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Why We Sew

Yesterday we were so busy showing you photos of a footprint tractor shirt we didn’t get time to share another guest post!  Over at Kids Clothes Week, where we are contributors for Summer 2015, we are sharing the story of why we sew.  All of us!  Be sure to hop over there and read and see all about it!  It’s really great stuff, and we’ll probably use some of it to update our “Meet The Gals” page soon.



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Footprint Tractor Field Trip Raglan T-shirt

Today we are over at Oliver+S with the step by step instructions on how to create the footprint tractor shirt you see in this post.  So we’re going to spare you a lot of words today and just give you photos of this happy boy in his new tractor shirt.  Just one disclaimer; it was a very hot and humid day and we put the shirt off and on several times before these photos were taken, so the neckline is a bit stretched out…  Just concentrate on the smile and the dimple!

MainTractor Tractor1 Tractor2 Tractor3 Tractor4 Tractor5 Tractor6 Tractor7 Tractor8 Tractor9 Tractor10 Tractor11


Now we’ll see you over at the Oliver+S blog with a full step by step photo tutorial on how to make one of these for your little tractor loving guy!

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A Liebster Award

Back at the beginning of March, we were nominated for the Liebster award by Inspinration.  Thank you, Miranda!  She is a Dutch mother of 4, and we love everything she makes!  For example, she made this amazing pleated dress, the infamous lion muscle tee, and is one of the current contributors to Kids Clothes Week.  She wrote the most inspirational post for KCW that we’ve ever seen!

If you are a reader of Flemish sewing or German DIY blogs you probably know the Liebster award. In case you are not, the Liebster award is originally a German invention with the goal of promoting smaller blogs by getting to know the person behind the blog a bit more. The rules of the game have changed a bit over time (for example small used to be less than 3000 followers and now 200).

The rules of the game:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and put a link to her/his blog in your post

2. Answer the 11 questions that you got from the one that nominated you

3. Nominate 5 to 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers (this is not an exact science just focus on blogs that could benefit from this extra promotion).

4. Create 11 interesting questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Do not nominate back the blog that nominated you.

Here were our questions:

1.  Which of your own blog posts (the project related to it) are you most proud of?

My current favorite project is the Oliver + S Music Class outfit I made for the Bonnie Christine ribbon tour.

2.  What sewing technique secretly still frightens you (a bit)?

There are 2 that I’m currently determined to try: making my own bias tape with a Clover Bias 1-Inch Tape Maker and Inkodye sunprinting.

3.  What is your guilty pleasure?

Nibbling on Lindt Excellence Bar~Caramel with a Touch of Sea Salt while sewing!  Nuff said!

4.  What blog should we read which you couldn’t  nominate due to too many followers.

There’s always something fun going on over at Pattern Revolution!

5.  What is the story behind the fabric that has been in your closet the longest?

Oh boy, I’m not sure what’s all in the fabric stash, but I did grab some remnants leftover from making my wedding dress to make this skirt for Annie!  So they’re coming up on 20 years in the stash!

6.  What is your favorite tv show?

Sorry~no television, which frees up more time to sew!

7.  What would you buy yourself now, immediately if money was not an issue?

A serger and a good camera…all our photographs are taken with an iPhone!

8.  What frustrates you?

When I cut corners while sewing.  It always frustrates me every time I look at the item later.  Hence my New Year’s Resolution.

9.  What is your most happy memory?

My family makes me happiest!  For example, I have a very happy memory of driving away from our wedding reception with Mr. Skirt Fixation, starting our new life together.  And the minutes following the births of each of our seven children, with everyone gathering around welcoming the newest family member are very happy memories.

10.  What kind of new hobby would you like to learn?

Leather tooling.  Both of our older sons are learning this skill, and have produced some amazing artwork, which I’ve shown below in case you are getting tired of all these words!

Leather Deer Leather Knife Case

11.  What is your favorite app?

Instagram!  We love connecting with other sewing bloggers and getting behind the scenes glimpses of what they are sewing.  It’s also where we share peeks of sewing projects before they are on the blog, so if you’re interested, follow us on Instagram!

