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Sale Skirt Alert!

modcloth vintage sale skirt

For today’s Skirt Alert! we thought we’d share some skirts on sale from some of our favorite places to shop on the internet.  This is a good time of year to shop sales, holiday shopping is over, retailers are thinking about stocking for spring fashions which means it’s time for the winter stuff to go!  That’s just fine with us, the consumer, because we still have several months of winter clothes wearing left.

sale skirtOver at Soft Surroundings they have a sale going on!  One of our favorite winter skirts from the sale is this Sabrina Suede Skirt. It’s over 50% off, so now is the time to get a skirt that’s really cozy, cute and comfortable!

soft surrounding sale skirt

Or if you’re just waiting for the skirt we featured earlier to go on sale, now’s your chance to snap it up!

sale skirt at j jill

Over at J.Jill there is a sale going on, and we just love this cute plaid wrap-style skirt!   Just the right way to finish off winter!

pink ribbon skirt

Also the pink skirt we featured back in October if a very reasonable price in their outlet shop right now, if you had your eye on that one!

anthropologie sale skirt

Now Anthropologie skirts are expensive, but when they go on sale, they really go on sale!  For example, this Sundial Silk maxi skirt was $168, but now you can buy it for $29.95!  What’s not to love?  It has the very popular mullet (or hi-low) cut, it’s silk, elastic waist, and very IN colors!  Now the sizes are limited but with an elastic waist, you can play with that a little bit!

Style J sale skirt

Our favorite source for denim skirts always has a sale skirt section, again with limited sizes, but this one is on sale and has a pretty big range of sizes available.  We think you could finish out winter in this with a pair of thick tights, boots and a sweater!

modcloth vintage sale skirt

Last but not least, Modcloth has a sale section on their vintage/retro inspired skirts!   You might have to become a member (don’t worry it’s free) to be able to shop these great sales, but be aware it’s worth it.  We love this Heartened Soul Skirt which is 70% off!  In fact, since this one is no longer available in our size, we may just have to do a knock off version!

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Copycat and Knock Off Skirts – Skirt Designer

knock off skirt

Today for our skirt designer post I decided to make some copycat skirts on Style-Studio.  We just love copycat and knock off skirts!  I mean it’s what we’re all about here at Skirt Fixation, right?  Good quality, cheap price, easy redo!  So I decided to play around and see what I could do with the Style Studio app.  I started with the remake we did on Hacked to Happy. Remember this skirt?

sundress refashionI wasn’t sure how to copy this skirt, because Style-Studio didn’t have the exact plaid and it never looked right!  But then today I kind of exploring and I found a spot where I could take a picture, so I took a picture of the actual skirt right in the Style Studio app!

knock off skirtThis is what I came up with! I love it because it looks so realistic, and hardly a bit of work, (once I found out about the camera) and I am extremely happy with the results.

My next copycat skirt is the remake Color Block to Color POP we did a while back.  I think that I like this remake even more although it doesn’t look as realistic.

knock off skirt

What I did first is I found a skirt that was about the length and style of the real skirt.  I then made the skirt all brown but cut off the bottom part and added the bows, making sure that they were close to the real color. I would have added lace but I couldn’t find out how. And this is my results.

copycat skirtNow I was having so much fun I decided to check out what some others have done!  I came across three copycat and knock off skirt tutorials that I think you’re going to enjoy too!  All three happen to be Anthropologie knock off skirts.  Now I’m not sure why Anthropologie skirts end up being copied so often, but I’m pretty sure there are likeminded people to us out there who love the look and the quality of Anthro skirts, but not the price!

anthropologie knock off skirtThe first one we found started with this happy yellow Anthropologie skirt.

knock off skirt tutorialAnd here’s what she came up with.  Awesome, right?  Here’s the link to her tutorial if you want to try this one yourself!

