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Julia Cardigan for Selfish Sewing Week

Julia Cardigan


Julia Cardigan by Mouse House Creations

The last piece of my outfit made for Selfish Sewing Week is the Julia Cardigan.  We won 2 patterns from Mouse House Creations during Sewabration of Womanhood, and the Julia Cardigan was our automatic first choice!  Then I held onto it until I saw this fabric at Walmart, and knew they were going to be a perfect pair.  I bought 3 yards of the super lightweight knit fabric, and sent one to Karly during Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition’s Knit Week.  When I went to cut out the Julia, I realized, as Angela commented yesterday, that I was going to need another yard to be able to make myself the long sleeve version.  Because I didn’t have enough time to go to get more fabric just then, I decided to try and make a vest version of the Julia and add sleeves later.  But then I laid out the pieces as shown on the recommended layout, and realized if I disobeyed the recommendation, flipped over the front pattern piece face down, flipped the collar piece end for end, turned the cuff pieces 90 degrees, and slid the rest of the pieces around, I could get the whole thing out of 2 yards!  This included adding 3 inches to the sleeves (you know, because I am 6 feet tall and have a 6 foot wingspan also!)  I could have lengthened the front and back 1 or 2 inches also, which I will do next time.  (Yes, next time…this one is a winner!)

back of Julia Cardigan

But the Julia Cardigan covers my shirt in the back, so it all works out for this outfit.  I took a gamble, not knowing if I would ruin the whole Julia Cardigan cutting it out that way, but it turned out just fine!

Julia CardiganOne thing I was careful to do was match the stripes everywhere and I’m so happy with the results.

Julia Cardigan striped cuff

I like the look of the stripes on the cuffs running the other way, it gives them sort of a modern flair.  So there you have it!  An entire outfit, sewn just for ME!!!

Julia Cardigan stripe matching

Here’s a recap:

Skirt(s): Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt

Shirt: Self-drafted

Cardigan: Julia Cardigan

What did you make yourself during Selfish Sewing Week?  What are you going to make yourself next?

Make it beautiful,


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How to Add a Lining to the Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt

How to add a lining to the Jocole Yoga A-Line skirt

How to add a lining to the Jocole Yoga A-Line skirt

As I promised yesterday, I have a tutorial for how to add a lining to the Jocole Yoga A-line skirt.

  • When you are cutting out the skirt, cut out an additional front and back pieces on the fold of knit lining fabric, but cut the lining fabric 3-6 inches shorter than your finished length of the skirt.
  • Complete step 1 and 2 of the lining fabric also, making a tube of the lining.
  • Before step 13, slip your lining inside your skirt, wrong sides together, matching up the top edges.
  • When you pin and stitch in steps 13 and 14, be sure to catch your lining fabric also.  You will be sewing four layers together, the lining, the skirt, and two waistband layers.

That’s it!  Just a few easy steps, and you can add a lining to the Jocole Yoga A-line skirt.   So now you can use some of the totally awesome, sheer fabrics that are on the market right now.

Like this awesome light mocha rose matte stretch lace knit fabric from Girl Charlee.

Or this burnout knit we saw the other day at JoAnn Fabrics.

Now for the other part of what we promised you yesterday.  How to downsize the Jocole Yoga A-Line skirt for a tween.  Here’s where it gets kind of math-y, so if you want to just skip down to the giveaway, we forgive you!

Take your tween’s measurements for waist and hips and enter them into this equation:

Tween’s size/Pattern size measurement= Decimal Number

Take the first 2 numbers of the decimal and set your printer to scale to that size.  For example:

Aria’s waist measurement is 24 inches.  The pattern measurement for size medium is 28 inches.  Divide these two numbers and you get .85714286  The first two numbers round to 86, so I enter 86% in my printer’s scale option.  To determine the proper length, I recommend just printing out the pattern and measuring the length on the child you want to make it and add on the hem allowance and make the skirt that finished length.  Or else you can compute your percentage from above and apply that to the pattern’s finished length and do some more math!  You choose.

