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Runway Skirt Blog Tour Day 3

Walking down the catwalk today in the Runway Skirt we have 2 beautiful guests.   Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post.

Melissa, from Rebel and Malice, sized down her Runway Skirt several sizes for extra ooh-la-la factor!  She made a midi version, and I just love the combination of fabrics she used.  Click on her photo to see more fabulousness.

Runway Skirt sewn by Rebel and Malice

Next we have Miranda from Inspinration.  Miranda was one of the testers for the Runway Skirt, and she was the first one to suggest making the zipper optional.  Then she went ahead and showed us how beautifully it worked!  Click through her photo to find out more about her beautiful Runway Skirt.


Be sure to enter the giveaway below.  You can win a copy of the Runway Skirt and also a $25 gift certificate to Urban Sew, which should buy you enough fabric to make your Runway Skirt.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And finally, you can grab the Runway Skirt on sale especially for this tour.  Buy it here at Savvy Patterns.

Come back the rest of the week for some more amazing skirts from these talented ladies:


12-5  Friends Stitched Together & Very Blissful Blog

12-6 Call Ajaire & Sew Mariefleur

12-7 Rebel And Malice & Inspinration & Shaffer Sisters

12-8 Paisley Roots & Feather Flights & Skirt Fixation

12-9 Enantiomerproject & My Sweet Sunshine & Sew Haute Blog

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2016 Spring Skirt Awards

Spring Skirt Awards 2016


Summer has come with a very hot vengeance in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere.  So that means you don’t have to wait any longer for the 2016 Spring Skirt Awards Ceremony!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Best Woven Skirt Award

Bianca starts off the ceremony with a smashing skirt made from bias tape appliquéd onto fabric to make this skirt.  Seriously!  Run, don’t walk, over to Thanks! I Made Them, Sew Can You to read all about this amazing skirt.  Here’s your badge, Bianca.

Spring Skirt Awards 2016

Best Skirt Tutorial

Jess, one of our sewing blogger idols from The Sewing Rabbit, made a tutorial for this darling wrap maxi skirt.  Just wait until the end of the ceremony to start sewing it…the sound of so many machines might be a bit distracting!!!  Jess, here’s your badge.

Spring Skirt Awards 2016

Best New Pattern

Do these skirts look familiar?  Yes, we’ve already sewn 3 of them.  That’s how good the new Axel skirt pattern from Megan Nielsen is!  Megan, please accept this badge…

Spring Skirt Awards 2016

Best Knit Skirt

Speaking of knit skirts in threes for mother and daughter teams, here is Sophie from Sew Sophie Lynn with one of our favorite knit skirt patterns!  Sophie, feel free to take this badge in triplicate because you gals deserve it!

Spring Skirt Awards 2016

Best Maxi Skirt

How could we not give Heather from The Sewing Loft an award for this sunny maxi skirt? It’s the perfect spring statement skirt.  Heather, sashay on up here and claim your award!

Spring Skirt Awards 2016

Best Little Skirt

Yes, we know.  It’s another skirt pattern we’ve sewn recently.  But that’s seriously how awesome these little skirts are!  And the double cuteness of these striped skirts from Holli of Hello Holli is just beyond award winning.  Nevertheless, here’s your badge, Holli!

Spring Skirt Awards 2016

Most Creative Skirt

Please ignore the fact that we’re awarding ANOTHER badge to a pattern we’ve sewn.  Focus instead on this question: how do you creatively make a plain skirt fun and exciting?  Bonnie from Whisk ‘Em has this little conundrum figured out!  Lucky girl!  Bonnie, here’s the cherry on top…your badge:

Spring Skirt Awards 2016

Most Fun Skirt

What’s more fun than matching Mom?  We can’t think of anything when it involves a skirt this darling!  ZowieZo and her daughter definitely earned this badge.

Spring Skirt Awards 2016

Best Skirt Refashion

If we could award a lifetime badge for this refashion by Miranda of Inspinration, we would.  And it’s not just because we sent her the UGLY skirt that she refashioned.  Nope!  It’s because she’s the refashioning queen!!!

Spring Skirt Awards 2016

Fancy Skirt Award

We’re aware that every time Katy of No Big Dill makes a skirt we give it an award.  And you know what?  We’re okay with that!  Even when it happens because we sent her some fabric we designed.  Because everything Katy does is award worthy.  So Katy, please accept this badge we humbly offer and try to find some room on your shelf for another award!

Spring Skirt Awards 2016

Best Spring Skirt

This little skirt epitomizes spring.  Puddles, raindrops, bare feet.  Sylvia from Lily en Woody created spring in a skirt, and we ADORE it!  Sylvie, here’s your badge!

Spring Skirt Awards 2016

Okay everyone, that’s all for the Spring Skirt Awards 2016!  If you earned a badge, please take it home with you and display it proudly!  Everyone else, if you see or make a skirt this summer, drop us a line to nominate it for the Summer Skirt Awards 2016.  See you then.  And be sure to visit often for lots of skirt related fun in the mean time!

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UGLY Skirt VS Inspinration

Ugly Skirt Refashion

We interrupt this blog for the following announcement:

ugly skirt

Breaking News:  The UGLY Skirt has struck again.  This time, the wily skirt sailed across the ocean to attack an innocent lady and her four children.  Spoiler Alert:  It’ll never pick on her again!!!  Let’s have a look at the perpetrator’s mug shot:

UGLY Skirt Challenge

Oh my, that IS one UGLY skirt!  So let’s see how Miranda of Inspinration handled that beast.

Ugly Skirt Refashion

Uhhhhh, well that simply qualifies as the easier refashion ever.  The waistband string becomes a halter strap!  Make a silly face and boom!  You’re done…


(Folks, we think the UGLY skirt might have actually won a round here!)


Wait a minute, what’s that?


You’re breaking up…


It must be the distance across the ocean and a bad connection…


Wait for it…


Keep scrolling…


Folks, you are not going to believe this!  Miranda of Inspinration wrestled that UGLY skirt into not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR new garments for her children that don’t even have ugly on the Richter scale they are so amazingly cute!  Ugly Skirt Challenge Refashion

That right there is your sneak peek, folks.  Run, don’t walk, over to Inspinration to see how Miranda whipped that UGLY skirt into shape!

For your viewing pleasure, here are the other rounds of The UGLY Skirt Challenge.  Click on each one to be transported there…

For all the previous rounds of The Ugly Skirt Challenge, click on a thumbnail below to be taken to that challenge.



The Ugly Skirt Challenge final skirt outfit

ugly skirt challenge


Falafel and the BeeHow about you?  Are you willing to take the U.G.L.Y. skirt challenge?  Leave us a comment!  (If you’ve already signed up, be watching your mailbox!  We can’t be held responsible if your mailbox melts at the pure ugliness!)  See you tomorrow for your regularly scheduled, sedate, beautiful sewing projects.