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Runway Skirt Trends from Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Runway Skirt Trends

We love to see skirts walking down the runway at fashion shows!  In fact, we have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the subject.  So today we thought we’d share some runway SKIRT trends we noticed in the fall 2017 fashion shows we had our eyes on.

Runway Skirt Trend #1:   Large floral prints

Large floral prints are back!  We were so excited to see this because we love both florals and large scale prints.  Sometimes we don’t buy a fabric we otherwise love everything else about because the scale is too small.  Here’s a similar skirt you could purchase to wear this trend:

Vintage Elastic Waist Floral Print Pleated Skirt

Vintage Elastic Waist Floral Print Pleated Skirt

Runway Skirt Trend #2 & #3:   Black & White prints & Midi length

Does black and white ever go out of style?  We don’t think so, and many of the designers agree!  We’ve picked a skirt below that not only fulfills the black & white checkbox, but it also hits another runway skirt style trend we were happy to see: MIDI SKIRTS!

Black White Piano Key Flared Midi Skirt Black White Piano Key Flared Midi Skirt

Runway Skirt Trend #4:   Buffalo Plaid

You guys.  Buffalo plaid is everywhere.  (We even sell a buffalo plaid bonnet, and it’s currently our best selling boy’s bonnet!)   And if you want to wear buffalo plaid without looking like a lumberjack, try this skirt:

Buffalo Plaid Pencil Skirt 

Runway Skirt Trend #5:   Vertical Stripes

Now as very, very tall ladies, we don’t always wear vertical stripes on our lower half.  I mean accentuating our loooooong legs sometimes is eye-catching, but if you don’t have a 36″ inseam like some of us do, try this skirt to add the visual effect of 3-6″ to your legs.

Vertical stripe maxi skirt in several different colors 

Runway Skirt Trend #6 & #7:   Chocolate brown & Leather:

One color we saw over and over again (and no, we weren’t hungry!) was chocolate brown.  We saw in in leather like this skirt, in shoes, in jackets, tops, hats, and everything!

Chocolate brown leather midi skirt

Runway Skirt Trend #8 & #9:   Velvet and Buttons

Velvet is back and we couldn’t be happier!  We love it in every shade imaginable.  Another thing we saw in lots of different garments was buttons.  For a while, zippers were having their day, but it’s back to buttons!  This skirt combines them both:

Rose velvet button front skirt

Runway Skirt Trend #10:   Eastern European Inspired Embroidery

We love embroidered skirts.  It’s been a long and luscious crush of ours!  And we couldn’t love the Eastern European inspired embroidery trend any more than we already do!  This lovely skirt is a great example of the embroidered skirts we saw waltzing down the runway.

Embroidered red maxi skirt


Fall 2017 Runway Skirt Trends


Affiliate links are used in this post.  This means is you click on one of our links we may make a little, tiny bit of money which we promise to dump into our never-ending skirt fixation!  It won’t add anything to the price you pay, and we’re really thankful!

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5 Spring Skirts

If you’re looking for spring skirt inspiration you’ve come to the right place!  Today we’ve rounded up 5 spring skirts you can use to refresh your wardrobe!  After a long, cold winter, it’s time to bloom…in a skirt!  Click on the photo of each skirt to be taken to it!

First up is this flowy, breezy maxi skirt in pastels from Modcloth.  It will have you skipping and dancing through spring.

Or how about this Sweet Mesh Layered Skirt Elastic Waist Midi Skirt in white from OASAP?  It’s cheap price means you can get one of these spring-y skirts in every color!

Shabby Apple’s Donna Chiffon A Line Maxi Skirt in Blue is lightweight and perfect for spring.  Go fly a kite in this beautiful water in your stunning skirt!

Blush pink and skimming the knees, it doesn’t get more complimentary than this skirt.  You can find it on Amazon.

Possibly saving the best for last, there’s this flirty red poppy skirt from ModCloth ushering spring weather.  Yes, please!

