Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop is a very darling little skirt.  This is a delicately gathered skirt with a fitted waistband and optional suspenders.

The Molly Schoolgirl Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Surprisingly for a skirt this cute, there are no pattern pieces to assemble, making this a very fast sew.  So those of you who dislike tiling PDF patterns, the Molly Schoolgirl Skirt is the one for you!The Molly Schoolgirl Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Perfect for the fall school wardrobe, the suggested fabrics for the Molly Schoolgirl Skirt are wool, corduroy and twill.  We chose to use linen because we have several months of warm weather left, and we had the perfect brown linen in our stash!  Paired with leggings, our version of the Molly Schoolgirl Skirt will extend far into fall.

The Molly Schoolgirl Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Annie loves this skirt because there it has an element of twirl factor!  Not too much, not too little, but juuuuuuust right!  She says it is very comfortable to wear.

The Molly Schoolgirl Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

While Annie usually prefers to wear her skirts on her hips, the Molly Schoolgirl Skirt from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop sits right on her waist.  But she hasn’t complained once and it hasn’t kept her from wearing it either!

 The Molly Schoolgirl Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

There will be some more Molly Schoolgirl Skirts in the future for Annie.  I’m thinking a corduroy one would be super to make next.

The Molly Schoolgirl Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

I also think I’m going to have to figure out how to make one in my size!  It just looks so awesome!  Like all the Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop patterns we’ve made, the directions for the Molly Schoolgirl Skirt were very easy to follow.  The only change we made was to add length (but you already knew about the tall problems we deal with around here!) and to add a snap to the side button placket for extra coverage on the hip area.

The Molly Schoolgirl Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

You can read about all the detail on the coordinating top we made to go with the Molly Schoolgirl Skirt in this blog post.  Oh, and you can still vote for this little top over on Pinterest by favoriting it too!

The Molly Schoolgirl Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Today the Link Up opens for you to share all your creations made in 2015 from a Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop pattern or fabric from The Fabric Fairy.  Because we REALLY like it when you sew along with us, every item you link up will be worth 2 entries into the giveaway!!

The Molly Schoolgirl Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Also, have fun gaining entries using the Rafflecopter below.  We’ll see you next week for another Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop skirt made with fabric from The Fabric Fairy.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All links to Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop in this post are affiliate links which means we will get paid a small sum of money if you purchase a Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop pattern through one of our links.  We do this because we LOVE these patterns and support their products 100%!

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Linen Dress Refashion

linen dress refashion

Hello, peeps! Today I’m letting you in on one of my refashions.

linen dress refashion

Mom had this blue and khaki linen dress that she didn’t wear any more, so she said that I could have it.  The reason she didn’t wear it anymore was because the hem was sort of wavy.  I guess this happens to linen dresses after a while because of the nature of linen.  The reason she still had it taking up space in her poor old closet was because it was a tall size and she’d spent a lot of money on it and hated to just throw it away!  But instead of throwing it away, we decided to do a linen dress refashion.  It was a bit too long in the sleeves and hem for my taste, so I decided to start there. I started by cutting almost a foot off of the bottom and re-hemming it. Then I did the same to the sleeves.

linen dress refashion

Easy-peasy! I did have a few problems on the sleeves because this was basically my first time sewing a sleeve hem, but they look pretty good. The bottom hem is a larger one, because I just like bigger hems. Now you can see that it’s shorter and fits a bit better along with a belt. The problem is now that it’s too short for my taste, so I’ll probably just give it to Aria, or wear it as a swimsuit cover up. Or, I could just do another refashion from it! I’m thinking a skirt for Annie. Wouldn’t that be cute? Probably relatively simple too, because I could use the existing hem.

A simple linen dress refashion by a teen!

Keep your eyes peeled for another refashion post with this garment. Maybe it’ll turn into one of those posts where you get like a million refashions out of one thing! Anyway, let me know what you’ve refashioned lately!

