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Ann Taylor Skirt Refashion

ann taylor skirt refashion

Today I did a little refashion with an Ann Taylor skirt for “Project Sewn.” Their current refashion challenge is called ‘If the Shoe Fits’, and the idea is to take a favorite pair of shoes and create an outfit around them.

shoes I really liked this idea, and since I already did one refashion for Project Sewn (here), I thought I would go ahead and follow through on this one. Last time I embroidered cherry blossoms onto a skirt. This time, I didn’t have many ideas, but I had a pair of shoes in mind, and I found this really nice Ann Taylor Loft, size 4 wool skirt on the bottom of one of our skirt boxes.

Ann Taylor wool skirt

If I remember it right, it smelled like cigarette smoke when we first got it, and it had to hang out for a bit before it smelled nice again. Sometimes when we find a great deal on a good skirt (like this one from Goodwill for $2.50,) we know that we aren’t going to let a little smell stop us.  Mother Nature takes care of any off smells when you hang an item of clothing outside for a few days!  Anyway, I love the pattern, and the sort of greeny-brown color of it. The ruffle at the bottom is really pretty too, but I wished that it would stand out more, to make it more feel more vintage. I took some cream lace that we bought cheap from Goodwill and sewed a layer halfway down the inside of the ruffle, so that it just peeks out the bottom. The ruffle looked weird now, kind of bent out of shape, so I sewed another layer of lace at the top of the inside of the ruffle.

ann taylor skirt refashionI love the way that it looks now! So vintage and glam! I adore the way that the ruffle stands out, and the pretty, feminine look that the peek-out lace looks. I paired the after skirt with a puffy, ruffled vintage shirt, a vintage leather belt, and the shoes that inspired the look. 

ann taylor skirt refashionThese shoes were one of my first pair of heels, they are a low, vintage-inspired heel with lovely twisted details on the tops. I really hope that I don’t grow out of them anytime soon, because they are the prettiest, most comfortable shoes that I have ever owned. 


Total Time: 30 minutes

Total Cost: $2.50

Talent Level: Beginning Seamstress

ann taylor skirt refashion

Now if you want to, you can click on over to Project Sewn, and vote for my If The Shoe Fits sew along submission, I’d really appreciate it!  I’m number 44.

Ann Taylor skirt upcycleWell, leave me a comment describing your favorite pair of shoes, and the skirt(s) you wear with them!

Always be Exciting,


P.S. We shared this post over at Refashion Co-Op!

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Summertime Swim Suit Coverup Skirt – Yes we’re tired of winter!

swim skirt coverup

Have we mentioned that we are ready for warmer weather?  We have?  Oh, well, just to be clear…WE’RE READY!  And today’s skirt refashion reflects that desire.  We present you a swim suit coverup skirt refashion.  We started with a skirt that we got from St. Vincent de Paul for $1.50.

swim suit cover up skirtThis skirt is make of that great stretchy combination of about 80% polyester and 20% spandex.  Which is comfortable to wear, but also great material for a swim suit.  In fact, that was our first idea, to make a swim suit out of this skirt.  But never having made one before, and not having a pattern, we decided to go with a swim suit coverup skirt.

Step by step swim suit coverup skirt instructions

Step 1: Decided what the finished length should be and then measured the skirt to figure out where it would be best to get the needed 14” from.  We decided to keep the waistband (because it fits Allegra perfectly, and she is in need of a new swim suit anyway!) and also use the cute ruffles at the hem.

Step 2:  Cut the skirt in 3 pieces; 5 inches at waist, 9 inches at hem, and the rest in the middle section.  Actually we took the “before” picture at this point, having forgotten earlier!!

Step 3: Pinned ruffled hem section to waist section, gathering in excess around width.

Step 4: Sewed the hem section to the waist section using the knit stitch (also called the overlock stitch) to retain the stretchy properties we wanted in a swim suit coverup skirt.

swim skirt coverupThere you have it!  It was easy, fast, cheap, and looks so gorgeous!  Now we don’t have the after pictures modeled on Allegra, because as we mentioned earlier, she needs a new suit!  But we checked out a few options for her and these are our suggestions:

vintage modcloth suit This navy blue cutie can be found at Modcloth.  It has cute, vintage touches, a flattering fit due to the side rouching, and modest bust line.  But adding our cute swim suit coverup skirt will make it just awesome!

athleta swim suitThis aqua swim suit from Athleta would be another great option!  One thing about Athleta swim suits is they are made for active women, so you could be assured this one would stay right where you wanted it to!  Just throw on our swim suit coverup skirt and you’ve got a comfy, all-day, beach volleyball ensemble!