Jocole Yoga A-Line skirt tween size

One last thing before the giveaway, please notice how well we matched up the ruffles at the side seams.  Thank you!  Now onto the giveaway.  This is the last day to enter the giveaway for 2 free Jocole PDF patterns of your choice.  We’ll see you tomorrow for information about my top in this picture!

Back of Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt

a Rafflecopter giveaway

See you tomorrow!



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Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt Review

Jocole Yoga A-line Skirt

If you’ve just arrived here on the Jocole Blog Tour, Hi and Welcome!

Jocole Yoga A-line Skirt

We are so delighted to have the opportunity to make the Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt.  I think this is my favorite skirt I’ve ever made in all the skirts I’ve made in my lifetime!

Jocole Yoga A-line skirt

And to think I came so close to not making one for myself!  You see, it was like this: late one night I decided to make the Jocole Yoga A-Line skirt for the Jocole pattern tour.  (Yes we were given this pattern, but we would gladly pay twice the price for a skirt so wonderful!)

Jocole Yoga A-line Skirt

So anyway, it was a dark and stormy night, and I was tired but everyone was asleep and I knew this was going to be a quick sew.  So as usual, I printed out my first pattern piece, checked the test square, and when all looked good, I set off cutting and sewing.  Now I’ll let you in on a little fact that I didn’t learn for another hour or so.  My printer settings were off, but I measured from the edge of the 3 inch block to the edge of the 10 cm block so it looked like it was 3 inches.  I was making a skirt that was 24% too small since my printer was set at 86%.

Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

About an hour later my new skirt was finished and ready to be tried on.  The skirt was so tight it looked like I’d painted it on with a paintbrush.  On my post baby body… Let’s change the subject, shall we?

Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

I returned to JoAnn fabrics the next day and found a sparkly knit orange fabric.  This knit is almost sweatshirt weight.  Think about your favorite old college sweatshirt that you wore and wore and wore out.  This is that kind of knit.  Plus is has little sparkles all over it!

Back of Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt

Armed with new fabric and new enlightened measuring method, I started over again.  One quick hour later, viola, my new favorite skirt was born.  The only change I made to the  Jocole Yoga Aline Skirt pattern was to lengthen it by three inches.  The pattern goes up to forty inches long for tall ladies, but I’m what they refer to as ultra tall.  I may have made this skirt a teeny bit too long, but that’s a heavenly change!!!

Jocole Yoga A-Line skirt tween size

Aria was delighted to inherit the first, tiny skirt.  Come back to the blog tomorrow to find out how I added a lining to her Jocole yoga a line skirt, and also how you could make one for a tween.  Not accidentally.  On purpose.  Because you meant to.  Ahem.

2 Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirts

I just love it when mistakes turn into treasures!  Looking on the bright side, Aria got a new skirt and I got the creamiest, most buttery knit yoga skirt ever!  I forgot to tell you one of my favorite things about the finished skirt.  I made the tall 16″ fold over waistband, and I love the privacy it gives me when I use the option of having it  unfolded for added coverage while nursing the baby!

Julia CardiganThen, the rest of the week, I’ll be sharing blog posts about the top and cardigan I’m wearing since it’s Selfish Sewing Week.  Also be sure to enter the Rafflecopter give away below for a chance to win 2 free patterns of your choice from Jocole.  To help you decide which Jocole Patterns you want,  check out the other stops on the Jocole pattern blog tour.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jocole A-line yoga skirtsSee you tomorrow!


