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Shibori Dye Skirt

Easy cheater method of making a shibori dye skirt by Skirt Fixation

Today I’m going to show you a shibori dye skirt I made a few months ago.  Every year for my birthday, I make myself a new skirt, and this year was no exception!  It’s a way to treat myself with exactly the present I want.

Easy cheater method of making a shibori dye skirt by Skirt Fixation

This year I pulled out one of my favorite skirt patterns, the Syrah Skirt.  You can see our review here, and if you search “Syrah” on this blog you can see all the other versions we’ve made.

Easy cheater method of making a shibori dye skirt by Skirt Fixation

Shibori dying is the method of taking white fabric and indigo dye plus some objects and special folding to make patterns.  Now shibori dyeing is really awesome, and yields amazing results, but if you’re busy, or don’t want to be in danger of a kid reaching into the dye bucket and ending up with blue smeared everywhere, or you just don’t have time, you can use the easy cheater method like we did.  Click this link to buy Indigo Tie Dye fabric from JoAnns.  That’s right.  Pre-dyed fabric.  And done!  Shibori dyeing is really in right now, and I intend to try it myself sometime.  But until then, this fabric will hold me over!

Easy cheater method of making a shibori dye skirt by Skirt Fixation

As you can probably see, this shibori dye skirt ended up a little too long!  I made the same length as the other Syrah Skirts I’ve sewn, but the rayon spandex fabric is quite heavy and pulls this one to a longer length.  In the end I’ll either hem this one shorter, or continue wearing heels with it!

Easy cheater method of making a shibori dye skirt by Skirt Fixation

Speaking of hemming this skirt, I managed to get a beautiful hem by using a stretch twin needle, and this fusible tape.

Easy cheater method of making a shibori dye skirt by Skirt Fixation

To wear with my new skirt, I needed a plain shirt.  I tend to love colors and patterns, and end up with quite a few garments I can’t wear together.  So I made a plain old navy blue Seafarer Top that I wear All. The. Time.  Lesson learned; I need to sew myself more basics.  This lovely navy blue knit fabric is Riley Blake Cotton Jersey Knit Solid Navy Fabric.

Easy cheater method of making a shibori dye skirt by Skirt Fixation

As I say every year about my birthday skirt, I’ve got a new favorite skirt!  Leave me a comment…what do you do to treat yourself on your birthday?

Affiliate links are used in this post because I hope to be able to earn enough money to sew myself a skirt for my birthday next year too!  Help a gal out by clicking on her links…it won’t cost you anything extra, and I might earn a few pennies!

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Birthday Skirt Refashion

birthday skirt

Last week was my birthday, so I decided just make myself a new skirt.

birthday skirtWhat don’t you sew on your birthday too?  I had embroidered denim fabric I had been waiting years to use.

denim mini refashionI bought the fabric at a store closing sale.  I don’t remember now but there was probably some discount for buying the whole bolt because I had a lot of this fabric.  A few years ago I used some of it for a fun project.  I made a good friend of mine a pocket organizer from scraps of denim, lace and ribbon.  I use this embellished fabric for the background.  It looked something like this, but I never got a picture of mine!

Denim-Wall-Storage-Pockets-Made-from-Old-JeansBut I still have a lot of the embroidered denim fabric left.  At first I wanted to make this pattern Simplicity 4966:

Simplicity 4966But in the end, I decided that wasn’t what I wanted to do.  So I went to our denim mini stash and started over.  I found this perfect green denim mini to start with.

denim mini refashionTo keep the integrity of the shape of the skirt, I measured both the circumference of the waistband and the hem of the denim mini.  Then I measured the length to figure out the distance over which the skirt sloped.  I extrapolated this information to figure out the angle at which I should continue on as I lengthened the skirt by adding the embroidered denim fabric.  Now there is probably a whole lot easier way to do this, but I was pretty happy with the final resulting shape.

birthday skirtAt the same time I bought the denim fabric I bought some matching crocheted trim.  I was going to run the crocheted trim diagonally across the skirt in several places to get the look of the Simplicity skirt, but after I put it on around the bottom, I was so happy with it, I stopped there!

colorblock skirtI love how the three distinct colors have a sort of uneven color block effect.

denim mini refashionOne other aspect of this skirt I really like is the belted waistband.  Right now, the skirt fits snugly, but as my body makes some post baby changes, I will probably end up needing the belt!

birthday skirt refashionI still have quite a bit of this fabric left over, so there’s room for more fun projects in the future!  Stay tuned!

Denim mini Refashion

Leave me a comment about what you do on your birthday!  Have you ever made yourself a birthday skirt?

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