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Shoes & Skirts and No Internet!

Our internet has been either out or super, super slow all day!  Since we’d rather be sewing that sitting at a computer waiting for a page to load for 45 minutes, we suggest that in lieu of today’s post you visit our Shoes & Skirts board at Pinterest.  We have to admit that I am not a Shoe Person, so Allegra and my favorite Shoe Person in the whole world are the main pinners on this board!  Go see what I’m talking about, you won’t regret it!

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Cato Women’s Skirt Refashion – Frumpy to Fresh!

cato women's skirt

We’ve been hearing some rumblings about refashioning so many skirts in extra small sizes!  Well, we like to work with the models we have, but we want to keep our readers happy too, so today’s refashion is a little larger size.   We started with a Cato women’s skirt (it’s size 20W) that we picked up from our friend Shelly’s Boutique.  We got it for that amazing price of $2.64!

cato women's skirt

Next we found this brown dotted dress at Goodwill.

goodwill dress

It was missing a button or two on the top, fit none of us, and was a little shabby in itself, but for $2, we knew we could use it.  The dots are raised and really add some fun texture.

Here were our steps:

Step 1: Cut off bottom tier of brown dress.

Step 2: Pin and sew brown tier to lining of Cato women’s skirt.

cato women's skirt

That was it!  Isn’t refashioning skirts so fun, fast and easy?  We love the look, it reminds of a Chevron pattern, but looser and more fun!  Be aware that the model is holding the skirt pinched in the back, it is still a size 20W.  By attaching the brown ruffle tier to the lining, we achieved a look so professional and adorable!

Total Time: 15 minutes

Total Cost: $4.64

Talent Level: Beginner.  (I mean really, if you’ve been waiting for an easy one to try, this is it!  Your wait is over!)

cato women's skirt

So what do you think?  Frumpy or fresh?  If this skirt is now on your must have list, you can find it in our Etsy shop here.  Vote in the poll, and let us know what you think in the comment section.  Also, don’t forget about our free skirt giveaway that ends Saturday.  It’s your chance to shine!  We want you to visit us on Pinterest too.  The before & after picture is ready to pin, and we’ve been having so much fun with skirts over there too!

Cato Women's Skirt - Frumpy or Fresh?

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Skirt Alert – Celebrity Grandmas – Grandparent’s Theme Week

martha stewart grandmother

For the final post in Grandparent’s Theme Week, we are alerting you to some celebrity Grandmas who really wear a skirt with class!

martha stewart grandmother

First up, Martha Stewart, entrepreneur.  She often produces articles involving her granddaughter, Jude.  Here is a video they made during a photo shoot with Jude for her June Martha Stewart Living magazine.  The article contained information and patterns for turning vintage tea towels into dresses and clothes for young girls.  If she’d have thought of it, we bet she’d have included a skirt like the one in the tutorial here.  She wears this animal print with ease, and like everything she does, makes it beautiful!

celebrity grandmother

Next we have Sarah Palin, politician.  She wore so many skirts, and suit skirts, she truly brought to the presidential race what no other candidate could…femininity!  Her grandson in named Tripp, and a granddaughter named Kyla.

celebrity grandmas

On stage next is Emmylou Harris, singer, but she’s used to being on stage.  Often she accessorizes her guitar with a skirt.  Or is it the other way around?!  We think it’d be great to have a grandma like this to croon us to sleep!

celebrity grandmas

One Grandma who’s really in the spotlight right now is Carole Middleton.  We know where her daughter gets her ability to grace a skirt when we see Carole in one like this blue dotted number!  Congrats on that new grandbaby!

celebrity grandmas Our last Grandma is Kris Jenner, actress.  There are ups and down in the life of this reality show Grandma, but one thing that we give a thumbs up is Kris in this pencil skirt.

Well, that’s this week’s Skirt Alert!  We’re so glad you tuned in to see these stylish Grandmas.  Be sure to enter our free skirt giveaway in honor of Grandparent’s Theme Week.

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Grandparent’s Theme Week – A denim mini packin’ Grandma!

denim mini refashion

We have another very special Grandma B. that we want to feature this week.  When she saw this skirt that I’d refashioned, she went right out and found herself a denim mini.  Yes, we have our first copycat refashion!

denim mini

Then we had a “girls only” trip to Jo-Ann’s where we hunted and hunted until we found just the right fabric.  She turned them over to me and here’s what I did:

Step 1: Measure bottom of denim mini skirt.

Step 2: Use that measurement to create a tube from the fabric she’d selected.

