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Red Buy or DIY Denim Skirt

Buy or DIY Denim Skirt by Skirt Fixation

It’s time for another Buy or DIY skirt!  When Hey June Patterns released a denim skirt pattern, we were so excited!  We’ve already sewn our first Sandbridge Skirt, and we’ll be sharing and reviewing it soon, but today we’re going to show you how much you can save with a DIY denim skirt for less!

Buy or DIY Denim Skirt by Skirt Fixation

Buy or DIY Denim Skirt Details:

Frame Le Color Pencil Denim Skirt from Orchard Mile

Fabric Recommendation: Art Gallery Textured Denim Solid Scarlet Brick Fabric

Pattern Recommendation: Hey June Sandbridge Skirt

Buy or DIY Denim Skirt Math:

Frame Le Color Pencil Denim Skirt: $225 retail price.

Fabric needed: 1.5 yards

Pattern: $10

Fabric: $13.98 per yard

Notions: $6.11 denim zipper

$3.07 dungaree button

Total Cost: $40.15 for DIY

Total Savings: $184.85

Buy or DIY Denim Skirt Conclusion

Wow, the DIY wins again!!  Are you seeing a pattern here?  (See what we did there?!)  We are going to grant you that it takes more time to DIY a denim skirt than to buy one.  But you definitely won’t end up with the same satisfaction level!  So now we are totally in the mood to replicate this exact skirt!  Let us know about your great DIY denim skirt, or any DIY skirt savings!

Affiliate links are used in this post.  Be forewarned if you click on our links, you just might find yourself the new owner of some really great products!  And we might make a few pennies at no additional cost to you.

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My First Jeans {Sewing for Boys}

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation


 When I started on my sewing adventure, sewing jeans for my boys I was certain I would never be able to sew jeans for my boys.  In fact, it never even crossed my mind, it was such an unattainable goal.  But then I started seeing more and more people in the sewing community sewing jeans.  At first I just stared at these posts in awe.  And then I began to question if I could do something like this too?  Finally, the idea just wouldn’t let me go and I had to try it.  I posted about the whole process on Instagram; if you want behind the scenes sewing info, follow us on Instagram!

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

Like the mad seamstress I am, I couldn’t just sew 1 pair at a time.  I ordered enough denim from CaliFabrics to sew 2 pair of jeans for 2 of my boys.  I contacted one of my sewing friends, Karly from Paisley Roots, who just happens to be a master at sewing jeans and asked for her advice on a pattern.  She suggested the Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads.  For a first time sewist of jeans, this was a perfect pattern!

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

With fabric and pattern in hand, I set out to sew jeans.  You can read all about what I learned in my post on the CaliFabrics blog, So You Think You Want To Sew Jeans?  It’s where I suggest a 1st time sewer of jeans begins.

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

Biggest confession: I didn’t make muslins, and the pair I made for Thomas didn’t work out.  He is not a fan of skinny jeans, and these turned out way too skinny for his liking.  Next time I will adjust the width of the legs to his liking.

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

But not all was lost because I happen to have another sewing friend, Sabra from Sew A Straight Line, who has a very tall skinny son and also has sewed lots of jeans so she can appreciate the amount of effort required to sew jeans.  She posted the above photo on Instagram after she got my package in the mail.

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

Fortunately, the jeans I sewed for my 2 year old son fit great.  (And he’s too little to have a preference about skinny jeans or baggy jeans, so…..)  This pair is actually made from the free size 2T pattern.  So if you’re interested in making jeans and have someone that fits that size, you can try it for free first!

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

This size has patch pockets on the front rather than the standard pockets and coin pocket.  Perfect for small chubby hands.  I did make the traditional pockets and coin pocket on the larger size.  Just so I could try that version too.

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

One amazing thing about sewing jeans is all the topstitching that goes into them.  In a tribute to that, for the back pocket designs, I sewed 3 lines of topstitching across the pockets.  Sort of tongue in cheek, sewing joke.

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

My goal in sewing jeans for my boys was to make them NOT look homemade.  Sort of another funny sewing joke.  Spending hours and hours making something not look like you made it!  But I think I succeeded and the topstitching and hardware play a large part in the not-homemade look.  What do you think?

