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“Deer” Niece’s Birthday {Project Sew It}

For the final Project Sew it of the year, sort of splurged.  The recipient it my youngest niece, and the only little girl I ever get to sew for! project+sew+it+grey

There’s something inspirational going on this year.  Celina of Petit a Petit and Family created Project Sew It.  You can read all about it here, but the basic premise is to sew one thing every month.  I’m putting my own twist on it by sewing one thing for each of my nieces and nephews for their birthdays this year.  It won’t end up being once per month, and sometimes it’ll be more than once per month, but it’s my goal!  I sew so much for my kids, that I want to share the sewing love.

Project Sew It birthday present for a "deer" girl sewn by Skirt Fixation

I sewed some tiny girl things for her when she was born, but now that it was her birthday and she’s mobile it was time for some bigger things.  Not like that was going to be a hardship…

Project Sew It birthday present for a "deer" girl sewn by Skirt Fixation

I started with the free Girl’s Peplum Top pattern by Sew Much Ado.  This pattern is free only for size 18 months, which was exactly what my niece needed.  This pattern is also available for purchase from Sew Much Ado in larger sizes.  The reason I chose this pattern was for the ease of movement for a crawling, active, mobile child.  A dress or skirt would get in the way, but a peplum is perfectly girly solution.  For the fabric, I used Girl Charlee’s fawn silhouette fabric (currently available in different colors.)  The only change I made to the pattern was to split the peplum part of the top into 2 pieces so the little deer would be right side up on both sides of the top.

Project Sew It birthday present for a "deer" girl sewn by Skirt Fixation

A peplum can’t be worn by itself, so a pair of leggings was in order.  The Lollipop Leggings pattern affiliate link (without the skirt this time!)  using the button tab option turned out to be a perfect match.  I used some fabric I’d found at JoAnn’s because it matched perfectly.  As I was searching for the perfect buttons in my rather small button stash, nothing was grabbing me.  Then I remembered my bead stash which is insanely huge.  Since these buttons are non functional, beads worked here.  I just happened to have some with darling little animals on them.

Project Sew It birthday present for a "deer" girl sewn by Skirt Fixation

The final piece in my final Project Sew It creation for the year wasn’t necessary, but the star of the show, of course!  I’m referring to the Evergreen bonnet by Twig & Tale.  I had to use the free Reindeer Add On to keep the deer theme going of course.  For the fabrics, I used a brown flannel for the outside, and the softest white fleece I could find (leftover from this canvas jacket project) for the inside.  Then there was the perfect ribbon in my stash, so this whole bonnet was free to make, how could I not?  I could just picture my niece in it!  And then my sister-in-law sent me photos and I was blown away.

Project Sew It birthday present for a "deer" girl sewn by Skirt Fixation

It was even better than I could have imagined!  Plus my sister-in-law says it’s the go to hat for her daughter for the cold weather this winter.  It covers her ears better than any other hat they have, and stays in place.

Project Sew It birthday present for a "deer" girl sewn by Skirt Fixation

I’m so delighted to have completed my goal of sewing something for each of my nieces and nephews this year through the Project Sew It inspirational challenge.  They’ve just announced their challenge for 2017, and I’ve declared myself in!

Project Sew It birthday present for a "deer" girl sewn by Skirt Fixation

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Star Wars T-shirt DIY {Kids Clothes Week Day 3}

Dark Zader Star Wars t-shirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Kids Clothes Week day 3 brings a new outfit for my 4 year old.  David has a dimple, a lisp, huge eyes with eyelashes a mile long, and other adorable eccentricities that make this mama’s heart swell!  I’m not one of those moms whose kid has a speech therapist, I always am a little sad when the lisp or speech impediment goes away.

Dark Zader Star Wars t-shirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

David calls Darth Vader “Dark Zader!”  Isn’t that a perfect name?  I think the creators of Star Wars should have thought of that.  And since a Darth Vader shirt for a four year old is probably a little, well, dark, I decided to add his funny little saying to the shirt.

Dark Zader Star Wars t-shirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

The black fabric was left over from this skirt I made for Allegra, and the white is an old t-shirt of Mr. Skirt Fixation’s.  I used the existing hem and didn’t even hem the sleeves because this bamboo knit from The Fabric Fairy is so awesome and never frays.

