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Swimsuit sewing for kids!

Today we’re bringing home a post that originally posted over at Project Run & Play because we thought you might be thinking about this type of sewing soon!

Today I’ve got a whole bunch of information for you to help you be able to sew a swim suit for your child this summer.  I was totally intimidated by this until I tried, and now I’m confident that with the right supplies and technique, you can do it too!  Let’s get started with some inspiration to help you WANT to make your child’s swimwear.

Sewing swimwear for your child is in reach! Just read this post.

Check out these handmade swimwear posts.  Some of these were moms sewing swimsuits for their very first time!

Flamingo Halter Suit by Chelise Patternson

Trio Swim style by Orange Who 

Swim Tankini & Skirt by Skirt Fixation

Fruit inspired Swims Suits by Paisley Roots

Reversible Swimsuit by Petite a Petite & Family

One Piece with boy shorts by Falafel and the Bee

And don’t forget those swimming accessories!

Easy swimming suit cover-up tutorials by Simple Simon & Co

Hamerhead Swim Team Bag by Sew Much To Give

Best swimwear patterns for children

1st you’ll need a good pattern.  Try one of these:

Sew Pony Cosi Suit 

Malibu one piece by PeekABoo Patterns (PeekABoo Patterns actually has over a dozen swimsuit patterns!)

Swashbuckler Swim Trunks by Patterns For Pirates

Salt Water Swim Trunks by Blank Slate Patterns

Kid Pants/Shorts by Made Everyday

Jalie Boardshorts

Next you’ll need some fabric.

Swimsuit fabric

If you’re sewing for a girl, check out some of these swimwear sources:

The Fabric Fairy Swimwear section

Girl Charlee spandex

Pink Stripe from Fabric.Com

Peekaboo Pattern Shop Ice Cream Fabric

Yellow Polka Dot

And for a boy you’ll need board shorts fabric which is also known as microfiber.

Boardshorts fabrics

Try these sources for board shorts fabric:

Sharks from Peekaboo Pattern Shop

Black from

Aqua fabric from Peekaboo Pattern Shop 

Chinese dragon from The Fabric Fairy

Woody cars from The Fabric Fairy 

Finally, you might need a few special notions:

Swimsuit special elastic

Power mesh for under boys shorts

Swimsuit lining

So there you have it!  Challenge yourself to make some swimwear…you won’t regret it!  And then let us know so we can be inspired too!

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My Sewing Space

Skirt Fixation sewing area

Today I’m bringing home a post where I shared my sewing space over at Project Run & Play.  If you missed it, welcome…come it and take a peek!

Welcome to my sewing room!  This is Audrey from Skirt Fixation, and one of the Virtual Assistants for Project Run & Play, and I’m so excited to welcome you into my sewing space today.

Skirt Fixation sewing area

Although I have set up my sewing space in many different places, currently I feel VERY lucky to have an entire outbuilding dedicated to my creative endeavors.  Here’s the back story.  This little building right outside our back door was the smokehouse/summer kitchen to the original house on our property, built sometime in the mid 1800s!  Our current home, which was built in 1916, has 3 bedrooms (and we are expecting child #8!) so needless to say, every spare inch of space is used inside the house!

Skirt Fixation sewing area

Several summers ago, we decided to remodel the old smokehouse/summer kitchen into a guest house so any company could have somewhere quiet to escape our boisterous brood.  Mr. Skirt Fixation further added plumbing and electrical to commercial kitchen standards because we were contemplating a chocolate truffle making business in the little building at some point in the future.  The kids promptly christened it the “Chocolate House.”  This past fall, I made it my sewing space, with the caveat that it is still 1st and foremost a guest house.

Skirt Fixation sewing area

Because I need to move out at a moment’s notice, organization is the key.  My large, raised cutting table is collapsible, and can be moved out and a bed set up in less than 5 minutes.  It stands 37” high, which I really appreciate due to my 6’ tall height!  I keep my extra large cutting mat on it and usually stage whatever project I’m currently sewing on top.