We hope these 5 spring skirts help you leave the winter doldrums behind and spring into the next season.  (See what we did there?)

Affiliate links are used in this post.  That means if you click on and purchase one of the fabulous skirts, we might make a few pennies!  You’ve been notified and we thank you!

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Modcloth Spring Skirts Alert

Spring Skirt suggestions from Skirt Fixation

Spring Skirt suggestions from Skirt FixationToday we’ve got a skirt alert for you.  With the changing of seasons, you might be looking to refresh your wardrobe as well, and these 5 Modcloth spring skirts are the perfect way to begin.

Modcloth 2016 spring skirt

ModCloth Spring Skirt #1: Kismet Your Match Skirt

What an adorable skirt! Love the decorated waistband and hem. They really add something to the skirt!  This skirt will declare spring is here to all who see and wear it.

2016 Modcloth Spring Skirt

ModCloth Spring Skirt #2: Raising the Bar-becue Skirt

Starting at the name and ending at the circle skirt,  these skirts are JUST TOO CUTE!!! Definitely a good choice for one of those picnics, or if you are not that kind of person, a shopping spree.  This one comes in black, navy and red.

2016 Modcloth Spring Skirt

ModCloth Spring Skirt #3: Left In A Spin Skirt

A perfect choice for a formal outing! I can just imagine both wearing this at a very fancy spring concert.  The jagged hem gives just the right impression!

2016 Modcloth Spring Skirt

ModCloth Spring Skirt #4: At The Racquet of Dawn Skirt

A good choice for most things in spring. Cool, mid-length, and best of all, POCKETS!!! I really like the look of the slight ruffle on the hem, and that waistband looks really comfortable!  You simply must check out the unique lines of this skirt.

2016 Spring Modcloth Skirt

ModCloth Spring Skirt #5: Ice Pop Culture Skirt

The final Modcloth spring skirt is this cutie.  Simply anyone would feel playful and light on their toes wearing this Ice Pop skirt.  A true spring treasure!  Be sure to check out the other fun prints it comes in; gnomes, butterflies, airplanes, sailboats and flowers!

Are you ready for spring now?  Go ahead and celebrate…in Modcloth spring skirts.  Oh, and if you do it today, you can use this link for a 30% flash sale!

Affiliate links are used in this post.  They won’t hurt you if you click on them, we promise.  We just may make a few pennies if you click on them.  Not that we ever have…just wishful thinking and all!  So hey, you could be the first…

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Valentines Day Skirt Alert

Looking for a skirt for Valentines Day? Skirt Fixation has gotcha covered!

We know you might have been searching for that perfect Valentines Day skirt, and also we know that all of our readers don’t sew, so we’ve rounded up a few skirts you might want to consider purchasing for that special day.

First up we have an inexpensive Valentines Day skirt you can get from good old Amazon! This skirt can be purchased for only $20.99.  This Lady’s Organza Princess Bowknot Pleated Midi Skirt (Lavender Blush) is tulle and sure to make you feel special.  Plus that bow!

Matilda Colorblocked Pink/fuschia

This fun skirt, Matilda Colorblocked Pink/fuschia simply shouts your love of hearts and pink and all things Valentine to the world. It’s on sale for $104.75, and be sure to use the sale code below to get and extra 30% off.
“EXTRA30” For 30% Off All SALE Items Only At Expires Jan 31!

Another fabulous skirt in the pink and maxi family is the Ashir Aley Woman’s Summer Beauty Chiffon Floral Maxi Skirt (Pink)  It’s from Amazon also and really not going to break the bank at $16.99!

Modcloth Skirt

Here’s a skirt from Modcloth that’s all business about this business of love and red and hearts and so on.  It’s A Trip Into Town skirt in cherry, and will only cost you $39.99.

