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2 Skirt Refashions from July

Today we are bringing home 2 skirt refashions we posted on Refashion Co-op during the month of July while everyone was enjoying Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition.  These are 2 of the most worn skirts in our household, my and Allegra’s favorite skirt refashions!  And that’s saying a lot!

I’m going to show you my favorite refashion EVER first!

Okay, so this sundress had potential, but a few problems!  One is the hole in the hem near the hand that is holding the skirt.  Another is the length.  When you are 6 feet tall like I am, often clothes end up looking too short!  And then there’s the shape of the dress overall…makes me look pregnant.  Which I am not!  Good thing I love to refashion!!

Ahhhh, much better!  So why is this my favorite refashion?  First of all, it’s a no-sew!  All I did was literally cut off the top and fix that little hole!  (Okay, so I sewed the hole, but you could find a similar sundress and do the same thing and it would be no-sew!!)  Second, it’s loooooong enough for my looooong legs!  I wear it all the time.


Now for the one Allegra wears all the time!

We were gifted some skirts by a dear lady.  She is very dear to us, but from a different generation.  To be fair, she knows our love for skirts, and our love for refashioning, and gave the skirts to us with that purpose in mind!  So here was the before picture.  (I couldn’t even get my teen to model it this time!)

So we cut 10 inches off the bottom and sewed up a new hem.  Then I unpicked about 4 inches of the waist and tightened the elastic.  It was a size 22W and my teen is not!

Tada!  A skirt a teen will wear!  She says pleats are really in, and she’s very happy with it!

Be sure to visit Refashion Co-op if you are in the mood to be inspired to refashion something!

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Nature Inspired Dress to Skirt Refashion

Today we’re going to show you a nature inspired dress to skirt refashion that we made.

dress to skirt refashionThis dress was one we picked up very cheaply at a thrift store.  It was a Jones New York, and in really great shape, but didn’t fit Aria.  Making clothes for a tween is all trial and error!  It’s great to be able to refashion because there is seldom anything in stores that fit a tween right.  Or that they like.  Or that their parents agree with!

So we decided to take off the top of the dress, which didn’t fit right, and work with the bottom.  Another dress to skirt refashion!

Dress to Skirt Refashion Steps:

Step 1: Cut off top 1 inch above waistband.

Step 2: Iron over 1/2 inch of remaining top.

Step 3: Fold over another 1/2 inch and sew down across top of waistband.  This was a little tricky because of the extra material to allow for bust curves, but we just gathered it and sewed it down.  We could have just cut off the top right at the waistband, but we were going for a more tailored look and didn’t want any strings or fraying when we washed it.

Step 4: Take in sides at top of waistband for a fitted, wide waistband.

dress to skirt refashionNow that is really a skirt Aria loves!  She decided she can dress it up with a button down white blouse tucked in.

dress to skirt refashionOr she could wear a color coordinating tee and leave it untucked.

wide waistband skirtThis skirt with it wide waistband had a definite vintage vibe to it.  Think Grace Kelly in this wide waistband outfit.  (Since Project Sewn’s theme for this week is Leading Ladies, we’re going to link Aria’s skirt up!)

back waistbandHere is a closeup of that lovely wide waistband.  We left the original zipper for a fitted look.  The whole skirt reminds me of the 1950’s!  We could have made this one with (Hint of) Vintage in mind!

before&afterWhat have you sewn this week?

Make it beautiful,


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Dress to Maxi Skirt Refashion

dress to maxi skirt refashion

Well, I wasn’t very inspired today. You might know the feeling if you’re a seamstress like me. I kind of have flashes of inspiration once in a while, and then have to push myself the rest of the time. Today I had to push myself, but anyway I went and rummaged in the Refashion stack and found this dress.  We got it at Plato’s Closet for $6.00.

dress to maxi skirt refashion Goodness knows how long that it had been sitting in the pile, but I remember thinking that it would have made a good skirt last summer, I just never got around to it. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, except it wasn’t my style, and I didn’t like the shape of the bust part. This year I’m trying to be a bit more on the ball with my wardrobe, so I figured that this would be a good skirt for summer.

