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Fiesta Fun, Fun, Fun!

Fiesta Fun Fabrics sewn by Skirt Fixation

Today we get to show you all the fun we’ve had with Fiesta Fun fabrics.  Put on some sunglasses and prepare yourselves for the party!

Fiesta Fun Fabrics sewn by Skirt Fixation

Recently we got the exciting privilege of using some Fiesta Fun fabric designed by Dana Willard of Made Everyday for Art Gallery Fabrics.  Today is our stop on the Fiesta Fun fabric blog tour and we get to show you how much fun we had with this fabric, and how we tried to keep true to Dana’s sense of fashion and fun!

Fiesta Fun Fabrics sewn by Skirt Fixation

We started off by making a statement dress for Annie in Art Gallery Fiesta Fun Mexican Dress Midnight Fabric.  We used her very favorite maxi dress pattern to make her an Uptown Downtown Dress.

Fiesta Fun Fabrics sewn by Skirt Fixation

But we just HAD to add a sash of embroidery, hand sewn by Allegra, because it’s awesome and also Dana’s been embroidering on this fabric too!  She chose some of the flowers from in the design of the fabric and copied them onto the linen sash.  (Since the sash is from woven material, it only spans across the front of the dress to allow the dress to still stretch over her head.  Also, it is a lined so that the back of  the embroidery is protected from wear and tear.

Fiesta Fun Fabrics sewn by Skirt Fixation

This (as with all Art Gallery Fabric knits) was an absolute dream to work with and Annie is deeply in love with this dress.

Fiesta Fun Fabrics sewn by Skirt Fixation

The next fabric I got to work with is Art Galllery Fiesta Fun Florita Azul Fabric and I had in mind to make Dana’s Everyday Tie pattern with it for 2 of the boys.  But that was before I realized the tie is cut out on the bias, and the flowers would end up at a 45 degree angle all down the tie.  Still wanting a tie of some sort, I decided to make a bowtie.  I used the free pattern from Sew Like My Mom and shortened it enough to fit a boy.

Fiesta Fun Fabrics sewn by Skirt Fixation

The original plan was for the youngest of the boys, Lowell, to wear the bowtie with the white shirt.  But when the time came to put on the ties, he cried that he wanted a “hang down tie!”  So David sweetly agreed to swap shirts and ties for the photoshoot.  He also smiled and laughed and posed like a trooper the whole time!  Incidentally, since then Lowell has been begging to wear the bowtie every single day!  It figures.

When I realized the Art Galllery Fiesta Fun Florita Azul Fabric wouldn’t work for the Everyday Tie pattern I turned to the expert for advice.  (That would be Dana herself!)  She said that one of the Papel Picado prints would look awesome for the tie, and so I ordered some more fabric!

Fiesta Fun Fabrics sewn by Skirt Fixation

I sewed both a boy size and a tween size, and they are both so cute!  Thomas is just the right size for the tween Everyday Tie in Art Gallery Fiesta Fun Papel Picado Mesquite Fabric and the boy one fits either David or Lowell, depending on how it’s tied.  And the boys love to be matching too.  I never would have guessed that a quilting cotton would work for a tie, but as silky soft as Art Gallery Fabrics cotton’s are, they make lovely ties!

Fiesta Fun Fabrics sewn by Skirt Fixation

Since baby clothes don’t require very much fabric, and I just HAD to, I sewed up a Virginia Beach dress in some leftovers of the Art Gallery Fiesta Fun Mexican Dress Midnight Fabric.  I used some of the Art Gallery Fiesta Fun Florita Azul Fabric leftover from the bowtie to create an accent yoke in the front, and added a strip of white piping for good measure.

Fiesta Fun Fabrics sewn by Skirt Fixation

Then I had just enough Florita Azul fabric left to use Dana’s free Perfect Diaper Cover pattern to make a matching diaper cover with orange bias tape trim along the edges.  And David was super happy that he got to match the baby for the photoshoot!

Fiesta Fun Fabrics sewn by Skirt Fixation

The final ingredient for a Dana-esque event was to find a brightly colored wall for the kids to stand in front of in their Fiesta Fun Fabric clothing, designed by Dana, using patterns created by Dana!

