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Reversible Fleece Jacket

Reversible Fleece Jacket

Reversible fleece jacket

The time arrived to sew something for the horse loving boy again!  This time we found the perfect fleece at Hancock fabrics and paired with a black twill from the stash, it was time for another reversible jacket.  You can read our review of the Which Way Out Jacket here.  This time we sewed up the pattern almost exactly as directed with only one change.  We added elastic around the bottom of the sleeves because the boy wanted to be able to layer this jacket underneath another jacket if needed.

Reversible Fleece Jacket

It was much easier to sew this jacket with woven fabrics rather than knits like we did last time.

Reversible Fleece Jacket

We had the opportunity to take photos at the perfect location for a horse jacket…Churchill Downs, the home of the Kentucky Derby!  Of course on race day in May, one wouldn’t need a jacket, horses on it or otherwise, but on a sunny December day, this reversible fleece jacket was just right.

Reversible Fleece Jacket

Through the back entrance to the stadium, Thomas, the horse lover, got very close to the action.  He could look out on the track and see where the famous race takes place.

Reversible Fleece Jacket

And he got to visit the resident horse and pony.  It was quite a day, and he was prepared with quite a jacket!

Reversible Fleece Jacket

We did put pockets on the inside and outside, so Thomas had a place to store his Churchill Downs souvenir.  He did wonder aloud if he would grow to be too tall to be a jockey someday.  (Sorry, buddy, wrong genetics for that line of work!!!)

Reversible Fleece Jacket

All in all, the reversible fleece jacket, and the visit to the Kentucky Derby were a success.

Reversible Fleece Jacket

If you bought some fleece fabric recently (aren’t there some yummy fleece fabrics this year?) you should consider making a reversible fleece jacket.  We recommend the Which Way Out Jacket from Fishstick Designs!

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Buffalo Plaid Reversible Jacket

Reversible jacket

Reversible Jacket

We accepted the Girl Charlee Buffalo Plaid challenge!  The requirements were to use one of 4 buffalo plaid fabrics and sew up anything.  So we went for the blue and coral buffalo plaid, added some navy sweatshirt fleece, a Which Way Out Jacket pattern and poof!  A new reversible jacket for Aria!  Just in time for the trip to the North Pole! (That’s what happened when I woke up and looked out the window, right?)   The Which Way Out Jacket pattern make sewing a reversible jacket easy!  The instructions are very complete with helpful picture for every step.  Aria helped cut out the pieces for this reversible sweatshirt jacket.  The pattern is not specifically intended for knits, but because the sweatshirt fleece is not very stretchable, it worked.  This was my first time sewing a reversible garment and using a reversible zipper, but the Fishstick Designs pattern made it all simple.

elastic back on reversibly jacket

One change I made to the jacket ( other than the material used!) was to add a little femininity to the back by elastic at the waist level.  We felt this jacket had a silhouette that was a little boxy for a tween girl, so we added that & love it!  A third change was just using one layer of fabric for the pockets because the sweatshirt fleece is so nice on the backside, it didn’t need to be lined.

Close up of double stitching

I used a double needle to do a lot of topstitching on this sweatshirt jacket, and I think the end result is really worth it.  When using the double needle, I always sewed with the plaid side up, since my thread was navy, the zigzag bobbin thread wouldn’t be so apparent on the navy sweatshirt fleece side.  In fact, I think it looks quite professional.

Inside of Reversible Jacket

Two of the other kids are already asking me to make one for them…and if I could figure out how to make one for me I would!  Especially out of those soft and cozy fabrics!  If you choose to make a Which Way Out Jacket from knit, be aware that you will not have to buy as much fabric because knit fabric is so much wider than woven.

Reversible jacket

On the plaid side of the jacket, Aria decided the blue fabric would make a nice contrast for the pockets, and I think she’s right!

Reversible jacket

I love the peek of the lining you see inside the hood on the solid side.

cuffs on reversible jacket

The cuffs can be rolled back on both sides to see the contrasting color on the other side.  I did topstitch around the bottom edge of the cuff, just for consistency!  Wish us luck on that Girl Charlee Buffalo Plaid challenge…the winner gets $75 to spend at Girl Charlee, and we have our eye on some more knit fabric over there!

Reversible Sweatshirt Jacket

Which side out of this reversible jacket is your favorite?  (Aria needs help deciding!) #girlcharlee #gcsewandwin

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Playhouse Dress Review and KCW Day 1

Fishstick Designs Playhouse Dress

A long time ago, we submitted a refashion we made to Sewabration of Womanhood, and we won some gifts!  One thing we won was 4 patterns of our choice from Fishstick Designs.  One of the patterns we immediately wanted was the Playhouse Dress.  This is our Playhouse Dress Review.