We hope you enjoyed reading our answers.  We know that not everybody likes to participate in this type of chain letter type game!  We selected blogs which we have in our RSS feed reader and are worth checking out if you do not know them already. We really have no way of knowing how many followers each of these blogs has, but we feel like they are semi small blogs destined for greatness!  If you check their blogs out, our goal is succeeded.  We would like to nominate the following blogs:

  1. The Land of K.A. – seriously professional sewing by Stacy for both herself and her children.  She was often the judges’ favorite from Challenge Create: Adult Edition.
  2. Free Notion – a new blog written by Becca Duval.  Since she just started it she may not have 200 followers yet, but she is a rockstar in the sewing world!
  3. Fa Sew La – Teri is a super fast seamstress, does quality work, and has the cutest new baby girl ever!
  4. Sew Straight & Gather – We’re pretty sure Terri will be a famous pattern maker some day.  She’s written our favorite dress pattern for girls.  We’ve made it twice and gifted it twice with many more to come!
  5. Swoodson Says – Stephanie goes about sewing and blogging like it’s a business endeavor, which will most likely make her quite a bit of money!
  6. Girl Like The Sea – Tara is the most honest blogger in our feed.  It’s not a Pinterest-ified life, but it’s REAL.  We look forward to every new post!
  7. Creating In The Gap – Besides being a superb seamstress, Margo offers a very comprehensive review of the patterns she sews including pros and cons.
  8. Hello Holli – Everytime Holli sews something we add it to our list of things we want to make!  Now that’s inspiring!
  9. Sweet KM – Kristi is one of those blogger that make you think she’s going to be a huge blogger one day.  And yet you are confident she will always retain that small, cozy, introverted personality!
  10. The Enantiomer Project – Annie is probably the opposite of us in many ways, short, cute, southern and an amazing seamstress!  But you know what they say…opposites attract!

To the blogs we nominated we want to say, do not feel obligated to take the stick. If you are on the list and would like to join, please answer the following questions.

1. How did you come up with the name of your blog?

2. What sewing technique secretly still frightens you (a bit)?

3. What is your guilty pleasure?

4. What blog should we read which you couldn’t nominate due to too many followers?

5. What is the story behind the fabric that has been in your stash the longest?

6. What is your current favorite fabric?

7. What would you buy yourself now, immediately if money was not an issue?

8. What part of a sewing project excites you most?

9. What sewing project are you most proud of?

10. What sewing project are you least proud of?

11. What kind of new hobby would you like to learn?

And now to leave you with a photo of a skirt…

Dye#2Well okay, part of a skirt!  Audrey’s skirt from Selfish Sewing Week has undertaken a second dye bath…what do you think now?

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2015 Blog Goals

Yesterday we offered a State of The Blog 2014, so today we thought it would be fun to set some goals and dream a little. Like yesterday, we all decided to contribute.


No compromise! That’s my biggest resolution. I find myself carrying on an internal conversation when I’m sewing, saying things like, “Oh well, no one will notice!” and “It’s only the inside.” But then I am dissatisfied with the final product because I know about each and every little defect. So this year, No Compromise!

And, this year I want to be more deliberate in my fabric buying. Like Teri, I tend to be so impulsive when I see a fabric I like. I want to try to only buy fabric with a specific use in mind. The stash, you know!

Game Day Dress and Jersey Review by Skirt Fixation

Last year my goal was to master sewing with knit fabric.  Well, I sewed with knits quite a bit, but I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered it, so onward!  It’ll be a delightful journey!


My New Year’s resolutions for my sewing/crafting life are as follows.

1. Work with new/different materials. For instance, felt, leather, etc.

Girl's Mara Dress

2. Sew up some garments from patterns. I did have fun with the little dress that I sewed for Annie from a pattern, and it’s a great life skill to be able to sew from a pattern.

3. Create a basic wardrobe for myself. I mean that I want to make mix and match-able things that I can use as basics.


This year, I would like to make a lot more things than I did last year.

Easy skirt to bag refashion by Skirt Fixation

For one thing, I would like to sew a pattern, and I would also like to make a quilt.