Fiesta Fun Fabrics sewn by Skirt Fixation

So after driving around town I found one very, very brightly colored yellow/orange wall which we decided was the one!  (In fact, it was the ONLY brightly colored wall in town, so we lucked out!)  If you’ve spent much time over at Made Everyday, you know how much Dana loves color and brightly colored walls to pose in front of!

Fiesta Fun Fabrics sewn by Skirt Fixation

Check out all the other stops on the Fiesta Fun blog tour:


Some affiliate links are used in this blog post to some really awesome products.  We’ve included them because we think you should have them, but the legal powers that be want you to be informed that if you click on one of our affiliate links, we MIGHT make a few pennies…

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Project Run & Play Embroidery Challenge

Embroidered insects by Allegra of Skirt Fixation

Today’s post is by Allegra, our 17 year old contributor.  

Both Insects

For this month’s Project Run and Play challenge, Ashley & Emily from Frances Suzanne assigned the challenge of creating something that included handwork.

Heheheh. Best. Challenge. Ever. If you’ve been around Skirt Fixation for any time at all, you’ve seen some of my embroidery!  (Like this fish, this map, these flowers, and these feet.)  So I of course set to work to create a fantastic embroidered piece. My intension at first was to incorporate whatever I embroidered into a garment for Annie. But as I worked, my plan evolved, and I ended up making two embroidered pieces and no garment!! And furthermore, I plan to finish them as a three-part set, but today I just have the first two to show you.  (I think Ashley & Emily can appreciate this as they have an unfinished work in progress themselves, an Easter dress!)

Embroidered insects by Allegra of Skirt Fixation

First of all, I knew that I wanted to embroider a monarch butterfly.  I had wanted to do it for a while.  So I printed out the outline of one, traced it on to linen, and began to embroider.

Embroidered insects by Allegra of Skirt Fixation

It was so nice to work with real linen again; I’d been working with really thin cotton, and the linen is just so much sturdier.

Embroidered insects by Allegra of Skirt Fixation

I outlined the butterfly with chain stitch, but when I was done with that, I was in a bit of a fix. I was going to do the orange of the butterfly in satin stitch, but I wanted something just a little more… fantastic. So I eventually decided to fill in the parts with weave stitch. This is one of my favorite stitches, and seems like it’s quite unique – I haven’t seen it in the embroidery world much.

Embroidered insects by Allegra of Skirt Fixation

The thing I liked about this one was that I could weave three or four different shades of orange into one small section, and each section of the butterfly is a different combination of oranges! This makes it very realistic-looking, and adds visual interest whether you are viewing it close up or far away.

Embroidered insects by Allegra of Skirt Fixation

After I was done with that, I decided to do a dragonfly. This I outlined in chain stitch as well, before filling the body with stain stitch in blue, green and purple. I also added some French knots to the body.

Embroidered insects by Allegra of Skirt Fixation

The wings were the things that I wanted to really focus on, as the center of the piece. So first I outlined them with chain stitch, then filled in all the little veins with backstitch. That left a bunch of little empty squares in the wings. So I took thread in pastel colors of blue, green and purple, and put a French knot in each little square, spacing them so as to get an ombre effect.

Embroidered insects by Allegra of Skirt Fixation

The things that like about these pieces are what ‘makes’ them. On the butterfly, it is the woven stitch, and on the dragonfly, it is all the tiny knots. I’m pretty proud of these, and I’m looking forward to enjoying them as a set when I have the last one done. Speaking of which, do you have any ideas for what insect the third piece should feature? I’ve been debating some options, but none really stand out to me. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Embroidered United States Map in Neutrals