Skirt Fixation sewing area

Underneath the cutting table are my knit fabric storage boxes.  I have found that rolling my knit fabric and storing it vertically is the boxes is the best way to keep it organized.

Skirt Fixation sewing area

My next organizing savior is this tall wire metal shelf.  I have it filled from floor to ceiling with all my sewing supplies and fabric.  Everything is stored in clear plastic boxes of all sizes.

Skirt Fixation sewing area

Separate small shoeboxes hold zippers, seam binding, cutting tools, elastic, hardware, and extra sewing machine parts.

Skirt Fixation sewing area

Medium sized boxes are the perfect size for ribbons, embroidery, fabric art supplies, felt, and projects in process.

Skirt Fixation sewing area

Large boxes on the bottom shelves hold woven fabrics sorted by color.  Since a large fabric purge last year, I have it down to 4 of these boxes.  Bulging, but only 4!

Skirt Fixation sewing area

All my pdf patterns are stored in binders next to my sewing books.  The wire metal shelf usually has at least one garment hanging on it waiting for me to take photos.

Skirt Fixation sewing area

I keep my buttons in small glass jars sorted by color.  Personally, I am saving spice jars as I use them up, but if you don’t want to wait that long, here is a set that would work perfectly!

My mission style computer desk (which sometimes doubles as my ironing station when I’m working) is pretty clean and clear thanks to a 3 drawer organizer and a pretty storage box to hold all the miscellany that blogging requires!

Skirt Fixation sewing area

Probably the happiest place is my sewing table.  I have a 6 foot long collapsible table.  Often I tease Mr. Skirt Fixation that there is plenty of room on it for more machines!  But since it’s sadly bereft of more machines, I usually manage to fill it with whatever project I’m working on and staging my next project.

Skirt Fixation sewing area

The wide windowsill holds sewing supplies, including this small 3 drawer organizer where I keep my scissors, needles, extra sewing machine feet, and seam rippers.  The button lampshade was a gift from a sewing aunt, and the floral artwork is the sole piece of art in the room!  It was painted by my sister-in-law for Mr. Skirt Fixation’s birthday, but because it matches the roman shades I made for the room perfectly, I stole it!  I’m now noticing how bare the walls are…I have several mini quilts that I need to hang up, but I need hanging tips because duct tape probably isn’t classy enough!

My favorite thing about sewing in the “Chocolate House” is all the light from every side!  Many of my flat lay photos are taken from the cutting table, and I don’t even need to add any extra lighting.

Thanks for visiting my sewing space today, I’m sorry there was no chocolate!  Please link up your sewing space in our link up so I can come visit you.

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Sweet Valentine Exchange 2017

For posterity, I thought I’d add a little post here sharing another Instagram swap I participated in.  (You can follow us on Instagram here.)

The Sweet Valentine Exchange or SVE is a swap happening in February on Instagram.  Like all swaps, you are assigned a secret partner and someone is assigned to you.  You know a little of their likes and dislikes from a general form everyone fills out, but much you learn by “stalking” them on Instagram.

SVE17 swap

We were assigned to make something Valentine-y for @favouritepeopleapparel  and from studying her Instagram feed and her form, we decided this Sew Together Bag would be the perfect thing…stuffed with sewing goodies and some chocolate too!

From @runkarrycreate we received this darling denim pouch, stuffed with candy.  The kids gobbled the candy, and I’m still deciding what treasures to keep in the personalized denim pouch.

If you’d like to see more of what was given and received in the Sweet Valentine 2017 swap, check out this hashtag on Instagram, #sve17.

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State of the Blog 2016

As we’ve done for several years, we thought we’d give a state of the blog summary for 2016.  This year had some highs and a few lows.  By a rough count, we sewed at least 44 skirts this year!  And we sewed 14 Oliver + S patterns.  Craftsy has changed the way they report information, but we know that many, many, many of our free skirt patterns were downloaded.  This includes both the Dollhouse Skirt and The Pegasus Skirt.