Annie says that her New Year’s resolutions include learning how to embroider, learning how to knit, and how to sew a little skirt for her bear.

teddy bear skirt

She has been asking Allegra for quite a while to teach her how to embroider, and now she’ll have to get right on it! She wants to knit so that she can learn how to knit scarves and gloves and socks, she says. That will be Aria’s job, as she is our resident knitter.

The Blog:

A little glimpse into what’s coming this year for the blog:

Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition round 2!

Living Skirt Art (everyone’s favorite!) grows into a bigger event this year.

An Instagram Liberty of London fabric swap. (You’ll want to follow us on Instagram as that’s not the only great thing coming up there!)

All The Skirts ~ New Editions

Some new things we can’t quite reveal yet!

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 10.16.05 PM

And to get the year off to a very, very perfect start, we found out yesterday that we won a $100 gift certificate from on Instagram!!!! We are so very delighted and can’t wait to place our order and get sewing! Here’s to a very Happy 2015.

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2014 Year End Blog Summary

We love seeing everyone’s year end blog summary and review posts, so we thought we’d do one of our own. We’ve done a LOT of sewing this year, with over 40 refashions and 78 handmade clothing items, we have made a serious dent in our stash! We also held 2 sewing contests, Challenge Create: Adult Edition and Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition. There were some new things on the blog this year too, like Living Skirt Art posts, All The Skirts series, and the fascinating U.G.L.Y. skirt challenge! We thought it would be fun to each tell you our favorite things from the year.

I sewed 7 items of clothing for myself this year, not including maternity clothes. Those don’t count because I only wore those for a short period of time! It’s really hard to narrow it down to my favorite item, but I think the one I wear the most is my Jocole A-line Yoga skirt. Totally daytime pajamas! The thing that took me the most time to sew this year was the Cowboy Quilt. The items of clothing that took the most skill were the Marco Shirts.

Marco Shirt

The refashion that I liked the most this year was my khaki pencil skirt. I also enjoyed the ‘five ways’ posts that I did with it, and all of the figuring out different ways to wear it. My favorite thing that I made was probably the wardrobe for Sarah Bear.

harrods bearI also love the orchestra dress  that mom made for me, and so that would have to be my favorite item that has been made for me.

This year I was really lucky, and I received a lot of things sewed for me.  I really couldn’t decide what was my favorite thing that got sewed for me, but my Bimaa sweater and two jackets (here and here) that were made for me were definitely the most needed, so I like them a lot.

Bag made from a skirt!I really enjoyed making bags all this year, and I use them a lot.

My favorite thing Mommy made for me is the blue (Elsa) dress. It’s really twirly!

Dresses sewn by Skirt FixationI also love to wear my feather dress because it’s the same and my neck stays warm when it’s really cold outside. The fanciest thing I like to wear is my cape, muff and hat. I also love my poofy princess skirt.

We are really wondering what YOUR favorite thing from the blog was this year.  Google Analytics tells us that over half of our traffic was men between the ages of 25 and 34 coming in on the search word “mullet” which is another name for the hi-low skirt that we did several posts about.  Sigh.  That is most definitely not our target audience!  The mullet gentlemen also left the blog within 10 seconds of arriving…

We also had the privilege of giving away 15 skirts and over $2080 worth of prizes from our fabulous sponsors!  We could hardly believe it when we added it all up.  What this means for our readers is: come back often…we’re always giving things away!  And please tell all your friends and fellow seamstresses about Skirt Fixation.  The reason we give so much stuff away is to help grow our blog, but the only way we will continue to be able to do this is if our blog grows and it is worthwhile for our sponsors to continue contributing more awesome prizes!!  (Next giveaway is Friday…)

So tell us, what was your favorite thing on Skirt Fixation this year? (And come back tomorrow for a glimpse of what’s to come in 2015.)