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

Allegra and the Baby had fun with this photo shoot.  Baby got to hold his long suffering kitty and Allegra just snapped away.  A boy, a barn, a kitty and new jeans.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

So what’s the verdict, you ask?  Will I sew jeans again for my boys?  Most likely yes!  I have a great pattern, CaliFabrics has great denim fabric, and I know what sizes to make.  And not make…

Leave me a comment and tell me what a superstar I am for sewing jeans for my boys!

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Denim Quilt made from Old Jeans

Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeans

Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeansTwo things gave me the final push I needed to finish this denim quilt that has been 10 years in the making: the Refashioner’s Jeanius challenge, and a threat from Mr. Skirt Fixation.
As faithful readers (and good counters) of the Skirt Fixation blog know, I have 4 sons.  Boys wear jeans and wear out jeans often.  Multiply that times 4 boys and you end up with a lot of jeans with holes in the knees.  Which leaves you an item you cannot donate to charity, but which has a lot of good, useable denim left.  Being the thrifty (pack rat?) type, for over 10 years, I’ve been stashing away these old jeans with the intent of using the denim someday.  Well, a few months ago, Mr. Skirt Fixation was digging through the attic and found my tote (okay, fine! TOTES) of old worn out jeans and suggested rather strongly that I use them or get rid of them.  He even offered to do it for me!  So it was time to get busy.

Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeansOver the winter, I cut out hundreds of 7 inch squares from the usable parts remaining of the old jeans.  The next step was to sew a light and a dark square together across the diagonal (from corner to corner) with two seams, each one 1/4 inch from the center line.  Then hours were spend cutting them apart down the original diagonal line.  When I began to lose my steam, Thomas, my 10 year old son, got excited about and involved in the process.

Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeansThe pile grew and grew and grew.  We needed 224 finished half square triangles (HST).  The finished quilt was intended for my oldest son who is (currently at 16) 6’8” so I was aiming for dimensions near king size.  The finished quilt is 76 x 88, so slightly larger than king size, but my tall son is not complaining!

Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeansThe next step was to trim all the denim squares down to 6”.

Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeansThe trimmings pile was beautiful in it’s own way and grew to be a mountain!

Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeansWhen we finally had all 224 HST made, we looked up different layouts that used a dark and a light 1/2.  My son loved the look of this one, and so the piecing together began.  As I was piecing this, I realized I would never be able to wrestle a quilt this large through my home sewing machine.  The denim makes the quilt quite heavy, and the sheer size of it would be the end of me and probably my machine too!

Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeans When the top was finally pieced, we all stood back and admired it for a while.  It was simply gorgeous! Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeansThe next order of business was to choose the quilt backing.  My son decided he wanted a plaid flannel for the backing, and I ordered some flannel buffalo plaid. (affiliate link)

Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeansI have a special Aunt who has taught my sister and I a lot about quilting, and it just so happens that she has a long arm quilting business.  She is an AMAZING quilter and walking through her house is like walking through a quilt museum!  And here’s an example of how fantastic she is: she offered to make the quilt sandwich for me!  So I got the fabric, the pieced top, and the batting to her.  We looked over quilting designs, discussing how the junctions where the HST came together on the corners were going to be nearly impossible to quilt through.

Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeansWe finally settled on the top design, but later, after careful consideration and planning, with a bunch of her common sense and experience thrown in, she suggested the bottom design.

Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeans

We all agreed it ended up much better than the original plan, and she was able to easily avoid the thick joints.

Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeansWhen she had finished the quilt and we picked it up, she had another great suggestion.  Folded in half, and lined with flannel, this quilt would make a perfect sleeping bag for my very tall son!  After pondering and pondering on that idea, we decided to keep in open.  He plans to wrap up in it when there’s a situation where he needs a sleeping bag, but he loves it open on his bed too.

Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeansYou may be wondering about the Refashioners challenge I mentioned at the beginning of this post?  This summer is the 2nd season of The Refashioners, and the theme is Jeanius.  (Last year was Get Shirty, and you can see how we participated here.) Well, how could we not sew along with a sewing contest that was all about refashioning jeans, when all we had to do was finish this quilt in time to enter?  (If you want to check out the absolutely mind boggling things other refashioners did with denim, click here.)  So all that was left for us to do was to bind the quilt.  Binding a quilt this size and weight by hand seemed too daunting of a task for me, so I turned to my expert, in house hand sewist – Allegra, and within about 2 weeks time she had the task completed!