 Dress to Maxi Skirt Refashion Instructions:

Step 1: I cut off the top part of the dress close to the large band below the bust cups.

And Step 2:  Re-sewed the zipper so it was shorter.

dress to maxi skirt refashion I loooooooove easy refashions! This is probably the easiest skirt refashion ever. Have you got a maxi dress that is too short or has other shortcomings (pun intended, hahahaha)? Just do a really quick, easy few steps and you have a great new maxi skirt! I know that I’ve done at least this one other dress to maxi skirt refashion, and I’ll be wearing both of them this summer.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Total Cost: $6.00

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

dress to maxi skirt refashionThis skirt is quite long now, mom will even probably be able to wear it, and very comfortable. I paired it with a plain white shirt, black shoes with rosettes on the toes and a denim jacket! The perfect usual maxi outfit! I really like the way that this looks, and I hope that this will inspire you to do your own dress to maxi skirt refashion!

Easy dress to maxi skirt refashionAlways be Exciting,


This post can also be seen over at Refashion Co-op!

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Jumper to Maternity Skirt Refashion

I have another maternity refashion for you today.  You know because a woman closing in on her due date needs more clothes!  But like last week’s maternity refashion, I decided it was now or never on refashioning some of those maternity skirts in my closet that had never seen the light of day.  So today it’s a jumper to maternity skirt refashion.

jumper to maternity skirt refashionThis time, the maternity skirt that had never been worn was this number.  Uh, yeah!  I hesitated to even post that picture, but it’ll give you an idea of where I started.  This little puppy was so tight that walking was…difficult.  Plus there was that whole awkward side split thing.  As if it was going to make the skirt any less tight.  But if it hadn’t been there, this would have officially been the first maternity hobble skirt!  Now maybe if I was as famous as Kim Kardashian, I could have pulled off this look.  But I’m not that famous…yet!

kim kardashian

Don’t get any funny ideas here, I have no desire to be the Kim Kardashian sort of famous!

jumper remakeThen there was this jumper.  Yep, it screams, “I’m over 50.”  Which is fine, unless you’re 15!  So pretty much unwearable, but the dear, sweet lady that gave it to us intended it to be refashioned before it was worn.

So here are the step by step jumper to maternity skirt refashion instructions:

Step 1: Cut off top of jumper.

Step 2: Cut off bottom of maternity skirt.

Step 3: Pin and sew the two together.

maternity maxi skirtFinished!  Whew, that’s sure an improvement!  Finally a maternity skirt that will see the light of day.  For a few weeks anyway!  But that’s better than never right?

pocket closeupI love the cute pocket embroidery and pockets.  Every pregnant lady needs a pocket or two.

maternity skirt DIY

Total Time: 30 minutes

Total Cost: $0

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

back viewYou can’t see it, but the maternity panel is now located at the top of the skirt!  And it is super, super comfortable; something I always overlooked before because I was so busy hating it every time I tried it on!

maternity skirt refashion DIYLeave a comment and let us know what you did to help pass the time in the last weeks of pregnancy!

Make it beautiful,


P.S. This post also appears at Refashion Co-op.

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Dress to Skirt Refashion

dress to skirt refashion

Today I decided to make a dress to skirt refashion.  We found this dress at Goodwill for $4.00!

before frumpy picture-DIY-Skirt Fixation

This dress was a cute but short and uncomfortable, so I decided to make it into something better.  A dress like this is sort of too fancy to wear very often, but a skirt made out of fabric this cute would definitely be a wardrobe staple.  I love the wide waistband style of this dress, so that added to my desire to make it into a skirt.  So here are the steps that I did.

Step 1. I cut off the top part that made the skirt a dress.

Step 2. I folded the hem I cut off and ironed it

Step 3. I folded the part I had ironed and sewed it.

