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Linen Dress Refashion

linen dress refashion

Hello, peeps! Today I’m letting you in on one of my refashions.

linen dress refashion

Mom had this blue and khaki linen dress that she didn’t wear any more, so she said that I could have it.  The reason she didn’t wear it anymore was because the hem was sort of wavy.  I guess this happens to linen dresses after a while because of the nature of linen.  The reason she still had it taking up space in her poor old closet was because it was a tall size and she’d spent a lot of money on it and hated to just throw it away!  But instead of throwing it away, we decided to do a linen dress refashion.  It was a bit too long in the sleeves and hem for my taste, so I decided to start there. I started by cutting almost a foot off of the bottom and re-hemming it. Then I did the same to the sleeves.

linen dress refashion

Easy-peasy! I did have a few problems on the sleeves because this was basically my first time sewing a sleeve hem, but they look pretty good. The bottom hem is a larger one, because I just like bigger hems. Now you can see that it’s shorter and fits a bit better along with a belt. The problem is now that it’s too short for my taste, so I’ll probably just give it to Aria, or wear it as a swimsuit cover up. Or, I could just do another refashion from it! I’m thinking a skirt for Annie. Wouldn’t that be cute? Probably relatively simple too, because I could use the existing hem.

A simple linen dress refashion by a teen!

Keep your eyes peeled for another refashion post with this garment. Maybe it’ll turn into one of those posts where you get like a million refashions out of one thing! Anyway, let me know what you’ve refashioned lately!

See ya,


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Birthday Skirt Refashion

knit skirt refashion

knit skirt refashion

For my birthday this year, mom got me this skirt from Kmart. It was nice, lovely colors, great hang, but had one flaw. It was a couple sizes larger than my waist. Mom said she waited until it was on sale, and by then they were out of my size, but she thought we could do a quick skirt refashion.  I did want to wear it, it’s a great, modest church or ‘out-and-about’ skirt. Plus, it’s really comfortable. We decided to do a quick fix with the elastic, but upon further inspection, realized that it was sewn a bit weird. The elastic was sewn into the waistband, instead of just floating around in it. That meant I had to spend an hour taking out the stitches. Mom told me only to take out the stitches across the back so the front would still look the same and the gathers would be back there!  After that, mom pulled out the elastic from the inside and took in several inches.  Then she sewed an elastic casing because she said that was going to be easier than stitching it back together the way it was.  Whatev!  Just as long as it would fit and look good, I didn’t care about the whole mechanics of the thing!

quick skirt refashion

Now it fits much better, as you can see.

knit skirt refashion

Here you can see the slight gathering across the back.  Just in case you are wondering, this is one of the things we sewed along with the knit ladies during Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition!

quick knit skirt refashion

I styled it pretty plain, but I hope to dress it up like these skirts found on Pinterest.

Knit Maxi skirt

I love this skirt by Sew Much Ado, and how they tastefully paired it with a black shirt and bright cardigan.  Mine could be paired with a bright cardigan too!

Carissa Knits

This maxi by Carissa Knits is also gorge, and I love the idea of wearing mine with a denim jacket.

Knit maxi idea

The last way would be cute and simple, with a tee and a belt. Anyway, just a easy-peasy skirt refashion, fixing a skirt so that it’s now something that I will actually wear. A lot. Like really.

Simple skirt refashion by Skirt Fixation

Let us know in the comments what kind of skirt you’d choose for your birthday!

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Four Seasons Skirt Pattern!

Four seasons skirt pattern for spring

Today I’m going to continue with yesterday’s skirt pattern tutorial, and morph it into a four seasons skirt pattern!  The pattern I showed you how to make yesterday is for a very basic skirt, and can be modified so many different ways.  For today’s post I’m going to show you the way to use the four seasons skirt pattern to make maxi skirts, but it would be very easy to shorten this into midi or mini or knee length skirts too!  Without further ado…the four seasons skirts!