The next one is a ruffled Anthropologie knock off skirt.  Now we love Anthropologie skirts and Anthropologie look skirt, but add ruffles, and we’re a puddle of drool on the floor!  Here’s what she had her eye on:

Anthropologie knock off ruffled skirt

And here’s where she ended up!

knock off skirt tutorial

Really, really awesome!  I think I’m going to talk Mom into doing a copycat or knock off skirt like this!  Here’s a link to her tutorial.

And the last one is probably the most complicated, but just wait until you see the knock off skirt look!


Dreamy, huh?  But just look at the layers and the detail…I think we may have to add another skirt to the wish list!  Or since Anthropologie no longer sells this skirt…a knock off skirt!  Many times we find pictures on Pinterest of really cute skirts that are no longer for sale, and that’s the beauty of knock off skirts!  Bringing back something great, for less!  So anyway, here’s this blogger’s version:

knock off skirt tutorial

Yep, that’s what I’m talking about, bringing back a great thing!  I think I even like her fabric choice better than the original.  (Here’s her tutorial, if you want to try!)  And that’s another beautiful thing about copycat and knock off skirts, you can tweak them to suit your style perfectly!

Leave us a comment on your thoughts about copycat and knock off skirts.  Are you going to be trying one soon?  We’ve certainly got our creative juices flowing now!

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Skirt Alert! Dancing Skirts

dancing skirts

On today’s Skirt Alert we are featuring some skirts from off of our Pinterest board, ‘Dancing Skirts’. We liked these skirts because they look like something cute to wear on the street, but able to dance in spontaneously if you heard any music. Of course some people do not wear dancing skirts because they would never think of spontaneously dancing. Ever. Never. EVER. Other people do not wear dancing skirts on the street because they would HAVE to dance if they heard music, and the non-dancing skirt keeps them from doing that. Actually, that was how the pencil skirt came to be; did you know that? Ahem. Sorry, off the point. Anyway, here are four of our favorites.

dancing skirts

1. The Gray Flamenco Skirt.

This skirt reminded us very strongly of a flamenco skirt, perfect to swish around and stomp your feet in. However, we would have to wear different shoes with this lovely mermaid flamenco skirt, because the model’s shoes do not look exactly stomp-worthy.

dancing skirts

2. The Square Dance Skirt.

The perfect skirt to go to a barn or square dance in, this skirt has the perfect country and dance style. I could wear it willingly with a white western-style shirt and cowboy boots.

dancing skirts

3. The Red Ballet Skirt.

Of course we had to add a ballet skirt, and this one is just the right style so that it doesn’t exactly stand out on the street, but still looks full enough to plie and jete in! I like the wide waistband and the narrow bow. I would wear this with a plain white tee and black …  you guessed it, ballet flats!

dancing skirts

4. The Royal Blue Anthropologie Skirt.

I loooooove this skirt! I don’t know exactly what kind of dancing you would do in it, but it looks like it would be really cool when you twirled and it spread out. I REALLY like the handkerchief hem, and I would wear this anywhere, anytime!

Well, leave us a comment telling what is your favorite kind of skirt!

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Skirt Alert! Pink Ribbon Skirts!

pink ribbon skirt

For this week’s Skirt Alert! we are featuring pink skirts in honor of Pink Ribbon/Breast Cancer Awareness month.  As we were searching for pink skirts, we found so many fun shades of pink and so many great options!  Get ready for some Pink Ribbon Skirts!

anthropologie pink skirt

To start with is the Fluer Field Skirt at Anthrpology by Orla Kiely.  This skirt has so much pattern and texture, we imagine the wearer would have to endure some touching and stroking of her skirt!  The shape reminds us of the bubble skirt we refashioned earlier in the week.  The folks at Anthro recommend a lacy femme blouse and raspberry pumps for a ladylike look, and we second the motion!  All in favor…

anthropologie pink skirt

Also Antro has this awesome skirt!  They call it the Calabria Pencil Skirt, but we call it amazing!  Look at that texture!  I mean really!  And the color is such an intense pink.  Wow!  We love the shoe pairing too!  Metal tipped shoes are all the rage right now.  This one’s definitely going on our Shoes & Skirts board over at Pinterest!