Dark Zader Star Wars t-shirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

The pattern I used is Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan Tee.  Look familiar?  (Like you just saw it yesterday?)  Well, when you have a succesful formula, don’t change it!  And I also had David’s size all ready to go from the summer Kids Clothes Week, so this was another fast and easy sew.

Dark Zader Star Wars t-shirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

So fast, in fact, that it gave me time to make him a pair of Oliver + S Parachute Sweatpants.  David has been requesting a pair of pajama pants that don’t slide up when he is sleeping, so immediately I thought of this pattern.

Dark Zader Star Wars t-shirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

I think he’ll be wearing them for more than just sleeping, though!  They are so soft and comfy and well constructed that I want a pair to sleep in!  The blue fabric is sweatshirt knit from Girl Charlee, leftover from my jacket, and the gray sweatshirt knit is leftover from this knight hoodie.  A new item from scraps?  Win!  In fact, all the fabric in this little outfit is leftover.  (I keep forgetting to put up the Sew My Stash 2015 score, but this is 100% so I’ll just pat myself of the back now!)

Dark Zader Star Wars t-shirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

This would be a perfect outfit to link up the the sew along at Top Stitchers for the prompt Kids Say The Darndest Things.  There are over $600 in prizes to win, so you should really check it out!

Dark Zader Star Wars t-shirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

If you think this little graphic is as cute as I do, here is the free printable for you to grab and use.  I reversed the image for you so you can just iron it straight on.  You can see I forgot to do that for myself, so I had to cut the words off before I ironed it onto my fabric and write it by hand.  Oh, and I just wanted to give a little plug for the photo transfer paper that I used.

My sister put me onto it, and it is absolutely the best I’ve ever used!  It’s so disappointing to put a lot of work into an item of clothing and then have it get ruined the first time you wash it, which is what’s happened with some other photo transfer papers I’ve used.  So be sure to use this one.

Dark Zader Star Wars t-shirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Boys are so fun/funny to have a photoshoot with.  Instead of pretending they are having a tea party, they want to have their stick gun and play war during the photos!  Love em!

Dark Zader Star Wars t-shirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

Alright, now it’s back to sewing for me!

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Hand Painted Field Trip Raglan T-shirts

Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt Fixation

Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationTwo days in a row without a skirt?  Well, sorry, but I got on a roll making Field Trip Raglan T-shirts for my boys!  And embellishing them was too fun.  I simply had to!  Let’s start with the bigger version on Thomas.Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationOnce again, I used the Field Trip Raglan T-shirt pattern from Oliver+S.  Before sewing, I added the Cessna Skyhawk airplane. Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationHere’s the process is you want to make your own:

Step 1:  Print off photo/ line drawing of airplane.

Step 2:  Place carbon paper under drawing, dark side down, on top of shirt front.

Step 3:  Use pencil to trace over lines of airplane.

Step 4:  Remove drawing and carbon paper.  Trace over remaining lines with black fabric marker.

Step 5:  I added the words “Skyhawk” in red because Thomas’ favorite airplane is a certain red and white Cessna Skyhawk.Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationThen I sewed the rest of the shirt together following the Oliver+S pattern instructions.  I color-blocked this t-shirt to have a black back as well as sleeves and neckband.Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationThomas is thrilled to have this t-shirt added to yesterday’s Inkodye cowboy t-shirt.  I don’t sew as often for my boys as I do for my girls, so to get 2 shirts in one week was a big thing!Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationFor David’s shirt, I cut out the shirt front of the Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan t-shirt.  Before sewing it together, I added the footprint truck drawing. Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationHere’s how so you can do it too:

Step 1:  Put a lot of fabric paint on a tray.  Dip in child’s foot.  Place foot on shirt front, straight down with no wiggling.  Wash foot!

Step 2:  I used fabric paint and freehanded the rest of the truck using fabric paint.  I referenced the photo from my Kids Clothes Week modes of transportation inspiration post.

