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Around The World Blog Hop


Last week we were tagged by Michelle from Falafel and The Bee in the series “Blog Around the World.”  Several sewing/quilting bloggers have been doing this, and we are excited to be invited to share too!  (Thanks to the amazing Amy of nanaCompany, who offered the above image to anyone participating.)  Here are the questions we were asked to answer.  Everyone on the series is answering these questions, and it’s fun to follow the trail and read everyones answers.

What am I working on?

Since the Black Friday sales were just too irresistible, we sort of splurged.  (But don’t tell Mr. Skirt Fixation, okay?)  So we are working feverishly to justify some of the purchases we made by sewing them up.  For example, we got these two patterns from Shwin & Shwin:





And this box of fabric arrived the other day.


So I am up to my elbows in jacket sewing!

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Well, if this is your first time here, you may not have noticed, but we do skirts!  Skirts are our main focus…but since you can’t wear only skirts (or you might look like this) we do sew some other things too.

We try to have fun on the blog as well as just showcase a bunch of skirt goodness.  Here is a list of some of the fun events we do on the blog:

Challenge Create: Fabric Swap (new edition coming in 2015!!!)

All The Skirts

Seasonal Skirt Awards

Skirt Art Replicas

The Ugly Skirt Challenge

We also refashion a lot!  We have so many more ideas and fun stuff planned for 2015, so you will want to stick around and check back often!  (Or you could subscribe to our emails and get us in your inbox!  See the top of the sidebar…)

Why do I create what I do?

Is 6 feet tall enough of an answer?  Well, combine that with a promise I made myself about 10 years ago not to suppress my creative side, and 7 children who are constantly growing and needing clothing and the result is a lot of creating.

How does my creative process work?

It’s a combination of what we need and what we want to make!  We keep a blog planner since there are a few of us (mother and 3 daughters) working on Skirt Fixation together, and weekly we sit down together and decide who is going to post on which day.  We always factor in other sewing challenges/competitions in the blog world, and items that are needed, and combine the two.  Then we pick out patterns and fabric, if necessary, and if we are smart, we run those by Mr. Skirt Fixation.  He truly is the style consultant for Skirt Fixation!  (Oooops, the secret is out!  Sorry, Mr. Skirt Fixation!!)  Then we begin to sew, photograph, write and blog.  We love working together on this process because each of us has unique and inspiring ideas that the others don’t and this helps keep us all creating together.

We nominate (to continue the hop in the new year…everyone is so busy during the holidays):

Teresa from Dandelion Drift

Angela from Work Pray Sew

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KCW Update

kids clothes week

This is what your sewing table looks like when you have 4 sewing projects at once happening! I will blog all these projects in the rest of this week and the beginning of next! I’m finding out that both sewing and blogging about it everyday is challenging…but I am sewing as evidenced above!  Kids Clothes Week Day 4 is finished (but not photographed,) Days 5-7 are in progress.  Stay tuned…

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Some of our Favorite Blogs

Blog Award

Way back in July, we were nominated for an award!  Joy from xoxo Grandma awarded us a Favorite Blog award.  This award originated at Forgetting Mess, Pausing Time, and now we get to pass it on to 6 of our favorite blogs, in no particular order!  If you aren’t reading these blogs, prepare to be inspired!

Esther fromthesticks:  This girl can really sew.  Amazing sewing.  And photography.  Amazing photography.  And create art.  Amazing art.  You really can’t understand unless you go see her work.  Amazing work.

IMG_1933b-750x1000Imagine Our Life:  Whatever this lady comes up with is really cool!  But she really is the queen of felt.  And just so you know, I want to be her kid so I can play with her quiet books.  Just saying!

Glitter + Wit:  Tasha’s photography inspires us.  Tasha’s sewing gets us sewing.  Tasha’s baby’s tears bring us to tears.  Tasha’s sewing room looks like our sewing room.  Tasha’s bucket list is our bucket list.!

Handmade Charlotte:  When we are browsing Handmade Charlotte, sometimes we forget we’re not on Pinterest.  Really.  It’s that pretty.  Funny story: for a very, very long time we thought Handmade Charlotte was located in Europe because it has such a European feel.  And we haven’t fully convinced ourselves it’s not.

