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Hanging Out Linen {Living Skirt Art}

Living Skirt Art recreated by Skirt Fixation

Today everyone’s favorite skirt series, Living Skirt Art, is back for it’s monthly appearance.  We just love recreating works of art with a skirt in them.  What is SO VERY special about today’s Living Skirt Art installment is that we’ve got not one, but two special guest bloggers creating living skirt art with us!  Stay tuned to the end of the post for a couple of sneak peeks.

The artist featured in today’s Living Skirt Art recreation is Charles Courtney Curran.  He was born in 1861 in Hartford Kentucky and raised in Ohio.  He studied art in New York.  He showed his work publicly for almost 30 years.  Then he studied in Paris for 2 years under fellow Impressionist Jules Lefebvre.  Upon returning to the U.S. he settled in New York and began teaching art.  Later in life, he also began to teach at Cragsmoor, a summer art center.  He died in 1942.  Even today his works of art can be found in museums and Art Institutes around the world.

Living Skirt Art series by Skirt Fixation.

This piece of art, Hanging Out Linen is one of several he did with ladies hanging laundry as the main subject.  In each of them the play of lighting and shadows is incredible.   It is an oil on canvas, originally painted in 1887.  And it’s almost life size at 54” tall by 30” wide.

Living Skirt Art recreated by Skirt Fixation

The hardest thing about recreating Hanging Out Linen was recreating the lighting.  We decided that artist take creative liberties with lighting and color that cameras just can’t recreate!  So we’ve done our best and you’ll have to forgive the imperfections.  Do you recognize the skirt?  It’s one from our most recent All The Skirts series with Megan Nielsen and Imagine Gnats; the Brumby Skirt.

Horizontal Hanging Out Linen

In Summary:

Painting: Hanging Out Linen

Artist: Charles Courtney Curran

Model: Audrey

Photography: Allegra

Skirt: Megan Nielsen Brumby Skirt in champagne double gauze blogged here.

Living Skirt Art recreated by Skirt Fixation

To see all the other works in our Living Skirt Art series, click here.  As always, check out our Skirt Art (Paintings) and Skirt Art (Illustrations) boards on Pinterest. Any suggestions on which piece of skirt art we should be inspired by next?


And now go visit Michelle over at Falafel and the Bee to see and read about her Living Skirt Art recreation.  This sneak peek is of the “before” and we’re sure you are familiar with the “after,” it’s a VERY famous piece of art by a very famous artist!

Living Skirt Art with Paisley Roots

Also we have Karly from Paisley Roots with another Living Skirt Art representation.  You may not be as familiar with this piece of skirt art, but you DEFINITELY should not miss Karly’s recreation!

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The U.G.L.Y. Skirt vs. Falafel and The Bee

ugly skirt

Over the course of our blogging history, we’ve really gotten to know and like Michelle from Falafel and The Bee.  So we sort of feel bad about something we did to her!  We sent her an U.G.L.Y. skirt!  Just check out this polyester, hot pink, snakeskin-printed ugly skirt!

ugly skirt

You see, we have a new series on the blog called The U.G.L.Y. Skirt Challenge.  It’s like this…we have so much fun refashioning that we are challenging some bloggers to join us.  Of course, after her total refashion win during Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition, we knew Michelle had to be the one to break the ice on The U.G.L.Y. Skirt Challenge.  So about once a month, you will be treated to a spectacular refashion of an U.G.L.Y. skirt!  How do we know it’s going to be spectacular?  Well, with skirts this ugly, the only way is up!

ugly skirt

Just imagine the fun we’ve had haunting thrift stores for skirts ugly enough to pass the ugly skirt test.  The ugly skirt test is simply that the skirt has to be soooo ugly that no one would disagree as to it’s ugliness!  You can imagine the looks we get when we start giggling loudly and saying things like, “Nope, that’s not ugly enough!”  It’s a hoot!  And as you can see, we’ve manage to find quite enough ugly skirts to keep us and some fellow blogging friends busy for quite a while!  If we run out, we’ll just go back to those thrift stores…they seem to be ugly skirt factories!