Embroidered United States Map


Embroidered United States MapA while ago, I said that I’d be doing four more of these embroidered United States map pillows for $75 each.  Well, I got taken up on that offer, and I’m glad I did, because this first one turned out so pretty!  Embroidered United States MapThe lady that requested this from me asked that I do the states in shades of neutrals, with her special states in red Liberty of London fabric.  As you can see, she asked for four states to be in Liberty fabric, which I was able to do.  Hawaii and Alaska are also on this piece, because I happened to find a better pattern, which I hadn’t found when I did the pillow.  So this embroidered United States has all 50 states!  Embroidered United States MapShe asked that it be framed instead of made into a pillow, so we got it framed in this lovely black frame, which sets off the neutrals beautifully.  I just finished working on another embroidered United States, which has purple Liberty of London fabric in the same scheme as the original pillow, although it will be framed too.  Hopefully I’ll get that one up for you to see as well!  Embroidered United States MapMy favorite part of this embroidery project is how clean it looks when it’s done.  I love how the satin stitch lines go different ways and really outline the different states.  I also did a neat little stitch around the exposed edges of California, New York, and Florida in cream, which holds it on there nicely.  I kind of want to do one in shades of blue or something after this- I really like the aesthetic!  Anyway, catch ya later!


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4H Embroidery Update

embroidered vase of flowers by Skirt Fixation

Time for another embroidery update! Or maybe downdate, because today I’m showing you a few of my past 4-H projects.

4H embroidery updateFirst off is a quilt that I made. The patterns were from a mother and daughter set. Before starting the actual embroidering, I painted the fabric with the help of a dear friend (the same one who taught me to embroider.)  After embroidering the white squares, I sewed them onto a large square of pink fleece. I planned to tie the edges, and that way it would be a blanket.  Dad stepped in, though, and suggested that I use higher-quality fabrics and backing and make it into something that will last and eventually even be an heirloom. He even went to the fabric store and helped me pick out fabrics!

embroidered blanketYeah, I have to admit; whatever Dad helps us with usually turns out pretty great. So I did have to go through the boredom of ripping the embroidered squares off of the pink fleece stuff, but then we got to sew the squares onto beautiful dark brown fabric. We put a flowered backing on, and between the backing and the front, we put a pretty pink ruffle.

embroidered quiltAround the embroidered squares is matching ribbon. My least favorite part of it is the fact that I used white embroidery floss for their bonnets, and so the bonnets tend to fade into the white fabric.

embroidery mother and daughterMy favorite part is the painting/shading; it really makes it so much more than just line embroidery!

embroidered fishHere’s a fish that I did for 4H a while back. I started out with an iron-on fish pattern and then went from there.  I added a significant amount of scales to the pattern.  I did want an oriental feel, and I wanted it to match the walls in my room, so I did it in shades of red.

embroidered fishThis was my first big time using knots, and I was pretty surprised that they looked as good as they did!  My least favorite part is the purple flower, which I think kind of offsets the red and blue. If I were to do it again, I would leave out the flower and just do the minimalist fish and water. My favorite part is the shiny gold accents – they are so pretty!

embroidered vase of flowers by Skirt FixationThe most recent 4H embroidery project is this vase of flowers.  Instead of using an iron-on pattern this time, I found a picture that I liked on the Internet and printed it out, then drew it onto the fabric.  I love all the color!  This was the first time that I used satin stitch on the majority of the project, and overall I like the finished result.

embroidered vase of flowers by Skirt FixationDad has helped me pick out the mats and frames on both of my framed projects, and the frames really compliment the stitching. My least favorite part of this project is the fact that the vase is relatively bare; I wish I had filled it in a bit more. My favorite part of this project is the decorative stitching on the vase; I adore the blue and gold together!

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationRight now I’m working on embroidering the United States.  I’ve taken a couple of custom orders, and they are turning out so pretty!  I am still willing to take orders for 2 more.  The finished work will be approximately 10 inches across.  You can choose up to 3 states in Liberty of London fabric.  I’m asking $75 each.  Send me an email ( if you’re interested, or send a liberty loving friend a link to this post.  I’m trying to raise money for a summer workshop I want to attend!

Here’s another post about of my embroidery work!

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Liberty Of London Fabric Swap

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt Fixation

Edited to add: Allegra has decided to offer a very limited run of 4 custom made pillows you see in this post.  To raise funds for a summer writing workshop she wants to attend, she will custom make 4 more of these.  She is asking $75 each.  The finished piece of artwork will be 10 inches across and framed in an embroidery hoop.  1-3 states of the buyers choosing can be made with Liberty of London fabric.  If you are interested, leave a comment or email us at  Thanks!

