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Refashion for Magda!

Perfect gift set for a baby boy!

If you’ve come here from from House of Estrela, Hi, and welcome!  Let us introduce ourselves.  We are a mother/daughters team and we blog here at Skirt Fixation about everything to do with skirts!  When we signed up to be a part of Magda’s Refashion Month, we had no clue what we would be refashioning!  How’s that for planning?  But sometimes we work best when we fly by the seat of our, er, skirt!  So we signed up and thought hoped inspiration would hit later.  Then Magda was one of our contestants during Challenge Create: Adult Edition, and we learned a lot more about her, including that she was expecting a baby boy.  By the time the contest was finished, we loved Magda and her style and her new unborn baby, and knew we had to make something for the little one.  Having welcomed a baby boy to our family in April, we had a pretty good idea of what the perfect baby boy gift basket could contain!  (And to make it extra special for Magda, the refashion queen, we had to include a refashion!)  So here’s a photo of the finished baby gift set.

Perfect gift set for a baby boy!

We got the courage to actually sew something, as opposed to buy something, from a cousin because she sent us a handmade baby gift in April, and it was our absolute favorite gift!  We knew all the work and love that had gone into it!  Now we’ll explain each piece of that set individually.  First, the sleep sacque, refashioned from a nightdress.

NIghtdress before

We took this picture right after we forgot to take a before photo and had cut off the lace hem and bodice top!  But we pieced them back together for you to get the idea.  We used Frances Suzanne’s tutorial except made the sleep sacque a little shorter as they suggested.  We cut the top off a long sleeve onesie (see the mittened hands, perfect for covering newborn baby fingernails?!)  and used it for the top of the sleep sacque.  We gathered the bottom piece of the nightie, and here you have a little comfy sleep sacque for a newborn boy!

sleep sacque for baby boy

We love to use sleep sacques at the beginning of a newborn’s life because they make diaper changes so much easier!  And there are a lot of diaper changes at first!

The next piece in the baby boy gift basket is the footed set.

footed pants with matching hat

We used two tutorials for this one, the footed pants from Sew Much Ado, and the knotted knit hat from Make It Love It.  Again, we always keep a hat on our newborn, and the footed pants are so nice too because they eliminate the whole missing sock, cold foot epidemic our babies have always suffered from!  Allegra embroidered around the monkey we added to the (store bought) onesie to make it match the rest of the outfit.

The last two things in the gift basket for Magda’s baby boy are two swaddle blankets.

swaddle blankets

When our first baby, Allegra, was born, you could find receiving blankets in sizes large enough to swaddle a baby well into the first six months of their lives.  But since then, baby blankets have shrunk!  Quite a few years and babies later, we decided to start making our own blankets in just the right size for swaddling!  Now being that Magda’s baby is going to be swaddled in July, we used a lightweight flannel of just one layer.  For winter babies, you can use thicker flannel or two layers.  Most baby blankets are slightly rectangular, and that just doesn’t work for swaddling very well, so we make ours 42″ x 26″.  That size gives you plenty of width for wrapping around the baby, and not too much extra hanging past their feet that you don’t know what to do with!

Perfect gift set for a baby boy!

Well, there you have it…in our opinion, the perfect gift basket for a baby boy!  Be sure to pop over to House of Estrela in July for all the fun during her Refashion Month.

Here is the lineup of who else is making a refashion for Magda during her Refashion Month.

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Did you know there’s a giveaway, too?   a Rafflecopter giveaway
 The giveaway is for people who link up a refashion in the Flickr group!


Congratulations, Magda, and enjoy that new baby boy!