Falafel and the Bee

Was Michelle still speaking to us after she received our horrible package in the mail with the ugly skirt?  Well, she sent us a sneak peek, but you’ll have to go over to Falafel and The Bee to see the full transformation.  We’ll just give you a hint…we knew we picked the right lady to start off The U.G.L.Y. Skirt Challenge.  Head on over to Falafel and The Bee.  And if you want to be sent an U.G.L.Y. skirt, just leave us a comment!  We’ll be sure to pick out a doozy!  {Insert evil cackle!}

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Judges for Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition

Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition Judges

Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition Judges

Today we’re going to reveal the judges for Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition. We’re so honored these talented ladies have agreed to lend us their sewing proficiency for the month of July! We’d like you to go visit them and thank them for their time, talent and expertise!

falafel and the beeFirst we have a familiar face you will recognize…Michelle from Falafel and the Bee. She is not only a very talented, vivacious lady, she was our 1st runner up in Challenge Create: Adult Edition! Being a contestant is a good way to learn how to evaluate every aspect of sewing creations, and we know with her expertise the contestants are in good hands.

michellerefashion2As she said in her introduction for Challenge Create: Adult Edition, “I went to college for Fine Art and Drama, so I have always enjoyed having creativity in my life. It is very much a part of who I am. Sewing is an incredible outlet for joining that need for creativity with Motherhood. Everyone wins.”

michelle4We are so glad she’s back for this edition of Challenge Create. If you haven’t already, be sure to connect with Michelle over at Falafel and the Bee, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Frances Suzanne

Next we have the dynamic Frances Suzanne duo, Ashley and Emily! They were some of the very first sewing bloggers we started to follow. They are two sisters who lovingly sew for their youngest sister’s children. What we love about their style is the absolute meticulous attention to detail. I think this style of sewing is called heirloom sewing, harking back to a time when women showed their care for their family in every pleat, French knot and smocked garment! But since a picture is worth a thousand words, we’d like to show you a few of our favorite items they’ve sewn.


There’s this lovely skirt!

FrancesSuzanne1Ashley and Emily also host Flip This Pattern, a fun monthly event where a chosen pattern is flipped (sewn with some variations!) We are so delighted to have Ashley and Emily lend us their vast database of sewing knowledge for Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition. Be sure to connect with Frances Suzanne so you can thank them for their time and judging talent on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and Flickr.

HayleyOur final judge is Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House. Hayley is an amazing lady who not only sews, crafts, and creates up a storm on her blog, but also runs Mouse House Creations, where she sells her beautiful and very popular patterns for women and children. She does all this while raising two active children, one with special needs! Although she has a degree in interior design, we’re so glad she’s applying her creativity to the sewing world and that we get to share in it!

mousehouse1When you look at Mouse House Creations patterns, you realize that these are clothes that any woman would love to wear!

mousehouse2And the children’s clothing is just too adorable to pass up! Be sure to connect with Hayley and thank her for donating her time and talent as a judge for Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition.  You can find her on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Bloglovin.

Well, how’s that for an amazing set of judges!  Please welcome them aboard and check out the themes so you can get sewing!

Make it beautiful,


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Challenge Create: Adult Edition Winner & 1st Runner Up

Alright, we won’t hold you in suspense any longer! Today we get to reward the Challenge Create: Adult Edition winner and the 1st runner up! Every single lady worked so hard, and we are so glad that everyone is being well rewarded for their amazing work. The 1st runner up of Challenge Create: Adult Edition is Michelle from Falafel and the Bee. Let’s take a minute and review her four outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.

MichelleNatureInspiredMichelle’s Nature Inspired Outfit

michellerefashion2Michelle’s Refashioned Outfit

michelle in vintageMichelle’s (Hint of) Vintage Outfit

michelle destashMichelle’s Destash Outfit

Beautiful! What an amazing seamstress! Wouldn’t those four dresses be reward enough for anyone? But we’re so glad that the sponsors are going to help reward her for her hard work by giving her:

tiptop125x12525 patterns (a $39.99 value!) from Tip Top Fit Etsy shop

TRR-Circles-Logo-2$40 gift certificate from The Ribbon Retreat

Not A Skirt! eBookA copy of our ebook, Not A Skirt!