If you’re following us on Instagram, then you know we’ve discovered the wonderful world of swaps!  Basically you sign up for a themed swap, are assigned a secret partner (and someone is assigned to you) and then the fun begins.  Although the first swap we completed was the scarf swap, the very first one we signed up for was the Liberty Of London Swap.  Everyone has probably heard of Liberty of London, and their lines of fabric are breathtakingly gorgeous.  And expensive.

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationThe first step was to figure out what to make for our secret partner.  Our secret partner was Megan from Sew Stitching Cute.  In her inspiration photo, she included a little pear pincushion…the very same one we’d posted to our Pinterest inspiration board!  So a pear pincushion was a must.  We mentioned in this post that we prototyped one from fabric in our stash, before using the expensive Liberty of London fabric.

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationMegan mentioned initially that she’d love a sewing notions bag, so we made her a Sew Together bag.  You may remember our post about the first Sew Together bag we made, using fabric from our stash.  We used Liberty of London fabric to make the teeny-tiny quilt square for the front of the bag, and Liberty of London fabric for the bias tape.  And the fabric inside the bag is Liberty of London too!

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt Fixation

From browsing through her blog, we discovered the Megan likes to put zipper pulls on things she makes, and so we had to put a little frog zipper pull on the Sew Together bag.  Why a frog?  From following Megan on Instagram we discovered she loves frogs!

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationWe also knew that Megan loves pillows.  While stalking browsing her Pinterest boards, we saw one labeled 50 state quilt blocks.  This was the inspiration behind the pillow Allegra (with a little help from Aria) made.

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationBecause Megan lives in Missouri and was born and raised in California, those two states are made from Liberty of London fabric rather than embroidered.  Megan says this is her favorite thing from the whole package!  And to tell the truth, it’s the thing we had the hardest time parting from!

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationWe stuffed the Sew Together bag with sewing notions and edible treats we knew Megan loves.  Some more zipper pull charms, a cute little scissors, some glass head pins.  We don’t know if she embroiders, but the frog embroidery patterns were too cute to pass up!  And last of all, we were encouraged to include some small pieces of Liberty of London fabric.

M's pillowWe decided to send Megan a fat quarter of some Liberty of London fabric from the new Alice In Wonderland line because it reminded us so much of the pillow she made for her secret partner during the first Liberty Of London swap!

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationWe got our bias tape from Liberty Haberdashery on Etsy.  The rest of the Liberty of London fabric we got from DuckaDilly.  We owned NO Liberty of London fabric before this swap!  That’s the Sew My Stash 2015 reality check for this post right there folks!

Now for what we received!

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationOur partner must have been stalking us too!  @3stitchin_nite_owls had us for a secret partner.  We were delighted with every item we received.  First up is a beautiful tote bag with Liberty of London fabric artfully gracing it.  So amazingly beautiful!  But we are NOT going to just sit and look at it; nope, it’s already made a trip to the fabric store!!

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationAlso, our partner made us a hot pad with Liberty of London fabric across the front and back.  And for extras she sent us some Liberty of London fabric (yeah!  We used up almost everything we ordered!) and some DIY piping (she must have found out about our little love affair with piping!)  The tea and the chocolate we suggested, but how on earth did she know our FAVORITE kinds?  We’re certain we’ve never mentioned it.

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationAll in all, we had a very successful and delightful first swap experience.  We’re so touched that Megan loves our gifts because she is an amazing quilter.  We were scared to send her any of our handiwork, but she received it so well that we feel all warm and fuzzy!  And the gifts we received we will treasure for a very, very long time.  (Well, the chocolate won’t last very long…)  In fact, we enjoyed this swap adventure so much we already signed up for another one, the Cotton And Steel Mini Quilt Swap.  Stay tuned!

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Another Embroidered Fish

An embroidered fish by Skirt Fixation

Another embroidery update! I made this embroidered fish hoop for one of my best friends, and I know she’s going to love it!