Three steps and that’s it!  It was easy for me (I’m just learning to sew – a beginning seamstress) and didn’t take very much time either.

dress to skirt refashion

This is such a cute skirt and I like it a lot.  It is very easy to dress with different tops and make it look different.  Maybe we will have to use it in a future outfit post!

dress to skirt after picture

I just love how the black ties now make a big bow in the back.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Total Cost: $4.00

Talent Level: Beginning Seamstress

dress to skirt refashion after photoI wore black shoes and a white button up shirt with this.  It is now a nice full skirt.  And more modest and practical for chilly weather too.  But since it won’t be chilly for too much longer, I love how the pattern in versatile enough to wear for a spring skirt too!

dress to skirt before and after pictures-Skirt FixationWell, leave me a comment telling me what you think of my first dress to skirt refashion.  I’m so glad I tackled this project because it was easier than I thought it would be, and now I can look for more cute dresses!

Get flirty with skirts,




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Sailor Skirt Upcycle – Embarrassing to Ecstatic!

sailor skirt upcycle

Today’s sailor skirt upcycle/remake (It sorely needed remaking) before was a bit… odd.

sailor skirt upcycleIt was this dress, belonging to who knows what poor child in some olden day. As you can see from the picture, I was totally grossed out and embarrassed that I had to model this awful dress. In addition to being extremely ugly, it had this sailor collar thing with a (NON-MATCHING) pink flower detail in one corner. Alsooooo, it did not even begin to button up in the back.

sailor skirt upcyleSoooo, yeah. I actually pulled this out of our box of costumes, and I was not even sure that anything could be done with it. This dress might still be a costume if I hadn’t gotten an idea. A supercalifragilistic… you get it!  Sailor skirt upcycle time!

Anyway, here’s my process.

Step 1: Cut off the top of the dress, just above the waistband.

Step 2: Apply fray stop to cut off fabric.

sailor skirt after 2

I know!!!! How easy was that! Not a stitch was sewn, and the after item is this cute, light gray pinstripe pleated mini skirt! I also love how the bows on either side look.

sailor skirt upcycle

To model the after look, I wore this skirt with a white button-down under a ¾ length sweater, black tights, and black lace-up shoes. It reminds me a little bit of a schoolgirl skirt with the pleats.

Quick and easy refashion!

We are putting this skirt up on Etsy here, and just so you’re warned, it has no stretch in the waist, so it is a woman’s extra small, or a girl’s 14-16. The size can be slightly regulated by how tight you tie the bows on each side. Well, we hope you liked this remake as much as we did. Leave us a comment telling me what you think of my job.

What do you think - Embarrassing or Ecstatic?

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Always be Exciting,


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Dress to Skirt Remake – Baby Doll to Beautiful!

dress to skirt refashion

On Today’s refashion, we started with this dress.

dress to skirt refashion


This Dress.

I mean No.

Not this dress.


It was a Fire brand dress from St. Vincent which we picked up for a whole $0.75!  Talk about breaking the bank!  It made me feel very much like a baby doll, hence the picture below.

dress to skirt refashion

Yes, that is me trying to look like a baby doll. This picture pretty much sums up the dress. Babyish feeling, and too cutesy for me. AAAAAAAnyway, as it was, this dress was too summery, and was not going to work for me atall. Atall. AT ALL!  I knew that if I just fixed it, the colors would be great for fall.  Mustard is soooo in right now!

So here’s the plan if you want to do a dress to skirt remake!

Step 1: I cut off the triangle thingies at the top front, leaving a nice wide waist. (Yay for wide waistbands!!!)

Step 2:

  • I cut the back off about an inch, and fixed it so that the zipper is still functional, just shorter.  To do this you fold over the top of the new zipper ends and tack them down by hand.

Step 3: The back of the skirt was shorter than the front, so I shortened the front of the skirt just a bit.

dress to skirt refashion

This is really cute now! It is a very fall skirt, and even though it’s lighter weight, you can pair it with warmer accessories to make it autumnal.

wide waistband

I love the waistband, and the big ties in the back. I paired this with a red shirt and cream sweater, and brown tights and slouchy boots. To make it more winter, I would add a red turtleneck sweater, and a brown peacoat.