Rose by any other Name Skirt

What female doesn’t love roses on Valentines day?  This skirt is the only way roses on Valentines day can be improved upon!  The Rose by any other Name Skirt is $62.  But if you click on the link below you can get 30% off this skirt too!
“SITEWIDE30” For 30% Off Sitewide Only At Expires Jan 31!


The final skirt in our Valentines skirt alert showcase it this fun little pink number.  It’s the High Waisted Candy Colors Polka Dot Skirt and at $13.99 from Amazon has everyone all heart eyes emojis.

How about you?  What skirt will you be wearing on Valentines Day?

Now for the legal mumbo jumbo: affiliate links are used in this post, not because we’ve ever made any money off of affiliate links, but being ever optimistic, we plan to be the next Bill Gates of affiliate links.  Clicking on an affiliate link won’t harm you, and will certainly give our ego a boost, and may even add a few pennies to our bank account!  

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Holiday Skirt Ideas {Skirt Alert}

Holiday Skirt Roundup brought to you by Skirt Fixation

Holiday Skirt Roundup brought to you by Skirt Fixation

It’s been a very long time since we’ve posted something in our Skirt Alert series.  We’re going to remedy that right now with a holiday version.  We realize not all of our readers sew, so here’s some holiday skirt options you can buy.

Snow Ball Maxi Skirt – Shabby Apple

Snow Ball Maxi Skirt
Snow Ball Maxi Skirt

A maxi skirt, in holiday colors, named Snow Ball?  How much more holiday does it get than that?  Be sure to use the following sale code:

Code Brighten the Season “BEBRIGHT” For 30% Off Sitewide Only At Available Only Dec 12 to Dec 19!

Emblazoned for the Occasion Skirt – Modcloth

Velvet is always appropriate for the holidays.  Modcloth has a skirt, Emblazoned for the Occasion, that would be luxurious to wear and to look at!

Vintage Bow Waist Side Zip Bud Skirt – OASAP Vintage Bow Waist Side Zip Bud Skirt

Easy on the wallet (less than $20!!!) and adorned with a big huge bow, it doesn’t say holiday skirt much louder than the Vintage Bow Waist Side Zip Bud Skirt.

First Snow Skirt – Shabby Apple

First Snow Skirt
First Snow Skirt

Another amazing maxi skirt from Shabby Apple.  This one would be perfect for the holidays and beyond.  Don’t forget that sale code:

Code Brighten the Season “BEBRIGHT” For 30% Off Sitewide Only At Available Only Dec 12 to Dec 19! 

Snowlace Midi Skirt – Anthropologie

This skirt is as delicate as snowflakes.  The fantastic Snowlace Midi Skirt is a once in a lifetime fashion statement!

Jacobean Skirt – Soft Surroundings

Soft Surroundings

If any one company does skirts best, it’s Soft Surroundings.  Feminine, flowy and fancy, the Jacobean Skirt dances its way through any holiday event.

Oh Say Can You Sheen Skirt – ModCloth


Can you say, “Ooooh la la?”  Because that is what everyone else will be saying if you show up in this skirt from ModCloth with the fun name Oh Say Can You Sheen Skirt.

Well that’s it for this holiday edition of Skirt Alert.  Some of these links are affiliate links because we at Skirt Fixation needs fabric food to survive!  Leave a comment and let us know if there’s a skirt here you love.  What holiday skirts did we miss?

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Carolina Herrera Inspired Fashion {and a bonus rant!}

Carolina Herrera

Warning from Allegra: Rants and/or run-on sentences may be found in this post. Proceed with caution.

I have cello lessons at a university. I see a lot of university fashion, and I find the different ways that different people dress fascinating. In my experience, the people of Asian descent seem to dress the most snappily; the girls favor sneaker wedges and shorts-with-tights, and are very on top of the trends (let’s be honest- the petite Asian girls are really the few that can actually pull off sneaker wedges.) Many of the African-American girls dress very brightly, with vivid prints and outrageously fun accessories. Of course, you have your mix of other ‘diverse’ characters, the hippy philosophers and itinerant musicians and just-plain-weird-dudes (ugh), which dress very… uniquely!