See ya,


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Baby Wrap Two Ways

gauze baby wrap

Sometimes I over-plan.  Do you ever do that?  Recently I decided I needed a new wrap.  Not the kind you eat, the kind you wear!

baby wrap

I have one baby wrap (not pictured in this post) that I absolutely love and have used to tie on my babies for year.  But this wrap has 2 limitations that were going to make it difficult to use for traveling, which was why I needed a new baby wrap.  My old, very expensive, very well used wrap was too hot for a summer trip and too long for easy use in airplanes and airports.  So I spent a very long time researching how to make my own baby wrap.  I read many DIY baby wrap tutorials, dug through my stash for a lightweight fabric, and cut and sewed, shaped, fit, made french seams, measured, wrapped, unwrapped, and so on until I had what I thought was the perfect baby wrap! (I also felt great solidarity by sewing with linen along with the Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition Linen ladies!)

linen baby wrap

But…I just wasn’t happy with it!  The brown floral linen fabric I used for the baby wrap ended up being scratchy as well as lightweight, so not great for all day on and airplane and in airports.  And in my effort to make the wrap short, I made it almost too short, and wasn’t certain this was the perfect wrap for traveling.  So the day before I left on my trip, I raced down to the fabric store, bought 2 yards of black gauze fabric, washed it, zig-zagged the edges, and that was it!

linen baby wrap

Guess which wrap I like better?  Guess which wrap I wear all the time: the linen one I took over 2 hours to make, or the gauze one that took 5 minutes?  The gauze one, of course!  Now both baby and I love a baby wrap.

linen baby wrap

It’s our favorite way to travel, both across the country, and around the house!

gauze baby wrap

He usually falls asleep after a few minutes in the baby wrap.

hands free baby wrap

It’s handy to have my hands free, and baby gets to be close to me.  So now I have 3 baby wraps: 1 for winter when the extra length and weight are perfect!  One for hot summer days and short trips around town.  One for all day whether hiking, gardening, or just hanging out!

gauze baby wrap

As one of my friends said recently, “You can never have too many wraps!”  I think I’ll make a knit baby wrap next!

Baby Wraps by Skirt Fixation

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Gladys & Viv’s Linen Fabric Swap Challenge

This is the fourth and final day of the Linen sewing creations made from the fabric the 4 contestants swapped.  They each sent and received 2 yard of fabric and then sewed it up!  Their only stipulation was that the fabric be Linen.  Today, Sara from Gladys and Viv is here to show you what she created:

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be part of linen week!
1-saraBonnie from Fishsticks Designs sent me some great spotty fabric–one yard of the black, and half a yard each of the green and the grey. As it turned out, I wound up not using any of the green, but I’m sure it’ll find its way soon into another project. 
Since this challenge isn’t adult-clothing-only, and I suspected some of the other participants might not be sewing garments for themselves, I seriously considered trying to make something that wasn’t for me to wear. But really, that just wouldn’t be me. So, I made a pair of shorts with my linen–because where better to put a fabric that’s notorious for being wrinkle-prone? Actually I’ve been impressed so far with the lack of wrinkliness. And the fabric is a good weight for shorts, whereas it would’ve been too stiff for anything that needed to drape, so I think I made the right choice.
My base pattern was Simplicity 3435 (vintage, from the early 60s), although I’ve made so many alterations to it now that the finished product bears little resemblance to the original. I’ve added pockets (front and back), lowered the waist and given it belt loops, drafted fold-up cuffs and little tabs to hold them in place, and changed the closure from an invisible side zipper to a fly front. I hadn’t sewn a proper zip fly in a long time, so I followed this tutorial from Oliver + S. The rest of the sewing, though, I just put together as I went along. 
I really like these two fabrics together–I arranged them so the grey accents the black, and the black, in turn, accents the grey. (And I made–or re-fashioned–the top (not linen) I’m wearing specifically because I thought its colors would match well, too.) I got lucky in that I was sent a fabric with a small pattern repeat, but I still spent a lot of time meticulously matching my pieces. There are a few whoops spots, but overall, I’m really happy with it–especially with those back pockets. 
These are definitely the most wearable shorts I’ve made. (And they are short, but I promise they’re longer than they look. I just have really long legs.) Weather permitting, I’ll be wearing them at the Oregon Coast next week, and hopefully throughout the rest of the summer. 
Sorry about the photos… I think I’m still recovering from Me-Made-May a bit; taking pictures of myself is still just not on, hence the multitude of cropped images. That said, if you enjoy awkward photos of me, there are a few more on my blog, Gladys and Viv–come say hi!

