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Indiana Jones Cosplay Outfit

Indiana Jones cosplay outfit created and sewn by Skirt Fixation

The second theme during season 11 of Project Run & Play is Cosplay Craze.  If you’re not familiar with the term Cosplay, it’s basically dressing up as a character from a movie, book, cartoon, etc.  The Project Run & Play theme had one stipulation; the creation should not be a costume.

Indiana Jones cosplay outfit created and sewn by Skirt Fixation

My son has been asking for a leather jacket for a long time, so I used that request to tailor (see what I did there?) this prompt to fulfill that request and one other of his requests too.  If you haven’t guessed, our cosplay inspiration character is Indiana Jones.   Here’s the details on how we created an Indiana Jones cosplay outfit.

Indiana Jones cosplay outfit created and sewn by Skirt Fixation

After looking at several photos of Indiana Jones, I decided it was time to fulfill my son’s request that the next pair of pants I sew for him have a real zip fly instead of a faux fly like the previous two pairs of pants I’ve made for him.  So I turned to Peekaboo Pattern Shop for their classic chinos pattern.  (affiliate link)  It’s a great pattern, and you really do end up with (wait for it) classic chinos!

Indiana Jones cosplay outfit created and sewn by Skirt Fixation

This pattern can be made in 13 sizes from 3 months to size 12.  Thomas is almost in the largest size for length, but only an 8 in width, so I should be able to make this pattern work for a while yet.

Indiana Jones cosplay outfit created and sewn by Skirt Fixation

I found the pattern very thorough and easy to follow except for one little instruction on the welt pockets.  After checking with the Melly Sews welt pocket tutorial, I was good to go.  I won’t have any trouble in the future, but it was my first time constructing them this way, (also known as the REAL way!)  The zip fly came out impressive, so Thomas can be assured of real zip flies on all the pants I sew for him in the future.

Indiana Jones cosplay outfit created and sewn by Skirt Fixation

You should recognize the shirt pattern we used if you’ve been around Skirt Fixation any time at all!  It’s the Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirt.  Allegra embroidered Indiana Jones’ iconic bullwhip on the front.  I did make two changes to the pattern this time; I added sleeve cuffs and a band around the bottom.

Indiana Jones cosplay outfit created and sewn by Skirt Fixation

Apparently Thomas has grown since I made him a long sleeve version of this pattern and the sleeves were too short.  So then I added a hem band also to make it more like a sweatshirt in cut.

Refashioned into a leather jacket

Finally the leather jacket.  I started with a suede leather skirt of mine and a suede leather jacket I picked up at a thrift store.  By serendipity, they were exactly the same shade of brown, and it was a good thing since I used most of both of them to create this Indiana Jones jacket.

Indiana Jones cosplay outfit created and sewn by Skirt Fixation

Unfortunately much of the original jacket had become brittle, or started to rot?  Anyway it tore very easily.  So I basically harvested the zipper and used part of the sleeves from the original jacket.

Indiana Jones cosplay outfit created and sewn by Skirt Fixation


If you are interested in the full tutorial on how I made it, you can find it here on Refashion Co-op.  I used the Downton Duffle Jacket pattern (affiliate link) and tried to preserve the cool pockets from the original jacket.

Indiana Jones cosplay outfit created and sewn by Skirt Fixation

Thomas requested a secret pocket on the inside, so I was able to use one of the pockets for that.   I realized as I was refashioning this skirt into a jacket that I had done exactly the same thing for one of my very first sew along entries for Project Run & Play!  Lots of work, but impressive and long lasting results.

Indiana Jones cosplay outfit created and sewn by Skirt Fixation

The snap tab from the other pocket became a snap tab at the collar.

Indiana Jones cosplay outfit created and sewn by Skirt Fixation

That’s it except a few details about the photo shoot.  Allegra had an awesome Indiana Jones photo shoot planned in an area that would have been perfect, but then she got sick!

Indiana Jones cosplay outfit created and sewn by Skirt Fixation

So Thomas and I walked out into the woods on this icy cold day.  It was all going great until my iPhone, my only camera, decided to shut down because of the cold!  (Did you know they’ll do that?)  So we only managed to get a few photos and they’re far inferior to what could have been, but I tried to fill in the gaps with some flat lay detail photos.

Indiana Jones cosplay outfit created and sewn by Skirt Fixation

Be sure to hop over to Project Run & Play to see what the contestants made (prepare to be awed!) and don’t miss the sew along entries too.

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Vintage Sewing Supplies Find

Vintage Sewing supplies

Vintage Sewing suppliesRecently I stopped at a flea market type store.  I wasn’t looking for vintage sewing supplies, but I came out loaded with them!  I paid less than $25 for everything pictured here.  The shop owner joked that the little vintage sewing box was worth the $19 price tag on it alone, and she had no clue what was inside!

Vintage Sewing suppliesThe girls and I felt like it was our collective birthday, and opened the box together.  The little vintage sewing box had two hinged lids.  We opened the one on the side first.  Inside was a thread spool rack complete with vintage wooden spools of thread!

Vintage Sewing suppliesThen we opened the hinged lid on top.  It was crammed to the top with vintage sewing supplies!  Some of us were simply wiggling in anticipation to see what was under the top layer.

Vintage Sewing suppliesUnderneath the top layer was a mostly full layer of tiny thread spools.  So darling!

Vintage Sewing suppliesAnother layer of vintage sewing supplies, all in a hodgepodge.  We are guessing that the condition of the sewing box was NOT due to the original owner, but a descendant of hers.  We had fun inventing a story about that little old lady who originally used these vintage sewing supplies.

Vintage Sewing suppliesWe finally made it to the bottom of the vintage sewing box.  All that was left in the bottom was a scrap of wool suiting.