Now, the other day, as we were driving out of the university, we noticed that there was going to be an opera, which is a regular occurrence. I, in my usual fashion-watching eagerness, had my nose pressed against the window glass to see what people actually wear to an opera (yes, I have never gone to one. Yes, I know how deprived I am. Yes, I would love to go to one.)

Let’s just say… I was faintly disappointed.

You see, the only places that I have been introduced to opera and the way you dress for it is in books. (Well, plus I usually have my cello lesson in a practice room surrounded as it seems by hundreds of male tenors all yodeling for primal supremacy in a language that was only meant for inventing pasta names. But that doesn’t count.)

Take, for instance, Louisa May Alcott’s book ‘An Old-Fashioned Girl’. In this book, the main character has several scenes about her and her friend getting ready for the opera and loaning each other bonnets and gold bracelets and fans and things, and then riding off in a carriage and having fun at the opera.

Now of course I wasn’t expecting dresses like this one by Carolina Herrera, but perhaps something a little nicer than jeans and a sweater. Of course there were some dresses that I saw, but JEANS AND A SWEATER? HOW ARE YOU EVEN A HUMAN BEING? THIS IS THE BARBER OF SEVILLE, FRIEND, I’VE NEVER BEEN TO IT AND I EVEN KNOW HOW GREAT IT IS.

Carolina Herrera

Anyway, I found this article on Carolina Herrera, and her classic and elegant style. Here’s a quote from the article:

“Herrera’s uniform – big skirts, tailored shirts, mannish trousers – is so honed that she claims she can get ready for the grandest do in 10 minutes. “But women don’t want to be called elegant now,” she reflects, “because they connect it with old-fashioned. But elegance is not old‑fashioned.”


Of course, we can’t all be buyers of Carolina Herrera, or Valentino or suchlike, but many of you who read this blog make your own clothes. YOU can dress how you want to dress, be truly unique, because your clothing is one of a kind. So why not use your talent in the name of elegance? A little black dress is the perfect place to start, and incidentally, seems to me to be the perfect base for an opera outfit. Take this Bistro Dress that mom made me. It’s not black, but it’s a wonderful pattern, and I’d feel quite classy wearing with heels and maybe a cream-colored cardigan to the opera. Maybe next time you go somewhere fancy, the opera, theater, or even a date, think about the elegance factor of your outfit. I’ve been intimidated before by the fact that the people at the event that I’m going to won’t be dressing quite as classy as I’d like to. Maybe what they need is someone to take the style lead, so to speak, and be their fashion Moses- leading them into the promised land of classic elegance. But seriously though, if you dress like a princess and walk into your event like a boss queen, people will look at you and take notice, and maybe ask themselves, “Why did I dress like this? I should’ve dressed like her; she looks like royalty!” Perhaps, through our concerted effort, we can raise the elegance level of this world just a little – I think it would thank us. Here’s a closing quote from Ms. Herrera:

“ You have to work things out for yourself, develop your own eye. Deep down, I think women want to look like women. Not clowns.”


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2014 Spring Skirt Awards

As we promised you at the beginning of 2014, we have something new and special for you today…the first annual Spring Skirt Awards!  Every season we will be presenting 10 different categories of skirt awards.  Grab your popcorn, sit back and watch the Spring Skirt Awards 2014!

 Most Creative Skirt:

We present this creative skirt award to Kirstin from Skirt As Top.  These little skirts are definitely creative and still wearable.  A huge plus! Kristin, you may post this badge on your blog!

Creative Skirt

Fancy Skirt Award:

We present this fancy skirt award to Katy from No Big Dill.  This skirt’s beadwork is very fancy indeed!  Katy, here’s your badge!

