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Our favorite kind of skirt refashion

At The Piano painting by Vladimir Volegov brought to live by Skirt Fixation for their Living Skirt Art series. Check them all out!

We know we’ve posted a lot of these before, but they are probably our favorite kind of skirt refashion, so you’ll have to put up with one (or maybe more!)  Today we’re bringing home a post from the Refashion Coop.

So it’s not often you can take a skirt from mini to maxi, but it’s really easy with this little trick.


Start with two skirts!  Okay, so maybe that’s cheating?  But the long tiered skirt’s bottom tier was all ripped up from stepping on it, and had to come off which made the long skirt too short by itself.  Alright, here’s the process:
Step 1: cut off the waistband of the tiered skirt.  Bye for now…or cut off the tags and use it as a headband.
Step 2: zig zag the two layers together.  You really need the bottom layer to act as a slip under the quite sheer top layer.  Also, this makes the next step easier.
Step 3: Topstitch around the bottom of the mini, catching the other skirt firmly underneath.
Tada!  A new skirt from mini to maxi!
Why on earth did I make a WHITE skirt for my teenage daughter?  Here is the link to find out why, it’s really very beautiful!


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Black & White Refashion and the updated Lane Raglan

Mini skirt refashion by Skirt Fixation

It’s been quite a while since I’ve sewn one of my favorite kind of skirt refashions for myself.  But I’m not sure why because they are so fast and easy and comfortable!

Here’s what I started with:

Mini skirt refashion by Skirt Fixation

And by using my own tutorial, I made myself a new skirt!  I’m such a maxi skirt lover; it’s totally a byproduct of being 6 feet tall.

Mini skirt refashion by Skirt Fixation


Things I love about this kind of refashion: All the hard work is already done.  No waistband to sew, no pockets to install, no muslin to make, no fitting and fitting and fitting, and NO hemming!

Mini skirt refashion by Skirt Fixation

Really I don’t have too much to say about this skirt, just this: if you haven’t refashioned one of these for yourself yet, DO IT!

Mini skirt refashion by Skirt Fixation

Now onto the shirt!  This is the NEWLY released Lane Raglan pattern by Hey June Patterns.  It’s no secret I’m a fan of anything Adrianna, the genius behind Hey June Patterns, creates.  But we’re very loyal to the Lane Raglan, pulling it out whenever we need a comfortable basic.  We’ve had a Lane Raglan sew/wear off Round 1 and Round 2 when the pattern was updated to include thumbholes and a hoodie.  And we’ve also hacked it into a cardigan.

Mini skirt refashion by Skirt Fixation

So, I have to admit I was a little hesitant to try the newly updated Lane Raglan pattern due to loving it so much and knew that the fit had been altered on the latest update.  Well!  After sewing up the new update, here’s where the old pieces are!

Mini skirt refashion by Skirt Fixation

Just for the record, this is the 3rd one I’ve made.  So yeah, there will be a Lane Raglan sew/wear off Round 3 coming soon!  For this one I used the elbow length sleeves and shortened them a little bit for summer.  I’d like to say it was intentional, but the fact of the matter is I didn’t have enough fabric to go the whole length!  Funny story: I was really using up scraps to make this wardrobe basic, and the front and one sleeve are from leftover bamboo cotton from making this skirt, while the back and other sleeve are leftover from making this skirt!  But they’re both the same shade of black, so it’s all good!

Mini skirt refashion by Skirt Fixation

I also used the new scooped hem, which I really love.  I mean, I love the banded hem, but I think this one is going to be in constant rotation this summer.

Mini skirt refashion by Skirt Fixation

Last note:  Annie, my 7 year old was the photographer for this photo shoot! She told me how to pose, where to stand and was very serious about it all!  I guess because we’re so often on different sides of the camera she was really excited about shooting this one for me. I have to say she did pretty good, although I think her perspective makes me look even taller, if possible!

Mini skirt refashion by Skirt Fixation

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Skirt to Bag Refashion…Again!!!

Easy skirt to bag refashion

MORE ON MUSIC!!!!! Once a week, Allegra and I have orchestra practice, and I was getting very tired of keeping track of music books, loose papers, pencils, ect. The list goes on and ON. So I decided to do something about it. I wanted to make a skirt to bag refashion, and we had a whole lot of denim mini’s just asking for something to be done with them!!!

denim mini skirt to bag refashion

So I went to the stack and the one on top was extremely cute and just the thing I wanted. The denim mini was a little bit little girlish for me to wear or refashion into something to wear, and would be the same for Annie once she got up to that size. So here’s how I made this easy skirt to bag refashion.

