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12 DIY Backpacks for BOYS!

12 Boy Backpacks to sew.

This week is Kids Clothes Week where lots of people sew clothes for their kids!  Since ALL the sewing I’m doing this week for kids is secret sewing that I can’t share on the blog yet, I thought I’d bring home some posts we’ve published elsewhere.  That way I can sew to my heart’s content!  Please enjoy this post first published on Our Chez Nous for the boys sewing week.

12 Boy Backpacks to sew.

Hi everyone!  This is Audrey from Skirt Fixation and I’m delighted to be here today sharing some boy sewing!  I have 4 boys (spanning the ages of 2-15) as well as 3 girls.  I love to sew for my boys.  Today I’ve got a round up of DIY backpacks just for boys!  If you also have boys, you already have figured out that if you give them a backpack it saves their pockets and your time in the laundry room.  So here are 12 backpacks your boys will love!  (Click on each photo to be taken to that project.)

Vroom Vroom backpack from Ada Spragg

Hound Dog backpack from Melly Sews

Mini Backpack by Petit a Petit & family for The Sewing Rabbit

Penguin backpack from Oliver+S

Tractor backpack by Skirt Fixation

Monster backpack by What Rachel Made Today

Cargo Pants Refashioned into a backpack from Noodle Head

Flaphappy Backpack-y from Sew Can Do

Crazy Little Projects

Airplane Backpack from Crazy Little Projects

Friendly Tote by Jojo and Eloise

Toddler Backpack pattern from Made By Rae

Forest Floor laminated backpacks sewn by Skirt Fixation

Bunny Backpack by Skirt Fixation

I’m especially excited about that last one there because it’s what I sewed for my little boy!  For this backpack I used Sew Much Ado’s FREE bunny backpack pattern.  I wasn’t sure if my 2 year old would like the backpack or even keep it on, but once he saw his sister wearing hers, he couldn’t be parted from it!

Forest Floor laminated backpacks sewn by Skirt Fixation

Today over on my blog, Skirt Fixation, I’m sharing all about how I laminated the fabric to make this backpack more durable.  As well as lots more info, photos and the backpack I made for his sister too.  And you can also find information about the shirt I sewed him here.  Thanks for having me, Julie.  Happy boy sewing, everyone!

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Tractor Backpack {Kids Clothes Week Day 7}

Tractor Backpack

Tractor Backpack

Tractor Backpack for Kids Clothes Week Day 7

I made it to Day 7!  In case you missed it, for Kids Clothes Week, I sewed something everyday for each of my children, making seven things sewn in one week!  (That’s a lot of sewing, that’s why I’m just finishing up the blogging now!)  I made David a tractor backpack.  He requested tractor pants when he saw the fabric, but I really just couldn’t make him a garment I’d never let him wear outside of the house!  (Now that I’ve seen the pajama pants tutorial from Melly Sews, he just may get his tractor pants…there’s gobs of this fabric left!)

Tractor Backpack

This project had to wait until the end because I was waiting for the blue tractor ribbon you can see as the carrying strap on the top.  I had ordered it from Pink Chalk Fabrics, and they are a little busy right now as they are clearing out all their fabric!  But that’s okay, I had a lot of other sewing to do.  So I cut out the pieces and it sat until the very last day.

Tractor Backpack

I used this tutorial from Crazy Little Projects.  It’s a great tutorial, and I only made two little changes.  I used wide elastic for the straps rather than fiddle with making straps, and I added an exterior pocket on the side.

Tractor Backpack

The pocket is the only place you can see the denim skirt I used to line the inside of the tractor backpack.  Because Allegra, our photographer, didn’t know I needed photos of the inside.

Tractor Backpack

And David was being quite rambunctious, she had her hands full getting these!  But anyway, the inside of this little tractor backpack is fully lined with a former denim skirt.

Tractor Backpack

And of course David had to ride on a tractor for a picture…

Tractor backpack

I think this little tractor backpack will get lots and lots of use!

For a recap, here are all the projects I made for Kids Clothes Week October 2014:

Kimono for KCW Day 1:

Mask for KCW Day 2:

Knit Skirt for KCW Day 3:

Scallopini Skirt for KCW Day 4:

Baby Shirt for KCW Day 5:

Reversible Hat Tutorial for KCW Day 6:

And last but not least…this tractor backpack for KCW Day 7!  I think I’ll go put my feet up now!

Tractor backpack lined with a skirt!