Step 3: Sew fabric tube onto bottom of denim mini.

Step 4: Cut out denim strips (we cut up a pair of men’s jeans!) sew them together, gather, then sew to bottom of brown layer.

denim mini refashion

Ta da!  That’s it!  And there you have our first denim mini copycat makeover! But maybe it’s the model making this one look so good!  She slipped it on for a quick picture, but said she plans to wear it with a blue top, when she finds the perfect shade, and brown heeled boots!  How stylish, Grandma B!

Total Time: 1 hour

Total Cost: Well, you’d have to ask Grandma B., we only did the sewing!

Talent Level: Intermediate

denim mini copycat refashion

Leave Grandma B. some comment love, and let us know what you think.  By the way, this before & after picture is pinnable to Pinterest, so pin it and let all the world see our refashions!  Be sure to enter our free skirt giveaway so we can see your refashioning talent too!

Updated to add: Grandma B. changed her mind on the length of this skirt, so it’s now available on ETSY!  Lucky you!

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Grandmother Designers – Grandparent’s Theme Week

grandmother designer

This week’s skirt designer post is about three Grandma designers, Grandma’s that are also fashion designers. We have included a little bit about  each designer along with one of their skirts.

  1. Betsey Johnson.

This designer has a granddaughter named Layla, who is often seen hanging around backstage at Betsey’s fashion shows. This lucky little girl also has one of her grandmother’s shoe designs named after her!  Pictured below is Betsey, Layla, and Layla’s mom, Lulu on the runway after one of Betsey’s fashion shows!

Betsey Johnson designer

This is the Betsey Johnson Tin Can Rose skirt. I love the tulle detail and the lace-up waist.

grandmother designer

2. Diane von Furstenburg.

This fab grandma has three grandchildren, Antonia, Talita, and Tassilo, who often attend her fashion shows as front-row features. Diane has also collaborated with GapKids and BabyGap – what lucky grandkids!  The photo below shows Diane with Talita to the immediate right of her.

grandmother designer

This is a yellow pleated skirt by Diane von Furstenburg, I adore the pleats and the tie. Soooo fashionable!

grandmother designer

3. Donna Karan.

Seven grandkids! Wow! This designer claims that her granddaughter Stefania is exactly like her. ‘I’ll be working for her in 20 years!’ The designer says. She often takes Stefania with her on the runway when she takes her bow, as pictured below.

grandmother designer

I LOVE this totally elegant long black skirt by Donna Karan. It looks stunning with the white shirt! I would totally love this to wear ballroom dancing!

grandmother designer

Well,  grandmas out there, I know that you are all fabulous, even if you aren’t designers!

Be sure to enter the free skirt giveaway in honor of Grandparent’s Theme Week!  What fun!

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Grandparent’s Theme Week – A Grandma’s Refashion for her Granddaughters!

dress to skirt remake

We are sure enjoying Grandparent’s Theme week, and hope you are too!  Today’s refashion highlights what a Grandma refashioned for her granddaughters, E & T!  What a great feature for Grandparent’s Theme Week!  Here’s what the E &T’s mom had to say.

When we got matching blue dresses for our birthday, we saw that they had a lot of twirl potential.

dress to skirt tutorial

 However, we simply couldn’t abide the little button closure at the back of the dress (it pulled the little hairs at the back of our necks no matter what we did), and they hit us about knee length.  The dresses were in the thrift store pile until we thought to ask Gramma M. to cut off the top and add elastic so we could have some broomstick dresses!  We love the way they turned out; ESPECIALLY the way she moved the embroidered daisy detail to the bottom of the skirts!  🙂

What cute dresses, E & T!  We would have been bummed about the buttons because we’ve totally experienced that before too!  How awesome that your mom had such a great idea for you!  We asked Gramma M. for a little more info about what she did! She said,

Here were my Steps:

1. Cut off top of dress just under the armpits, to get the longest length possible for the skirt.

2. Zigzag top edge of the skirt & fold over to the inside, approx an 1 1/4″ to form casing for elastic, stitch, leaving a 2″ opening.  

3. Cut 3/4″ elastic .5″ shorter than waist measurement & insert through casing.

4. Sew together ends of elastic & then sew the casing opening closed. 

5. Stitch through all layers of the waistband at the sideseams to prevent elastic from “rolling”.

6. Remove sewn embroidery flowers off discarded top & sew to bottom tier of skirt for decoration & to help a little girl know which is the “front” of the skirt! :p

 Total Time: 1.5 hours per skirt, possibly 2 hours if doing both skirts at the same time.