Denim quilt made by Skirt Fixation from old jeansEveryone is delighted with the finished quilt.  Mr. Skirt Fixation is pleased about the amount of denim used up.  My son is delighted with his new quilt that is not only long enough for him, but rugged enough to last a lifetime.  And I’m inspired to make another one.  Or two.  Just don’t tell Mr. Skirt Fixation I have enough denim still stashed away to make several more!

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Kelly Skirt {All The Skirts: Megan Nielsen & Imagine Gnats}

Kelly Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation in Indigo Denim

Kelly Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation in Indigo Denim

The Kelly Skirt by Megan Nielsen is everything Aria has ever asked for in a skirt!  Today we get to show you the first skirt we’ve made for All The Skirts: Megan Nielsen & Imagine Gnats.

Kelly Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation in Indigo Denim

The Kelly Skirt is a button front pleated skirt with pockets.  It sits on the natural waist, and has a delicious wide waistband.  The pleats are situated both in the front and the back.  The Kelly Skirt can be made in 5 sizes from XS to XL.  For Aria, we sewed a size M with 5 inches added to end up midi length, like the illustrated pattern.  (I wonder where she gets her height from…)

Kelly Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation in Indigo Denim

The instructions for the Kelly Skirt are concise and thorough.  At no time were we confused, and we think a beginning sewist looking for a challenge could produce very spiffy results with this pattern!

Kelly Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation in Indigo Denim

Aria loves those huge scooping pockets!  She’s always been a fan of pockets, the bigger the better.  They have topstitching on the edges, in fact, this skirt has a lot of topstitching everywhere, and that’s one of the things that gives is such a professional looking finish.

Kelly Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation in Indigo Denim

The fabric we used is La Brea Denim in Indigo from Imagine Gnats and it’s simply divine!  It’s light and airy for summer, but substantial enough not to be too thin.  It washes well and a quick touch of the iron smoothes out any wrinkles.  As I was working with it, I was imagining all the other garments I wanted to sew with it.  So expect to see more of it here in the future!

Kelly Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation in Indigo Denim

After much debate, we decided to go with the buttons you see pictured on the Kelly Skirt.  Part of our indecision was too many of us in the button row of the fabric store together, and the other part was that there were so many different buttons the looked fantastic with this fabric!

Kelly Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation in Indigo Denim

Now it’s your turn to get involved with All The Skirts.  Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter widget below for a chance to win $50 to spend at Imagine Gnats and a PDF pattern from Megan Nielsen.

Kelly Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation in Indigo Denim

Also today we’re opening up the Inlinkz for you to link up anything you’ve made in 2016 using fabric from Imagine Gnats, or any Megan Nielsen pattern!  We can’t wait to see what you’ve created using supplies from these fantastic sponsors.  And remember to use the discount code SKIRTS16 for 15% off at Megan Nielsen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Kelly Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation in Indigo Denim
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Penny Pencil Skirt {All The Skirts: SLPco & Phat Quarters}

Penny Pencil Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using Art Gallery Fabrics denim from Phat Quarters. A perfect denim skirt for a little girl!

Penny Pencil Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using Art Gallery Fabrics denim from Phat Quarters. A perfect denim skirt for a little girl!

The next skirt we made for All The Skirts: SLPco & Phat Quarters is the Penny Pencil Skirt.  And we found the perfect fabric to sew it with.  Let’s start with a review of the Penny Pencil Skirt pattern.

Penny Pencil Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using Art Gallery Fabrics denim from Phat Quarters. A perfect denim skirt for a little girl!

The Penny Pencil Skirt can be sewn in 9 sizes from 2T to 12.  There are 4 different styles included in the pattern; Mini, Short Pencil, Long Pencil and Flounce.  We sewed the Long Pencil version.

Penny Pencil Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using Art Gallery Fabrics denim from Phat Quarters. A perfect denim skirt for a little girl!

This pattern has a rating of beginner.  There are 4 different pocket styles, we made the classic version.  Just the pocket pieces and the flounce have pattern pieces to print, dimension are given for the other pieces.  The instruction are illustrated with photographs.  The back of the wide waistband has several rows of elastic, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit.