NDADAlso, as a special thank you from us personally, we are giving Michelle the book, New Dress A Day, by Marisa Lynch. Since Michelle totally rocked Refashion week, (hands down!) we know she (and her daughters) will enjoy this book!

We have a little secret to tell you about Michelle! Before Challenge Create: Adult Edition began, Michelle asked us if she could sew (adult size) clothing for her teenage daughter and her friends. Can you imagine how dull this contest would have been without Michelle’s spunky contributions? Without her smiling face?

We are so glad Michelle decided to make and model clothing for herself, aren’t you? We’d like everyone to go over to Falafel and the Bee and congratulate her!

Thank you, Michelle, for contributing such a fun spark to Challenge Create: Adult Edition. We can’t wait to see what you sew up in the future!

This brings us to the Challenge Create: Adult Edition winner, the Becca & Suzanne team from Pattern Revolution. Let’s take a minute and review their four outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.

becca&suzanneBecca & Suzanne’s Nature Inspired Outfits

Becca& Suzanneweek2Becca & Suzanne’s Refashioned Outfits

becca&suzannevintageBecca & Suzanne’s (Hint of) Vintage Outfits

Becca&Suzanne destashBecca & Suzanne’s Destash Outfits

What a great team! What amazing outfits! What awesome sewing talent! As if those four outfits aren’t reward enough, our sponsors are going to make sure Becca & Suzanne are well rewarded with:

SewSquirrel125x125$60 gift voucher from Sew Squirrel

Fat Quarter Shop Certificate$50 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop

Laura Marsh Designs£15/$25 gift voucher from Laura Marsh Design

orangePCHCsalt$25 gift basket from Pure Hearts Clean Hands Soap Co.Not A Skirt! eBook2 copies of our ebook, Not A Skirt!

liquidPHCHsoapAnd as a special thank you from us personally, we are doubling the gift basket from Pure Hearts Clean Hands Soap Co. so each of these hardworking ladies can be pampered!

The judges were in agreement, (and we concur) that Becca & Suzanne sewed up some amazingly complex outfits using very skilled sewing techniques. We learned in the course of this contest that Becca has only been sewing adult clothing since January! And we also learned that even though Suzanne has a personal blog, she (and Becca) chose to represent Pattern Revolution as a team for the course of Challenge Create: Adult Edition. We were so glad to have them along for the contest.   They added such a modern, stylish element to the challenge.

We’d like everyone to go visit Becca & Suzanne at Pattern Revolution and congratulate them on their win.

Please be sure to come back tomorrow as we tell you more about the second set of sponsors and finish up rewards week with thank you presents for our hard working judges. Seriously, would you like to have been a judge for this contest?

And then be sure to come back next Friday, May 9th, as we reveal where Challenge Create: Adult Edition is headed next! And until then, we’ll be showing you what we were up to during Challenge Create: Adult Edition!

Make it beautiful,


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Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s Destash Creation

Today we get to share with you the third contestant’s destash creation.  Unveiling Michelle from Falafel and the Bee:

The final week! Yahoo we made it!

This was a rough one for me. Since I have a lot of small pieces of fabric in my stash (and they are mostly novelty kid fabric), and wasn’t up to a patchwork project, I was searching frantically for something I could use. I drafted a pencil skirt and made it (with the small pieces I had left over from the last challenge), along with a stretch velvet tank and a jacket made from an over-sized sweatshirt….AND HATED IT (I did post it on my blog for your viewing pleasure though).

So I scrapped the entire thing and started over.

I then took a cream colored sheet (which I always have on hand) with an old lace tablecloth that had holes in it, and dyed them in a turquoise dye (which I also always keep on hand). The lace took the dye much differently. It came out this amazing blue color. The sheet I dyed in sections for an ombre-like effect. I do realize it is another dress. I couldn’t help myself. I love this style for dressing up, and I found that it ultimately has to be something I would wear over again.