 Total Cost: $0 the dresses were birthday gifts!

I loved taking a dress that was “ucky” because the button closure on the neck snags your hair, into a very fun “twirl” skirts for my sweet grandaughters!

dress to skirt remake

Wow, E & T, you sure have an awesome Grandma!  What adorable skirts you ended up with!

pinterest ready photo

Well, what do you think?  Leave Gramma M. and her grandaughters E & T some comment love!  What a great Grandma!  You can visit E & T here.  Also be sure to enter our free skirt giveaway in honor of Grandparent’s Theme Week!

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Grandparent’s Theme Week – Grandma M’s Dress Barn skirt refashion

dress barn skirt

Recently our Grandma M was visiting us.  We had such a blast taking her through our skirt stash and she picked out some skirts for us to work with.  This was so fun!  We started with a Dress Barn skirt we found at Goodwill for $1.25.  Nothing wrong with it, we just loved the ribbon trim and the bright colors!

dress barn skirt

Next we found another skirt at Goodwill, this one an Old Navy linen skirt for $1.50.   It had a few issues!

old navy linen skirt

Ummmm, yeah!  When we put it in our cart, we thought it was a girls skirt, but when we got it home we realized it was a women’s size, but with the ties, it clotted up at the waist when tightened to a smaller size.  One would constantly be straightening out the wrinkles if they were a smaller size and tried to wear this skirt.

Here were our steps:

Step 1: Sew shut split up the side of the Dress Barn skirt.

Step 2: Cut off top of Old Navy skirt.

Step 3: Pin and sew Old Navy skirt to the bottom of the Dress Barn skirt so it measured 38″ Grandma M.’s requested finish length.

Step 4: Sew additional line of decorative stitching around bottom of Dress Barn skirt for reinforcement.

thrift store refashion

There it is, what a young-looking, pretty Grandma!  She paired it with a green top, white shrug and black heels!

Total Cost: $2.75

Total Time: 20 minutes

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

To tell you the truth, I was a little nervous sewing a refashion for the lady who taught me to sew!  But she seemed really happy about her new skirt, and didn’t mention any crooked seams or anything!

dress barn skirtSo now let us know what you think in the comment section.  And be sure to enter our skirt giveaway in honor of Grandparents week!  We can’t wait to see what you can do with a skirt to refashion!
pinterest ready picture Thanks for your help Grandma M. and thanks for sending us such awesome after pictures!
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Skirt Giveaway! Grandparents Theme Week

free white stag skirt!

free white stag skirtThis week we are so excited for all the fun to come! Yesterday was Grandparents Day, and we sure think Grandparents are wonderful!  We were blessed with some really awesome Grandparents and great-Grandparents!  We thought that each of us would share a little grandparent love, and then we have a way for you to join in!

To start off the week with a bang, we’re holding a skirt giveaway!  We’re offering the Grandma skirt pictured above.  We got this skirt from a dear grandma lady, and we’re going to share it with you!  It is a White Stag size 8 women’s skirt.  We’re quite sure you could come up with a really cute refashion for it!  Will you attach it to the bottom of a denim mini?  Will you make it into a pillow?  Will you add some purple lace to the bottom and go?  Will you cut it into strips and incorporate it into a quilt?  Will you shorten it to a mini?  We can’t wait to see what the winner refashions!  Here’s how it works; Leave a comment, and tell us something about one of your grandparents.  Agree to send us a photo of the (re)finished product if you’re the winner of the random drawing!  That’s it!  On September 21, we will draw the winner, and send the lucky person the skirt!  So without further ado, here are our Grandparent memories:


My Grandma is the greatest lady in the world!  If I turn out to be even 1/2 the woman she is, I’ll be blessed!  I love the way she laughs so hard tears come leaking out the corner of her eyes.  When I walk into her kitchen, the smell brings tears to my eyes…there is no better smell, and no matter how hard I try, I cannot replicate that smell!  One year Grandma gave me some blackberry jam she’d made from the berries in her garden, and I savored each and every bite!  Since this is a skirt blog, I must mention my Grandma’s sense of style!  I covet her timeless, classy style.  A smart lady, she was the secret behind my Grandpa’s business success.  Quiet, soft, strong, and steady, my Grandma loves to feed the birds and discuss ways to outwit the squirrels.  One thing I wish she would teach me is how to fold fitted sheets neatly.  I’m convinced she irons them although she laughingly protests she doesn’t!  One of my goals in life is to become as much of a lady as she is.