Finally, thanks to Bonnie for the fabric, and thanks to the Skirt Fixation team for inviting me to take part in the challenge. I’ve had fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else makes!

Those are the cutest shorts ever!  The pattern matching is exquisite with just the right amount of contrast detail!  Much applause from this direction for sure.  Now let’s review the four creations submitted for the Linen Challenge.

Vote for your favorite Linen Week Contestant for Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition

1: Jenn from A Jennuine Life

2: Janice from So-Cal Sewing Mom

3: Bonnie from Fishstick Designs

4: Sara from Gladys & Viv

Be sure to vote for your favorite Linen contestant and their fabulous creation by clicking the little circle next to their name.  (We thought our old poll format was boring and we heard it was confusing, so we’ve upgraded to Polldaddy!)

Now go over to the Sew Along and vote for your favorite Linen fabric item there too!

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Fishstick Designs Linen Fabric Swap Challenge

This is the third day of the Linen sewing creations made from the fabric the 4 contestants swapped.  They each sent and received 2 yard of fabric and then sewed it up!  Their only stipulation was that the fabric be Linen.  Today, Bonnie from Fishstick Designs is here to show you what she created:

Hello, all! I am so excited to join in Linen Week of Challenge Create! (I’ve been sewing and blogging for ages, but this is my first time doing a contest like this. So far, it’s been lots of fun!) Janice from So-Cal Sewing Mom sent me the these great linen solids in one of my favorite color combinations:

She packaged them up beautifully and tied them with a bow, too. Isn’t it fun to get pretty mail?

I knew as soon as I received the fabric, that I wanted to make it into a new handbag for me, but it took me way too long to decide how exactly I was going to do that. (I seem to be the queen of the last minute dash to the finish!) Thankfully, once inspiration struck, the bag came together just the way I imagined. I started by turning the sewing machine logo that I designed for my website into a paper pieced “quilt” block. Then I grabbed some freezer paper and started piecing!

Once, my sewing machine was ready, I sort of made up the bag pattern as I went along. I added a zippered pocket on the back. (I can’t live without at least one zippered pocket!)

For a little bit of extra fun and straps that are adjustable, I made little loops at the top of the bag and tied on the handles.

Inside, I hid two cell-phone sized pockets and two pen/pencil pockets in a great whimsical cotton/linen print. I adore the sewing machine on the outside, but the sewing goats inside make me laugh!
Come on over to my blog for tons more pictures and more details: Challenge Create – The Linen Edition. Thank you so much to the Skirt Fixation Team for inviting me to join in, and thank you, Janice, for the beautiful fabric! I LOVE my new bag!

This bag is so fabulous is so many ways!  Adjustable straps, pieced sewing machine, happy colors, zipper pocket, and contrast top stitching…dreamy!  When you are done giggling about the sewing goats, click over to the Linen link up, and be sure to link (up to 3) Linen sewing projects to show off your linen sewing projects for a chance to win $25 from L’Osieau Fabrics. And come back tomorrow to see the last linen fabric swap challenge!

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So-Cal Sewing Mom’s Linen Fabric Swap Challenge

This is the second day of the Linen sewing creations made from the fabric the 4 contestants swapped.  They each sent and received 2 yard of fabric and then sewed it up!  Their only stipulation was that the fabric be Linen.  Today, Janice from So-Cal Sewing Mom is here to show you what she created:


I was asked by the lovely ladies over at Skirt Fixation to participate in their very interesting challenge – a fabric swap!  A very cool idea so I signed up for the linen edition.

I’m a big lover of linen – it’s all natural, very strong, and easy to wear.  I got my swap fabric from Jenn at A Jennuine Life.  I don’t know if she looked at my blog/sewing stuff before she sent the fabric, but she chose a color palette that I absolutely love!

The print is a linen/cotton blend from Westminster by Amy Butler in her Hapi line.  I love the boldness!  The solids were a beautiful complement.