One thing we got burnt out on this year was all the series we had going on!  At 1 point we were trying to keep up with at least 9 different series mostly relating to skirts.  So we’ve reassessed and some are going away completely, some will be semi-occasional instead of monthly, and we’ve also got a few new ideas up our sleeves.

Pretty cool that your favorites were my favorites too! #2016bestnine

A photo posted by Skirt Fixation (@skirtfixation) on

Instagram is our social media outlet of choice, and you can see our top 9 Instagram posts of the year here.  Follow us on Instagram here.

Each of us have evaluated our goals and sewing endeavors from 2016 and have a little summary for you.


It turned out that 2016 was all about trying new things!  To start the year, I stated 2 goals which were both new and terrifying to me!  The first was to meet at least 3 sewing bloggers in person, and I made that goal by meeting 4 terrific ladies through the year!  My 2nd goal was to sew something for Mr. Skirt Fixation, and although not one of them has been blogged, I sewed 12 garments for him!

Sewing jeans for the 1st time - Skirt Fixation

Another new thing for me was attempting (and succeeding at 50%!) sewing jeans for my boys.

In 2016 I dabbled in fabric design which was fun, but didn’t hold my interest for long, unfortunately.  I may revisit it sometime.

The Runway Skirt pattern

The kind of design that really lit me up I found out is pattern design!  And I’m really excited to have launched my 1st pattern (a skirt, of course) and set up the Savvy Patterns shop to go with it.

A highlight of the year was participating in Project Sew It and sewing up something for each of my 8 nieces and nephews for their birthdays.

I really love my work as a Virtual Assistant for Project Run & Play.  It is so inspiring to be part of a very active sewing community.


Looking back over my goals from last year, I realized that my interests changed a lot over the course of a year! Last year I set the goals of sewing a softie, and making more handmade gifts for my family. I accomplished the handmade gift goal – at least a little, by putting more effort into homemade gifts for my family.

I didn’t complete the softie goal, which disappoints me, but I did do a lot of other crafting-related things. For instance, I learned wreath-making from a wonderful little lady, and made mom a new wreath. I think that the number of buttons I sewed on for mom this year make up for any discrepancies in the rest of my performance ;). Also, as part of my last year of 4-H, I won Grand Champion on my embroidery of this butterfly.


Last year, I wanted to continue working on my quilt and make a softie.  I  did work on my quilt a little, but with a busy summer and then school, I haven’t had much time to do either.

4H sewing project by Skirt Fixation

However, I did make myself an entire outfit, and start on a softie! I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m sure I will eventually! I have sort of scrapped the quilt idea for now, owing to my busyness and the difficulty of making a hexagon quilt a first quilt, but I do have an idea for a different one!


Young girl sews her own dress for 4H project!

I was really excited to sew a dress for myself this year.  My favorite thing Mom made for me is my Uptown Downtown pink maxi dress.  I wear it all the time!

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Modkid Rachel Knit Dress Review

Modkid Rachel dress sewn by Skirt Fixation using Riley Blake Designs fabric

Modkid Rachel dress sewn by Skirt Fixation using Riley Blake Designs fabric

When my friend Courtney (from Sweeter Than Cupcakes) asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a Modkid pattern, you can bet I jumped at the opportunity!  And then she offered to sweeten the deal with some Riley Blake fabric designed by Patty Young, the creator of the Modkid patterns.  Wow, was I ever honored!  The only problem was I had to decide which pattern to choose!

Modkid Rachel dress sewn by Skirt Fixation using Riley Blake Designs fabric

With the help of my daughter who would be wearing the dress, I finally settled on the Rachel dress.

Modkid Rachel dress sewn by Skirt Fixation using Riley Blake Designs fabric

The Rachel dress can be made in 8 sizes from 2T to 10.  I made a size 8/9 with size 10 length for Annie.  The illustrations are drawn in the Rachel dress pattern.  The Rachel dress features a dropped waistband and a tulip style ruffle skirt.  We made view B with short sleeves and plain neck binding.