I call this my Petal Dress. This is the first time I have ever made a scalloped hem! I think it adds just the right amount of whimsy. And if I am anything, I am whimsical.


I drafted a funky collar to show off my equally funky lining. To make that neckline, I sliced straight down in the center of the bodice (sewed it right sides together) and attached the collar above it. After turning right sides out again, I tacked open the corners of the lower part. I love the effect it creates.


This dress was going swimmingly well, until I was trimming the seams after it was all put together, and accidentally cut two sizable holes in the middle of the side of the bodice. *slaps forehead in disbelief*

I quickly unpicked a bit of the skirt portion and the side pieces and added a pop of color that doubles as a major oops cover-up!


I made it slightly longer in the back. This thing has a great twirl factor!


If you want to hear any more about this dress and see a few more photos, hop on over to my blog.

Thanks for having me as a contestant! This contest really pushed the limits of my creativity and helped me gain a fun new wardrobe.

Oh Michelle, you are simply amazing!  This dress shows of the real you in such a pretty way!  That scalloped hem is amazing; we are so glad you were a contestant Challenge Create: Adult Edition, you added such spunk to the Challenge!  Everyone else, be sure to come back tomorrow for the last contestant and her destash creation.  And if you have not entered the sew along, you still have time!

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Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s (Hint of) Vintage Creation

Today we get to present you the second contestant and her (hint of) vintage creation.  Unveiling Michelle from Falafel and the Bee:

Week three already??!! Well, for my “hint” of vintage, I may have or have not gone right back in time.


I did a 1940’s (in my forties-heh) Military-inspired outfit.


Since the 1940’s were dominated by WWII, I chose to combine the fashion with military style. While I didn’t make an exact replica of what women typically wore in the forties, I was going for a nod to the decade, at the same time bringing a little more flirty flare to it. For this look, I used the Ava dress pattern by Victory Patterns. I stuck pretty close to the pattern with just a tweak in sleeve placement (and I also added a tie). That is it. It worked beautifully to give me a feminine military old fashioned look.


I used a slate grey 100% polyester suiting, which worked perfectly for this dress, but I am not sure I would ever use again because of how it frayed and wrinkled! I thought for sure polyester wouldn’t wrinkle. I was wrong. And it was so incredibly difficult to iron those wrinkles out.

But again, for this, it was the perfect fabric.


The lace part of the bodice was not too bad to work with, on the other hand. I did French seams at the shoulders, and used bias tape as the facing, then top stitched. I made a tie shape out of black cotton and sewed it on before assembling everything.

For the cap, I used a pattern and tutorial over at Urbandon. I have a peanut-sized skull, though, so I shortened the pattern ever-so-slightly.


For more info about my outfit and that rockin’ old ambulance, head over to my blog.

Wow, Michelle, that (hint of) vintage outfit makes us stand up and salute!  And, hard as it was to work with, that polyester sure did the trick!  Everyone, be sure to come back tomorrow, to see the third (hint of) vintage submission.  And if you haven’t entered your (hint of) vintage creation in the sew along, be sure to do that today!

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Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s Refashion Creation

refashion by Michelle

Today we get to unveil the first of the Refashion Creations from our four contestants.  Introducing Michelle from Falafel and the Bee:


Usually, I like to alter an existing garment (without changing the style too much) to my size. It is one of the best things about thrifting. You can make anything fit.

For this challenge, I really wanted to push the limits of my creativity, though, and step away from what I normally do.

It started with finding this shirt at the thrift store (And then the song “Love me, Honey Do” by Patsy Cline came into my head ~and hasn’t left yet). Oh my wow. It had such great details and was a Men’s Large. It was such a strange Men’s Large, though. It had short arms and was super tall and narrow. I have no idea who this was intended for, but am thankful I found it! I just added a Twin black flat bed sheet into the mix, and this is what happened…

PicMonkey Collage

I used a pattern for the bodice that I have never used for me before. Simplicity adjustable fit. It was awesome. I had to do quite a bit of finagling (ie: MATH), but when I finished, the end result is a perfectly fitted bodice.