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Birthday Skirt Refashion

knit skirt refashion

knit skirt refashion

For my birthday this year, mom got me this skirt from Kmart. It was nice, lovely colors, great hang, but had one flaw. It was a couple sizes larger than my waist. Mom said she waited until it was on sale, and by then they were out of my size, but she thought we could do a quick skirt refashion.  I did want to wear it, it’s a great, modest church or ‘out-and-about’ skirt. Plus, it’s really comfortable. We decided to do a quick fix with the elastic, but upon further inspection, realized that it was sewn a bit weird. The elastic was sewn into the waistband, instead of just floating around in it. That meant I had to spend an hour taking out the stitches. Mom told me only to take out the stitches across the back so the front would still look the same and the gathers would be back there!  After that, mom pulled out the elastic from the inside and took in several inches.  Then she sewed an elastic casing because she said that was going to be easier than stitching it back together the way it was.  Whatev!  Just as long as it would fit and look good, I didn’t care about the whole mechanics of the thing!

quick skirt refashion

Now it fits much better, as you can see.

knit skirt refashion

Here you can see the slight gathering across the back.  Just in case you are wondering, this is one of the things we sewed along with the knit ladies during Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition!

quick knit skirt refashion

I styled it pretty plain, but I hope to dress it up like these skirts found on Pinterest.

Knit Maxi skirt

I love this skirt by Sew Much Ado, and how they tastefully paired it with a black shirt and bright cardigan.  Mine could be paired with a bright cardigan too!

Carissa Knits

This maxi by Carissa Knits is also gorge, and I love the idea of wearing mine with a denim jacket.

Knit maxi idea

The last way would be cute and simple, with a tee and a belt. Anyway, just a easy-peasy skirt refashion, fixing a skirt so that it’s now something that I will actually wear. A lot. Like really.

Simple skirt refashion by Skirt Fixation

Let us know in the comments what kind of skirt you’d choose for your birthday!

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Call Ajaire’s Knit Fabric Swap Challenge

This is the last day of the Knit fabric sewing creations made from fabric the 4 contestants swapped. They each sent and received 2 yard of fabric and then sewed it up! Their only stipulation was that the fabric be knit fabric. Today, Ajaire from Call Ajaire is here to show you what she created:

Hi guys!  I’m Ajaire from Call Ajaire and I can’t wait to show you what I made with this knit swap fabric!

Charity from Say Grr Sewing was charged with sending me the fabric for the swap and in her note she said that she had purchased the floral and the yellow and was a bit disappointed in the quality of the yellow when it arrived so she threw in the white at the last minute.  I really like the color of the yellow and wanted to use it even if it was a little thin.  However, the three fabrics sat in a pile in my sewing room for ages as I couldn’t figure out what to make with them.  Then I got the idea to add another color to the mix.

I tried a few different solids like green, brown, and blue, but gasped when I put this variegated orchid knit next to the others.  The orchid did something to the floral that pleased my eye.  I knew immediately that I would make another Paneled Sunsuit for Bean with a cardi to complete the look.

For the Paneled Sunsuit I used two layers of the orchid on the bottom since it was also a little thin, and just like the first one I made, the bodice is fully lined.  The white fabric was used for the lining.  I added a strip of the yellow as a faux piping at the top of the bodice to tie the fabrics together.

The cardigan I chose to make is the Aster Cardigan from LBG Studio through Willow & Co.  I have been eyeing that pattern since Vanessa designed it for her season of Project Run & Play.  It’s a really sweet shape and perfect for layering.  The pattern does not disappoint.  It’s even better than I expected and so easy to follow.  The inside finishes are nice and clean which I really like for the insides of a top layering piece that might be unbuttoned or removed.

It turns out the yellow fabric is perfect for a cardi.  It is a great light layer and I love how it looks with the pop of white faux piping.

I am so pleased with how this outfit came together.  Bean seemed really comfortable in it and the sunsuit is super cute.  The cardi will be worn a lot this fall and I was really happy to use that yellow fabric after all!  I definitely declare this knit challenge a success!  Stop by my blog to see more fun pics!

That little romper is so cute, and the color combinations are fabulous.  That adorable little cardi is simply icing on the cake!  Fantastic ensemble for sure!  Now let’s review the four creations submitted by our knit contestants:

Vote for your favorite creation made from knit fabric for #ChallengeCreate Fabric Swap Edition


1.  Scary from Shaffer Sisters

2. Karly from Paisley Roots

3.  Charity from SayGrrSewing

4.  Ajaire from Call Ajaire

Be sure to vote for your favorite Knit fabric contestant with their fantastic knit fabric creation by clicking the little circle next to their name.

