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Denim Week Introduction

Denim Week by Skirt Fixation

Welcome to Denim Week!  This is a super fun week where we’re going to cover everything to do with denim.  There’s a giveaway, discounts, inspiration, tutorials and much more! 

Denim Week by Skirt Fixation

Denim Week Schedule

Monday, June 25: Denim Introduction

Tuesday, June 26: Denim fabric and supplies

Wednesday, June 27: Denim patterns and tutorials

Thursday, June 28: Denim details (Pockets, tags, topstitching, distressing and all the little ways to make your denim garment special!)

Friday, June 29: Other uses for denim

Okay, so let’s get this introduction started!  (The giveaway is located at the end, so be sure to scroll all the way through, it’s a good one!)

Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeans

If you’re interested in the history of denim, check out our post here.

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

This post has everything you should know before you start sewing jeans.

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We’ve got a Pinterest board dedicated to Denim Details here.

Denim skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

For this denim week occasion, I’ve sewn myself two new denim skirts!  I’m excited to share them with you in full detail.  (The back side of these are the best part, if I do say so myself!)

Denim skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that sewing with denim usually means a more complex project.  Which, for beginner sewists, can be quite intimidating.  And we admit that it took us quite a few years of sewing before we attempted these advanced type of projects.  So if you love denim, but are not ready to sew your own, we highly recommend these denim skirts from Style J.

Denim Week Discount

Right now, the Sandbridge Skirt is the featured pattern over at Hey June Patterns, so use the code “Sandbridge15” to get if for 15% off!

Denim Week Giveaway

Cone Mills Denim

Currently, Cone Mills denim is the hottest fabric item in the sewing community.  Threadbare Fabrics has some in stock, and is generously offering 2 yard to the winner of this giveaway!

Closet Case patterns is offering a pattern selected by the winner from any of their jeans patterns.  This included the brand new Jenny Trousers and Overalls, the popular Ginger Jeans (in any of the 3 varieties) and the Morgan Jeans.

Itch to Stitch is giving any one pattern from their shop to the winner.  The winner can choose any pattern, but these are the ones that use denim fabric: Danube Jean Skirt, Mountain View Pull-On Jeans, Liana Stretch Jeans, Angelia Shorts, Sequoia Cargos.

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More Denim Details Inspiration:

We’ve got a Pinterest board dedicated to Denim Details here.

Day 1: Introduction and Cone Mills Denim Giveaway

Day 2: Giant List of Denim Fabric, Supplies and Resources

Day 3: Giant List of Denim Patterns Classes and Tutorials

Day 4: Denim Details to customize your creation

Day 5: Other things to make with Denim Fabric

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My First Jeans {Sewing for Boys}

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation


 When I started on my sewing adventure, sewing jeans for my boys I was certain I would never be able to sew jeans for my boys.  In fact, it never even crossed my mind, it was such an unattainable goal.  But then I started seeing more and more people in the sewing community sewing jeans.  At first I just stared at these posts in awe.  And then I began to question if I could do something like this too?  Finally, the idea just wouldn’t let me go and I had to try it.  I posted about the whole process on Instagram; if you want behind the scenes sewing info, follow us on Instagram!

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

Like the mad seamstress I am, I couldn’t just sew 1 pair at a time.  I ordered enough denim from CaliFabrics to sew 2 pair of jeans for 2 of my boys.  I contacted one of my sewing friends, Karly from Paisley Roots, who just happens to be a master at sewing jeans and asked for her advice on a pattern.  She suggested the Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads.  For a first time sewist of jeans, this was a perfect pattern!

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

With fabric and pattern in hand, I set out to sew jeans.  You can read all about what I learned in my post on the CaliFabrics blog, So You Think You Want To Sew Jeans?  It’s where I suggest a 1st time sewer of jeans begins.

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

Biggest confession: I didn’t make muslins, and the pair I made for Thomas didn’t work out.  He is not a fan of skinny jeans, and these turned out way too skinny for his liking.  Next time I will adjust the width of the legs to his liking.

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

But not all was lost because I happen to have another sewing friend, Sabra from Sew A Straight Line, who has a very tall skinny son and also has sewed lots of jeans so she can appreciate the amount of effort required to sew jeans.  She posted the above photo on Instagram after she got my package in the mail.

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

Fortunately, the jeans I sewed for my 2 year old son fit great.  (And he’s too little to have a preference about skinny jeans or baggy jeans, so…..)  This pair is actually made from the free size 2T pattern.  So if you’re interested in making jeans and have someone that fits that size, you can try it for free first!

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

This size has patch pockets on the front rather than the standard pockets and coin pocket.  Perfect for small chubby hands.  I did make the traditional pockets and coin pocket on the larger size.  Just so I could try that version too.

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

One amazing thing about sewing jeans is all the topstitching that goes into them.  In a tribute to that, for the back pocket designs, I sewed 3 lines of topstitching across the pockets.  Sort of tongue in cheek, sewing joke.

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

My goal in sewing jeans for my boys was to make them NOT look homemade.  Sort of another funny sewing joke.  Spending hours and hours making something not look like you made it!  But I think I succeeded and the topstitching and hardware play a large part in the not-homemade look.  What do you think?

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

Allegra and the Baby had fun with this photo shoot.  Baby got to hold his long suffering kitty and Allegra just snapped away.  A boy, a barn, a kitty and new jeans.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

So what’s the verdict, you ask?  Will I sew jeans again for my boys?  Most likely yes!  I have a great pattern, CaliFabrics has great denim fabric, and I know what sizes to make.  And not make…

Leave me a comment and tell me what a superstar I am for sewing jeans for my boys!