Vintage Sewing suppliesAllegra sorted everything into categories and we just oohed and aahed over everything.  Just look at this assortment of vintage buttons!  The ones right in the middle are fabric covered.

Vintage Sewing suppliesLook at all this hardware!  They certainly don’t make snaps and hook and eyes of the same sturdy quality any more.  Has anyone else noticed that?  I’ll take the vintage sewing supplies over the new any time!

Vintage Sewing suppliesHere’s an assortment of vintage pins and needles.  Allegra, who does most of the hand sewing around here, was so delighted with the quality of these.  She says it’s really hard to find thin needles, and can’t wait to use them.

Vintage Sewing suppliesI’m not even exactly sure what everything is in this last photo of assorted vintage sewing supplies.  But I just love how well worn everything is; as if it was used for 50 years or more!  That round metal thing in the upper left corner is a little metal tape measure.  Completely adorable!

We’re trying to decide whether to leave the box in it’s original condition (well, clean up some of the dust, of course!) or paint it some fun new color.  What would you do with this little sewing box?  Do you snap up or pass on vintage sewing supplies?

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Huge Mustard Shirt Refashioned to Skirt {Kid Clothes Week Day 1}

shirt refashioned to skirt

Yesterday we mentioned that this is Kids Clothes Week.  In the fall, we participated in Kids Clothes Week, when the theme was Storybook and ended up making something for each of the seven children.  This time the theme is Upcycle, and I decided to keep in simple (well, sort of, I always seem to overcomplicate things!) and sew a complete outfit for one child.  I started with a huge mustard shirt refashioned into skirt!

shirt refashioned to skirt

I found this gigantic 2XL mustard yellow wide wale corduroy shirt at the thrift store, and had to have it!  The girls weren’t sure, but I have been seeing so much mustard lately, I was sure I could pull it off.

shirt refashioned to skirt

I decided to go back to a familiar pattern, the Chickadee skirt by Clever Charlotte.  During All The Skirts: Clever Charlotte and Mabel Madison, we made the Chickadee with a very fine wale corduroy, so knew the Chickadee skirt was a good candidate for corduroy.

shirt refashioned to skirt

For the lining, I used a fabric from Hancock Fabrics that Annie herself picked out last fall.

shirt up cycled into reversible skirt

When I made the first Chickadee skirt, it seemed like with a very few modifications it could be a totally reversible skirt, so this time I experimented and it worked!  Here’s what I did:

Attached the waistband on at the top instead of nested within the skirt.  (I went with a skinny waistband to match the bias tape trim, but if I did it over again, I’d cut out two waistbands and make it twice as wide.)  As it turns out, it doesn’t really matter as far as looks go because Annie always wears her shirts untucked!

Made the elastic go all the way around the waistband instead of buttonhole elastic in the back only.

shirt refashioned to skirt

And if I use bias tape and make it reversible again, I will skip the sewing the two pieces together first, it was a waste of time and added extra bulk!

back of refashioned shirt

In these photos, Annie is modeling her skirt with another upcycled item, her Bimaa shirt from her Bubble Skirt ensemble!  This photo is of the back of the skirts, but you can see the cute back of the Bimaa shirt too.

refashioned garments

See you soon for some more upcycled goodness!  And hop over to Kids Clothes Week for lots and lots of inspiring upcycled garments.

A shirt refashioned into a reversible skirt by Skirt Fixation

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Thrift Score Thursday

thrift score thursday skirt

Another new series we present you this year is Thrift Score Thursday!  We’ve seen lots of bloggers showcasing their best thrift finds for the week on Thursdays, so we’ll be doing the same occasionally.  After all, part of our mission is to show you how to refashion without breaking the bank!  And of course, dear readers, you can be sure we will feature skirts!

For our first Thrift Score Thursday, we wanted to show you that sometimes you can find perfectly wearable items that need no upcycling.  So for those of you who cringe when you see our step by step instructions because you “can’t sew” or laugh over the talent levels, fear no more!  Everyone made a Thrift Score this week except me, but when you are six feet tall and seven months pregnant, you lower you expectations about finding something you can wear off the rack.  In fact, if you found something you could wear off the rack, other thrifters might be deafened by the excited shrieking.  Just saying!

Thrift Score Thursday

Allegra found a cello skirt, for which she was extremely grateful!  It is a Nybrand skirt and we found it at Goodwill for $2.50.  And oh, this skirt!  It’s the details that make it so very wonderful.

photo 1

For example, there is dark brown contrast stitching near each vertical seam.

lace hem detail

And the lace accents around the bottom just may be the subject of some copycat action in the near future!

thrift score thursday skirt

If ever a skirt could inspire one to play the cello like Yo Yo Ma, this one would be it!  And Allegra does a gorgeous impression of Yo Yo Ma when she plays The Swan.  Not like she needed this skirt to play better, but you know how sometimes what you are wearing affects how you feel!

thrift score thursday skirt

Aria found a black Sunny Leigh embroidered skirt at Goodwill for $2.50.  Aria looks so good in black, and is so pleased to have this skirt to finish out the winter months in!

goodwill skirt

We think she looks a little like Grace Kelly in this photo!  She accessorized the skirt with a black turtle neck sweater and a white gauzy scarf.  Dreamy!

goodwill skirt find

Annie took home both a shirt and a skirt from Goodwill for $2.50.  The skirt is a Children’s Place tiered number, and just a few feet down, she found a matching long sleeved purple shirt!

thrift store outfit

She was so excited, and it was on sale for $1.00, so we got her both.  And aren’t we glad we did!

So our Thrift Score Thursday total ended up at $9.50.  Not too bad for three happy females, wouldn’t you agree?  How about you?  Did you make any good thrift scores you’d like to share this week?

Make it beautiful,