Swoodson Says:  Stephanie is doing what we’re doing…trying to make a little extra moolah by blogging about what we love…sewing.  She shares tips about sewing, blogging, and we watch her Social Sewing Calendar very carefully!

GI365:  We nominate this blog because seamstresses have to eat, too.  And the food Kari whips up is not only beautiful, it’s very healthy and will give you the energy to keep sewing for hours.  Plus she understands the whole women and chocolate thing!

Speaking of awards, the Summer Skirts Awards are coming up in September…have you seen or sewn a skirt you would like to nominate for an award?  Let us know…


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Knit Results and Your Favorite Sew Along

mystery fabric week!

What a wonderful knit week!  We were so pleased with every knit creation, and the sew along was the biggest yet!  We are just starting to get comfortable sewing with knits, and these ladies who sewed up such beautiful creations from knit fabric inspire us to greater heights.  Did you see the knit post we snuck in?  So now you want us to let you know the winner, right?  Well, we want you to take one last look at the amazing four entries!

Vote for your favorite creation made from knit fabric for #ChallengeCreate Fabric Swap Edition

The judges have had their say, the votes have been counted, and the scores reveal that the winner of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition for Knit Week is:

Call Ajaire Challenge Create Knit Bean cardi front smile

 Ajaire from Call Ajaire!

Beside the warmth of victory, your positive applause, and many virtual high fives, she will receive:

award logo

$50 gift certificate to L’Oiseau Fabrics


One copy of Style That Kid


6 pattern bundle of her choice from the recent Women’s Bundle or the Upcoming Boy’s Bundle from Pattern Revolution


3 PDF patterns of her choice from Lekala Sewing Patterns

Now Ajaire couldn’t have done it without help from Charity who sent her that awesome fabric, so in addition to many thanks from Ajaire, Charity will be receiving:


$25 gift certificate to Zeet Zeet.

And just so Scary & Karly know how very awesome they are, we are sending them each a yard of knit fabric from our stash!

The winner of the Knit sew along, as determined by equal parts vote and the contestants judging is:


Saskia from Vera Luna!  One of the contestant judges said, “Gorgeous. I love the stripes with dip dye.”  And another said, “I am in love with Vera Luna’s Sail Away sweater, number 21. That is my first choice all the way.  I would pick all 3 times if I could!”  Saskia will receive:


A $25 gift certificate from Nature’s Fabrics.

mystery fabric week!

Whew, that was fun wasn’t it?  We love awarding prizes from our generous sponsors!  Now it’s time for the Mystery sew along.  We introduced you to the Mystery Contestants, and tomorrow they will begin unveiling their creations made from the mysterious fabric they swapped.  This week we’re going to do the sew along a little differently since it’s the final week of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition.  (sniff!)  We’d like you to link up just 1 project of the favorite thing you’ve sewn in 2014!  Yep, it’s going to be difficult to choose just 1 thing, but that’s what we’re asking.  The link up will remain open until Friday morning, when it will switch to voting.  The winning contestant will be based on 50% vote and 50% judges score.  Who are the judges?  The amazing Mystery Fabric contestants!  They are the experts for this week, and therefore the best judges, don’t you think?

The winner of the sew along is going to receive 1 yard of fabric from Mapology!  We seem to have an attraction to anything with a map on it, and so these fabrics are so irresistible to us!  Seriously, go over there and see if you fall in love too!  Also, for the whole month of July, everyone can take $10 off the price of our ebook by using the discount code “fabricswap”  Grab it while you can at this price during Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition only!

Be sure to come back every day this week, as our Mystery contestants each show you the fabric they received and what they made with it.  On Friday, the voting will open for you to choose your favorite Mystery fabric creation, and of course the Challenge Create judges will get their say too!  So go ahead and link up your favorite thing you’ve sewn in 2014, just 1 thing!  We can’t wait to see your favorite!

And come back tomorrow to see the first mystery fabric creation…this week is going to be so awesome!

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Thank You! Updated to Add PR&P Week 3 Sew Along!

project run and play sew along

Today we want to take a few moments and say, “Thank You!”  We have been chosen as one of dad’s favorites over on Frances Suzanne.Flip This Pattern Father's Fantastic Five

He had this to say about Annie & David’s spring break beach outfits, “Nautical.  Nicely themed boy and girl combo!”  Wow, we are so honored.  We’d like to give him the badge of being Annie & David’s adopted grandpa!

