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2017 Sewing Goals

And now that we’ve assessed our sewing from 2016, we want to share our sewing goals for 2017 with you!  Just like our State of the Blog 2016 post, all of us are contributing today.


If last year was about new things, this year is going to be a mix of new and continuing!  My plan is to continue meeting sewing bloggers in person (at least 3 more!) continue sewing for Mr. Skirt Fixation (he’s requested pants…scary!) and continue participating in Project Sew It.

As for new, there’s a huge new thing happening with a baby due soon!  So I’m going to be blogging a lot about baby sewing.  I have so many ideas and things planned, I’ve already named this new category Handmade Baby.  Now to settle on the baby’s name…


This year I anticipate a move forward into ‘adult life’, and that may or may not include more time away from home, and less time sewing. I still want to do crafting, and maybe some more detailed embroidery, but I’m not limiting myself to specific goals this year, since I don’t know what will be reasonable to accomplish.  My over-arching goal, I think, is to force myself to try new things, no matter how scary they seem  (And also not to sprain my hand sewing on buttons for mom, cause I know I’ll still be doing that XD)


As I have started high school, I will be a lot busier this year, which means less time for sewing and things like that… But I do plan on joining Mom in Project Sew It, partly because my wardrobe is very lacking.  I’m really exited to be doing this, and plan on making a lot of it purple and gray.


I want to sew a quilt for the new baby.  I also want to sew more clothes for myself.  And I have some ideas for making new things for my doll.

How about you, do you have any sewing goals for 2017?

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2015 Blog Goals

Yesterday we offered a State of The Blog 2014, so today we thought it would be fun to set some goals and dream a little. Like yesterday, we all decided to contribute.


No compromise! That’s my biggest resolution. I find myself carrying on an internal conversation when I’m sewing, saying things like, “Oh well, no one will notice!” and “It’s only the inside.” But then I am dissatisfied with the final product because I know about each and every little defect. So this year, No Compromise!

And, this year I want to be more deliberate in my fabric buying. Like Teri, I tend to be so impulsive when I see a fabric I like. I want to try to only buy fabric with a specific use in mind. The stash, you know!

Game Day Dress and Jersey Review by Skirt Fixation

Last year my goal was to master sewing with knit fabric.  Well, I sewed with knits quite a bit, but I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered it, so onward!  It’ll be a delightful journey!


My New Year’s resolutions for my sewing/crafting life are as follows.

1. Work with new/different materials. For instance, felt, leather, etc.

Girl's Mara Dress

2. Sew up some garments from patterns. I did have fun with the little dress that I sewed for Annie from a pattern, and it’s a great life skill to be able to sew from a pattern.

3. Create a basic wardrobe for myself. I mean that I want to make mix and match-able things that I can use as basics.


This year, I would like to make a lot more things than I did last year.

Easy skirt to bag refashion by Skirt Fixation

For one thing, I would like to sew a pattern, and I would also like to make a quilt.


Annie says that her New Year’s resolutions include learning how to embroider, learning how to knit, and how to sew a little skirt for her bear.

teddy bear skirt

She has been asking Allegra for quite a while to teach her how to embroider, and now she’ll have to get right on it! She wants to knit so that she can learn how to knit scarves and gloves and socks, she says. That will be Aria’s job, as she is our resident knitter.

The Blog:

A little glimpse into what’s coming this year for the blog:

Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition round 2!

Living Skirt Art (everyone’s favorite!) grows into a bigger event this year.

An Instagram Liberty of London fabric swap. (You’ll want to follow us on Instagram as that’s not the only great thing coming up there!)

All The Skirts ~ New Editions

Some new things we can’t quite reveal yet!

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 10.16.05 PM

And to get the year off to a very, very perfect start, we found out yesterday that we won a $100 gift certificate from on Instagram!!!! We are so very delighted and can’t wait to place our order and get sewing! Here’s to a very Happy 2015.