Now go over to the Knit Fabric Sew Along and vote for your favorite Knit Fabric creation over there too!

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SayGrrSewing’s Knit Fabric Swap Challenge

knit fabric swap for #challengecreate

This is the third day of the Knit fabric sewing creations made from fabric the 4 contestants swapped. They each sent and received 2 yard of fabric and then sewed it up! Their only stipulation was that the fabric be knit fabric. Today, Charity from SayGrrSewing is here to show you what she created:

I’m extremely excited to be here participating in Challenge Create today! Karly from Paisley Roots sent me two fun fabrics:

knit fabric swap

   My daughter immediately fell in love with the button fabric, and requested a dress. I spent some time sketching to determine how best to put the striped and button fabric together. I finally decided to keep them separate, and add some solids so I’d have enough fabric. Once I had my designs planned, I began drafting. For my daughter, I designed a flowy dress with an asymmetrical waist seam, ruffles and lettuce edging everywhere, and small details of ruching, embroidery, and a button near the neckline.

knit fabric swap challenge

   This dress truly was a challenge to make the pattern for… since I was making an asymmetrical bodice and a half-circle skirt, I had to do a lot of editing to make the hem level for the muslin I made. When it was perfect, I cut it out of the button fabric and some coordinating brown.

knit fabric swap for #challengecreate

   I’d ended up with one full week to sew everything, after drafting and muslins… and that is when my sewing machine broke. Unfortunately, the only repairman around here who can deal with computerized machines was on vacation. 4 days later, I found a second-hand machine and got to sewing, leaving me only 2 days to sew and one for photos. My serger also threw a fit, and as a result I had to use tissue paper and starch on EVERY seam. That’s why, after all that perfectionistic muslining, the hem is not level. The side seam on the skirt was my first, I didn’t use tissue, and it stretched badly… and I didn’t realize it until I had the dress mostly sewn and was trying it on my daughter. Machine troubles aside, it came together relatively easily. The embroidery was surprisingly quick and I love the result.

knit fabric swap challenge

   Next up was a top for me. I decided on a tied collar and sleeves. I didn’t have time to make muslins for those after all the machine trouble, so I just winged it and I’m really happy they turned out well. I was prepared with the starch this time, and finished off the entire can, as well as several pages of tissue paper.

   The stripes were abysmally slow, since I pinned every stripe, but for my first time ever sewing with stripes I think I did a decent job of matching them. I’m wearing it with a knit and stretch lace skirt that I also made, and my husband’s belt that is about 6 inches too big for me. 😉 In retrospect, using a thin, stretchy knit for me probably wasn’t the best idea. It’s quite clingy and highlights everything. I’ll still get a lot of wear out of it though!

knit fabric swap challenge

One more thing: my camera, computer, and email also rebelled. Something really didn’t want me to complete this challenge!

Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition Knit Fabric Challenge

For more photos of these garments, and even more jabbering, head over to SayGrrSewing. I’ll see you there! =)

We hope everyone is standing up and applauding with us for this jaw dropping knit fabric ensemble!  For the first time sewing with stripes, Charity’s work sure looks like she should be teaching a class!  How fantastic!  Today is the last day to link your knit creations (up to 3 projects) to the Knit Fabric Sew Along Link Party!  The winner is going to get a $25 shopping spree at Nature’s Fabrics.  And come back tomorrow for some more knit fabric fabulousness from our last contestant!