I took apart the entire shirt and started with making the bodice front from the back of the shirt. I used the sleeve cuffs as a peplum type feature in the front. The front yoke became a bustle in the back (as well as extending my snaps- I’ll get to that in a second).


I wanted to keep the snap placket from the front as my closure in the back, but soon realized it would not be wide enough to get on and off if I sewed it to the skirt part of the dress. So I took a second piece of the placket that I had lopped off from the top of the shirt, and extended the snaps in the back. I attached the skirt portion of the dress to either side of that placket, allowing the dress to be opened all the way down my back. Whew. That was hard. But it worked like a charm!

Oh and those sleeves? They were the collar. I cut it in half, finished the ends, and sewed them in!


This is the dress without the crinoline underneath.


And with a little puffy support.

I had a lot of fun with this one, and used every bit of that shirt! That always feels good.

Head over to my blog for more details and so many more photos!

Thank you Michelle, and we have a little request…can we hire you for our personal seamstress?  You are absolutely AMAZING!  Everyone be sure to come back tomorrow for the next Refashion Creation, and be sure to link up your own Refashion Clothing in the sew along!

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Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s Nature Inspired Creation

Our final contestant with her Nature Inspired Outfit is Michelle from Falafel and the Bee.  After you check out her work, be sure to vote in the poll for your favorite nature inspired creation.

For this first challenge, “Nature Inspired” I set out to make something based on these Springtime images:


source source source


The dress was made using the Lady Skater pattern by Kitschy Coo. This is the very first time I ever used it. Different parts of me were different sizes, so I had to grade the pattern to fit. It is form fitted while also really comfortable. My kind of dress! I used a super soft textured knit in a purple that reminded me of the color of spring crocuses. We are surrounded by such lush greenery that when you see a bulb coming up, it is a beautiful contrast. I wanted my outfit to pop like those flowers of Spring!


The pants are self-drafted. I love wearing free-flowing comfortable yoga pants (it’s like being in jammies all day…and who wouldn’t like that, really?). I never thought to make my own before this! I used a super soft ponte knit. This fabric is like buttah, I tell you.These have all the swish of a skirt with all the benefits of wearing pants. Spring, to me, is a time to shed the uncomfortable layers of winter and get down to clothing you can move in.


I free-hand painted (with acrylic paints, then heat set them so they will stay on after washing) on a feather to look like it is stuck through the dress. I thought it added a nice touch without adding bulk. I put blue egg-shaped dots all along the border of the dress and white dots around the neckline. I also painted a nest and a feather onto a rectangle of knit to make a scarf to create some consistency and connection in the outfit. I love wearing scarves in the Springtime. They bring style to what you are wearing and provide some warmth for the slightly cold breezes we can get in these parts.


This challenge really got my creative juices flowing! AND it helped me get into the mood of this season.

If you would like to read a bit more about this outfit you can head over to my blog, Falafel and the Bee.

Very, very awesome, Michelle.  We totally get the comfortable clothing idea, and your nature inspired outfit tops the list!  Now it’s time to review and vote!

Here is another look at each of the four Nature Inspired outfits.

StacynatureInspiredStacy @ The Land of K.A.’s Nature Inspired Outfit

Magda - Nature InspiredMagda @ House of Estrela’s Nature Inspired Outfit

becca&suzanneBecca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution’s Nature Inspired Outfits

MichelleNatureInspiredMichelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s Nature Inspired Outfit

Now it’s time for you to participate.  Vote in the poll for your favorite Nature Inspired outfit.  Voting is open NOW and ends at midnight Saturday.  Remember, 25% of their score is based on your vote!

Vote for your favorite Nature Inspired Creation!

  • Magda @ House of Estrela (5%, 7 Votes)
  • Stacy @ The Land of K.A. (7%, 9 Votes)
  • Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee (22%, 30 Votes)
  • Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution (66%, 91 Votes)

Total Voters: 137

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Voting is also now open on the Sew Along entries, and you get to choose the winner, so be sure to visit the Sew Along seamstresses and vote there too!  Come back Monday when we reveal the winners!