The fabric screamed “make me a bag…”, so I did!

I used a child’s bag pattern from Ruby Jean’s Closet – the Ready Set Go Overnighter.  It’s a perfect size for kid-size stuff, and for the kid to actually carry it herself.

A very cute bag, yes?!!  I made a couple of teeny changes as I made the pattern – I changed the handles a bit – I actually had some black ultra-suede lying around in my stash – who knew! – so I used that for the bottom accents and the handle holder.  I used black nylon web that I also had lying around in place of the fabric handles.  The pattern also calls for some adorable bows on the straps – and, for the life of me, I couldn’t make a decent bow, so I just gave up!

The other linen pieces met their destiny as a dress for my kid – I used my much-used and much-loved Tinny pattern by Straightgrain.  I think this is the 4th I’ve made, but sadly my little girl is growing too fast; I had to size up to the size 5.  I’m still in denial…..

I changed up this pattern a bit as well – I added the lighter color pink inset in the bodice, piped with some cotton couture in teal.  I (obviously!) added a contrast bow at the waist.  Instead of gathering the skirt, I made pleats – pleats that will probably last an hour or so in the linen, but I love the look nonetheless.

Thanks to An at Straightgrain, I actually have the ability to insert an invisible zipper and have it be invisible!!

Thanks to Skirt Fixation for asking me to participate – it was really fun!!

You can pop over to my blog to see a few more pictures if you like –  or follow me on Instagram – I’m at the_fabric_stash_boss.

Everything about this is so delicious!  We have an intense desire need to make a linen bag now!  Janice really did justice to that linen fabric Jenn sent her!  Just to remind everyone, the Linen link up is open, so be sure to link (up to 3) Linen sewing projects to show off your linen sewing projects for a chance to win $25 from L’Osieau Fabrics. And come back tomorrow to see the next linen fabric swap challenge!

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A Jennuine Life’s Linen Fabric Swap Challenge

This is the first day of the Linen sewing creations made from the fabric the 4 contestants swapped.  They each sent and received 2 yard of fabric and then sewed it up!  Their only stipulation was that the fabric be Linen.  Today, Jenn from A Jennuine Life is here to show you what she created:

Greetings everyone! Do you love linen as much as I do? I’ve always appreciated this classic fabric and I can’t wait to show you what I made with it!

Linen Fabric AJL

I received this lovely salmon-colored linen from Sara at Gladys and Viv. It was the perfect solid with just a scattering of slubs (those little knots) for what I think of as the epitome of linen. I don’t have the details of the fabric, but it has a nice weight to it, and I believe it must be a blend because it does not wrinkle nearly as badly as 100% linen can.

Linen 3

I knew I wanted to create a dress for my older daughter Arden that would allow the simplicity of this fabric to sing. I drafted the bodice using her measurements to make a dress with a simple silhouette which I think really showcases the fabric. I fully lined it with a coordinating quilting cotton which gets to peek out of the front detail I created. I didn’t add any extras like pockets or trim because I wanted to let the neckline and overall shape do all the talking.

Linen Back

There are no closures – instead I angled the back out a little at the side seams to give it some room to wiggle on and then added elastic inside a self-casing on the back to bring it in some. With the split on the front it goes over her head nicely.

Linen 5

The little flaps which are turned out at the split in the front are held in place with two vintage buttons from a huge jar my Mom gave me years ago. I can almost always find great buttons for my projects without having to scrounge around at shops! I’m really happy with the subtle interest this gives this dress.

Linen 6

As luck would have it, the fabric perfectly matched the sash and flower on this fedora we had at home.  Just don’t tell Hadley we borrowed her hat!  I’m pretty sure my kids are cooler than I ever was and they’re five and two!  As a reward for taking pictures for me, I promised Arden we’d get ice cream, so part of our photo shoot is at a local ice cream and candy shop.

Linen Ice Cream

I think she earned her reward, don’t you?  Interesting thing – I just learned that Superman ice cream (what Arden chose) is a Michigan creation and can’t be found outside the Midwest.  Who knew?