Land's End floral swim suit


This last swim suit can be found over at Land’s End.  It would be a daring splash of color with our coverup in the same colors, but different pattern!  The only thing wilder would be the waves!  This suit is also flattering with the cross body fabric panels.  These would be echoed in the asymmetrical hemline ruffles of our swim suit coverup skirt.  The bust line on this one looks a little low, but since we are refashionistas, we would add either a navy piece of fabric, or better yet, some of that middle section of the skirt we started with!  Go bold!

swim suit coverup skirt refashion

Total Time: 30 minutes

Total Cost: $1.50

Talent Level: Intermediate Seamstress (The fabric is a little tricky to work with…it wants to slip and slide…hey, that’s perfect for a swim suit coverup skirt!)

Swim suit coverup skirt refashion

Collaborating today,

Audrey & Aria

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Hollister Denim Mini Refashion

embroidered hollister denim mini

Today we have a super fun refashion for you!  This is a great example of how you can take thrift store items and refashion them into something completely new and on trend.  The only thing this refashion needs is some warm weather to go with it!

hollister denim miniWhen we found this Hollister denim mini at Goodwill for $2.50 we knew it was coming home with us!

hollister denim mini embroidery detailThe embroidery details are beautiful, and gave us a hint about how it would be refashioned to show off its details best.

handkerchief hem skirtAnd we were also give this handkerchief hem skirt by our denim mini packin’ grandma!  It had a super comfortable waist, but looked…tired out.  Never fear, the Skirt Fixation team is here!  But it was one of those really cool skirts where you take two rectangles of fabric and sew them onto an elastic waistband, leaving a handkerchief hem effect.

 Step by step Hollister denim mini refashion instructions:

Step 1: Pin handkerchief hem skirt to underside of Hollister denim mini

Step 2: Sew around bottom hem of Hollister denim mini

Step 3: Cut off waistband of handkerchief hem skirt

Step 4: Zig zag raw edge of handkerchief hem skirt where waistband was cut off.

Step 5: Sew an additional line of stitching around hem of Hollister denim mini for added stability.

Hollister denim mini refashion That was easy!  And such an up to date, on trend look!  Now all we need is some warm weather to go with this springy number.  Think spring…that’s what Allegra was doing when she went out barefoot in the snow for the photos!

Hollister denim mini refashionSo that you can get a jump start on your spring wardrobe, we are listing this skirt on Etsy, here!  And we promise to get that sale page on our website up soon!

embroidered hollister denim miniHere’s another look at that gorgeous embroidery!

back pocket detailWe seem to be addicted to embroidery lately, as evidenced here and here!

Total Time: 30 minutes

Total Cost: $2.50

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress


That’s all for today!  If you’re here for the first time, be sure to browse around for more skirt fun!  And hop on over to Etsy if you are in love with this skirt and must add it to your spring wardrobe!

Make it beautiful,


This post was also blogged at Refashion Co-Op.

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Hand Embroidered Skirt Upcycle

hand embroidered skirt

I am really excited about today’s refashion, which took me almost all day. (Whew!!!) I started with this nice, good quality, St John’s Bay khaki skirt that we got from St. Vincent for $2.00.

beforeActually, the skirt has shorts underneath, which I guess makes it a skort… 🙂 The skirt is a bit too short for us, so we will be listing it on Etsy here, although… uh… I kinda hate to part with it after all the work that I did on it… OK, here’s the unveiling. I’m nervous, I really hope that all of you loyal fans like it… Ahem, Ahem. Dun Dun Dun….

hand embroidered skirt Woooooooo! Yeah! Uh-huh, Hu-huh, who’s da man! Yessssssssss! Woooooooo!  It’s not every day you get to see (and have the chance to purchase a hand embroidered skirt!)

All right, sorry for that unrestrained gloating, but I spent about six hours hand embroidering these Japanese cherry blossom flowers today, and baby, that is some sweet needlework, even if I do say so myself. I started with a cherry branch pattern  that you can see on the right side, here it is… yep!

hand embroidered skirtAnd then cut some flowers off of the branch pattern and ironed them in different places on the left side! They are so pretty, and they look like falling cherry blossoms! 