Step 1. Turn the skirt inside out, and sew up the bottom.

Step 2. Turn the (now) bag right side out, and sew on handles.

Easy skirt to bag refashion

Imagine that!!! Two easy steps, and… a bag!!! So now, thank goodness, there is no more grasping around for lost items, no more nothing. And I love this bag it is soooooo cute.

Easy skirt to bag refashion

Those embroidered flowers that seemed too girly before now make this bag so awesome!

Easy skirt to bag refashion

I threaded a ribbon around the belt loops for extra decoration, and that was an awesome finisher. If I needed to keep things from falling out of my bag, I could cinch the ribbon up tight.

Easy skirt to bag refashion by Skirt Fixation

Anyway … I love this bag and maybe you can make a skirt to bag refashion and love it too. If you do, send us a picture!


Easy skirt to bag refashion by Skirt Fixation

If you want to discover picture tutorials for a bag like this and 25 more ways to refashion a skirt into something else, check out our ebook: Not A Skirt!

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Birthday Skirt Refashion

birthday skirt

Last week was my birthday, so I decided just make myself a new skirt.

birthday skirtWhat don’t you sew on your birthday too?  I had embroidered denim fabric I had been waiting years to use.

denim mini refashionI bought the fabric at a store closing sale.  I don’t remember now but there was probably some discount for buying the whole bolt because I had a lot of this fabric.  A few years ago I used some of it for a fun project.  I made a good friend of mine a pocket organizer from scraps of denim, lace and ribbon.  I use this embellished fabric for the background.  It looked something like this, but I never got a picture of mine!

Denim-Wall-Storage-Pockets-Made-from-Old-JeansBut I still have a lot of the embroidered denim fabric left.  At first I wanted to make this pattern Simplicity 4966:

Simplicity 4966But in the end, I decided that wasn’t what I wanted to do.  So I went to our denim mini stash and started over.  I found this perfect green denim mini to start with.

denim mini refashionTo keep the integrity of the shape of the skirt, I measured both the circumference of the waistband and the hem of the denim mini.  Then I measured the length to figure out the distance over which the skirt sloped.  I extrapolated this information to figure out the angle at which I should continue on as I lengthened the skirt by adding the embroidered denim fabric.  Now there is probably a whole lot easier way to do this, but I was pretty happy with the final resulting shape.

birthday skirtAt the same time I bought the denim fabric I bought some matching crocheted trim.  I was going to run the crocheted trim diagonally across the skirt in several places to get the look of the Simplicity skirt, but after I put it on around the bottom, I was so happy with it, I stopped there!

colorblock skirtI love how the three distinct colors have a sort of uneven color block effect.

denim mini refashionOne other aspect of this skirt I really like is the belted waistband.  Right now, the skirt fits snugly, but as my body makes some post baby changes, I will probably end up needing the belt!

birthday skirt refashionI still have quite a bit of this fabric left over, so there’s room for more fun projects in the future!  Stay tuned!

Denim mini Refashion

Leave me a comment about what you do on your birthday!  Have you ever made yourself a birthday skirt?

Make it beautiful,


We shared this project with Saturday Sewing!

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Refashion of a Denim Mini

Denim mini refashion!

Continuing to show you what we did during Challenge Create: Adult Edition, Allegra and I have a refashion to show you today.  We decided to write this post ala Becca & Suzanne style, for a little fun twist!  So I’ll let Allegra start:

Well, I had a situation lately. I had cleaned out my closet because of some moving around of clothes, and after it was all said and done, all of my clothes fit in one basket and a twelve-inch rod. I had only five skirts. FIVE SKIRTS. Do you actually realize how few skirts that is for a girl that only ever wears skirts? You can only wear five skirts in so many different combinations until people start (hem) talking. I had/ have in mind exactly what I wanted, long, plain skirts that aren’t patterned, as most of my shirts happen to be patterned.