Beach Outfits for Spring Break

Pop over to Frances Suzanne, and tell dad what a great guy he is for choosing Annie & David in their beach outfits.

snowy dayWith weather like this, we really needed this pick me up!   We’ve had to totally rearrange our plans for week 3 of PR&P (design your own fabric) because we were planning on sun printing fabric…but for that we would actually need S.U.N.  Those pictures of Annie & David at an actual beach are going to have to wait for a more springy day.

So what did we come up with for PR&P Week 3 Design Your Own Fabric?  Well we went back to two old favorites and made them as sun shiny as possible.

flip this patternWe started with Heidi & Finn’s color block dress again.  We had such an enjoyable time using this pattern when we made the flamingo dress for Project Run & Play’s week 1 theme: Put Me in the Zoo.  But this time we are going to flip it a different way…into a tunic.  Remember that this dress is Frances Suzanne’s April pattern to flip?  We started with some honey bee fabric that we’d picked up at Wally World a few years ago and used as wrapping paper/material when we bought Dad a bee hive for a present.  Well, this fabric was so sun shiny and summery that once we pulled it out and started working with it, we felt warmer!  For the (2nd) flip, we change the color block dress in the following ways. 

heidi and finnWe left off the bottom block and shortened the middle one to tunic length.  We added sleeves in the same color as the top block.

francés suzanne flip this patternAnd, what turned out to be our favorite part of the flip, we made the back a full button up instead of one button and a keyhole at the top.  Oh, how sweet this little tunic has turned out to be!

design your own fabricNow we needed a matching skirt, and we were still trying to fit into Project Run & Play’s week 3 theme, Design Your Own Fabric, and then sew something from it!  I cut out the pieces for the Betty Skirt by Shaffer Sisters, and handed them over to Allegra, saying I was so disappointed at the lack of sun and my sun printing fabric idea that I was fresh out of ideas, and could she please design this fabric and get back to me. 

project run and play sew alongSo Allegra used fabric markers, some flower stencils and her amazing embroidery ability and handed me back the pieces of the newly designed fabric!  Delightedly, I sewed these up into the Betty Skirt, making only the modification of adding lining again (since this yellow linen fabric was sooo thin!) 

annie bee skirt back 2I love how the flowers wrap part way around the back of the skirt. 

embroidered bees, fabric marker hiveAnd the little embroidered honey bees are just too adorable.  The way she made the wings have a gossamer effect makes them look like they just landed on the skirt! 

embroidered bee and flowersThere are three of these cuties on the skirt. 

annie bee skirt 2Don’t worry about Annie being this close to the bee hives, it was (STILL!) quite chilly out, and the bees were all inside.  Plus, since Annie and her siblings run around barefoot through much of the year, they get stung often and accumulate quite an immunity to the feeling! 

black and white and yellow flowersAnd although we waited and waited for our daffodils to be up, they just are not cooperating, so we substituted some plastic flowers, and called it good! 

design your own fabricAnnie loved this photo shoot, and wants to wear this outfit again soon.

watching a beekeeper in a bee skirtWe’ve entered this outfit in both Project Run & Play Week 3 Design Your Own Fabric Sew Along and Frances Suzanne’s April Flip This Pattern (they said we could enter twice since we love this color block dress so much!)

Bee skirtWhat do you think of Annie’s honeybee outfit?

Make it beautiful,


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Happy Heart Day!

Valentines DayHappy Valentines Day to all our loyal readers and new friends too!  We cooked up something special for you…wish you could taste them!  We are also doing something we love today; sewing a skirt!  Here’s hoping you get to do something special today too, something that makes your heart happy.

With many hearts from the Skirt Fixation Team,

Audrey, Allegra, Aria, and Annie

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Happy 2014! from Skirt Fixation

Happy 2014!

Happy 2014!


Happy 2014!

We hope your new year is filled with joy, creativity, and lots of skirts!  Here at Skirt Fixation, we have so much in store for the the new year.  Of course we will keep bringing you awesome skirt refashions, more skirt giveaways, and more DIY skirt tutorials!  But we have some new things up our sleeves too, and can’t wait to share them with you.  Let us know if there is anything you would like to see in the new year, and we’ll make it happen!

Keep on creating!