Here’s one,

hand embroidered flower

Here’s the other one.

hand embroidered flower and leaves

You could easily pair this skirt with so many different outfits…the possibilities are almost endless!  Dress it up, dress it down, this hand embroidered skirt is just begging to be worn!

hand embroidered Japanese flowers I used regular back-stitch for the flowers and leaves, satin stitch for the branch, and french knots for the yellow stamens on the flowers. Weellll, just leave a comment telling me how great I am, and how much you adore my embroidery! 

hand embroidered skirtJust kidding 🙂 I had a great time doing this, and I really adore the beautiful and sophisticated look that the embroidery gives the skirt.

hand embroidered skirtWe’re also working on adding a sale page to our website (which for the time being will redirect you to each skirt on Etsy) so be sure to check that out.

hand embroidered skirt refashionAlways be Exciting,


P.S. Remember to check out this skirt on Etsy!

This skirt has been linked to Project Sewn!

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Lauren Jeans Co. Denim Skirt Refashion

Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirt refashion

For today’s skirt refashion, I started with this Lauren Jeans Co. Size 10, 22-inch long skirt.  We picked it up at Goodwill for $2.50, knowing that a Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirt was a great buy for $2.50 and this one was is great shape.

Lauren Jeans Co denim skirt

It was a nice plain skirt, kind of blah, a little outdated, and as I didn’t want to add on new fabric, or take off some of the length, I started thinking about embellishing it. I picked out some non-gathered lace from our lace box and laid it out in patterns until I got the pattern that I wanted.

 Step by Step Lauren Jeans Co. Denim Skirt Refashion Instructions

1. Sewed a piece of lace on either side of the slit.

2. Sewed a brown ribbon onto the top of the piece of lace.

3. Repeated steps 1 and 2 three more times.

4. Sewed a pink bow onto the top layer of ribbon.

Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirt refashion

I really like how this turned out!

Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirtHere you can see how the back has no lace on it, but I was using scraps of lace, and I didn’t have enough lace to go around the back, so the lace and ribbon are just on the front.  This produces a sort of cool, split-personality effect!  It’s a different skirt coming and going!  But then again, a bunch of lace on the back might have been uncomfortable to sit on…or would it have produced a completed look?  Hmmm, I might have to find another skirt like this and do an experiment!

denim skirt by lauren jeans co.This is definitely a warm-weather skirt, so you’ll have to excuse my cold-weather outfit and hunched-up expression. Hey, when it’s negative degrees outside, I just wanna get back inside!  I paired this skirt with a navy blue tee under my brown-pocketed jacket, and wore white tights and my favorite brown boots.

Lauren Skirt Co. denim skirt refashion

Since this skirt is a bit too large and a bit too short for me we are selling this skirt on Etsy here. I sewed the lace on so that it lifts up on the bottom and is only attached on the top, and I think that it is a really cute look overall. I had a lot of fun with this skirt, so I hope that maybe I can do another remake like this sometime soon. Lemme know what you think of my newest skirt remake!

Always be Exciting,


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Updated Black Circle Skirt

circle skirt with ruffles

I didn’t have a huge inspired skirt planned for today, and to tell the truth, I didn’t even have the faintest idea what to do. It’s one of those days where the extended cold weather just sort of has everyone feeling uninspired!  A good day to whip out an updated black circle skirt in a few minutes, and then spend the rest of the day curled up in that skirt with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book!  So, I just went and looked in our growing skirt box and found this skirt that was gifted to us by a dear grandma lady.

updated black circle skirtThe skirt’s tag must have been scratchy (hate that!) because it had been cut off. So, I can’t tell what the skirt’s brand is, but the size must be about a 10 or so, but the elastic waist makes it stretch over several different sizes. I liked the way that the skirt was separated into panels, and some of the panels were outlined with little black ruffles, which was a bonus.

Updated Black Circle Skirt DIY Instructions:

1. I cut off about five or six inches from the bottom of the skirt, and hemmed it, folding it over twice.

updated black circle skirtThere! This is a great example of a one-step skirt remake. I like the way that the skirt is no longer yuck-length, but is now below-the-knee length. This is a great cello skirt now, and with a bit of dressing up, will be perfect for lessons and orchestra rehearsals.

circle skirt with rufflesI actually thought about adding some white lace to the black fabric ruffles, but I like it just like it is right now. Actually, you might want to keep watching for part two, because if I wear this enough and get tired of the plain blackness, I might just fancy it up a bit!