Modkid Rachel dress sewn by Skirt Fixation using Riley Blake Designs fabric

If you’ve never sewn with knits, the Rachel dress includes many helpful tips for sewing with knits.  Just as a side note, I do not have a serger, and made this entire dress with my entry level Husqvarna Emerald sewing machine.  It’s not every pattern that will help you achieve a neckband this good!

Modkid Rachel dress sewn by Skirt Fixation using Riley Blake Designs fabric

As you’ve probably learned by now about me and hemming, only the sleeves on the Rachel dress need hemming!  Such a happy side effect of that sweet little ruffle!  Even so, there is a whole page of hemming options for knits.  I think I’m going to pin it on my wall to use with other patterns.

Modkid Rachel dress sewn by Skirt Fixation using Riley Blake Designs fabric

This fabric is designed by Patty Young and produced by Riley Blake Designs.  It is called Granite Vivid Leilani, and yes, it’s just as buttery soft as everyone raves about!  Plus, no pilling and excellent recovery.

Modkid Rachel dress sewn by Skirt Fixation using Riley Blake Designs fabric

For the accent ruffles, I was going to use a navy blue, but Allegra insisted a white would be perfect for a summer dress, and once again, she was right!

Modkid Rachel dress sewn by Skirt Fixation using Riley Blake Designs fabric

Annie sighed in happiness as she slipped this dress over her head, told me at least 30 times how much she loves it and it’s her new favorite dress.  I’ll bet when I go to tuck her into bed tonight she’ll still have it on!

Modkid Rachel dress sewn by Skirt Fixation using Riley Blake Designs fabric

Before I made this dress for her, I did make her promise to stop wearing this dress and this dress which I made for her last summer and are both much too small now!  She resisted until she put the Rachel dress on.  And then she happily agreed.

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A BB8 Clutch or Maybe More…

BB8 Clutch sewn by Skirt Fixation

BB8 Clutch sewn by Skirt Fixation

Because of a miscommunication, I ended up with quite a lot of the BB8 fabric leftover when I made the Peekaboo Pepper Ruffle Skirt.

BB8 Clutch sewn by Skirt Fixation

Now an excess of fabric that cute is not a bad thing!

BB8 Clutch sewn by Skirt Fixation

So I pondered what should be done about the situation.  I decided to sew up a cute BB8 clutch or two.  Or five.

BB8 Clutch sewn by Skirt Fixation

I used the Curvy Clutch (free pattern from Pink Door Fabrics) to stock up our Etsy shop.

BB8 Clutch sewn by Skirt Fixation

Since the skirt was such a hit, I decided to use the same combination of fabrics from the BB8 bundle which includes Star Wars BB8 print by Camelot Fabric, Tangerine Plus Sign print by Anne Kelle for Robert Kaufman, Red Houndstooth by Maywood Studio, White Triangles on Black print by Anne Kelle for Robert Kaufman.

BB8 Clutch sewn by Skirt Fixation

I’ve seen some pretty cute Star Wars themed weddings on the internet, and with that in mind, I sewed 5 of these pouches.  One for each of the bridal party!  They’d be cute party favors at any Star Wars themed event.

BB8 Clutch sewn by Skirt Fixation

I had some exposed zippers that added the perfect girly touch to the top of each BB8 clutch.  I have not seen the Force Awakens (new Star Wars movie) but I was assured that BB8 would love this clutch!

BB8 Clutch sewn by Skirt Fixation

Each BB8 clutch is similar, but has unique features.  The inside fabric varies.  So does accent fabric and the trim beneath the accent fabric.

BB8 Clutch sewn by Skirt Fixation

I had fun making each clutch and choosing the fabrics and trims.

BB8 Clutch sewn by Skirt Fixation

I’ve listed these clutches individually in our Esty shop, but stated in the listing I’d do a discount if someone wants them all.  If you’re interested or know someone who is, click through to our Etsy shop.

BB8 Clutch sewn by Skirt Fixation