Audrey, Allegra, Arie & Annie

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Challenge Create: Adult Edition 2nd Runner Up

Today our fun task continues. We get to reward another very hard working lady! The 2nd runner up for Challenge Crete: Adult Edition nearly worked herself into oblivion! We would like to present Magda from House of Estrela! Let’s take a minute and review her four outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.Magda - Nature InspiredMagda’s Nature Inspired Outfit

magda refashionMagda’s Refashioned Outfit

magda in vintageMagda’s (Hint of) Vintage Outfit

magda destashMagda’s Destash Outfit

What an amazing maternity wardrobe! What an amazing lady! Does she not personify motherhood in all it’s grace, softness and beauty? We think she deserves to be well rewarded for her hard work, and our sponsors are going to make this possible by donating to Magda:


$35 of her choice of sewing supplies from A Fashionable Stitch

Laura Marsh Designs3 pack of patterns from Laura Marsh Designs

Not A Skirt! eBookA copy of our ebook, Not A Skirt!

Also, as a special thank you from us personally, we are giving Magda a gift basket of our favorite handmade baby essentials. (Yes, there will be a future blog post about this!)

We are also very, very impressed that as well as her four very gorgeous maternity outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition, Magda sewed along with Project Run & Play and also Kids Clothing Week! What an amazing lady and mother, that Magda!

Everyone was in agreement that Magda’s outfits were ones that they would love to have during pregnancy. After all, it’s a time when comfort is so important, and so hard to come by! A little behind the scenes about Magda. She worked so very hard on all her creations, and sewed her heart out, and nearly wore herself out! She wasn’t sure she was going to be able to complete the final week, but we’re so glad she did! We sincerely hope Magda takes the rest of her pregnancy at a slower pace…maybe relaxing on the beach (from her refashion photos) in some of her amazing maternity outfits!

We’d like everyone to go visit Magda at House of Estrela and congratulate her. We wish every woman a beautiful motherhood like Magda!

Thank you, Magda, for contributing such softness and grace to Challenge Create: Adult Edition. We’ll see you in July over at House of Estrela when we contribute to Refashion Month there.

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Magda @ House of Estrela’s Destash Creation

Today we get to share with you the first contestant for the final week of Challenge Create: Adult Edition.  Presenting Magda from House of Estrela and her Destash Creation:

This week’s theme was “Destash”, and well, that is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years, so this should have been an easy week. But I’ll be honest! It wasn’t! So many things went wrong. Read why on my blog. But I made it!
I really thought I wouldn’t be able to have an outfit done for this week’s entry.  I even considered giving up on the pieces I was making and start all over with something quite simple.
Before picking any patterns, I went looking at my fabric stash. I picked this very light grey cotton. It’s not in the stash for a long time, contrary to most of my stuff. I bought it already in 2014, and I am sure if it wasn’t for this challenge it would just sit there for a much longer time. 
I decided to make a pair of trousers with it. What?! Yeah! I just went a little crazy here. It was the only piece of clothing I said I wouldn’t be making because I already had two maternity pants and didn’t need a third pair. But this would allow me to use a lot of the fabric. I used a regular women’s trousers pattern from Burda, it has two pleats on the front and two on the back, and side pockets. It original had a high waist and a zipper on the side, but of course I had to adjust that to maternity wear. I’ve cut it on the front and attached a knit band that goes all over my belly. To make this, I used an old shirt, and an elastic on the top of the band so it will fit until the end of the pregnancy. 
When I figured out the pants, before going into the patterns again, I went looking into the fabric stash. I had this mustard piece of fabric that I had been saving (for years). It was the best colour to go with the grey pants, so I picked it. Then I chose the tunic, it was from a maternity clothes Brazilian magazine. I loved the pattern, but the picture of the tunic they had kept me skeptic about it until I finally started doing my own.  I tried to follow the instructions, but they were so basic that I was quite confused when I got to the button placket. I just couldn’t put it together and had to work it out on my own. It has some decorative zebra printed ribbon on the chest. It closes in the front with three wood buttons, from my stash, just like the ribbon. Another feature of the tunic, is the pleats on the front. And I can wear it while nursing too!
So, even though it was finished on the last minute, the photoshoot was quick and conditioned by the weather, I am pleased with my last outfit for Challenge Create. For more info and photos, visit my blog HERE
Once again, Magda, you’ve really sewed up an amazing outfit!  That cute little top will be perfect for the summer months of pregnancy and nursing!  We are amazed by your resourcefulness throughout this entire Challenge!  We are so glad you persevered and were a contestant on Challenge Create: Adult Edition!  You brought such femininity and grace to the Challenge.  Everyone, come back tomorrow as we show you the next contestant’s destash creation!
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Magda @ House of Estrela’s (Hint of) Vintage Creation

Today we get to present you our fourth and final submission for the (Hint of) Vintage theme.  Unveiling Magda from House of Estrela:

What a week! What a theme!

