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Corduroy Skirts 5 ways

corduroy skirt

I LOVE SKIRTS!!! Yes, I really do.

The way that skirts swish around your legs, and make you feel like a princess is probably the greatest feeling in the world. They are gorgeous in the spring and summer, with light colors and fabrics, and a swingy jounce. They are amazing for fall and winter, with darker colors, heavier fabrics, and straighter silhouettes. I like how you can mix and match blouses with just one skirt to make a dozen or more delightful outfits.

Honestly, I think fall is the best skirt-wearing season, with winter a close second.

I love the thicker fabrics, the plaids, and the orange…

So I wanted to share a few Pinterest skirt finds with you, and this time they’re all corduroy skirts!

corduroy pencil skirt

Numba one is this corduroy pencil skirt. This would be a staple in any busy woman’s fall wardrobe, as its perfect for running errands, and can easily be dressed up or down. Personally, I would wear it with a tasteful turtleneck and boots, and layer a scarf or light military style jacket.

corduroy skirt

The next thing that caught my eye was this lovely full corduroy maxi. Corduroy can be very heavy, but you know it’s warm! This skirt isn’t something that you wear everyday by any means, but for a holiday get-together in chilly weather, it would be perfect paired with a red blouse.

corduroy skirtrefashion

This upcycled corduroy skirt is so fun! I really like the idea of putting ties in the front panel. Again, this would be great paired with a warm shirt and boots, or if you wanted to go all-out eccentric, a huge fuzzy shawl.

ruffled corduroy skirt

Oh, the cuteness of this adorable little ruffled skirt. This is a little girl’s skirt, and would be just too adorable when paired with tights and European leather boots, and a little shawl and muff. You know, a muff. Because every little girl should have a muff!

corduroy skirt

The final skirt find is one for which I would gladly shell out money. The silhouette of the skirt is very good for chasing little siblings and playing the cello. I would wear this with my boots and my feather-print long sleeved shirt.

Thanks for reading! What is your favorite style as far as corduroy skirts go?

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Four Seasons Skirt Pattern!

Four seasons skirt pattern for spring

Today I’m going to continue with yesterday’s skirt pattern tutorial, and morph it into a four seasons skirt pattern!  The pattern I showed you how to make yesterday is for a very basic skirt, and can be modified so many different ways.  For today’s post I’m going to show you the way to use the four seasons skirt pattern to make maxi skirts, but it would be very easy to shorten this into midi or mini or knee length skirts too!  Without further ado…the four seasons skirts!

The Spring Skirt

Four seasons skirt pattern for springTo make this skirt I found a very spring-y fabric at Jo-Ann’s.  All the pattern and the embroidery make this skirt very colorful and busy!  I didn’t want to add to the busyness of the skirt by making a seam up the back, so I cut out two pieces from my interfacing pattern piece, both on the fold, cutting the fabric 4 inches longer than I wanted the finished length of the skirt to be.  I moved the zipper over to the side seam, and made the basic part of the skirt as usual.  Next I made two horizontal pleats around the bottom  of the skirt. Then I cut out several long rectangles and gathered them for the ruffle around the bottom.  Finally, I added the tiny transparent blue ribbon above the two pleats.

spring detailEvery time I wear this skirt, I get complemented!

The Summer Skirt

Four seasons skirt pattern summer skirtThe fabric for this skirt came from Jo-Ann’s also.  It came all sewed together in strips as shown, but every time I wear this skirt, someone asks if I made the skirt, and they are so impressed at all the work I put into it!  Sometimes I explain, and sometimes I let them remain impressed!  I made this summer skirt as described for the spring skirt above, except I didn’t add 4 inches to the bottom of the pattern.  I added a strip of lace around the bottom, and I was done with my lightweight summer maxi skirt!

summer detailThe Fall Skirt

Four seasons skirt pattern fall skirtThis was the easiest of the four skirt to make!  I did not make any alterations to the pattern except for putting the zipper on the side instead of in the back because again, the print of the skirt was busy enough without putting a seam in the back.  I didn’t even hem this skirt, instead using the selvedge for the hem.

fall detailI picked up this fabric at Jo-Ann’s as well, and I’m sure it was intended for making dresses, but since I’m so tall…skirt it was!

The Winter Skirt

Four seasons skirt pattern winter skirtI saw a skirt I really loved being sold by Long Tall Sally.  But (this was a few years ago, before they had any buying options for us US tall ladies) I didn’t want to go through the hastle of buying a skirt from the UK, plus it was a little out of my price range.  So I decided to copy it!  I started with some navy blue wool crepe.  I cut out the skirt exactly according to my interface pattern, with the zipper in the back.  Then I cut out an additional rectangle of fabric, about 4.5 inches wide, hemmed it and sewed it on about 4 inches above the hem of the skirt, making for a layered look.

winter detailI added the buttons because the original skirt had decorative buttons there.  My mother-in-law says this skirt looks like I payed a lot of money for it!

4 Seasons Skirt PatternNow it’s your turn…do you have a pattern to turn to every season?

Make it beautiful,


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Skirt Design – Fall will be here soon!

Fall will be here soon! Keeping that in mind, I designed this skirt for late fall/winter.

Thinking about cooler weather.
Thinking about cooler weather.

The skirt is a thicker woolish material in a red and tan plaid pattern. My drawing is more for winter, so I paired it with a red turtleneck sweater with a green vest over it. Accessories include high-heeled black leather knee boots, a green designer bag, and a tan scarf. A cooler autumn look would be brown tights, brown vest over white long-sleeve shirt, and brown flats. I plan to keep my eye out for a skirt with a pattern like this to remake into this fashion. I loooooove the classic-ness of the design, sort of like something princess Kate would wear!


Always be exciting,