Fancy Skirt

Best Knit Skirt:

We present the knit skirt award to Liz from Cotton and Curls.  We adore this knit skirt so much that we’ve pledged that it will be the next knit skirt we make!  Liz, you may post this badge on your blog!

Knit Skirt

Best Little Skirt:

We present this little skirt award to Autumn from It’s Always Autumn.  Competition is fierce during Project Run & Play, but this little skirt was a clear winner!  Autumn, you may post this badge.

Little Award

Best Maxi Skirt:

We proudly present this maxi skirt award to Becca from Pattern Revolution and Becca Duval Photography.  She made it during our very own Challenge Create: Adult Edition.  Becca, here’s your badge!

Maxi Skirt Award 200x200

Quick Skirt Award:

We present this award for the quickest sewn skirt to Dana from Dana Made It.  Have you watched the video?  Seriously fast!  Dana, here’s your badge!

Quick Skirt

Best Skirt Refashion:

We present this award for the best skirt refashion to Marisa from New Dress A Day.  Marissa’s was the first refashion blog we started to follow!  Marisa, your badge!

Skirt Refashion

Best Skirt Tutorial:

We present this award to liZ and Elizabeth from Simple Simon & Co.  This tutorial was so good, it lasted all week!  liZ and Elizabeth, here’s your badge!

Tutorial Award

Best Woven Skirt:

We present this award to Autie from iCandy Handmade.  Who wouldn’t want a skirt like this?  Autie, you may post this badge on your blog!

Woven Award

Best Spring Skirt:

We present this award to Kelly from Sewing In No Man’s Land.  Speech, speech, speech!  Your spring skirt puts a bounce in our steps!  Kelly, you may post this badge on your blog!

Spring Skirt Award

That’s it for the 2014 Spring Skirt Awards!  If you won a badge, please take it home with you and display it proudly on your blog!  What was your favorite skirt?  What was your favorite award?  If you want to nominate a skirt for the 2014 Summer Skirt Awards coming at the end of summer, send us an email!

The Skirt Fixation Team,

Audrey, Allegra, Aria, & Annie

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Embroidered Skirt Alert

embroidered skirt

For today’s skirt alert we have embroidered skirts. We are thinking about making an embroidered skirt one of these days, but we haven’t got around to it yet so we will have to be satisfied with these cute selections I found on Pinterest.

embroidered skirtOur first number today will be the peony-embroidered skirt. This lovely yellow skirt is just the color to make the embroidery on it shine. The green leaves with the yellow and rusty red flowers go wonderfully together. And the skirt in all looks very comfortable.

embroidered skirtNumber two will be a black maxi embroidered skirt. The grey embroidery is extremely cute and the pattern is awesome. Another great thing about this skirt is that it is maxi and there aren’t always as many maxi skirts around now days so this one is very lovely. Again this skirt looks very comfortable.

embroidered skirtNumber three is this beautiful white skirt with blue floral embroidery on it. I really want this skirt! I like this outfit featured with this skirt, but instead of wearing flip-flops, I would probably wear brown flats.

embroidered skirtOur fourth number is this pretty yellow and you might say ombre skirt. The embroidery looks rather complex and it might take a little practice to be able to do this one, although if you had a pattern it might be a little easier. This skirt looks so comfortable and awesome.  I can imagine a Spanish dancer wearing this skirt!

embroidered skirtAnd our last but not least, is one of my favorites. The grey embroidered skirt. I like the style where the skirt keeps going up and down in little triangles. The embroidery is an awesome intricate design. I said I wanted some of the other skirts really bad but I want this one the most!! Anyway check out our boards on Pinterest for lots more skirt fun!