An embroidered fish by Skirt Fixation

I started out with a fish outline that I printed out off of the internet. Getting simple outlines off of the web is a great way to find embroidery patterns that you can embellish and enlarge however you like. Using a medium-sized hoop, I began to embroider the head, using a pretty light blue embroidery silk. I was positive that I wanted to use shades of blue before I began, but as I went along I added a few more touches. In with the blue of the head, I put some gold thread that peeks out delightfully, as well as golden whiskers. I also outlined the body and fins before starting on the scales. I used the same light blue as the head, a darker blue, the gold from the head, a white, and finally a pink, which is a nice touch. At the base of each scale, I sewed on a bead in the color of the scale. It makes the body and scales very complex. The final touches were to add repurposed sequins from old lace to fill in the fins, and add a Swarovski crystal for the eye, which I glued on with Tacky glue. My favorite part of the embroidered fish is the gold embellishments, which make it really special.

An embroidered fish by Skirt Fixation

This type of hoop is great for hanging as a wall decoration, alone or with other hoops, or putting on a writing desk just as something pretty to look at.

Not sure if this kind of thing is art, but I sure like to look at it!  You can see the other fish I embroidered in this post.  And if you’d like to be inspired by some other embroidered art work, we’ve got an Embroidery for Skirts board on Pinterest where we pin embroidery we love!

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The Embroiderer: Living Skirt Art

The Embroiderer ~ Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

Living Skirt Art is back with another life-like replica.  Today’s piece is inspired by the beautiful colors of the autumn season…and the skirt, of course!  As always, you can click through to our Pinterest board and be inspired by all the skirt art there too.

The Embroiderer ~ Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

This painting is The Embroiderer (reputedly) by Telemaco Signorini.  In the 1860s, Telemaco joined a group of artists in Italy who were doing something revolutionary…painting outside to capture the natural light, shade and color.  His father was also an artist and encouraged Telemaco to study painting.

The Embroiderer ~ Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

We just had to have Allegra model this painting because she is our official embroiderer and hand sewist here at Skirt Fixation.  You can see her work here often, like the fish she embroidered, a skirt she embroidered, and some recent embroidery projects.

There is a little story about the skirt she is wearing.  Several years ago, I ordered that skirt from Long Tall Sally.  This was before they had a warehouse in the US, and you had to wait for your order to come “across the pond!”  Well, I waited the 6 weeks I thought was reasonable, and contacted Long Tall Sally.  They were profusely apologetic, decided it had been lost in the mail (post!) and sent me another.  So 2 weeks later, my skirt arrived.  I was so delighted with it (it’s silk!) and wore it happily.  Then one week later, a second skirt arrived!  So I contacted Long Tall Sally again, and it was me apologizing profusely for my impatience this time.  But they were so nice that they let me keep BOTH skirts!  So now I have 2 identical skirts…and I’m saving the second one for if/when the first one ever gets worn out!!  (Not that it will anytime soon, Long Tall Sally has really great quality.)

While I was the photographer, Allegra edited my photos to give them the same feel as the original painting.

Art brought to life by Skirt Fixation

In summary:

Painting: The Embroiderer

Artist: Telemaco Signorini

Model:  Allegra

Photography: Audrey & Allegra

Skirt:  Silk floral maxi skirt from Long Tall Sally

Any suggestions on which piece of skirt art we should be inspired by next?

Art brought to life by Skirt Fixation

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Embroidery Update from Allegra

Embroidery projects

Good day, fellow inhabitors of the blogosphere; Allegra here.  Today I have been asked to show you some of my current embroidery projects.  Although I do all the embroidery for Skirt Fixation, sometimes I embroider non clothing items too!  As I may have already said somewhere back in our dusty archives, I learned to embroider when I was about eight or nine.  This was embroidery in the strictest sense of the word, just a backstitch of sorts, y’know, as nine-year-old Allegra happened to be slightly less patient and able to sit still than current-day Allegra.  Just slightly.  For my 4-H embroidery project after that, I proudly turned in dishcloths spastically embroidered with haphazard pots of mint and suchlike.  Okay, mom says they’re good, but she’s my mom, right?  I did, however, start experimenting with stitches, and now I do a lot of satin stitch, and after finding a few most instructive Indian and Japanese Embroidery books, I can do quite a few knots and decorative stitches that are more or less authentic embroidery stitches.  There are occasionally quite a few stitches that don’t have any names that I know of, and some knots that would probably make a professional embroiderer (embroiderist? Embroidy-person?) gasp in horror.  To be quite honest, I actually knot the ends of my thread, which I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to do… Anyway.