Total Time: 10 minutes

Total Cost: $0

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

One Step Updated Circle SkirtWell, comment and tell me where you wear plain black skirts.  Bye now, I’m off to curl up with that book!

 Always be Exciting,


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No-Sew Denim Mini Upcycle – Dull to Darling!

easy upcycle project for girls

Today I pulled this NY Jeans brand skirt we found at St. Vincent for $2.00 out of the mini skirt box. Yes, we have a box for them now!  Today we venture forth on a no-sew denim mini upcycle project!  This is a perfect project for a first time refashioned or a girl who want to get started in a fun way!

no-sew denim mini upcycleWe didn’t have a plan for it anytime soon, so I figured I could do what I wanted with it. I had wanted to use fabric markers or paint again, so I looked at the design and figured that fabric markers would be the best choice. There weren’t really any steps, so I’ll just tell you exactly what I did. Starting on the upper left pocket, I drew a heart with a blue fabric marker. Continuing downward diagonally, I drew more hearts of varying sizes. I almost let it go at that, but something seemed missing. I kind of doodled, and drew different decorations in some of the hearts, filled some of them in, and left some as they were. I had a little crystal iron-on hummingbird that I had been waiting to use, and this was the perfect opportunity! I drew some green hearts to compliment the hummingbird, and followed the instructions to iron on the hummingbird. The trouble was, only some of the crystals stuck on, and most of the rest of them peeled away with the paper! So, what was probably a ten-minute job turned into a thirty-minute job because I had to glue on every. Single. One. Of. The. Crystals. Whew!!!

easy upcycle project for girlsActually, it looks really nice now; I like the kind of girly artsy way that the hearts and the hummingbird look together.

denim mini upcycleIt was Waaaaaaay too cold to wear this outside today, but I would wear it with a fun one-color tee or turtleneck, and tights and boots. Actually it might be better until summer to wear it, because all I can think about right now is tights and boots and blankets and hot chocolate.

hummingbird crystal studsHello there, little cute hummingbird!  Right now all the hummingbirds have flown south for the winter, but we have a token one for this skirt!

An easy way for a girl to upcycle a denim mini.The skirt is for sale on Etsy here, and now I’m going to go drink some hot chocolate and wear a blanket like a cape for the rest of the day!!!  It’s a good day to stay indoors and work on fun things like a no-sew denim mini upcycle!  Leave us a comment and tell us what art you would have doodled on this khaki denim mini!

Always be Exciting,


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Pencil Skirt Refashion – Waddle to Wowzers!

pencil skirt ensemble

Oh, I am soooo excited about this remake, which I did all by myself for myself.

pencil skirt refashion

I started with this awful skirt (I mean really awful). This skirt was the whole deal, yuck length, too tight, (you should’ve seen me waddle,) and a horrible knee-length slit that didn’t help anything. I have wanted a pencil skirt for while, and when I pulled out this monster, I knew that it was perfect for what I wanted. Here are the steps that I used to turn this terrible specimen into a nice khaki pencil skirt refashion.

Pencil Skirt Refashion Step by Step Instructions

1. I cut off 5 & 1/2 inches off of the bottom, leaving about a 27-inch long skirt.

2. I ironed the bottom of the hem over about an inch- a nice large hem.

3. I sewed the hem.

pencil skirt ensemble

Yeahhhhhhh, that only took me about ten minutes total, and I am soooo impressed with the after effect! It is now a cute, not-too-tight pencil skirt that I can wear a lot of ways. I have been seeing a lot of pictures on Pinterest of pencil skirts dressed with belted cardigans over blouses, and I wanted to kind of create that look, so here is my look that I created with the after skirt.

khaki skirt outfit I wore my cream lace-front cardigan over a bright blue button-down shirt with a brown leather belt over both of them. I accessorized with a pair of patterned tights, brown low heels, and an infinity scarf. I really like the effect that this makes, and I can’t wait to pair my new pencil skirt many more different ways. To me, this remake is a really great example of how we use ugly or old skirts and make them more pretty and modern. The thing I really love is taking an old skirt that nobody wants to wear and in just ten or fifteen minutes making it into a pretty, stylish skirt that anybody would be proud to wear!

khaki skirt ensemble

Total Time: 10 minutes

Total Cost: $0 (an existing skirt from my closet that I didn’t wear!)