Get flirty with skirts,


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Pink Poodle Skirts – Skirt Alert!

pink poodle skirt

For today’s Skirt Alert I wanted to show a some skirts from on Etsy, and I decided to do poodle skirts because poodle skirts look good on babies, little girls, teens, and women. They look good on everybody, especially if you wear the right clothes with them. So we have several selections, to be exact five.  And just to be consistent, we’ve chose five pink poodle skirts!  Boring, right?  Just wait until you see the variety these four shops on Etsy have made from the theme pink poodle skirt. pink poodle skirt And our first number is the pink tutu poodle skirt. This skirt is really cool paired with the ruffled socks and button up shirt with the pockets and hair bows. The pose on the car is really cute.  In fact, everything in the Etsy shop Atutudes is made from tutus (hence the awesome shop name!) and falls into the really cute category! pink poodle skirt Number two is this very cool poodle skirt. The poodle on her skirt looks like a very rich French poodle, whose owner is an heiress. Or something. The way she is smiling is so cute and the neck scarf is also adorable. I also like the black bow in her hair.  Almost everything in this Etsy shop is poodle skirts, so check it out! pink poodle skirtNumber three is this women’s vintage 1950s felt pink poodle skirt.  I mean this thing is the real deal!  Someone may just have worn this one in a soda shop and shared a double malt with their sweetheart while wearing this cutie!   This Etsy shop is a vintage shop, sorted into categories by era, so browse around and have fun! pink poodle skirt Numbers four and five come from the Etsy same shop.  This shop is all 50s and pure cuteness; they offer poodle skirts and poodle skirt outfits!  The last two are matching toddler and baby girl poodle skirts. I think the best I saved for last, because the picture is so cute.  After all I did say that babies look cute in poodle skirts. The petticoat under the skirt is also very cute, and I like the matching shirt, and the headband.  Their matching outfits are adorable and I just can’t get over the whole thing. Anyway, when you are finished reading this post, you might want to go back and look at the Juli Lynne Charlot post, because she made the first poodle skirt. Get flirty with skirts, Aria P.S. While you’re over at Etsy, stop by and see our shop too!

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Sale Skirt Alert!

modcloth vintage sale skirt

For today’s Skirt Alert! we thought we’d share some skirts on sale from some of our favorite places to shop on the internet.  This is a good time of year to shop sales, holiday shopping is over, retailers are thinking about stocking for spring fashions which means it’s time for the winter stuff to go!  That’s just fine with us, the consumer, because we still have several months of winter clothes wearing left.

sale skirtOver at Soft Surroundings they have a sale going on!  One of our favorite winter skirts from the sale is this Sabrina Suede Skirt. It’s over 50% off, so now is the time to get a skirt that’s really cozy, cute and comfortable!

soft surrounding sale skirt

Or if you’re just waiting for the skirt we featured earlier to go on sale, now’s your chance to snap it up!

sale skirt at j jill

Over at J.Jill there is a sale going on, and we just love this cute plaid wrap-style skirt!   Just the right way to finish off winter!

pink ribbon skirt

Also the pink skirt we featured back in October if a very reasonable price in their outlet shop right now, if you had your eye on that one!

anthropologie sale skirt

Now Anthropologie skirts are expensive, but when they go on sale, they really go on sale!  For example, this Sundial Silk maxi skirt was $168, but now you can buy it for $29.95!  What’s not to love?  It has the very popular mullet (or hi-low) cut, it’s silk, elastic waist, and very IN colors!  Now the sizes are limited but with an elastic waist, you can play with that a little bit!

Style J sale skirt

Our favorite source for denim skirts always has a sale skirt section, again with limited sizes, but this one is on sale and has a pretty big range of sizes available.  We think you could finish out winter in this with a pair of thick tights, boots and a sweater!

modcloth vintage sale skirt

Last but not least, Modcloth has a sale section on their vintage/retro inspired skirts!   You might have to become a member (don’t worry it’s free) to be able to shop these great sales, but be aware it’s worth it.  We love this Heartened Soul Skirt which is 70% off!  In fact, since this one is no longer available in our size, we may just have to do a knock off version!

Make it beautiful,