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Holiday Skirt Restyled 5 Ways

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

Hello Folks, Allegra Here.  We thought maybe you were wondering what to do with that gorgeous holiday skirt now that the holidays are past.  We haven’t done a “Skirt-5 Ways” post for a while, and so I decided to take Annie’s holiday skirt and dress it (or her, rather) up five ways for your enjoyment.  You know, to give you some ideas about how to restyle that holiday skirt after the holidays.  Annie’s skirt is a full, knee or below-the-knee-length black skirt with tiny black velvet polka dots all over it.  We found it at Once Upon A Child, which is such a nice place to get gently used kids’ clothing.  It has buttonhole elastic and a sash, which we left off for this post, just because of all of the ways that we were dressing it, none of which required the sash.  Here is the Holiday Skirt Restyled:

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

1.  The Casual Comfy Everyday Look.

Annie is always getting into us bigger girl’s closets, (as if she didn’t have enough clothes herself) and wearing our shirts and sometimes our skirts.  She loves to come clop-clop-clopping down the stairs in my heels, much to their detriment.  So for this look, we pulled one of my shirts out, and Annie modeled it with her black skirt.  I can attest that little girls ADORE this look.  Annie feels super special because she is wearing one of my shirts, and it’s one of the easiest things to do a few basting stitches, artfully use a safety pin, or even utilize a hair tie in the back to make the shirt fit if it’s really wide in the neck.  Annie accessorized with her special black bow shoes with the jewels on them, black leggings, and two silly hats.

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

One is her favorite kitty hat, and the other is a hat ‘like the teenagers wear.’  Just so you know, I do not wear that kind of hat, lol!  Annie says that it’s the most comfortable outfit ever, and the slouchy fit of the shirt combined with the leggings and skirt is a look that she can wear with ease and modesty whether playing with her dolls or her brothers.  So you should feel free to restyle that special holiday skirt for everyday too!

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

2. The Vintage Tea Party Look

For this one, Annie wore her Oliver + S Apple Picking Blouse, her vintage boots, and white tights.  The boots are really nice quality, vintage looking brown boots that stand up to wear very well, and which we found at a second-hand store.  This may just be my favorite of the outfits, because of how adorable it looks.  The peplum on the blouse stands out with the fullness of the skirt, and Annie looks just like a little Victorian girl.  This is a great look for a special brunch or tea party, and it makes little girls feel all grown up, so whip out that holiday skirt (restyled) for these occasions too.

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

3. The Classic Church Look

I paired the skirt with a blue button-down shirt, black pumps, and a cream ribbon belt and tights.  This is a wonderful look that is excellent for church or more formal gatherings.  The shirt is from Land’s End, one of our favorite outfitters because of their timeless style and great quality, and has actually been passed down to Annie from Aria, who got it passed down from me!  It still looks very cute and fresh, and the little ruffles keep the style feminine.  The big bow is really an adorable addition, and Annie’s face tells how she feels about this style.  This is probably the most obvious way to restyle your holiday skirt.

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

4. The Ice Skating Look

It’s cute, comfortable, warm, and simple, Annie’s favorite style.  We paired the skirt with a white turtleneck, pink and brown sweater, and the vintage boots.  Annie says that she would wear this look to go ice-skating.  She’s gone ice-skating once, and she loves it!  If your little girl isn’t about fuss and feathers, this is an awesome look for just about anything.

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

5. The Party Look

For her last look, Annie just HAD to pair the skirt with her mommy-made cape, muff and hat.  She also wore a turtleneck and white tights for warmth, as well as her special heel shoes.  She wore this look to a bona fide symphony Christmas concert, and in the Jo-Ann fabrics that we went to beforehand, she got five gasps, four ‘Awe’s’, and three ‘How Sweets!’  Does anybody other than us consider going to a fabric store a pre-concert worthy activity?  So you should definitely pull out that special holiday skirt for any other party.  It’s better than letting it hang in the back of the closet, forgotten!

Restyled Holiday skirt by Skirt Fixation

Annie and I sure enjoyed making this post, and she’s sat here on my lap the whole time I was writing the post, sounding out the words and pausing me every five words to ask what a word is. The other day I taught her to spell ‘seafood’ and now she goes around chanting s-e-a-f-o-o-d all day.   In closing, here’s a joke that Annie made up.

“What do you call a man that can’t hear?”

“Um… deaf?”