Embroidery on paper

Display numero uno is this page from a dictionary.  (Apologies to all my fellow book-readers, to whom this sacrilege may render speechless.  It was a very old and venerable dictionary that had been put out of commission.  I promise no dictionaries were harmed in the making of this project.)

Embroidery on paper

I wanted to try doing paper embroidery after seeing it a few places on Pinterest.

Paper embroidery

I drew this geometric shape and am in the process of embroidering around it with blue thread in varying shades.  I plan on framing this after it is completed, and possibly giving it as a gift.  The only problem with this is that the paper is very thin, and I have to be careful when I’m sewing so that I don’t rip it.

Embroidery of girl in raincoat

Display two is this totally adorable little raincoat girl, of whom I am very proud.  I did a two-strand backstitch for the coat and hat, and a satin stitch in a brilliant yellow for the boots and umbrella.

Embroidery of girl in raincoat

The hair is gorge, and I did a plain brown stitch for most of it, but wove in some caramel and espresso colored highlights, which are really pretty.

Embroidery of girl in raincoat

The final step was sewing on tiny blue and white beads for rain.

Embroidery of girl in raincoat

I embroidered this in a very small frame; you can see the size of it compared to my hand.

Ballet embroidery

The last Display is my absolute favorite.  I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, and so instead of doing the stitching on white fabric, I put a piece of black fabric in the hoop to work with.

Ballet toes embroidery

I think this is my favorite because of the starkness of the red and white against the black, and the way that the ballet slippers are kind of sketchy, instead of being tidily outlined.

Ballet en pointe embroidery

This one is the smallest of the three I’m showing you today.

Embroidery projects

Kay, I’ve gone long enough.  Hope you enjoy my projects,

J’adore or something like that!


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Black Denim Jacket Ethan Flip

Ethan Shirt Flipped to Black Denim Jacket by Skirt Fixation

Ethan Shirt Flipped to Black Denim Jacket by Skirt Fixation

We accepted Frances Suzanne’s challenge to flip the Ethan Shirt by Sis Boom.  Of course, first of all we had to sew an unflipped version of the Ethan Shirt, but we’ll get to that another time.  When we can get the boy convinced to show his face on a SKIRT blog!

Ethan Jacket Flip

I knew I wanted to flip the Ethan Shirt several ways in general.  Into something for a girl.  Into a jacket.  And then I remembered this oh so fancy black embroidered denim I’d purchased on time to make into a denim skirt.  So this post could be called The Skirt That Wasn’t!  But I digress.  So I showed the pattern to Aria, my tween, and she wasn’t impressed.  Then I showed her the fabric and she was more enthusiastic.  Finally I showed her an inspiration photo and she was totally on board..

Ethan Shirt Flip

Here are the little, technical ways I flipped the Ethan Shirt into a black denim jacket.

Black denim jacket

I changed the shape of the back yoke, sewed it only at the top and sides and added a button and buttonhole.

Black Denim Jacket by Skirt Fixation

I added a belt and belt loops top the waist.

Sleeve detail

I changed the sleeves by omitting the button placket and cuff and adding a faux belt and belt loops to the sleeve bottoms.  Also a button and button hole on each sleeve belt.  I’m sure there’s a more technical name for it than sleeve belt, but it escapes me at the moment.  Whatever!  All I know is Aria and I love this little detail!

Belt loops on black denim jacket

Here’s a secret little tip on easy belt loops instead of sewing a little tube and turning it, use seam binding.  I did!  It’s reinforced/top stitched to add strength and character.

black embroidered denim jacket

I changed the shape of the hem to be straight all around.

collar detail

I used a little stiffer interfacing on the collar and collar stand to accommodate because I was making a jacket, not a shirt.

denim jacket button placket

I omitted the button placket down the front, opting for a more jacket like closure.

Black Denim Jacket

We stopped the buttons just below the waist so for ease of walking and sitting.  But the jacket still looks format when standing without corrupting the straight shape.