Penny Pencil Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using Art Gallery Fabrics denim from Phat Quarters. A perfect denim skirt for a little girl!

One little detail we love about the Penny Pencil skirt is how the side seams aren’t really on the sides, but wrapped around the front!  It’s so slimming, and modern, and cute!  Those of us at Skirt Fixation who are larger than a size 12 seriously wish this pattern came in women’s sizes!  It is such a stylish pencil skirt for a girl.

Penny Pencil Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using Art Gallery Fabrics denim from Phat Quarters. A perfect denim skirt for a little girl!

The Penny Pencil skirt requires woven fabric, and so we went straight for some Art Gallery Fabrics new denim from Phat Quarters.  After much deliberation, we finally chose the Canyon Sunset color.  This is a true, heavyweight denim, much like your favorite jeans are made from.  Or your favorite denim skirt!  So of course we had to do double topstitching on everywhere just like a ready to wear denim skirt.  Again, all of us who didn’t get a skirt made from this luscious fabric have a new item on the wish list!  Oh, and we tucked a little Bari J. fabric inside the pocket too!

Penny Pencil Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using Art Gallery Fabrics denim from Phat Quarters. A perfect denim skirt for a little girl!

We posted a photo on Instagram of a whole bunch of other fabrics that coordinate with this Art Gallery Fabrics denim.  But for this outfit, we chose some knit leftover from making this Uptown Downtown Dress to make a new summer top for Annie.  We chose the new Camden Raglan pattern from Hey June Patterns.

Penny Pencil Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using Art Gallery Fabrics denim from Phat Quarters. A perfect denim skirt for a little girl!

Yep, this is the smaller version of our very favorite top, the Lane Raglan!  And the best thing about it is that Annie is in the smallest size (a 6) so she will get to wear this pattern for a long time (it goes up to size 16!)  And then she can graduate to the Lane Raglan pattern with the rest of us!.  The Camden Raglan is as fantastic as the Lane Raglan.  We made the elbow sleeve, curved hem version.  But we’re excited to try the other versions too.

Penny Pencil Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using Art Gallery Fabrics denim from Phat Quarters. A perfect denim skirt for a little girl!

Alright, now it’s your time to play along.  Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below, or be the first to link up to the Inlinkz!  There are going to be 2 winners, one random winner from the Rafflecopter giveaway, and one (crowd favorite) from the Inlinkz link up.  Each winner will receive $30 to spend in the Simple Life Pattern Company store, AND $20 to spend in the Phat Quarters Etsy shop.

Penny Pencil Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using Art Gallery Fabrics denim from Phat Quarters. A perfect denim skirt for a little girl!

So the first thing you need to do is get shopping at Phat Quarters with the exclusive discount code PHATSKIRTS at checkout for a 10% discount.  Then add your creation (or anything you’ve made in 2016 with a SLPco pattern or fabric from Phat Quarters) in the link up below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Apron Gifts

Apron Gift

Another apron post is forthcoming, folks!  I wanted to give a couple of gifts to two special ladies, and I thought that apron gifts would be just the ticket.  I used my apron pattern that I developed (with mom’s help) when I was about ten or eleven.  It is taken from a dress pattern, and so the shape is very flattering, and the pattern itself easy to change around and spice up.

apron gifts

For the first apron, I picked this lovely yellow cotton with a faint yellow leaf pattern on it.  I decided that I wanted just one pocket, but a big one!  This lovely wine-colored floral looked just beautiful on the yellow, so I used that as a pocket, stitching it down along the middle so that it is in effect, two separated pockets, but it still looks like one big one.


We had a very old denim skirt with a ruffle on the bottom of it, and looking at it, I thought that it would be just the thing as a cooler color separating the warm yellow and red.  It looks quite nice around the pocket, I think.  You might notice a little different thing that I tried this time, which was stitching the apron together down the middle.  I’m not sure as of yet if that was a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s definitely not what I usually do!  I also used a thin cream-colored ribbon for the neck and straps.

Apron Gift

For the second apron I used this pretty floral, a light reddish-purple on a cream background.  I did square pockets in a rich wine and stitched around them in cream to compliment the floral.  The straps are a wide cream lace, which gives the apron a very feminine air.