Style J skirtI wanted this one from Style J, but mom said…well, here, I’ll let her tell you:

N.O. in no uncertain terms!  $52 for a skirt when we have a whole stack of skirts waiting to be refashioned?  What are you thinking?  Go and look through the stash and bring me back some possibilities, something we can refashion, some skirts that inspire you!  And she came back with…nothing!  Said she wasn’t in the right mood, or something.  So after I said some more motherly things about doing things to build character even when you didn’t feel like it, I took a venture through the skirt stack myself and came back with these two:

refashion of a denim mini starts here!

ombre beforeAharharharhar. I swear, summa’ this character building is goin’ to kill me some day, no offense. (Help mom, my arm’s cut off! ‘Oh that’s okay, it’ll build character!’) Ahem. Anyway, I was surprised with these skirts and found that I really actually liked them. I DID NOT see that skirt when I was looking. I am 100% sure that mom hid it just to be able to gloat. The denim skirt fit when I tried it on, and so I measured how long I wanted it to be and mom started sewing!

I promise, I hid nothing!  I just am talented (like every Mom out there!) at finding things.  Why is it when anything is missing Mom is the one that finds it every time?  As I tell my kids, “I just don’t give myself permission to NOT find it!”  Okay, enough Mom lecture!  Here’s what I did:

 Step 1: Cut off 6 inches from top of ombre skirt.

Step 2: Gather top of ombre skirt.

Step 3: Sew ombre skirt to bottom of denim mini.

Step 4: Since ombre skirt was very translucent, I cut off the old, worn out elastic top from one of my under-slips I tried to stretch through my pregnancy, and it did just that…stretch out!

Step 5: Sew slip to underside of denim mini.

Step 6:  Cut off the back pocket flaps which were placed in a really awkward spot & stuck out!

Step 7: Hand new skirt to Allegra and hold my breath hoping she likes it!

denim mini refashion

I dooooooo like it!!! I really love the swishiness, the shinyness, and the overall blue-ness. I paired it with my china-patterned shirt, and I love the effect. I’ll probably even be able to play the cello in it.

Denim mini refashion!So there you go, a joint-ish effort that turned out well.

(I still think I need more clothes.)

(Who doesn’t?)

Easy denim mini refashion


We lined this post up to Simple Simon’s Saturday Sewing party!

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A Denim Mini Makeover For Annie!

denim mini makeover

Well, we haven’t done a refashion for Annie for a while, so I thought that I would do one for her today, and make it a bit of a surprise. The only problem was, when I went to look for stuff for her to wear, the only things that I could find were very spring-y. The weather right now is anything but spring-y, but I decided that it might be good if Annie had some spring outfits, so I went ahead and made the little skirt anyway. denim mini makeoverI started with this cute denim mini from Goodwill for $2.50. It has little hearts on it, and rhinestones, and sprinkles of color. The back pockets have alternating pink and green thread stitched across them.  Time for a denim mini makeover!

green skirt repairI found a little green skirt that was just the color of the green on the denim mini in the mending box.  Why was it in the mending box?  Well, do you see a gaping hole in the front of it? Big problem there, folks. Also, the skirt had an ombre effect that, with the green color of the skirt, made it look mucho washed out.

 Step by Step denim mini makeover instructions:

First I cut off the bottom three tiers of the skirt, just below the tear, and cut and re-sewed the resulting tube so that it wasn’t so big.

Secondly, I gathered the top of the skirt and

Thirdly sewed it to the bottom of the denim mini.

denim mini makeover refashionSuch a cute little skirt now! I surprised Annie, and threw it down in front of her, and she couldn’t believe that it was hers. I feel kind of proud of myself, because I didn’t have any help from Mom, and the gathering was slightly difficult.

denim mini makeoverAlso, I sewed the green layers to the denim the wrong way – twice – before I got it right, but forget that I said that, it can be our little secret!

back pocket detailDo you see the cute back pocket stitching detail?  It helped me decide exactly what color to add to the bottom of the skirt!

Total Time: 30 minutes

Total Cost: $2.50

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

Denim mini makeover refashionWell, I had fun making this, and Annie will have fun wearing it, whenever there’s no more ice and snow on the ground!

Always be Exciting,


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Lauren Jeans Co. Denim Skirt Refashion

Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirt refashion

For today’s skirt refashion, I started with this Lauren Jeans Co. Size 10, 22-inch long skirt.  We picked it up at Goodwill for $2.50, knowing that a Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirt was a great buy for $2.50 and this one was is great shape.