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Paisley Roots Knit Fabric Swap Challenge

This is the second day of the Knit fabric sewing creations made from fabric the 4 contestants swapped. They each sent and received 2 yard of fabric and then sewed it up! Their only stipulation was that the fabric be knit fabric. Today, Karly from Paisley Roots is here to show you what she created:

Knit happens to be my most favorite fabric to sew with. It’s comfy, it’s forgiving, heck, what is NOT to love about it??
SarahLynn (aka Scary) from The Shaffer Sisters got me this amazing, AMAZING knit fabric.
I am in love with this stuff. It’s so incredibly soft and the perfect medium! I couldn’t wait to cut into it. Although a part of me just wanted to wrap myself up in it every night…..
I had an idea of what I wanted to make so I got to work.
My first outfit was for Zoe. I drafted a dress inspired by one I had seen on Pinterest.
The back had a cut out heart shape and I couldn’t help it!
Next was Paisley’s dress. I drafted a colorblock dress based off the pattern I made for Zoe’s.
Along with the knit I received from Sarahlynn I also added in some striped Saint James Interlock Knit I won a while ago from Willow & Co. This stuff matches the heavenliness of the stuff SarahLynn got me.
Then of course with my girls, if I make for one I basically have to make for all, so Aevarie got an outfit too.
She has tons of dresses, so I went with a shirt and shorts this go round.
With the shirt I started with the Uptown/Downtown Dress by Terrilin Collections, but I didn’t add facing and made it into a hi-low shirt. I have so many more plans with this dress.
The shorts are the FREE Summer Shorties by Baste & Gather.
I also had to make the girls matching headbands to tie them all into each other.
Seriously, it is SOOOO hard to get all 3 to cooperate at the same time in pictures!
Mostly we get pictures…

You can check out my blog for the heart tutorial and a some more pictures!

Well, how’s that for some awesome knit loveliness?  These girls are so lucky to have a famous seamstress as their mom!  Those outfits look like they will be worn every day for the rest of the summer.  How about you?  Are you going to link up to 3 projects to the Knit Fabric Sew Along Link Party?  The winner is going to get a $25 shopping spree at Nature’s Fabrics.  Go ahead and give it your best shot!  And come back tomorrow for some more knit fabric fabulousness from our third contestant!

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The Shaffer Sisters Knit Fabric Swap Challenge

This is the first day of the Knit fabric sewing creations made from fabric the 4 contestants swapped. They each sent and received 2 yard of fabric and then sewed it up! Their only stipulation was that the fabric be knit fabric. Today, Scary from Shaffer Sisters is here to show you what she created:

Hi, Skirt Fixation Readers! It is Scary from Shaffer Sisters. I received 1 yard of blue with white polka dot & nearly 1 1/2 yards of white with black polka dot fabric from my dear friend Ajaire from Call Ajaire. Ajaire has been our supporter when our blog was a newborn little baby.  So I wasn’t surprised when she hit the nail on the head for perfect fabric that was just my style.

I realized that the combo would be perfect for a mother daughter look. Something I have wanted for a long  time. I knew it would be hard since we have completely different shapes.

Though there was less of the blue fabric, it happens to be my favorite color so I milked every last scrap to make myself a shirt. I drafted the shirt by using a old dress that doesn’t work because of the sleeves, the empire waist was too short for my chest and cut lower than I wanted.  I loved the fit of the dress so after a couple of muslins I finally had a sleeve & neckline that I loved. I love the top and can’t wait to wear it with my skinny jeans. My only real over sight was with the length it made it hard to tuck it into the top (which I am not sure now looking at the pictures and my portions is the right way to wear it for my body, I will probably leave it pulled out to balance things out).

The skirt was made using a stretch lace & swimsuit fabric for the slip. I used Syrah skirt pattern from Selvage Designs which will be coming out in a few weeks. I used the below the knee option and added a few inches to account for my height. The skirt took me 3 hours distracted mom time.

For Boston’s dress I wanted to use the Pippa Peplum as the base and make a circle skirt. I knew that she would love the movement of a circle skirt it and dresses are her favorite to wear. Serendipitously, the day that I was planning on drafting the circle skirt Kate sent out an e-mail saying she was testing the Circle Dress Add-On sending it to testing. Whooo! I used the facing pattern piece to draft the collar & the sash was made from some knit in my sash.

knit fabric by Shaffer Sisters

The photoshoot didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted, but that is life when you have a son that spends the afternoon in meltdown mode and your daughter decides to put eyeliner all over her face right before pictures. I do think I will make coordinating clothes for Slim Jim & Ryder and try again.