I love aprons in any shape; they make me feel like a 1950’s housewife or a pioneer girl!  I also hand embroidered the initials of the receiver of each of these apron gifts.  How do you feel about aprons?  Do you like full aprons, or half ones that are more like a skirt?  Let me know!


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Cowboy Poncho from a Skirt!

Cowboy Poncho

Cowboy PonchoRemember that boy we introduced you to earlier in the week with his cowboy quilt?  Did we mention it was his birthday recently?  Oh, we did?  Well, did we mention that he l.o.v.e.s. cowboys?  Oh, we did?  Well, when a boy loves something as much as this boy loves cowboys, it’s easy to know what to make him for his birthday!

Cowboy Poncho with HoodThis gift was actually Aria’s idea, so here she is to tell you how the cowboy poncho came to be:

So while mom was making Thomas’ quilt I decided that I would like to make him a birthday present too.  And ever since we made our Not A Skirt ebook, he had been asking for a cape like the one I made. So I finally got an excuse and time to make him one.  Anyway a while back I had been looking through ‘the girls’ closet, and I found a not so great skirt that had cowboys and Indians on it.

skirt refashionIt had been mom’s from when she was a cowgirl, and it wasn’t anything I was ever going to wear, so into the remake pile it went, and it was just the perfect thing for a cape.

Cowboy PonchoSo here’s Mom to tell you how we made a skirt to cowboy poncho transformation:

Step1: Cut skirt off above the denim about 2 inches.

Step 2: Cut skirt open along one side seam.

Step 3: Fold over and finish edges of skirt.

Step 4: Cut out hood pieces.  (We used the pattern pieces from this rain jacket, but you can just eyeball a hood shape!)

Step 5: Fold over top edge of denim 2 times, sandwiching hood into the last fold and sew a new hem across the top.  (Make sure to situate your hood the right way before you sew!)

Cowboy PonchoAnyway now he loves it and he’s so happy with it he wears it everywhere.

Cowboy Poncho by Skirt FixationAnything to do with cowboys or horses and he’s all over it!

chagra & tack, south amrice horse ridingWe think he imagines this in his mind’s eye as what he looks like when he’s wearing it!

Cowboy Poncho by Skirt FixationIt was Aria’s idea to add the hood because she said she’s often wished she had one on her cape!

Cowboy PonchoThis cape makes him feel like he’s on top of the world!

cowboy poncho by Skirt FixationWe think he’s pretty cool too!  Just in case you were wondering!

Hats Off!How about you, have you made a cape or poncho?   Hat’s off to you!

Cowboy Poncho by Skirt Fixation


Linking up here and reposting here!

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Black Denim Jacket Ethan Flip

Ethan Shirt Flipped to Black Denim Jacket by Skirt Fixation

Ethan Shirt Flipped to Black Denim Jacket by Skirt Fixation

We accepted Frances Suzanne’s challenge to flip the Ethan Shirt by Sis Boom.  Of course, first of all we had to sew an unflipped version of the Ethan Shirt, but we’ll get to that another time.  When we can get the boy convinced to show his face on a SKIRT blog!

Ethan Jacket Flip

I knew I wanted to flip the Ethan Shirt several ways in general.  Into something for a girl.  Into a jacket.  And then I remembered this oh so fancy black embroidered denim I’d purchased on time to make into a denim skirt.  So this post could be called The Skirt That Wasn’t!  But I digress.  So I showed the pattern to Aria, my tween, and she wasn’t impressed.  Then I showed her the fabric and she was more enthusiastic.  Finally I showed her an inspiration photo and she was totally on board..

Ethan Shirt Flip

Here are the little, technical ways I flipped the Ethan Shirt into a black denim jacket.

Black denim jacket

I changed the shape of the back yoke, sewed it only at the top and sides and added a button and buttonhole.

Black Denim Jacket by Skirt Fixation

I added a belt and belt loops top the waist.

Sleeve detail

I changed the sleeves by omitting the button placket and cuff and adding a faux belt and belt loops to the sleeve bottoms.  Also a button and button hole on each sleeve belt.  I’m sure there’s a more technical name for it than sleeve belt, but it escapes me at the moment.  Whatever!  All I know is Aria and I love this little detail!