Lauren Jeans Co denim skirt

It was a nice plain skirt, kind of blah, a little outdated, and as I didn’t want to add on new fabric, or take off some of the length, I started thinking about embellishing it. I picked out some non-gathered lace from our lace box and laid it out in patterns until I got the pattern that I wanted.

 Step by Step Lauren Jeans Co. Denim Skirt Refashion Instructions

1. Sewed a piece of lace on either side of the slit.

2. Sewed a brown ribbon onto the top of the piece of lace.

3. Repeated steps 1 and 2 three more times.

4. Sewed a pink bow onto the top layer of ribbon.

Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirt refashion

I really like how this turned out!

Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirtHere you can see how the back has no lace on it, but I was using scraps of lace, and I didn’t have enough lace to go around the back, so the lace and ribbon are just on the front.  This produces a sort of cool, split-personality effect!  It’s a different skirt coming and going!  But then again, a bunch of lace on the back might have been uncomfortable to sit on…or would it have produced a completed look?  Hmmm, I might have to find another skirt like this and do an experiment!

denim skirt by lauren jeans co.This is definitely a warm-weather skirt, so you’ll have to excuse my cold-weather outfit and hunched-up expression. Hey, when it’s negative degrees outside, I just wanna get back inside!  I paired this skirt with a navy blue tee under my brown-pocketed jacket, and wore white tights and my favorite brown boots.

Lauren Skirt Co. denim skirt refashion

Since this skirt is a bit too large and a bit too short for me we are selling this skirt on Etsy here. I sewed the lace on so that it lifts up on the bottom and is only attached on the top, and I think that it is a really cute look overall. I had a lot of fun with this skirt, so I hope that maybe I can do another remake like this sometime soon. Lemme know what you think of my newest skirt remake!

Always be Exciting,


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No-Sew Denim Mini Upcycle – Dull to Darling!

easy upcycle project for girls

Today I pulled this NY Jeans brand skirt we found at St. Vincent for $2.00 out of the mini skirt box. Yes, we have a box for them now!  Today we venture forth on a no-sew denim mini upcycle project!  This is a perfect project for a first time refashioned or a girl who want to get started in a fun way!

no-sew denim mini upcycleWe didn’t have a plan for it anytime soon, so I figured I could do what I wanted with it. I had wanted to use fabric markers or paint again, so I looked at the design and figured that fabric markers would be the best choice. There weren’t really any steps, so I’ll just tell you exactly what I did. Starting on the upper left pocket, I drew a heart with a blue fabric marker. Continuing downward diagonally, I drew more hearts of varying sizes. I almost let it go at that, but something seemed missing. I kind of doodled, and drew different decorations in some of the hearts, filled some of them in, and left some as they were. I had a little crystal iron-on hummingbird that I had been waiting to use, and this was the perfect opportunity! I drew some green hearts to compliment the hummingbird, and followed the instructions to iron on the hummingbird. The trouble was, only some of the crystals stuck on, and most of the rest of them peeled away with the paper! So, what was probably a ten-minute job turned into a thirty-minute job because I had to glue on every. Single. One. Of. The. Crystals. Whew!!!

easy upcycle project for girlsActually, it looks really nice now; I like the kind of girly artsy way that the hearts and the hummingbird look together.

denim mini upcycleIt was Waaaaaaay too cold to wear this outside today, but I would wear it with a fun one-color tee or turtleneck, and tights and boots. Actually it might be better until summer to wear it, because all I can think about right now is tights and boots and blankets and hot chocolate.

hummingbird crystal studsHello there, little cute hummingbird!  Right now all the hummingbirds have flown south for the winter, but we have a token one for this skirt!

An easy way for a girl to upcycle a denim mini.The skirt is for sale on Etsy here, and now I’m going to go drink some hot chocolate and wear a blanket like a cape for the rest of the day!!!  It’s a good day to stay indoors and work on fun things like a no-sew denim mini upcycle!  Leave us a comment and tell us what art you would have doodled on this khaki denim mini!

