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Skirt FACTsination: The Poodle Skirt

Once there was a young lady named Juli Lynne Charlot, who had nothing to wear to a Christmas party.

Juli Lynne Charlot

With little time to spare, and not knowing how to sew, Juli took some castoff felt from her mother’s factory and cut out a large circle. In the middle of this large circle she cut a smaller circle to fit her waist, effectively making a seamless skirt. She also added some festive appliqués to the skirt.  Having received an enormous amount of compliments at the party, she started manufacturing and selling these skirts.

A Juli Lynne Charlot original poodle skirt!

Juli Lynne Charlot, a twenty-five-year-old actress and singer, was a promising designer, although she could not sew herself.  Juli designed her own costumes on the sets of movies that she premiered in. When the poodle skirt became increasingly more popular, Julie started her own factory, and took sewing lessons at a college. The factory took up so much of her time that she had to quit her sewing lessons. In fact, Juli hired her sewing instructor, and continued taking lessons from her new employee.

poodle skirt girl
Look at that poodle skirt!

Many appliqués were used on the wide skirts, but that of an immaculate poodle with a curly leash was the most popular. Poodle skirts were usually a solid color, with a black or white appliqué. Poodle skirts were worn with flirty petticoats underneath, and a polo shirt. Other accessories included a wide belt, neck scarf (optional) and saddle shoes. Many girls that could not afford these skirts made their own.

poodle applique
Here puppy, puppy, puppy!

The poodle skirt still breaks out in places even today, and it’s impact as a fashion trend was felt widely over the whole United States.


Look! We have one too!
Look! We have one too!

This post was created for you by Allegra.  It is first in a series of posts about our fascination with skirts from the past.

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American Eagle Mini Skirt Ragged to Ravishing!

For this fantastic skirt fix, we started with 2 pieces that had a lot of potential, but didn’t work on their own.  First off, there was the American Eagle green mini skirt.  It was in great shape except for the hem, which had seen better days.  We paid $2.50 for it.

green mini before
Used to be really cute, I’m sure!

The next item we chose was a fun, bright skirt.  The greens in the skirt were the same exact color as the green mini.  The problem?  A few sizes too large!  We paid $2.50.

blue florals before
Just a smidge too big?


So here’s what we did:

Step 1: Detach bottom 1/2 of pockets from green mini.

Step 2: Remove ragged hem portion from green mini.

Step 3: Measure bottom width of remaining top piece of green mini.

Step 4: Find same measurement across width of blue floral skirt.

Step 5: Trim off top of blue floral skirt.

Step 6: Sew top of green mini and bottom of blue floral skirts together.

Step 7: Reattach bottom 1/2 of pockets to blue floral skirt.

 blue florals after 1

Total Cost: $5

Total Time: 30 minutes

Talent Level: Beginner Level

blue florals after 2
Fun pockets on the back!

Your turn!  What do you think?  Do you like the before or after better?  Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts on your choice below.


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