DIY dress to skirt refashion

Actually, thinking about it, I might wear this for Thanksgiving! It has good Thanksgiving colors in it, and the pattern is kind of vintage. It is also a good cello skirt, which is a very big plus as far as I am concerned. “Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen” concerning cello skirts. Buuuut, I won’t go into that now. People generally do not like to hear about my cello skirt tribulations. Okay, I have rambled on long enough.


You choose: Baby Doll or Beautiful!

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Cello Skirts Take the Turkey,


Thanksgiving Skirts Rock,


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Summer to Fall Skirt – Cursory to Cutie Pie!

summer to fall skirt

Today we have a season extending summer to fall skirt refashion for you!  We took a lightweight dress for a little girl and transformed it into a skirt that is perfect for fall weather!  Let us show you what we are talking about!

summer to fall skirt

Hey, you sassy thing!

This little sundress we picked up at Goodwill for $1.50 is a toddler size.  It didn’t really fit Annie, or rather was great for the hot summer, but cooler fall temperatures just were leaving her a bit chilled!  Also, it was getting small!  So naturally we thought of refashioning it into a skirt for fall.  Taking it straight from skirt to dress worked size wise, but it didn’t add any warmth to the thin material.  Our next idea was to add some sort of under layer that would ruffle out the bottom.  But alas, we could find no brown skirts to match the exact brown of this little dress.  What to do, what to do?  We know that manufacturers change color and dyes from year to year, but it was getting ridiculous!  I even spent one evening in Jo-Ann Fabrics, haunting the aisles, not being distracted at all by the gorgeous new patterns and colors!  Ahem, so anyway, I just happened to lay the little dress I’d brought along up next to a brown bolt of fabric I thought might work, when it hit me!  Purple!  On the other side of the brown bolt was a purple that made this little dress pop!  So it was back to the drawing board, or rather back to Annie’s closet at home!

summer to fall skirt

Hello, baby!

We found in Annie’s very copious stash of skirt this purple number.  Now there was nothing wrong with it, and she enjoyed wearing it just like this, but we needed to repurpose it to work with the little Cherokee dress we had begun refashioning!

Step 1: Cut off straps on brown Cherokee dress.

Step 2: Cut off waistband of purple skirt and zigzag top of remaining skirt bottom.

Step 3: Sew purple skirt underneath Cherokee dress.

Step 4: Cut off buttons from top of former Cherokee dress and sew them and some purple and brown ones along the hem of the former Cherokee dress.

summer to fall skirt


Annie loves this new combination although she was unsure at first if she wanted to sacrifice her purple skirt for the project!

button detail

Close up of the button detail!

Now this skirt will keep Annie warm for all her planned fall activities.  She wants to visit a pumpkin patch, go for a hayride, go to the zoo, try out a corn maze, jump in the leaf piles, and so on!  Good thing she has a warm skirt to keep her covered through all that!

summer to fall skirt

Thankful for a summer to fall skirt refashion!

Total Time: 1 hour (seriously it wouldn’t have taken Allegra this long, but I’m a very slow at sewing by hand, and those buttons took way longer than they should have!  It could also have been Annie bumping my elbow as she jumped up and down saying, “Is it ready yet?  Can I try it on now?  What’s taking you so long, Mom?”)

Total Cost: $1.50

Talent Level: Beginning Seamstress

pinterest ready pin

Okay, let us know what you think by voting in the poll and leaving us some comments!

Your turn! Cursory or Cutie Pie?

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Make it beautiful,


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Dress to Skirt Remake – Pre-teen Dress Mess to Performance Ready Skirt!

concert skirt

Today we show you how you can take a dress and adjust it for a pre-teen who doesn’t have the right…er…shape!  Yes, it’s a dress to skirt refashion!  You are going to love our pre-teen dress fix!

pre-teen dress fix

We started with this lovely dress we picked up at Goodwill for $8.  Yes, can you believe we actually paid that much?  It’s the most we’ve ever paid for an item from Goodwill that we intended to refashion, but Aria had a very special need for a fancy skirt.  We didn’t see a skirt that was going to just fit the ticket when we were out shopping, but then we saw this dress!  It was so lovely, and only had one problem…it was curvy where a pre-teen has no curves.  Never fear, the gals at Skirt Fixation have a plan!