Oh that is such an amazing mother and daughter ensemble.  The shirt or the dress alone would have been fabulous, but both together are simply awesome!  While you are inspired by Shaffer Sisters knit fabric challenge, go sew up something from knit fabric yourself and then link it (up to 3 projects) to the Knit Fabric Sew Along Link Party!  The winner is going to get a $25 shopping spree at Nature’s Fabrics.  And come back tomorrow for some more knit fabric fabulousness from our second contestant!

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Knit Fabric Sew Along and Geometric Results

knit fabric week

What a wonderful geometric week!  We were so pleased with every geometric creation, and the sew along was the biggest yet!  There was even a geometric joke shared in there along the way…did you get it?  These ladies who sewed up such beautiful creations from geometric fabric simply outdid themselves!  So now you want us to let you know the winner, right?  Well, we want you to take one last look at the amazing four entries!

geometric fabric swap voting for #Challengecreate

The judges have had their say, the votes have been counted, and the scores reveal that the winner of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition for Geometric Week is:


 Teri from FaSewLa!

Beside the warmth of victory, your positive applause, and many virtual high fives, she will receive:

FQS logo

$50 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop


One copy of Style That Kid


6 pattern bundle of her choice from the recent Women’s Bundle or the Upcoming Boy’s Bundle from Pattern Revolution


3 PDF patterns of her choice from Lekala Sewing Patterns

 Now Teri couldn’t have done it without help from Heather who sent her that awesome fabric, so in addition to many thanks from Teri,  Heather will be receiving:


$25 gift certificate to Zeet Zeet.

 And just so Annie & Tasha know how very awesome they are, we are sending them each a yard of geometric fabric from our stash!

The winner of the Geometric sew along, as determined by equal parts vote and the contestants judging is:

Tasha from Glitter & Wit with her amazing geometric Sally Dress!

She will receive:

Wildflower Fabrics

A fat quarter bundle of dots and chevrons from Wildflower Fabrics.  Don’t forget about their 10% off Christmas in July sale going on now!

knit fabric week

Whew, that was fun wasn’t it!  Now it’s time for the Knit sew along.  We introduced you to the Knit Contestants, and tomorrow they will begin unveiling their creations made from the knit fabric they swapped.  We also tried to inspire you with our round up of 20 things to sew with knit fabric.  So start linking up anything you’ve made that used knit fabric, up to 3 links.  The link up will remain open until Friday morning, when it will switch to voting.  The winning contestant will be based on 50% vote and 50% judges score.  Who are the judges?  The amazing Knit contestants!  They are the experts for this week, and therefore the best judges, don’t you think?


The winner of the sew along is going to receive a $25 gift certificate to Nature’s Fabrics!  Have you seen the gorgeous, environmentally friendly fabric over there?!  And did you see the discount code?  Use it for 10% off your order!  Also, for the whole month of July, everyone can take $10 off the price of our ebook by using the discount code “fabricswap”  Grab it while you can at this price during Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition only!

Be sure to come back every day this week, as our Knit contestants each show you the fabric they received and what they made with it.  On Friday, the voting will open for you to choose your favorite Knit fabric creation, and of course the Challenge Create judges will get their say too!  Next week, it starts all over again for the final week of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition; Mystery Week!  So go ahead and link up anything you’ve sewn with Knit fabric, up to 3 projects.  We can’t wait to see what you create!

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20 Things to Sew With Knit Fabric

20 Things to Sew with Knit Fabric

Today we bring you our round up of 20 things to sew with knit fabric.  As we mentioned yesterday, we are new to sewing with knits, and we are so excited to see what our knit fabric contestants sew up!  We do know that knit fabric is mainly used for apparel sewing, so that’s what the majority of our round up showcases.

20 Things to Sew with Knit Fabric

 Boy’s Hardware Hoodie

Jess from Gracious Threads made this hardware hoodie for her Embellish is for BOYS! series.  We love how comfortable knit fabric is for boys!