My Grandma M. is a big encouragement to me. I am thankful that she is such a loving grandmother that really likes to sew as much as I do. I love it when she helps me on sewing projects- I learn so much!  One time she showed me how to make a renaissance costume!  I loved it! I am also thankful that she taught my mom to sew, otherwise I wouldn’t know how!!! She has a very comfortable style, and she wears a lot of skirts! She likes denim skirts, which is something that we share in common:)


My Grandmother is so nice, as all Grandmas’ should be. She goes to Goodwill once or twice a week, and sometimes brings us the cutest things. It really was her who introduced us to Shelly, at Shelly’s Boutique. Sometime she’ll take Allegra and me to the mall as a birthday present. Sometimes, when we go to a second-hand store, we’ll see a skirt that looks like her style. We always see if she wants it before we remake it. I wonder if there is a best grandma award, I think if there was, I would give it to her.


I like my Grandma because she came to our house and she’s my mom’s Mom.  She read me Mary Poppins.  I like my other Grandma because she comes on Wednesday and helps us clean the house.  My great-Grandma has lots of toys in her basement, a bunch and I wish we could go there more often to play with them.  I like all my Grandma’s skirts!

Well, that’s our memories and Grandparent love!  Be sure to enter the skirt giveaway by leaving us a comment about one of your grandparents!

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Skirt Alert! Soft Surroundings Skirts – Inspired by India

We think Soft Surroundings really does skirts right.  I mean, if you’re going to wear a skirt, you are probably trying to look feminine, and it doesn’t get much more feminine than Soft Surroundings skirts.  This summer they’ve had a line of India inspired skirts that we really love.  Soft, flowing, swishy…capturing the essence of India.

soft surrounding skirt

This skirt is a stunner in deep blues and brilliant aquamarines.  We can smell the curry, hear the music and feel the humidity in this skirt.  Except the fine female wearing this jewel would be ultimately cool!

bali skirt

The next stunner is called the Bali skirt – perfect name!  It combines ombre, beading, embroidered border, and flowers without going over the top into gaudy!  An eye-catcher to be sure!  Wearing this one, you would have to hold onto the outdoor table to keep your seat and not get up to join the belly dancers!


Something about birds on skirts always stops us in our tracks!  So this peacock print just floored us!  Although there would be no blending in, this Soft Surrounding skirt would launch the wearer to the top of the list!  Teal never looked so good!  And with an elastic waist, you could wear it all day long!


The last Soft Surroundings skirt we’re featuring today doesn’t really hold with the India theme, but sigh…who could resist?  Definitely a work of art, the marbled pen-and-ink design could hang in a gallery!  This skirt has elastic in the back, for comfort, and could be dressed down (if you had to!) with sandals and a black t-skirt!

Well, that’s this week’s Skirt Alert!  Come back next week for more skirt fun, and visit us on Pinterest, where we are having so much fun with skirts, of course!

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Denim Mini Refashion – Washed out to Wonderful!

back pocket detail

We are so delighted with today’s refashion!  It’s simply scrumptious!  But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, so we’ll back up to the beginning.  We started with a denim mini by Hartstrings.  We picked it up at Goodwill on back to school sale week in the kids department, so ended up paying all of $1!

denim mini refashion

Annie had been begging for a denim mini refashion like her big sisters, so we grabbed a skirt from her drawer that she didn’t wear too much.  Grandma brought it the other day from a thrift store, and it fit great, but looked a little washed out.

washed out thrift store skirt

Here’s what we did:

Step 1: Cut off the bottom 3 tiers from the floral skirt.  This was actually the most time consuming step.  This skirt is full!

Step 2: Pinned and sewed on tiers to the bottom of denim mini.  We decide to sew them to the outside of the denim mini because we loved the look so well.

That’s it!  So easy and so fun!

denim mini refashion

Total Cost: $

Total Time: 30 minutes

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

girls thrift store skirt refashion

If you are in love with the photography in this post, you should check out Allegra’s photo shop on ETSY.  She has an amazing eye for photography, and a cute model makes everything just right.  She recently discovered iPiccy (check it out, it’s free!) and is totally in love with Photoshop-ing!

back pocket detail

One reason we knew the washed out pink skirt would work in this denim mini refashion was the light pink stitching detail on the back pockets and skirt.  See the hearts?  So scrumptiously adorable!

Washed out to Wonderful denim mini refashion

So what do you think?  Did you prefer the Washed out before or the Wonderful after?  Vote in the poll and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Your turn! Washed out before or Wonderful after?

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