Talent Level: Beginning Seamstress

Turned a yucky skirt into a modern cutie!

Well, you know what to do next!  Vote in the poll, and let us know in the comments how you wear pencil skirts!

You choose; Waddle before or Wowzers! after?

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Always be Exciting,


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Old Navy Green Denim Mini Refashion – Plain to Pretty Lace-y!

old navy skirt

Today’s skirt remake was hardly a remake! It was so easy that it was almost unbelievable, but it still looked professional and cute when I was done! I started out with a cute Old Navy green denim mini skirt from St. Vincent for $2.50.

old navy green denim mini

We thought of using this like we’ve used other denim minis, and putting another skirt or some fabric on the bottom, but that didn’t work out. It had sat in the denim mini box for a long time when I decided to go through the box today, and there it was, just waiting to be used! I had an idea as soon as I saw it, and this idea was a particularly good one because it used lace, which I love. I thought that it would be cool to have slanting layers of lace all around a skirt! I put my idea into action and…….

Step 1: I started with a thick white lace, and a thin white lace. I pinned them on, making both layers wrap around diagonally.

Step 2: I sewed the lace on, tucking the end of the wide lace under the bottom of the skirt.

old navy green denim mini

Yep, that’s right! Two steps to make this baby into a brand-new skirt! I love the way that the different styles of lace look together, and the way that the slantiness of the lace make the skirt kind of edgy!

green denim mini

Total Time: 15 minutes

Total Cost: $2.50

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

anthropologie skirts

It actually looks like these two skirts from Anthropologie, which is kind of cool!  Anthropologie has a lot of cute skirts!

old navy skirt

I wore a black dolmen sleeve shirt, and black leggings to model this skirt. If I had them, I would’ve worn black Keds too!

back view

Here is the back view, you can see how the lace wraps around for a sort of half chevron look!  I am just in love with this easy-peasy Old Navy green denim mini refashion!

pinterest ready photo

We are putting this skirt on Etsy here, so we can share the skirt love! This is a cute skirt for going to the library, having a special brunch, or just hanging out! Well, I have Black Friday plans, so I gotta go!

What do you think? Plain or Pretty Lace-y?

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Don’t get Trampled,


Be first in Line (with a skirt in your basket of course!,)


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Will Sew For Food – U2 Skirt remake!

will sew for food

Well, we’ve had a repeat Will Sew For Food customer!  U. was so happy with the remake we did for her, she brought us two more skirts!

will sew for food


The first piece was a denim mini!  Our very favorite place to start!  This one had all the ingredients we look for in a foundation piece, in good condition, a wide hem, a good brand.  (This one is a CATO.)

tiered skirt

A lovely tiered piece in shades of red, white and blue.  Just the right thing to pair with a denim mini!  Now the refashioning of these skirts was like so many others that we’ve done before, that if you want to skip the step by step directions, we certainly won’t be offended!

Step 1:  Cut off top tier of the tiered skirt.  U. requested again that this skirt be a super long 40 inches, so that’s where the mark came to when we laid them out together.

Step 2: Pin and sew tiered skirt to bottom of denim mini.

Step 3: Sew 2 additional lines of stitching around hem to secure tiered skirt and add decoration!

will sew for food


There you have it!  Another fantastic denim mini refashion.  Fast, fun, easy and cute!

back view


See the cute pocket detail on the back?  We always like to work with contrast stitching on our denim minis because they are like a little hint about what colors the denim mini would pair the best with.  U. must have know that because this one has navy and tan stitching!

will sew for food

We love how full these tiered skirts are that U. brings us!  She says she liked this skirt, but felt it was too short before!  She also told us before we refashioned these two skirts for her she didn’t really like wearing skirts because it felt like something was wrong with them!  But now she says everything has changed and she loves these two!  Glad to be of assistance!  Helping everyone love skirts more, getting more people focused on skirts and femininity is our mission!

pinterest ready picture

Well, there’s your daily Skirt Fixation!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!  And whenever you are ready to submit your own skirt remake, or request that we  will sew for food for you, just pick one of the buttons on the right sidebar!

Make it beautiful,