Seafarer Top & Maxi Skirt

Abby from Sew Much Ado made a skirt and top both from knit fabric with incredible speed one day.  Read her story for more details, but that’s one thing we’re learning about knits…they’re fast!

Ballet Sweater

Becca sewed up this sweet little Heidi & Finn ballet sweater over at Pattern Revolution.   It kind of reminds me of the knit shrug Becca made herself during (Hint of) Vintage week for Challenge Create: Adult Edition!

Penelope Peplum Dresses

Jen over at iCandy Handmade actually made two versions of the Penelope Peplum Dress.  That’s the way we feel about our limited experience with knits…we just want to sew some more!

Soleil Dress

Speaking of knit dresses, we just had to include this little sweetie from Heidi of Elegance and Elephants!  We know how much little girls like to wear knit dresses!

Headband with Flowers

Over at Craftsy, Heather from The Sewing Loft, teaches a class on how to sew up these adorable headbands from, you guessed it; knit fabric!  Another thing we’re learning about knit fabric is that you don’t throw away all the little leftover pieces because they are so nice for using for things like this headband!

Swim Suits

Would you believe that only a very short time ago, we didn’t know that swim suit material falls into the category of knit fabric?  Well, our very own talented Stacy from The Land of K.A. sewed up this one for her daughter!

Knit Fabric Flowers

Jezzica made these very awesome flowers from knit fabric.  Also, over at Jezzicas Projects, you can see how she makes knit fabric into a rug!

Easy Baby Skirts

Delia, from Delia Creates, made a baby skirt from knit fabric that was formerly a t-shirt!  Since it was so easy, she made 6 of them!

Knit Pajamas

Now who doesn’t like to sleep in knit fabric?  Rachel, over at Once Upon A Sewing Machine, whipped up some pajamas for her kids from knit fabric.

Baby Wrap

Jessica made a baby wrap from knit fabric over at Running With Scissors.  This project may just be my next sewing adventure!  I love baby wearing, and so does my baby!

Toddler Maxi Skirt

Nat, from My Sister’s Suitcase, made an adorable maxi skirt for her toddler.  She started with knit fabric that was formerly a shirt also, which is a very common place for seamstresses to find knit fabric!

Shag Pillow

Vanessa from the amazing V and Co. made this shag pillow from knit fabric.  I want one…or three!

Knit Bow Top

Shauna, of Shwin & Shwin does so many things with knit fabric it was hard to pick just one to show you!  But this pretty little Knit Bow Top was so cute (or was it the model?) that we couldn’t resist!

Sequin Top

Leanna, from Elle Apparel, used a sequin knit fabric to create this slouchy sequin top.  A perfect marriage of casual and fancy!

Knit Maxi Dress

This maxi dress uses both a knit shirt and knit fabric.  Ashley from Make It and Love It has the tutorial.

Quilt with Knit Fabric Backing

We did find a quilt over at Mommy By Day Crafter By Night which Ashley used knit fabric for the backing.  Talk about a cozy quilt for a baby!

Beachy Boatneck Sunki Dress

Raphaëlle made the cutest combination of two dress patterns and two different knit fabrics to create this Beachy Boatneck Sunki Dress.  Absolutely adorable!  Read more over at Duex Souriceaux.

Knit Skirt with Attached Shorts

Autumn and her daughter win the cutest knit skirt award.  They also win the biggest brown eyes award!  And did you see the award they receive during our first annual Spring Skirt Awards?  There’s always something award worthy going on over at It’s Always Autumn!

Men’s T-Shirt

Melissa from Melly Sews, did the opposite of many knit fabric users; she used knit fabric to create a man’s t-shirt rather than use a man’s t-shirt as a source of knit fabric! Go Melly go!

What do you thing of our Knit Fabric roundup?  Will you sew along with our knit fabric contestants and use one of these tutorials for inspiration?  Or will you come up with your own creative knit fabric creation?  We can’t wait to see what everyone makes, we’re looking for so much inspiration ourselves, and our to do list is growing by the minute!

Make it beautiful,