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Ann Taylor LOFT skirt remake – Fine to Fetching

For today’s skirt refashion, we started with two thrifted skirts.  Skirt number 1: A cute Ann Taylor Loft selection, just a little too short and plain for our taste. Cost $2.00

The skirt - fine, the expression - funny!
The skirt – fine, the expression – funny!

We also found a skirt in the girl’s section in the exact same shade of lime green!

Fine also, just fine, but nuthin’ special…yet.  Cost? $3.00

Plain with potential!
Plain with potential!

So here’s what we did:

Step 1:  Cut top off of lime green skirt.

Step 2: Pin and then sew on top of green ruffles to bottom of Ann Taylor skirt. (They were almost exactly the same measurement!

Step 3:  Sew 3 additional decorative stitching lines below hem.

How about that skirt now?  Try that one on for some immediate bounce in your step!

Mighty fetching skirt you've got there!
Mighty fetching skirt you’ve got there!

Total Cost: $5.00

Total Time: 20 minutes

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

Blowing kisses!
Blowing kisses!

Do you love this refashion as much as we do, so much that you can’t live without it?  Well, it is currently for sale in our Etsy shop along with some other things we’ve created!  Just click through to complete the sale and look fetching, too!


Fine or Fetching?
Fine or Fetching?

Your turn!  What do you think?  Do you prefer the Fine before or the Fetching after?  Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts on your choice in the comments section.

What do you think? Fine or Fetching?

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Skirt Alert: Princess Kate Skirt Review

Today’s post is in honor of the newest English heir apparent, and third in line to the throne, baby Prince George Alexander Louis. Being BIG fans of Kate and her fashion sense, we decided to display some of our favorite skirts that Kate has worn.

princess kate casual skirt1
#1 White, woodsy number


Casual and slightly woodsy, this outfit shows just how good Kate is at fitting clothes to the occasion. This white skirt was paired with a white shirt and navy sweater for an equine event in 2006. I love the brown belt and slouch boots paired with the navy and white combination; so classic!

kate dark blue suit2
#2 Dark blue suit


This dark blue Amanda Wakely suit is amazing on my favorite princess. The color is a fave, making Kate look so elegant!  Keeping it simple, she paired this businesslike ensemble with LK Bennett ‘Art’ heels in navy blue, and carried a navy clutch.

Kate Middleton Knee Length Skirt 3
#3 Flirty red floral skirt


Eeeeee!!! We adore this cute flirty skirt. This outfit is all about fun! Loooove the way Kate paired this skirt with the light top. The shoes? Speechless.

katemiddleton tartan4
#4 Red plaid skirt


Princess Kate rocks this winter ensemble! The short, red and black tartan skirt is paired with a black shirt, cardigan, and scarf. Knee-high heeled boots keep Kate cozy, with black hose completing the look. Wearing the black accents assures that the skirt is the center focus; we love it!

#5 Black & white lace skirt


Stunning!! Kate looks amaze in black and white! The skirt is super feminine with the lace accents. I like the blazer and the pointed black heels. Dig the fascinator!

princess kate tweed skirt6
#6 Sparkly blue tweed skirt


Only Kate outshines this incredible Rebecca Taylor sparkle tweed skirt and jacket!  Is that the same clutch from outfit #2? Those are some gorgeous Prada pumps!!!


kate middleton 7
#7 White eyelet skirt


This is an extremely elegant and light outfit, with the white eyelet skirt paired with a blouse of the same material. The black cork wedges are a satisfactory finish

alexander mcqueen8 skirt
#8 Navy military skirt


Goooooorgeous!!! We know Kate loves Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, and she shines in this outfit. This is a navy blue skirt with brass buttons, matched with a white blouse with dark blue accents and brass buttons. The military feel looks stunning on Kate, yet her curvy figure gives it an undeniable feminine side. Again, she rocks the Prada heels.

princess kate long skirt9
#9 Olive tweed skirt


My second favorite, I am stunned by this Harris Tweed green-brown tweed suit with a long flowy skirt. Kate wears a pale blue blouse under the fitted jacket. Now normally, I’m not a huge fan of pointed toes, but Kate looks so GOOD in these knee-high heeled boots!!!

princess kate white pleated skirt10
#10 White pleated skirt


My number one favorite Princess Kate skirt EVER, I cannot get over how elegant she looks in it. This is a ‘Whistles’ pleated white skirt, and crocheted dark blue top. I love the way her hair is done for this ensemble. I think that the Prada heels must be her go-to shoes; love it!!!



I ADORE Kate’s fashion sense! Everything about her is tres chic!!! Show your love and vote in the poll. Then comment below and tell us why you voted for that awesome skirt!  Which outfit do you think is most fashion-savvy, elegant, adorable, or just plain best?

What is your favorite Kate skirt?

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Always be Exciting,


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Brown Dot Skirt – Meh to Marvelous!

For this cute skirt refashion we started with a cute brown skirt with a ribbon belt.  It was a gift from a friend, so as we possessed it already, no cost!

Cute, but outgrown!
Cute, but outgrown!

Really cute, right?  So what was the problem?  Well, due to fact she has a 6-foot tall mother, Aria had outgrown this skirt lengthwise before it stopped fitting around! She still loved the way it fit and the fun dot fabric even though she wasn’t happy with the length, so asked for a refashion.

Here’s what we did:

Step 1: Take apart a white-layered skirt to use one layer for the contrast trim.

Step 2: Pin and sew trim onto bottom of brown dot skirt.