Belt loops on black denim jacket

Here’s a secret little tip on easy belt loops instead of sewing a little tube and turning it, use seam binding.  I did!  It’s reinforced/top stitched to add strength and character.

black embroidered denim jacket

I changed the shape of the hem to be straight all around.

collar detail

I used a little stiffer interfacing on the collar and collar stand to accommodate because I was making a jacket, not a shirt.

denim jacket button placket

I omitted the button placket down the front, opting for a more jacket like closure.

Black Denim Jacket

We stopped the buttons just below the waist so for ease of walking and sitting.  But the jacket still looks format when standing without corrupting the straight shape.

Jacket with back tie

The belt can also be looped back around and tied in the back.

button down jacket

Or the jacket can be partially buttoned.

denim jacket with welt pockets

I added welt pockets!  Welt pockets, people!  This was my first time, and I was so pleased with the professional results!

Fortune Cookie fabric

For the pocket material, I departed from the sober feel of the jacket and used fortune cookie fabric!

Finished jacket inside

I finished each interior seam with either seam binding or a flat felled seam.


And topstitched every seam.  Sometimes twice!  But it looks soooo good, don’t you think so?

Wide shouldered black denim jacket

I did not change anything about the armholes or width of the Ethan shirt for the denim jacket.  The dimensions ended up being perfect.  I used the largest size, size 14.

side detail

Now I’ll tell you one tiny thing I’m not happy with about this black denim jacket.  Because of the large scale of the embroidery pattern, I had to decide whether to match the pattern at the front or the sides.  So I chose the sides.  But I still wish they all could have matched.  But that would have added about 14 inches to the sides of the jacket, so that wasn’t happening!

Belted in back

Did you know one of the themes for Project Run and Play Season 10 is Denim?  Guess what we will be entering?

Forest photo shoot

For this photo shoot we went into the woods again.  We took a different path from last time, but still got some great shots.

black denim jacket by Skirt Fixation

We had just seen the photo shoot by Babykins Magazine and were inspired to do the same theme.  Or maybe they copied our tulle skirt photo shoot!

Embroidered Denim jacket

This black denim jacket looks so good, coming and going!  Aria is so delighted with it that she actually said she hopes cold weather arrives soon!  It’s not usually easy to please a tween.

Embroidered Black Denim Jacket

I found those gorgeous buttons at Jo-Ann fabrics.  I had some that would have worked in my stash, but I wanted these to be special!  And I have a button weakness.  Sort of like my jacket weakness as evidenced here and here!

Black Denim Jacket Flip

Have you seen the other Ethan Shirt Flips?  They are amazing!  And I can’t wait to see what everyone else does with denim for Project Run and Play!  How about you, do you like to sew with denim?

Make it beautiful,


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Skirt Alert! – Style J skirts

Style J skirts

Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our VERY favorite skirt websites, Style J!  This website is all skirts (sound familiar?!)  When they first started, their sole focus was denim skirts, which you can see reflected in their domain name  Since they began, they have branched out and offer other skirts too.  Come along, we’ll take you on a tour!

Let’s start where they did, with denim skirts!  They offer many, many denim skirts, sorted by length.  There is Extra Tall (we love you, Style J skirts!) Tall skirts, Regular skirts, Petite skirts, Calf Length, Knee Length, Plus size Long & Plus size (shorter) and 100% Cotton denim skirts!

Style J skirts

Here is one of their Regular Denim skirts.  They call it the Sweet Mermaid Denim Skirt, and we can totally agree with the sweet part!  We have ordered, worn and worn out several of their denim skirts, and we can recommend this company with confidence!  The skirts last, and last, and last, and are very well made.  Only one time did we encounter a problem with a skirt we’d ordered.  The button on one of the pockets came off the first time we washed it, and because this was so unusual, we called the company.  They were very friendly, had us send them the skirt, and they replaced the button and shipped it back to us, no charge!  I’m actually still wearing that skirt!  One word of advise, when you figure out your size, be sure to check if the fabric on the skirt you are ordering is stretch denim, because we have found those Style J skirts to run a little tighter, so you might want to size up!

Style J skirts

Next they offer Khaki skirts.  These come in all sizes and lengths.  This particular one is called Career Long Khaki Skirt, and wearing it would definitely enhance your career!