Always be Exciting,


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Maternity Skirt Refashion – Revealing Mini to Modest Maxi

denim mini maternity skirt

Today we have an announcement.  A little announcement.  Or a very large announcement…depending on what side of the belly you are on!  We are going to have a new little arrival in the spring!  Allegra, Aria and Annie are crossing their fingers that it’s a girl because they want to sew little, tiny, cute, pink skirts!  So there is now a new category on this blog, maternity skirts because we are branching out into a new area, maternity skirt refashions.

maternity skirt refashion

We started with…you guessed it, a denim mini!  This one is a maternity denim mini I found at a second hand store for $4.00.  Now I have a little confession I’d like to make before we continue; I get varicose veins and spider veins in my legs when I’m pregnant.  Both of them.  Everywhere.  So bad that if I were to dress up for Halloween I wouldn’t need any makeup to scare little kids!  I’m sort of known to be an opinionated female, but exposing my legs during pregnancy to get everyone to accept my condition isn’t one of my hills to die on!  So short, leg-baring maternity skirts are not an option for me.  I like to save little children from harmful events, that’s why I eat all the cookies they over-decorate during the holidays.

over decorated cookies

And I try to spare mothers from having to answer embarrassing questions.  Like the time Aria, at 5 years old, pointed to a very, very large lady and asked me in a stage whisper, “Mom, does that lady have elephantitus?”  Now where on earth did she come up with that?  The good news is that for me these image-scarring veins go away as soon as I give birth!  Thank you for listening…we will now return to our regularly scheduled refashion.

maternity skirt refashion

The other skirt we used for this maternity skirt refashion was a Aeropostle skirt we got at Goodwill for $2.50.  It was a too large for any of us, and Allegra thought the three layers of brown and black were a little too folksy looking.

Step 1: Cut off top of Aeropostle skirt just above black tier.

Step 2: Fold under lining at top of black tier ¼ inch and iron.

Step 3: Sew black layer over top of denim mini, being sure to catch the lining underneath.

denim mini maternity skirt

That’s it!  Easy, modest, and best of all hides my legs!  No more children running away screaming!

denim mini maternity skirt

Total Time: 25 minutes

Total Cost: $6.50

Talent Level: Beginning Seamstress

Modest maternity skirt refashion

What do you think?  Be sure to vote in the poll and leave us a comment or two in the comment section.

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Make it beautiful,


P.S. You might have fun checking out our new maternity skirt board on Pinterest too!

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Skirt to Apron – Day 4 – 10 Days of Thoughtful, Handmade Gifts

denim mini to apron

We are participating in a 10 Day blogging series: 10 Days of Thoughtful, Handmade Gifts!  We are so excited to produce some gifts, and you’ve probably guessed, we’re going to start from skirts all 10 days!  Also, we are very anxious to see what others produce too!  If you want to join in or follow along, visit A Homespun Country Life to get started.

 Another Skirt to Apron – New Styles!

Do you remember this fun Skapron we made?

Skirt to Apron tutorial

Well, we decided it was so fun, and so easy, that we’d include it in this series and in our upcoming ebook!  With added variations, to boot!  Don’t worry, the above refashion will be in the ebook too so you can find all your favorite Not A Skirt! projects in one place.

But here is your thoughtful, handmade gift project for today.  You are going to love it, there’s even a no-sew version!

denim mini skirt to apron

Yep!  We started with a denim mini!

We found this denim mini at Goodwill for $2.50. We chose it for this project because of the fun back pocket details.

denim miniAwesome back pocket detail!

Step by Step Skirt to Apron Instructions

Step 1: Remove belt tabs from front of skirt.

Step 2: Cut off front panel of denim mini below belt placket.

Step 3: Sew on lace ruffle around sides and bottom of denim mini.

denim mini to apron

See how easy, fast and cute that was?  And if you stop at step 2 above, you have a no-sew project!  We love this because it’s super comfortable to wear, has handy pockets, and can be personalized in so many ways for the person you are giving it to.  no-sew skirt to apron DIY tutorial

Total Time: 15 minutes (or if you go with the no-sew version, about 7 minutes!)

Total Cost: $2.50

Talent Level: Beginning Seamstress

back view

You can see how the front is now the back and the back is now the front!  So when you are choosing a denim mini for this project, be sure to pick one that fits comfortably.  You could even make this for that certain male chef in your life, minus the ruffle and the information that his totally awesome barbecue apron was once a mini skirt!

DIY denim mini to apron tutorial

And here’s your sneak peek at another skirt to apron project that’s in the ebook!

DIY skirt to apron tutorials

For when there’s a little cook in the kitchen wanting to help her mom or big sister!  Be sure to check out the other days in this 10 Days of Thoughtful, Handmade Gifts both here and over at A Homespun Country Life!

Make it beautiful,