Playhouse dress review

We ordered some knit from Girl Charlee specifically for this project.  We have committed to sewing with knits more often so as to better perfect our ability, but we don’t have very much knit fabric to start with.  So the happy result of this is that we get to order fabric!  The knit we chose is this adorable fox patterned beauty.  Now since we are rather inexperienced with knits, we didn’t know we were ordering such a thin knit.  Since Annie always wears shorts under her skirts and dresses, it is of no consequence, but if we had more experience, we might have ordered a little thicker knit.  But then we would have missed out of this adorbs fox fabric!  (If you want some of this fantastic fox fabric, Girl Charlee just announced they are stocking it again with slightly different background colors…go check them out!)

Playhouse Dress review One reason we zoned in on this fox fabric (besides the obvious fact that foxes are all the rage right now) is because we do have a tiny bit of knit fabric in our stash that we’ve been gifted.  Well, we had this red knit fabric that was so old it was bordering on vintage.  The shade was rather 70s by itself.  But that shade must be coming around again because it is a perfect match for the little red foxes!  We used an old white t-shirt from Daddy for the contrasting bands around the neck and sleeves.

Playhouse Dress Review

Sewing the Playhouse Dress was a dream!  This was the first time we’ve sewn any pattern from Fishstick Designs, and in general we like about it what we like about all PDF patterns.  (You can read our general review here, including how we organize and store our growing stock of PDF patterns.)  We only made one change to this pattern, and that was lengthening the sleeves to be elbow length.  This is to extend the wear of the Playhouse Dress into fall.   We made a size 6 around and size 10 length.  (Wonder where she gets her height from!!!)  Bonnie’s tips for sewing on knit make this a very easy and fast sew.  No one except me is responsible for the fact that I broke a double needle.  That’s just par for the course on learning to sew on knits for me I think!

Playhouse Dress Review

This was my contribution to Day 1 of Kids Clothes Week.  It might have taken me a little longer than 1 hour, but I’ve been on a sewing binge lately!  I loved sewing up the Playhouse Dress, and will be sewing up more of these in the future.

Playhouse dress by Fishstick Designs

Allegra took these photos at the fair one morning.  We had to place to ourselves as we were part of an early morning trash pick up detail!  This fun fabric and the fun photo shoot go perfect together!

Fishstick Designs Playhouse Dress

Come back tomorrow to see how I’m keeping my promise about sewing more for my boys too.  Here’s a little glimpse:

Playhouse Dress with Girl Charlee fox fabric

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Fishstick Designs Linen Fabric Swap Challenge

This is the third day of the Linen sewing creations made from the fabric the 4 contestants swapped.  They each sent and received 2 yard of fabric and then sewed it up!  Their only stipulation was that the fabric be Linen.  Today, Bonnie from Fishstick Designs is here to show you what she created:

Hello, all! I am so excited to join in Linen Week of Challenge Create! (I’ve been sewing and blogging for ages, but this is my first time doing a contest like this. So far, it’s been lots of fun!) Janice from So-Cal Sewing Mom sent me the these great linen solids in one of my favorite color combinations:

She packaged them up beautifully and tied them with a bow, too. Isn’t it fun to get pretty mail?

I knew as soon as I received the fabric, that I wanted to make it into a new handbag for me, but it took me way too long to decide how exactly I was going to do that. (I seem to be the queen of the last minute dash to the finish!) Thankfully, once inspiration struck, the bag came together just the way I imagined. I started by turning the sewing machine logo that I designed for my website into a paper pieced “quilt” block. Then I grabbed some freezer paper and started piecing!

Once, my sewing machine was ready, I sort of made up the bag pattern as I went along. I added a zippered pocket on the back. (I can’t live without at least one zippered pocket!)

For a little bit of extra fun and straps that are adjustable, I made little loops at the top of the bag and tied on the handles.

Inside, I hid two cell-phone sized pockets and two pen/pencil pockets in a great whimsical cotton/linen print. I adore the sewing machine on the outside, but the sewing goats inside make me laugh!
Come on over to my blog for tons more pictures and more details: Challenge Create – The Linen Edition. Thank you so much to the Skirt Fixation Team for inviting me to join in, and thank you, Janice, for the beautiful fabric! I LOVE my new bag!

This bag is so fabulous is so many ways!  Adjustable straps, pieced sewing machine, happy colors, zipper pocket, and contrast top stitching…dreamy!  When you are done giggling about the sewing goats, click over to the Linen link up, and be sure to link (up to 3) Linen sewing projects to show off your linen sewing projects for a chance to win $25 from L’Osieau Fabrics. And come back tomorrow to see the last linen fabric swap challenge!