Happy to be able to wear this skirt again!
Happy to be able to wear this skirt again!

Total Cost: $0.00

Total Time: Approximately 10 minutes (once the white-layered skirt was apart!)

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

Now here’s something she’ll be able to wear again for a while!

What do you think?
What do you think?

Your turn!  What do you think?  Do you like the Meh before or Marvelous after?  Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts on your choice below.

You choose: Meh or Marvelous?

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Mermaid Skirt Remake – Oofda to Oooh La La!

For this stunning skirt refashion we started with 2 pieces that had great bones, but could use some pick-me-up.  We started with a plain denim mini.  Plain, but with potential for so much more! Cost $2.50

Sort of boring?
Sort of boring?

Next we found a blue polka dot skirt with colors that popped…a few sizes too large. Cost $2.00

Look at those bubbles!
Look at those bubbles!

That thing is so big, I think we could…hey come here model #2!

Not quite town-ready yet!
Not quite town-ready yet!

Verrrry funny, but a little hard to go out in public like that!

Here’s what we did:

Step 1: Measure bottom of mini.

Step 2: Fold in one section of polka dot skirt until it fits same measurement.

Step 3: Sew together sections of polka dot skirt, cut off excess on inside.

Step 4: Sew top of polka dot skirt inside bottom of mini.

Presenting….oooh la la!  We call this our mermaid skirt, with it’s flirty tail.

Can you say pretty?
Can you say pretty?

Total Cost: $4.50

Total Time: Approximately 30 minutes

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

Hello fun, new skirt!
Hello fun, new skirt!

Now that’s something she’ll be wearing in public…often!

What do you think?
What do you think?

Your turn!  What do you think?  Do you like the Oofda before or Oooh La La after?  Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts on your choice below.

What do you think? Oofda or Oooh La La?

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Skirt Designer

fashion paper design
A lovely skirt design

This paper material reminded me of a shirt that my mom has. Her shirt is made of rayon and I thought that it would be fun to make a shirt and a skirt out of the paper. I have a paper fashions kit which made it easy. First I made the skirt. Then once I saw the style of my skirt and the material, I was easy to picture the style of shirt that would go with it. At first the shirt looked fat so I added the belt, and I had a lot of beads so I made the belt out of them, but then that made the skirt look a little plain, so I decided that some beads would brighten it up. I added the beaded trim and now I have a very cute paper fashion that I can hang on my wall or paste on a card!

This post was created for you by Aria.  It is first in a series of posts about skirt design.

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Skirt FACTsination: The Poodle Skirt

Once there was a young lady named Juli Lynne Charlot, who had nothing to wear to a Christmas party.

Juli Lynne Charlot

With little time to spare, and not knowing how to sew, Juli took some castoff felt from her mother’s factory and cut out a large circle. In the middle of this large circle she cut a smaller circle to fit her waist, effectively making a seamless skirt. She also added some festive appliqués to the skirt.  Having received an enormous amount of compliments at the party, she started manufacturing and selling these skirts.

A Juli Lynne Charlot original poodle skirt!

Juli Lynne Charlot, a twenty-five-year-old actress and singer, was a promising designer, although she could not sew herself.  Juli designed her own costumes on the sets of movies that she premiered in. When the poodle skirt became increasingly more popular, Julie started her own factory, and took sewing lessons at a college. The factory took up so much of her time that she had to quit her sewing lessons. In fact, Juli hired her sewing instructor, and continued taking lessons from her new employee.

poodle skirt girl
Look at that poodle skirt!

Many appliqués were used on the wide skirts, but that of an immaculate poodle with a curly leash was the most popular. Poodle skirts were usually a solid color, with a black or white appliqué. Poodle skirts were worn with flirty petticoats underneath, and a polo shirt. Other accessories included a wide belt, neck scarf (optional) and saddle shoes. Many girls that could not afford these skirts made their own.

poodle applique
Here puppy, puppy, puppy!

The poodle skirt still breaks out in places even today, and it’s impact as a fashion trend was felt widely over the whole United States.


Look! We have one too!
Look! We have one too!

This post was created for you by Allegra.  It is first in a series of posts about our fascination with skirts from the past.

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American Eagle Mini Skirt Ragged to Ravishing!

For this fantastic skirt fix, we started with 2 pieces that had a lot of potential, but didn’t work on their own.  First off, there was the American Eagle green mini skirt.  It was in great shape except for the hem, which had seen better days.  We paid $2.50 for it.

green mini before
Used to be really cute, I’m sure!

The next item we chose was a fun, bright skirt.  The greens in the skirt were the same exact color as the green mini.  The problem?  A few sizes too large!  We paid $2.50.

blue florals before
Just a smidge too big?


So here’s what we did:

Step 1: Detach bottom 1/2 of pockets from green mini.

Step 2: Remove ragged hem portion from green mini.

Step 3: Measure bottom width of remaining top piece of green mini.

Step 4: Find same measurement across width of blue floral skirt.

Step 5: Trim off top of blue floral skirt.

Step 6: Sew top of green mini and bottom of blue floral skirts together.

Step 7: Reattach bottom 1/2 of pockets to blue floral skirt.

 blue florals after 1

Total Cost: $5

Total Time: 30 minutes

Talent Level: Beginner Level

blue florals after 2
Fun pockets on the back!

Your turn!  What do you think?  Do you like the before or after better?  Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts on your choice below.


What do you think? Ragged or Ravishing?

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