Style J skirts review

The next section is for Girls!  My girls have had better luck with Style J skirts with elastic waists, because they like to wear them really long.  On this particular skirt we love the back pocket details!

style J skirts Next up is Trendy Skirts. We love this Cloudy Monet Flowing Skirt.  It really is darling, and we’d wear it often if we were in possession!

style j skirts review

The next section of the Style Jskirts website is Comfy Casual Skirts.  They are sorted into two categories, Regular and Plus Size.  These skirts are mostly knit skirts, and look sooooo comfortable!  This Misty Morning Long Comfy Skirt looks perfect for lounging around on a Saturday morning!

style j skirts

The Office Skirts section is sorted into lengths with categories for Long, Calf Length, Knee Length, and Plus Size.  We don’t own one of these, but we know two different ladies who do, and they wear them so elegantly, that we are certain the next skirt we buy from Style J is going to be from this section!  Specifically I have my eye on this Plain Blue Long Skirt!  Oh, the places I’d go!

style j skirts

There is a section just for Maternity skirt, and believe me, finding good quality maternity skirts is worth every penny!  This cutie is called the Brush Maternity Long Denim Skirt.

style j skirts sale

The last section is Final Sale.  These skirts are included in all the other sections, but here you can see them all at rock bottom prices!  This In Bleached Denim Skirt looks perfect for fall with a pair of thick tights and tall boots!  And speaking of sale prices, while you’re over at Style J, be sure to sign up for their emails.  (It’s in the left side bar, underneath the categories list.)  Style J frequently has great sales (up to 40% off we’ve gotten emails for) and these sales make their great, comfortable, affordable skirts even more awesome!

We hope you enjoyed your tour and this week’s Skirt Alert!  Leave us some comment love telling us about your favorite Style J skirts!  See you next time!

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Will Sew For Food – Our First Customer!

back view

We are excited to let you in on a new section of our website!  We hope you are enjoying our skirt refashions as much as we are enjoying refashioning them!  We sell some skirts on Etsy, but maybe they are not your size, style, whatever!  So what do you do if you have an idea you want us to execute on?

A friend of ours cannot sew, but has been admiring our refashions in person.  She’s the kind of person who oooohhhs and aaaaaahhhhhhs over our work and makes us feel so special!  So one day she showed up with 2 skirts and asked us to refashion them for her telling us exactly what she wanted.  So we had this lightbulb go on!  We’re quite sure there are others of you out there who would like to take advantage of our handy sewing skills!  Keep your eyes glued to the right margin of this website, because in the next few days, an opt-in box will appear (we’re working on it, but we have to stop sewing long enough!) and you will be able to submit your requests to us!  We’ve christened it Will Sew For Food!

So now onto our friend’s request!  Here is the first skirt she gave us.

will sew for food

She loves the fit of this skirt, but her complaint was that it was too tight around the bottom hem, and “I have to walk like a robot!”  We also noticed when we were working with this skirt that there was an unflattering brown stain on the, well, rear.

On to skirt #2:

will sew for food

The problem with this one?  It is just her style, color and pattern, but too short!  She requested we combine the two and the final product be close to 40 inches long!  Okay, here we go!

Step 1: Figure out how to combine the 2 to the best advantage of both!  Eliminating the robot walk, of course!

Step 2: Cut 11 inches off the top of the red, and all but 12 inches off the top of the denim skirt.  (Remember the unflattering brown stain?  Goodbye! ~ It was below the 12 inch mark!

Step 3: Hem the new top of the red skirt and new bottom of the denim skirt.

Step 4: Pin and sew the 2 skirt together.

Step 5: Top stitch again around where the 2 skirt connect to reinforce and make it look like a denim seam.

Okey-dokey!  What do you think now?

will sew for food

We simply cannot wait to show this to our friend!

back view

Back view – notice: no unflattering brown stain!

Total Time: 45 minutes

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

will sew for food

Twirl ready!  Look at that fullness!

We’ll be sure to update this post after we give this back to our friend, and let you all know what she thinks of it!

pinterest ready photo

By the way, what do you think of it?  Let us know in the comment section!  And since we’re getting hungry to do more sewing…keep your eyes peeled for that box, ‘cuz when we put it up, we Will Sew For Food!

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