“Well, it doesn’t matter what you call him, he can’t hear you!”



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Around The World Blog Hop


Last week we were tagged by Michelle from Falafel and The Bee in the series “Blog Around the World.”  Several sewing/quilting bloggers have been doing this, and we are excited to be invited to share too!  (Thanks to the amazing Amy of nanaCompany, who offered the above image to anyone participating.)  Here are the questions we were asked to answer.  Everyone on the series is answering these questions, and it’s fun to follow the trail and read everyones answers.

What am I working on?

Since the Black Friday sales were just too irresistible, we sort of splurged.  (But don’t tell Mr. Skirt Fixation, okay?)  So we are working feverishly to justify some of the purchases we made by sewing them up.  For example, we got these two patterns from Shwin & Shwin:





And this box of fabric arrived the other day.


So I am up to my elbows in jacket sewing!

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Well, if this is your first time here, you may not have noticed, but we do skirts!  Skirts are our main focus…but since you can’t wear only skirts (or you might look like this) we do sew some other things too.

We try to have fun on the blog as well as just showcase a bunch of skirt goodness.  Here is a list of some of the fun events we do on the blog:

Challenge Create: Fabric Swap (new edition coming in 2015!!!)

All The Skirts

Seasonal Skirt Awards

Skirt Art Replicas

The Ugly Skirt Challenge

We also refashion a lot!  We have so many more ideas and fun stuff planned for 2015, so you will want to stick around and check back often!  (Or you could subscribe to our emails and get us in your inbox!  See the top of the sidebar…)

Why do I create what I do?

Is 6 feet tall enough of an answer?  Well, combine that with a promise I made myself about 10 years ago not to suppress my creative side, and 7 children who are constantly growing and needing clothing and the result is a lot of creating.

How does my creative process work?

It’s a combination of what we need and what we want to make!  We keep a blog planner since there are a few of us (mother and 3 daughters) working on Skirt Fixation together, and weekly we sit down together and decide who is going to post on which day.  We always factor in other sewing challenges/competitions in the blog world, and items that are needed, and combine the two.  Then we pick out patterns and fabric, if necessary, and if we are smart, we run those by Mr. Skirt Fixation.  He truly is the style consultant for Skirt Fixation!  (Oooops, the secret is out!  Sorry, Mr. Skirt Fixation!!)  Then we begin to sew, photograph, write and blog.  We love working together on this process because each of us has unique and inspiring ideas that the others don’t and this helps keep us all creating together.

We nominate (to continue the hop in the new year…everyone is so busy during the holidays):

Teresa from Dandelion Drift

Angela from Work Pray Sew

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KCW Update

kids clothes week

This is what your sewing table looks like when you have 4 sewing projects at once happening! I will blog all these projects in the rest of this week and the beginning of next! I’m finding out that both sewing and blogging about it everyday is challenging…but I am sewing as evidenced above!  Kids Clothes Week Day 4 is finished (but not photographed,) Days 5-7 are in progress.  Stay tuned…

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Some of our Favorite Blogs

Blog Award

Way back in July, we were nominated for an award!  Joy from xoxo Grandma awarded us a Favorite Blog award.  This award originated at Forgetting Mess, Pausing Time, and now we get to pass it on to 6 of our favorite blogs, in no particular order!  If you aren’t reading these blogs, prepare to be inspired!

Esther fromthesticks:  This girl can really sew.  Amazing sewing.  And photography.  Amazing photography.  And create art.  Amazing art.  You really can’t understand unless you go see her work.  Amazing work.

IMG_1933b-750x1000Imagine Our Life:  Whatever this lady comes up with is really cool!  But she really is the queen of felt.  And just so you know, I want to be her kid so I can play with her quiet books.  Just saying!

Glitter + Wit:  Tasha’s photography inspires us.  Tasha’s sewing gets us sewing.  Tasha’s baby’s tears bring us to tears.  Tasha’s sewing room looks like our sewing room.  Tasha’s bucket list is our bucket list.!