pink ribbon skirt

Over at Urban Outfitters we found this Sparkle & Fade Silky Ombre Maxi Skirt.  First of all, as tall females, we are always excited to find Maxi skirts long enough for us, and at 42”, this one fits the bill.  Speaking of bill, it’s on sale for $14.99, so hurry, hurry!  And then lastly, dear readers, you know we have an ombre weakness, so you just knew there was going to be one pink ombre skirt in this collection didn’t you?!

pink ribbon skirt

Isn’t this fun?  Sometimes the sound of a pink skirt seems repulsive, but this next one is here to show you how pink can be fun, fun, fun!  Over at Modcloth, we found a pink skirt aptly named Coral Centerpiece Skirt!  With the pleats and the lace inset, we’re just itching to start a new (copycat) project, but we have a post to finish!  Sigh!

pink ribbon skirt

On to JJill!  They have this great skirt Tropical Scene Easy Skirt.  It reminds me of a skirt I made one time out of toile home decorating fabric.  It was in brown tones, and I loved it so very much!  Not having worn it for a while, I might have to pull it back out into rotation!  Or even better, we could refashion it!  Oh, now my fingers are really getting itchy!  The elastic waist on this skirt makes it so very, very wearable, one to wear all day and night!

pink ribbon skirt

Last, but not least, Ann Taylor has an adorable Perforated Lace Cotton Pencil Skirt in…pink! of course!  We love the look and style!  They are calling the color Guava Juice…mmmm! Makes us thirsty, thirsty for one of these cuties!

Well that’s this week’s Skirt Alert!  Leave us some comment love and direct us to your favorite (pink) skirt!

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Skirt Alert – Ombre Skirts

For today’s skirt alert, I decided to do three ombre skirts. I love ombre, especially on skirts!

ombre blue skirt

1. Athleta blue ombre skirt

This is a beautiful ombre maxi skirt that looks like it would be sooo comfortable! I would wear this with brown flats and a brown tee.

peach ombre anthropologie skirt

2. Anthropologie peach ombre skirt.

I loooooove the lace detail that fades down into a gradual ombre! so classy! I would wear this with brown pumps and a white button-down top.

anthropologie ombre skirt

3. Anthropologie blue giraffe skirt.

The giraffes on this skirt are so adorable!!! I love the tie, and the way the color is darker at the top of the skirt instead of the bottom. I would pair this with black flats and a black button-down blouse.

Well, that’s this week’s Skirt Alert!

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Skirt Alert! Anthropologie Archival Collection Skirts

In honor of their 20th anniversary, Anthropologie has reissued an archival collection of 20 items.  Three of these items are skirts, and are featured in today’s Skirt Alert.

Sightseer Pencil Skirt

The first is the Sightseer Pencil skirt.  The folks at Anthropologie recommend wearing it with pointy heels and a moto jacket.  Sounds like a perfect outfit for mid-morning tea!  It was originally issued in 2004 with an A-line shape, but reissued with a pencil shape.

Duck cord skirt

The second skirt in the collection is the Duck Cord Skirt.  Reissued from 2004, it clearly is made for a tourist to wear on the streets of Europe…with a light cardigan and some comfortable low walking boots.

Ruffle skirt

The last skirt in the Archival collection is certainly not the least!  No…I’ve saved the best for last!  Presenting the ruffle skirt.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love ruffles?  This one makes my heart flutter!  Just look at the variety and flow of those ruffles.  While the Anthropologie people suggest a casual sweater, I can’t imagine anything this wouldn’t look good with!  I also can’t imagine where I’m going to find $188 to buy it.  Maybe it’s time for the gals at Skirt Fixation to try a copycat version?

One thing Anthropologie archival skirts prove is that skirts can be timeless, updated and beautiful!  Sounds like what we’re all about at Skirt Fixation!  Well, that’s this week’s Skirt Alert!  Until next week…

Make it beautiful,