When I first knew the themes, I was very excited with them all. Then I started to feel depressed about this third week. Vintage… a hint of it… so many possibilities, so many great things I could do… if I wasn’t pregnant. No matter what time from the past I’d pick to get inspired by, there were always garments I was sure I couldn’t turn into maternity wear. This would be the week I’d go back to the era of the corsets. Did I ever mention how much I love them? I am pretty sure I did. But, there’s no way I can fit into a corset right now. I went for a 50’s inspired look after all… Just a bit…

My main (vintage) focus was the skirt. I didn’t want to make a very complicated one. I wanted something with some twirl, suitable during pregnancy and after. And I was sure I wanted to use the red plaid fabric I had in my stash for years. To get this look all I did, was to sew a fabric tube, hem it, shirr the top of it and attach to a rib knit band. Skirt done!

To complete my vintage look I needed something for the top. And at 26-27 weeks along, I started thinking not so much of only flowy clothes to wear during pregnancy, but also something, I could possibly wear after, suitable for nursing too. Yes, I believe nursing is important, and having clothes that allows an easier nursing period even better. Especially, when you’re not a huge fan of button up shirts, which is where I fit. I’ve had this idea in mind for quite a while and was sure I wanted to use it during the challenge. It’s not my own idea though, I’ve seen it a couple times online. SO, what was it? Making a top, with access to nursing, by adding two openings on each side.

I drafted the top pattern out of one of my store bought shirts. The original had some puckering on the front, a circle collar and was about my waist long. For my own, I wanted the collar to be slightly squared shaped so the openings would look better. I did the openings with this technique here, and used snaps to close it. And I made it much longer, as a tunic. I like it so much I’ve been wearing it for two days already. 

Quite a simple outfit this time, that works just great for me and my figure at the moment. For this photoshoot I’ve used a belt, but I can also wear it without it, works well both ways. And I totally can wear the tunic in a less formal way, with a pair of leggings. You can see the three ways I’ve been wearing them below.

If you want to see more photos, visit my blog HERE

Oh, Magda, you are so inspiring!  And the way you think ahead to your future needs is just fantastic!  We love your (hint of) vintage outfit!  Now it is time to review and vote!  Here is another look at each of the (Hint of) Vintage outfits:


Becca & Suzanne’s @ Pattern Revolution’s (Hint of) Vintage outfits.

michelle in vintageMichelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s (Hint of) Vintage outfit.

Stacy in vintageStacy @ The Land of K.A.’s (Hint of) Vintage outfit.

magda in vintageMagda @ House of Estrela’s (Hint of) Vintage outfit.

Now it’s time for you to participate.  Vote in the poll for your favorite Refashioned outfit.  Voting is open NOW and ends at 8 am Sunday.  Remember, 25% of their score is based on your vote!

Vote for your favorite (Hint of) Vintage Outfit!

  • Stacy @ The Land of K.A. (5%, 10 Votes)
  • Michelle @Falafel and the Bee (17%, 32 Votes)
  • Magda @ House of Estrela (31%, 60 Votes)
  • Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution (47%, 89 Votes)

Total Voters: 191

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Voting is also now open on the Sew Along entries, and you get to choose the winner, so be sure to visit the Sew Along seamstresses and vote there too!  Come back Monday when we reveal the winners!

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Magda @ House of Estrela’s Refashion Creation

Today we get to present our third contestant and her Refashion Creation for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.  Unveiling Magda from House of Estrela:

This has to be one of my favourite themes from the challenge. After all, most of the things I make are refashioned on a daily basis, and I host a Refashion Series (now twice a year), so me, me, me all over it.