Jacket with back tie

The belt can also be looped back around and tied in the back.

button down jacket

Or the jacket can be partially buttoned.

denim jacket with welt pockets

I added welt pockets!  Welt pockets, people!  This was my first time, and I was so pleased with the professional results!

Fortune Cookie fabric

For the pocket material, I departed from the sober feel of the jacket and used fortune cookie fabric!

Finished jacket inside

I finished each interior seam with either seam binding or a flat felled seam.


And topstitched every seam.  Sometimes twice!  But it looks soooo good, don’t you think so?

Wide shouldered black denim jacket

I did not change anything about the armholes or width of the Ethan shirt for the denim jacket.  The dimensions ended up being perfect.  I used the largest size, size 14.

side detail

Now I’ll tell you one tiny thing I’m not happy with about this black denim jacket.  Because of the large scale of the embroidery pattern, I had to decide whether to match the pattern at the front or the sides.  So I chose the sides.  But I still wish they all could have matched.  But that would have added about 14 inches to the sides of the jacket, so that wasn’t happening!

Belted in back

Did you know one of the themes for Project Run and Play Season 10 is Denim?  Guess what we will be entering?

Forest photo shoot

For this photo shoot we went into the woods again.  We took a different path from last time, but still got some great shots.

black denim jacket by Skirt Fixation

We had just seen the photo shoot by Babykins Magazine and were inspired to do the same theme.  Or maybe they copied our tulle skirt photo shoot!

Embroidered Denim jacket

This black denim jacket looks so good, coming and going!  Aria is so delighted with it that she actually said she hopes cold weather arrives soon!  It’s not usually easy to please a tween.

Embroidered Black Denim Jacket

I found those gorgeous buttons at Jo-Ann fabrics.  I had some that would have worked in my stash, but I wanted these to be special!  And I have a button weakness.  Sort of like my jacket weakness as evidenced here and here!

Black Denim Jacket Flip

Have you seen the other Ethan Shirt Flips?  They are amazing!  And I can’t wait to see what everyone else does with denim for Project Run and Play!  How about you, do you like to sew with denim?

Make it beautiful,


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Hand Embroidered Skirt Upcycle

hand embroidered skirt

I am really excited about today’s refashion, which took me almost all day. (Whew!!!) I started with this nice, good quality, St John’s Bay khaki skirt that we got from St. Vincent for $2.00.

beforeActually, the skirt has shorts underneath, which I guess makes it a skort… 🙂 The skirt is a bit too short for us, so we will be listing it on Etsy here, although… uh… I kinda hate to part with it after all the work that I did on it… OK, here’s the unveiling. I’m nervous, I really hope that all of you loyal fans like it… Ahem, Ahem. Dun Dun Dun….

hand embroidered skirt Woooooooo! Yeah! Uh-huh, Hu-huh, who’s da man! Yessssssssss! Woooooooo!  It’s not every day you get to see (and have the chance to purchase a hand embroidered skirt!)

All right, sorry for that unrestrained gloating, but I spent about six hours hand embroidering these Japanese cherry blossom flowers today, and baby, that is some sweet needlework, even if I do say so myself. I started with a cherry branch pattern  that you can see on the right side, here it is… yep!

hand embroidered skirtAnd then cut some flowers off of the branch pattern and ironed them in different places on the left side! They are so pretty, and they look like falling cherry blossoms! 

Here’s one,

hand embroidered flower

Here’s the other one.

hand embroidered flower and leaves

You could easily pair this skirt with so many different outfits…the possibilities are almost endless!  Dress it up, dress it down, this hand embroidered skirt is just begging to be worn!

hand embroidered Japanese flowers I used regular back-stitch for the flowers and leaves, satin stitch for the branch, and french knots for the yellow stamens on the flowers. Weellll, just leave a comment telling me how great I am, and how much you adore my embroidery! 

hand embroidered skirtJust kidding 🙂 I had a great time doing this, and I really adore the beautiful and sophisticated look that the embroidery gives the skirt.

hand embroidered skirtWe’re also working on adding a sale page to our website (which for the time being will redirect you to each skirt on Etsy) so be sure to check that out.

hand embroidered skirt refashionAlways be Exciting,


P.S. Remember to check out this skirt on Etsy!

This skirt has been linked to Project Sewn!