Step 3:  Allow shirt front to dry for 24 hours before constructing the rest of the shirt.Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationPretty easy, and SUCH fun results.  The black knit fabric in both these shirts came from Girl Charlee, and the white is the same as yesterday, a white cotton knit from JoAnn Fabrics.Footprint truck shirt made by Skirt Fixation

David honestly couldn’t decide which shirt to wear today and kept switching between this shirt and the sun print one I made him yesterday.Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationThomas is very happy to have another shirt that is custom made for his frame. Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationPrepare yourself for a photo overload of David in his shirt because he was having a blast being in front of the camera. Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationHere is the story of David’s cute dimple.  When David was 2, he was running with a pencil and fell down.  The eraser end jabbed his cheek!  (Lucky it wasn’t the other end, I know!) Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationFor about a month he had a bruise and a muscle knot in that spot.  Then the bruise and the knot went away, but the dimple stayed. Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationEveryone loves that dimple, and I always tell them it’s self-inflicted!  A happy ending to a scary story…Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationOne reason he was standing so still for the photos was I told him to hold still and listen for the click of the camera so he would know when I was finished taking a photo. Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationHe listened so intently and his eyes lit up every time he heard a click!  It was just perfect for snapping adorable photo after adorable photo!

Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt FixationAlthough I made my own t-shirts using the Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirt pattern, you could easily embellish t-shirts that were already made.Hand painted Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts made by Skirt Fixation


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Jocole Peplum Top Review

Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt Fixation

Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt FixationIn my last post, I mentioned the Summer Capsule Wardrobe.  This event is being hosted by Becca over at Free Notion.  The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to have a small number of clothing items that you love and wear often.  No more closet stuffed full of clothing and feeling like you have nothing to wear.Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt FixationWith the help and guidance of Becca and the Summer Capsule Wardrobe sew along, I’ve finally found some patterns that I love and flatter me too!  You see, the secret to having only a few items of clothing is knowing what you like, and why.  This includes styles, fabrics, colors, and everything!Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt FixationThe first new pattern I tried out is the Jocole Peplum Top.  This flatters several body shapes including rectangle (me) and hourglass (Allegra) so it will be very useful and very much used!  Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt FixationBecca encouraged insisted we make muslins before using good fabric to sew our chosen patterns.  This makes sense and is in line with the theme of the capsule wardrobe; if you don’t like what you make, you won’t wear it.  So the purpose of a muslin, or several muslins is to check the fit with inexpensive fabric before you use the good stuff.  Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt FixationI grumbled about making a muslin!  I’ll admit it!  I just don’t like to sew something I’m not going to wear, and a muslin has a high possibility of not being worn, right?  I prefer to measure carefully and get it close enough.  But there are things I’ve made that I don’t wear, so I just gritted my teeth and made a muslin.  After measuring carefully!  And my muslin actually turned out wearable!  There were only a few changed I made from this one to the final versions.  Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt FixationI lengthened the waist of the Jocole Peplum Top a little bit more from the 3 inches I added for my muslin.  On the muslin, I used wide FOE for the neckline, (which is not called for in the instructions) and on the final version, I used narrow FOE.  I also widened the shoulders by grading out to an XL at the shoulders and back to a M by the underarms.  Because I’m not only tall, my shoulders are very wide.  Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt FixationIn the end, I was very glad I made the muslin, and only partly because I had another wearable garment!  The source of the muslin knit fabric was a dress I refashioned.  I also used some of it here.  And the knit for the final garment came from Girl Charlee.Jocole Peplum Top Review by Skirt Fixation I actually made a third Jocole Peplum Top…but it’s part of a whole outfit, so you’ll have to wait for another day to see it!  I plan to use the Jocole Peplum Top as part of my summer capsule wardrobe.  In these photos I’ve paired it with my Jocole Knit Pencil Skirt.  Even though the colors don’t scream summer, the knit is very lightweight, and I will be wearing it often in summer!

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The Post In Which We Get Silly And Shake It Off!

Would someone please take my Mom and Grandma out of the room for the remainder of this post?  Cause we’re about to get silly!  And while we’re waiting for them to get clear, go over to Project Run and Play and vote for our Bubble Inspired Look as there is only one day remaining to vote. 

So while you were over at Project Run and Play, you probably noticed how embarrassingly far behind we are in the vote.  This is probably entirely due to the fact that we do not have any Facebook presence whatsoever.  But we’ve decided to Shake It Off.  Yep, just like Taylor Swift in her crazy video.

Our friend Karly, from Paisley Roots, is inviting people to create clothing based on/inspired by Taylor Swift’s outfits in her Shake It Off video.  So I started by watching the video (which my kids think is hilarious, but not suitable for my Mom or Grandma!!!)  Now if you watch this video for it’s fine, musical content or deep, philosophical meaning, you will be disappointed, disturbed, and possibly even dismembered!  But if you watch it for fashion, it’s totally entertaining!  And I did a little analysis.  As near as I could count, Taylor Swift wears 10 different outfits.  (My kids want to know, does that mean she sang the song 10 times, or did they stop so she could change?)