Audrey, Allegra, Aria & Annie

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Skirt Alert! Pet Skirts!!

pet skirts

Pet Skirts on Pinterest

We had so much fun making a new board on Pinterest called Pet Skirts!!!  To celebrate our newly created board, this week’s Skirt Alert is going to be… Pet Skirts!!!

sugarbush squirrel pet skirts

Our first skirt is the Sugar Bush Squirrel Cheerleader skirt! We had never heard of Sugar Bush, the most photographed squirrel before we started searching for pet skirts on Pinterest, but then we found the little cutie!  This skirt is SO cute. The short sort of ruffled style is adorable and it goes perfectly with the purple shirt with red trimmings, a red neck bow and red, white and purple pom-poms. I love the way the tail sticks out of the back, and it also makes you wonder if this skirt has Velcro on in the back that keeps the skirt together. This comment that Sugar Bush’s trainer posted with this picture is really cute, it says: Sugar Bush Squirrel here, rah, rah, rah…while you’re all posting football photos on my Pin Pals board, I’m going to post my cheerleader shot.

pet skirts

And now we will present… the tutu kitty skirt. This cute kitty looks like a pro! I really like the layered tulle because it makes it look so extremely like a real ballet skirt, although you can tell that the flowers are not, real ones wouldn’t have looked right. The way this kitty is posing on the little bar makes it look like kitty ballet class! I totally agree with the comment, Tutu kitty, off the cute chart.

pet skirts

And our last skirt for the day is this adorable little pug skirt! This skirt is also made of tulle but that doesn’t affect me, I like tulle, plus the color is awesome. I really enjoy the way these flowers are attached and they are also just the right color. It seems it has maybe a bit of a white fringe and perhaps a design on the back of it. I really like the way it is paired with the black vest with the red bow on the back with tiny whit dots on the shoulders. Visit our Pet Skirts!!! board at Pinterest, and you’ll be smiling too!

Get flirty with skirts,


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Skirt to Gift Wrap – Day 6 – 10 Days of Thoughtful, Handmade Gifts

skirt to gift wrap

We are participating in a 10 Day blogging series: 10 Days of Thoughtful, Handmade Gifts!  We are so excited to produce some gifts, and you’ve probably guessed, we’re going to start from skirts all 10 days!  Also, we are very anxious to see what others produce too!  If you want to join in or follow along, visit A Homespun Country Life to get started.

Today we have a luxurious, super easy, fast tutorial for you.  We love to give gifts, and we love to try out new things for gift wrap!  A gift box is basically a blank palate waiting to be created upon, right?  In the past we have given baby gifts wrapped in baby blankets, gag gifts wrapped in the Sunday funnies and bridal shower gifts wrapped in table linens.  So naturally we thought of a skirt for today’s post!  The recipient of a skirt to gift wrapped gift is going to feel so special.  And you don’t even have to tell them how fun and simple it was for you!

skirt to gift wrap

A skirt.  That’s about all we can say!

So we started with a skirt that we were gifted from one of our dear older friends.  Now to be fair, she gifted it to us, not to wear, but for something to refashion!  So it works out perfect, a gifted skirt to gift wrap transformation!

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1: Determine the desired size for the box you are wrapping.  In our case, we needed a rectangle about the size of the front of the skirt.

Step 2: Cut out rectangle from skirt.

Step 3: Wrap fabric around box, using tape to secure.

Step 4: Bunch up fabric on sides and use a ribbon to tie them off in the middle.

Step 5: Use a ribbon and flower to decorate the top of the box.

skirt to gift wrap


We love the button detail and centered it down the center of the fabric.  Isn’t this an awesome vintage-y gift?

Total Time: 5 minutes

Total Cost: $0  (This project is really perfect for a skirt that doesn’t fit, has a huge rip or stain, or some other unwearable defect!)

Talent Level: No-sew!  Beginner seamstress

DIY skirt to gift wrap tutorialAnd here’s a gift for you…a glimpse at 2 other skirt to gift projects from our ebook!

DIY skirt as gift wrapThis one uses the whole skirt as part of the gift!

Furoshiki gift wrap from a skirt!This tutorial uses some more fabric from the same skirt and the Japanese art of furoshiki – fabric folding/tying.  All three of these are no-sew projects, take about 5 minutes each and make such a huge splash!

Make it beautiful,