Thanks so much Audrey and Skirt Fixation for inviting my to participate in this amazing series!  I hope Janice at So-Cal Sewing Mom has as much fun using the fabrics I sent her as I did with this fabric from Sara!  You can visit me at A Jennuine Life.

That linen dress is the cutest thing ever!  A jar of buttons?  Some major jealousy going on over here!  We think Jenn deserves some SuperMom ice cream!  Just to remind everyone, the Linen link up is open, so be sure to link (up to 3) Linen sewing projects to show off your linen sewing projects for a chance to win $25 from L’Osieau Fabrics. And come back tomorrow to see the next linen fabric challenge!


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20 Things to Sew with Linen Fabric!

20 Things to Sew with Linen Fabric

Last week we introduced you to the ladies who will be creating things from linen fabric for week of of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition.  So today we thought we’d post a round up of 20 things to sew with linen fabric to create an inspiring mood for those of you thinking of sewing along.  And for those of us who are so anxious to see what these ladies sew up!

20 Things to Sew with Linen Fabric

Stepford Dress

Alida made this DREAMY dress from linen!  Now are you inspired?  We are!  And while we’re on the topic of Alida…you’re going to be reading more about her soon, in the sponsors section!!!

Linen Bow Tie

Kate over at See Kate Sew, made up this bow tie, and suggest making it out of linen for a fancy look!

Linen Satchel

And while you’re over at See Kate Sew, you’re going to want to check out this sweet little satchel, made from linen, of course!

Cross My Heart Linen Pillow

Melissa over at Polka Dot Chair has a cute and fast tutorial for the Cross My Heart pillow.  It’s made from linen and other fabrics and trims.

Linen Wrapped Wreath

Liz from Cotton and Curls shows this magnificent linen wrapped wreath cut with a scalloped rotary cutter.  New sewing tool needed here at Skirt Fixation!

Letter Y Linen Dress!

Possibly the cutest linen item on the internet can be see over at No Big Dill, made by Katy!  Click over to see what the letter Y stand for!

Little Girl’s Doll

Linen body dollKelly made this sweet little Evette doll which has a linen body.  And uses up lots of scraps!  With 2 yards of linen, our contestants could sew up a whole family of dolls!  You can read all about it over at Sewing In No Mans Land.

Red & Gray Linen Shorts for a Boy

Caila made these color block red and gray shorts from linen for her little boy.  You can see them and more linen shorts over at Caila Made.

Linen and Ruffles Coin Purse

This sweet little coin purse was made over at Flamingo Toes by Beverly.

Linen Baby Quilts

Over at Red Pepper Quilts, Rita wanted to branch out into other fabrics other than cotton, so she chose linen for these baby quilts, and says they are super soft!

Linen Blouse (with puffed sleeves!)

Dana made this lovely blouse from linen over at Dana Made It.  You can also see six other things she made from linen linked to her post.  My favorite is the Village Frock!

Linen Printed Scarf

Some of our judges, Ashley and Emily from Frances Suzanne, printed and sewed up this lovely linen scarf while they were competing in Project Run and Play.  Delicious!

You are Special Pillow

Elizabeth and liZ, over at Simple Simon and Company have a tutorial for this sweet linen special pillow!

Owl Doorstop

Nicole Novembrino, over at Fabrics Store has created the next five projects from linen.  Owls are a pretty big thing right now, so this little doorstop would sit well (pun intended!)

Breezy Linen Curtains

Nothing is lovelier than a breeze blowing in the open window on a hot summer day, fluttering the linen curtains!

Sewing Machine Cover

We have talked about the importance of covering your sewing machine, and using linen is a pretty way to get the job done!

Linen Seat Cushions

I think we need one of these Seat Cushions on both the chair where we sew, and the chair where we blog!

Linen Craft Box

This sweet little Craft Box is covered with linen, and who doesn’t need more pretty storage space?

Paper Bag Waist Skirt

Last, but not least is this SKIRT, with the popular paper bag waist made from linen!

We hope you are inspired to break out that linen fabric and sew along with our contestants on Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition’s Linen Week.  Will you use the tutorial from one of these 20 things to sew with linen fabric, or come up with some other great linen project?  Whatever you do…

Make it beautiful,