The first item of clothing in the video is a cropped raglan tee with a cat face on it.  Already in love with the Hey June Lane Raglan pattern, this was a no brainer.


I didn’t need mine cropped, but did leave off the bottom band and lengthened it about 2 inches.  The gold, stretchy, crushed velvet was in my stash because #stylomademedoit  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you haven’t seen the most recent edition of Stylo Magazine in all it’s golden glory.  Seriously inspiring.

But back to the cat raglan.  I used 2 kinds of gold puff paint to make the cat face on the front.  I wish I had made it just a little smaller, but hey, I’m gonna Shake It Off!

If you’re still with me (and if you’re not, I’m gonna Shake It Off!) you’re probably wondering why I keep talking about making this outfit for me and Allegra is wearing the clothing in the photos.  Well, she saw the cat shirt, put it on, and when I needed it for the photo shoot, she was like:


I think I’m gonna go steal back the Lane Raglan I made for her!

Also I noticed four times in the video Taylor Swift is wearing a bomber jacket.  Here’s a little bomber jacket graphic:


So, huge thanks to Karly, because I needed a push to make the Shwin Designs McCartney Jacket pattern I bought on Black Friday.  I even had fabric (also purchased on Black Friday) planned for the jacket.


The floral fabric is a stretch denim from  The pleather sleeves, collar and welt pocket detail, and the sweatshirt lining are from Girl Charlee.  The ribbed cuffs and waistband are a kit I purchased from Fashion Fabrics Club after many hours hunting for just the right rib knit fabric!


I made a few adjustment to the pattern to accomodate for my 6 feet of height; I added length to the sleeves and body.  I also had to make the cuffs quite a bit smaller, but that may have been due to my rib knit, not the pattern.


Let me just say this is the finest thing I have ever made for myself.  As probably only Karly (a fellow 6 foot tall woman) and my sisters (height is genetic!) can understand, THE SLEEVES ARE LONG ENOUGH!!!!   The rest of you will have to excuse me for yelling, but this is the first time in my adult life that a women’s jacket fits me!  Always before it’s been the rough choice between a man’s jacket or the continual sleeve tug-of-war!


If/when I need to make myself another bomber jacket, I know which pattern I’ll be turning to.  And the only further change I’ll be making is to add a few inches to the width across the shoulders…cause us tall girls have wide shoulders.  That’s so we can carry a huge amount of stuff on them.  But when it all gets too much we can always Shake It Off!!!


The skirt you see Allegra wearing in these photos is her Jocole Yoga A-line skirt.  (There is a giveaway for Jocole patterns and Urban Sew fabric here and an Inlinkz link party which no one has linked to yet, but we’re just going to Shake It Off!!)


Sew My Stash 2015 reality check:  I had to buy a creamy white knit to match to gold crushed velvet and the gold puff paints too.  But since I bought everything else last year before I started the Sew My Stash 2015 challenge, I’m going to say it was already in my stash!  (If you don’t agree, I’m gonna Shake It Off!!!)  75% exceeding the goal of 50%  Yes!!!!

Come back tomorrow!  We promise we will be back to our normal, sedate, caring selves!  But until then…sh-sh-sh-shake it off!


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Lane Raglan by Hey June Pattern Review

Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

Allegra and I have joined the throng of admirers of the Lane Raglan.  We snatched the pattern during the Black Friday $5 special, and couldn’t wait to make it our own.  Hey June patterns created the Lane Raglan tee, and we now want to try their other patterns, we love this one so much!  The Lane Raglan is a baseball tee style shirt made from knit fabric with a banded hem and wrist cuffs.  This is one very awesome pattern!

Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

I made myself a Lane Raglan first and lengthened the sleeves 2 inches and added two inches to the body to accommodate my height.  It turns out the length in the body wasn’t necessary, but the sleeves are lovely!  The other thing I learned on making this one for me was that I should have stretched the neckband tighter as I attached it to the body of the shirt.  When I put it on I immediately wanted to make myself another one, and I really do wear it every time it is clean!

Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

The blue fabric is the last of the navy blue jersey I ordered from Imagine Gnats during All The Skirts: Scientific Seamstress and Imagine Gnats, and the lovely material in the middle is from JoAnn fabrics.  It reminds me of a Monet painting, and when I first bought it I visualized an Uptown/Downtown Dress made from it, but Allegra overruled with her blue and silver fabric choice and I love how that turned out.

Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

For Allegra’s Lane Raglan, we started out with a 1/2 yard of Girl Charlee knit fabric that we’d been coveting for a very long time!  Have you checked out their 1/2 yard section?  We actually received 1/2 yard plus 3 inches, for $3!  It was not quite enough length to make the front and back, so I pieced it near the top, matching the pattern quite well on the front and not too bad on the back.  There are 2 other ways to do this: make the added piece near the bottom, or lay the pattern pieces the other way on the fabric if the knit has 4 way stretch.

Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

The sparkly gray fabric is from JoAnn’s and we have bought every color of this amazing fabric we’ve seen so far!  The blue for the aforementioned Uptown/Downtown Dress, the orange for the Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt, this gray, and also a purple we haven’t cut into yet.  It’s just really thick, sturdy, warm and wonderful!

Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

The only change I made to the pattern for Allegra’s Lane Raglan was to add 2 inches to the sleeves; not because she needed it, but because I am determined to share this shirt with her!  If I can catch her not wearing it…When she put it on she said, “Hey, Mom, I think I need a few more of these!”  So that may be the only way I get to wear her Lane Raglan!

Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

Sew My Stash 2015 reality check: 0% of these fabrics were from the stash, not meeting our goal of 50%!  Oh well, we are still building our supply of knit fabrics, just recently having started sewing with knit fabrics, and the last several projects we exceeded our goal!  Have you joined the Lane Raglan groupies yet?  You should!

Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

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Buffalo Plaid Reversible Jacket

Reversible jacket

Reversible Jacket

We accepted the Girl Charlee Buffalo Plaid challenge!  The requirements were to use one of 4 buffalo plaid fabrics and sew up anything.  So we went for the blue and coral buffalo plaid, added some navy sweatshirt fleece, a Which Way Out Jacket pattern and poof!  A new reversible jacket for Aria!  Just in time for the trip to the North Pole! (That’s what happened when I woke up and looked out the window, right?)   The Which Way Out Jacket pattern make sewing a reversible jacket easy!  The instructions are very complete with helpful picture for every step.  Aria helped cut out the pieces for this reversible sweatshirt jacket.  The pattern is not specifically intended for knits, but because the sweatshirt fleece is not very stretchable, it worked.  This was my first time sewing a reversible garment and using a reversible zipper, but the Fishstick Designs pattern made it all simple.

elastic back on reversibly jacket

One change I made to the jacket ( other than the material used!) was to add a little femininity to the back by elastic at the waist level.  We felt this jacket had a silhouette that was a little boxy for a tween girl, so we added that & love it!  A third change was just using one layer of fabric for the pockets because the sweatshirt fleece is so nice on the backside, it didn’t need to be lined.

Close up of double stitching

I used a double needle to do a lot of topstitching on this sweatshirt jacket, and I think the end result is really worth it.  When using the double needle, I always sewed with the plaid side up, since my thread was navy, the zigzag bobbin thread wouldn’t be so apparent on the navy sweatshirt fleece side.  In fact, I think it looks quite professional.

Inside of Reversible Jacket

Two of the other kids are already asking me to make one for them…and if I could figure out how to make one for me I would!  Especially out of those soft and cozy fabrics!  If you choose to make a Which Way Out Jacket from knit, be aware that you will not have to buy as much fabric because knit fabric is so much wider than woven.

Reversible jacket

On the plaid side of the jacket, Aria decided the blue fabric would make a nice contrast for the pockets, and I think she’s right!

Reversible jacket

I love the peek of the lining you see inside the hood on the solid side.

cuffs on reversible jacket

The cuffs can be rolled back on both sides to see the contrasting color on the other side.  I did topstitch around the bottom edge of the cuff, just for consistency!  Wish us luck on that Girl Charlee Buffalo Plaid challenge…the winner gets $75 to spend at Girl Charlee, and we have our eye on some more knit fabric over there!

Reversible Sweatshirt Jacket

Which side out of this reversible jacket is your favorite?  (Aria needs help deciding!) #girlcharlee #gcsewandwin