 However, when I went looking in my pile, I couldn’t find anything I’d really turn into maternity clothes, the only appealing thing to me was this long orange dress, original from the 70’s that, if I am honest with you, loved just as it was. But it was outdated, and I believe I’d be called “crazy” if I went outside wearing it.

I picked it for my project. I knew exactly what I wanted to make out of it, and also that I needed something else to go with it. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted/needed so it turned out pretty easy for me.

I didn’t have anything in the stash that would go with the orange so I went thirft shopping in my usual charity shop, and found a child’s size dress for 0,50€ (about $0.70) (amazing, right?!). I wasn’t sure if it’d fit me at all or not, but I brought it home with me.

The brown “things” in the before photo? Two pieces, leg leftovers from a toddler’s trousers. I used those for the handbag/clutch.

So… in order to get the new look out of these two pieces, I did more unpicking and hand sewing that anything else. I started by taking off the flower on the front, the sleeves and the neckline ruffles from the dress, and hemming it to my height. I had to do a lot of unpicking, and then sewing again, so the dress would look even.


For the Cardigan, which was previously the dress, I did a bit more. I started by turning it around, front-back wise. I’ve removed the sleeves cuff – which was too tight for me, I’ve added an elastic to the hem instead and used some of the original lace from the dress sleeves. To close my cardigan, I used vintage lace, and tight in the front. Both dress and cardigan, have an invisible stitch on their hems, which I did by hand too. 

On the back of the cardigan I added some lace too, to make it a bit wider as I walk. I also changed the front to make it sort of triangular, and follow the dress shape instead how having a straight line.
To finish off the look, I made myself a new clutch. For this I used the trousers legs leftovers, the flower I took off from the dress and also scraps from the cardigan. I hemming it shorter, and those pieces were the ones I used for the clutch.
For more photos on my look, please visit my blog, HERE

Wow, Magda!  We think your comfortable, feminine, flowy outfit embodies motherhood just as beautifully as you do!!  Way to refashion!  Everyone be sure to come back tomorrow to see the last refashion creation and to vote!  Also, if you haven’t linked up to the refashion sew along yet, you still have time!

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Magda @ House Of Estrela’s Nature Inspired Creation

Our second contestant is here today to present you her Nature Inspired Creation.  Unveiling Magda from House of Estrela:

First week here, and I assumed this theme challenge in two ways, divided into the two pieces I created. When I first thought about Nature… Spring… I thought about poppies.  I loved seeing them popping in when Spring arrived. I used it as my inspiration and chose my fabric for the shirt/tunic. It is a dark blue chiffon, with some sort of polka dots that aren’t red nor orange. 

 My tunic fits now, and after I give birth, even when nursing. Self drafted pattern, it’s long and wide enough to grow a bit more with the belly, with some hand sewn puckering on the front top, and across the back. To finish it off and fit it to my figure, I’ve sewn a belt.

And now that I have told you about the tunic and first inspiration road, let me tell you about the second way I looked at “nature inspired” and the shorts. Nature = Mother Nature = Maternity… of course! Nature is right now working its way on me and I couldn’t let it pass on unmentioned. I first thought about making maternity pants, but I already had a pair and what I really missed in my wardrobe, now that warmer days are closer, are shorts. I drafted the pattern out of my own maternity jeans, but instead of using a large belly band, I switched it in my piece for a smaller band with a wide elastic. The construction of the shorts was pretty much the same as you sew jeans, I can’t precise what fabric is this, it’s not denim or chambray, but feels quite similar to it. 

To personalize my shorts, I wanted to somehow add a maternity symbol so I searched for one. I came across an image that I absolutely adored and tried to recreate in my pockets, with a free hand drawing using red and black fabric markers. In the other pocket, I have stitched _ _ _ MATERNITY=love _ You can barely see it. The shorts are fully topstitched, and have front pockets that we failed to detail photograph too. I made them a little roomy for now, with space to grow.

Thank you Magda!  From one expectant mother to another, we think you (and your nature inspired outfit) rock!  Everyone be sure to come back tomorrow for the third nature inspired creation!  See you there!