Here’s the plan:

Step 1: Hand sew stitches on the zipper where we intend the new top to be.

Step 2: Cut off the top of the dress, leaving 1/2 inch to work with above the black bow trim.

Step 3: Cut out the padded insert across the front of the dress, which was just making it hard to fold down.

Step 4: Fold over 1/2 inch and sew down to the top of the black bow trim.

Step 5: We decided to reinforce the stitching so that the netting floral material didn’t pop up across the front.  It didn’t need to be hemmed because it’s no fray fabric, but it was slippery, and we were afraid it would pop up without the additional stitching which we did by hand.

Step 6: Reinforce the new top of the zipper so it stayed where it was supposed to.

Ready, Get set, Reveal!

pre-teen dress fix

How do you like it now?

I love how the black bow trim at the waist looks like a cummerbund on a tuxedo!  I mean it was cute before, but now it’s perfect for the occasion which is…

concert skirt

How about an encore?

Yes, Aria plays the viola and has an upcoming recital.  That is what she needs the special skirt for.  And now we think she’s going to take down the house in this amazing ensemble!

pre-teen dress fix

Getting ready to curtsy.

Total Time: 45 minutes

Total Cost: $8 (Not too bad for a special occasion skirt!)

Talent Level: Intermediate Level (Better not attack slippery material on your first few attempts!)

pinterest ready photo

We know Aria will do awesome in her recital, and there’s no question she’ll take the prize wearing this skirt!  Good luck, Aria!  Let Aria know in the comment section what your favorite music for viola is, or what she should wear with this skirt (she’s modeling two different options in the photos above) or tell us about a skirt you wore for a special occasion.  And vote in the poll too!

Make it beautiful,


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Denim Mini Makeover – Shaggy to Superb!

denim mini makeover

Today we have another denim mini makeover for you!  There’s nothing like finding a good denim mini to use as bones in a refashion to get our creative juices flowing!  This one we found at Goodwill for $1.25.  It is by Younique.  We just loved the studded detail around the waistband, and have been saving it for something special!  It only needed a trim around the bottom as it was getting kind of shaggy.  The rest of it was in great shape!  Well, today is the day for this one to come back into production!

denim mini makeover

 See the studs?

Next we found this really cute XL patterned dress by Rue 21.  It’s lovely blues and browns stir something in our blood, and we had to have it.  The price didn’t make it too hard to refuse either!  $3 at Salvation Army means it’s coming home with us!

denim mini makeover

No work-ey in this condition, but just you wait and see!

Here’s the steps!

Step 1:  Cut off shaggy bottom edges around bottom of denim mini.

Step 2: Cut off dress below brown trim.  Originally we hoped that this brown trim would work around the bottom of the denim mini, but it was elastic and too small.

Step 3: Pin and sew bottom of dress to bottom of (newly shaved!) denim mini.

Step 4: Cut a slit in underskirt of dress to ease it for walking purposes.  After all hobble skirts have gone out of style!

Step 5:  Hem slit in underskirt.

denim mini makeover

Ta-Da!  Here are the results of the denim mini makeover!  Aria loves this skirt and feels it’s perfect for fall weather.  She would suggest wearing it to a pumpkin patch to be inspired while picking out the perfect pumpkin!  Or for staying warm while roasting marshmallows over a bonfire after a hayride!

denim mini makeover

The cat thinks it’s a winner too!

Total Time: 40 minutes

Total Cost: $4.25

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

pinterest ready photo

Aria decided she could let this skirt go (with a sniff!) and it’s listed on ETSY for your favorite preteen to look superb this fall!  So now we need you to vote in the poll and leave us some comment love before you pop on over to our ETSY shop to see all the fabulous skirts listed there!

Denim Mini Makeover - Shaggy or Superb?

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Make it beautiful,