Handmade Charlotte:  When we are browsing Handmade Charlotte, sometimes we forget we’re not on Pinterest.  Really.  It’s that pretty.  Funny story: for a very, very long time we thought Handmade Charlotte was located in Europe because it has such a European feel.  And we haven’t fully convinced ourselves it’s not.

Swoodson Says:  Stephanie is doing what we’re doing…trying to make a little extra moolah by blogging about what we love…sewing.  She shares tips about sewing, blogging, and we watch her Social Sewing Calendar very carefully!

GI365:  We nominate this blog because seamstresses have to eat, too.  And the food Kari whips up is not only beautiful, it’s very healthy and will give you the energy to keep sewing for hours.  Plus she understands the whole women and chocolate thing!

Speaking of awards, the Summer Skirts Awards are coming up in September…have you seen or sewn a skirt you would like to nominate for an award?  Let us know…


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Knit Results and Your Favorite Sew Along

mystery fabric week!

What a wonderful knit week!  We were so pleased with every knit creation, and the sew along was the biggest yet!  We are just starting to get comfortable sewing with knits, and these ladies who sewed up such beautiful creations from knit fabric inspire us to greater heights.  Did you see the knit post we snuck in?  So now you want us to let you know the winner, right?  Well, we want you to take one last look at the amazing four entries!

Vote for your favorite creation made from knit fabric for #ChallengeCreate Fabric Swap Edition

The judges have had their say, the votes have been counted, and the scores reveal that the winner of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition for Knit Week is:

Call Ajaire Challenge Create Knit Bean cardi front smile

 Ajaire from Call Ajaire!

Beside the warmth of victory, your positive applause, and many virtual high fives, she will receive:

award logo

$50 gift certificate to L’Oiseau Fabrics


One copy of Style That Kid


6 pattern bundle of her choice from the recent Women’s Bundle or the Upcoming Boy’s Bundle from Pattern Revolution


3 PDF patterns of her choice from Lekala Sewing Patterns

Now Ajaire couldn’t have done it without help from Charity who sent her that awesome fabric, so in addition to many thanks from Ajaire, Charity will be receiving:


$25 gift certificate to Zeet Zeet.

And just so Scary & Karly know how very awesome they are, we are sending them each a yard of knit fabric from our stash!

The winner of the Knit sew along, as determined by equal parts vote and the contestants judging is:


Saskia from Vera Luna!  One of the contestant judges said, “Gorgeous. I love the stripes with dip dye.”  And another said, “I am in love with Vera Luna’s Sail Away sweater, number 21. That is my first choice all the way.  I would pick all 3 times if I could!”  Saskia will receive:


A $25 gift certificate from Nature’s Fabrics.

mystery fabric week!

Whew, that was fun wasn’t it?  We love awarding prizes from our generous sponsors!  Now it’s time for the Mystery sew along.  We introduced you to the Mystery Contestants, and tomorrow they will begin unveiling their creations made from the mysterious fabric they swapped.  This week we’re going to do the sew along a little differently since it’s the final week of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition.  (sniff!)  We’d like you to link up just 1 project of the favorite thing you’ve sewn in 2014!  Yep, it’s going to be difficult to choose just 1 thing, but that’s what we’re asking.  The link up will remain open until Friday morning, when it will switch to voting.  The winning contestant will be based on 50% vote and 50% judges score.  Who are the judges?  The amazing Mystery Fabric contestants!  They are the experts for this week, and therefore the best judges, don’t you think?

The winner of the sew along is going to receive 1 yard of fabric from Mapology!  We seem to have an attraction to anything with a map on it, and so these fabrics are so irresistible to us!  Seriously, go over there and see if you fall in love too!  Also, for the whole month of July, everyone can take $10 off the price of our ebook by using the discount code “fabricswap”  Grab it while you can at this price during Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition only!

Be sure to come back every day this week, as our Mystery contestants each show you the fabric they received and what they made with it.  On Friday, the voting will open for you to choose your favorite Mystery fabric creation, and of course the Challenge Create judges will get their say too!  So go ahead and link up your favorite thing you’ve sewn in 2014, just 1 thing!  We can’t wait to see your favorite!

And come back tomorrow to see the first mystery fabric creation…this week is going to be so awesome!