The Spring Skirt

Four seasons skirt pattern for springTo make this skirt I found a very spring-y fabric at Jo-Ann’s.  All the pattern and the embroidery make this skirt very colorful and busy!  I didn’t want to add to the busyness of the skirt by making a seam up the back, so I cut out two pieces from my interfacing pattern piece, both on the fold, cutting the fabric 4 inches longer than I wanted the finished length of the skirt to be.  I moved the zipper over to the side seam, and made the basic part of the skirt as usual.  Next I made two horizontal pleats around the bottom  of the skirt. Then I cut out several long rectangles and gathered them for the ruffle around the bottom.  Finally, I added the tiny transparent blue ribbon above the two pleats.

spring detailEvery time I wear this skirt, I get complemented!

The Summer Skirt

Four seasons skirt pattern summer skirtThe fabric for this skirt came from Jo-Ann’s also.  It came all sewed together in strips as shown, but every time I wear this skirt, someone asks if I made the skirt, and they are so impressed at all the work I put into it!  Sometimes I explain, and sometimes I let them remain impressed!  I made this summer skirt as described for the spring skirt above, except I didn’t add 4 inches to the bottom of the pattern.  I added a strip of lace around the bottom, and I was done with my lightweight summer maxi skirt!

summer detailThe Fall Skirt

Four seasons skirt pattern fall skirtThis was the easiest of the four skirt to make!  I did not make any alterations to the pattern except for putting the zipper on the side instead of in the back because again, the print of the skirt was busy enough without putting a seam in the back.  I didn’t even hem this skirt, instead using the selvedge for the hem.

fall detailI picked up this fabric at Jo-Ann’s as well, and I’m sure it was intended for making dresses, but since I’m so tall…skirt it was!

The Winter Skirt

Four seasons skirt pattern winter skirtI saw a skirt I really loved being sold by Long Tall Sally.  But (this was a few years ago, before they had any buying options for us US tall ladies) I didn’t want to go through the hastle of buying a skirt from the UK, plus it was a little out of my price range.  So I decided to copy it!  I started with some navy blue wool crepe.  I cut out the skirt exactly according to my interface pattern, with the zipper in the back.  Then I cut out an additional rectangle of fabric, about 4.5 inches wide, hemmed it and sewed it on about 4 inches above the hem of the skirt, making for a layered look.

winter detailI added the buttons because the original skirt had decorative buttons there.  My mother-in-law says this skirt looks like I payed a lot of money for it!

4 Seasons Skirt PatternNow it’s your turn…do you have a pattern to turn to every season?

Make it beautiful,


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Birthday Skirt Refashion

birthday skirt

Last week was my birthday, so I decided just make myself a new skirt.

birthday skirtWhat don’t you sew on your birthday too?  I had embroidered denim fabric I had been waiting years to use.

denim mini refashionI bought the fabric at a store closing sale.  I don’t remember now but there was probably some discount for buying the whole bolt because I had a lot of this fabric.  A few years ago I used some of it for a fun project.  I made a good friend of mine a pocket organizer from scraps of denim, lace and ribbon.  I use this embellished fabric for the background.  It looked something like this, but I never got a picture of mine!

Denim-Wall-Storage-Pockets-Made-from-Old-JeansBut I still have a lot of the embroidered denim fabric left.  At first I wanted to make this pattern Simplicity 4966:

Simplicity 4966But in the end, I decided that wasn’t what I wanted to do.  So I went to our denim mini stash and started over.  I found this perfect green denim mini to start with.

denim mini refashionTo keep the integrity of the shape of the skirt, I measured both the circumference of the waistband and the hem of the denim mini.  Then I measured the length to figure out the distance over which the skirt sloped.  I extrapolated this information to figure out the angle at which I should continue on as I lengthened the skirt by adding the embroidered denim fabric.  Now there is probably a whole lot easier way to do this, but I was pretty happy with the final resulting shape.

birthday skirtAt the same time I bought the denim fabric I bought some matching crocheted trim.  I was going to run the crocheted trim diagonally across the skirt in several places to get the look of the Simplicity skirt, but after I put it on around the bottom, I was so happy with it, I stopped there!

colorblock skirtI love how the three distinct colors have a sort of uneven color block effect.

denim mini refashionOne other aspect of this skirt I really like is the belted waistband.  Right now, the skirt fits snugly, but as my body makes some post baby changes, I will probably end up needing the belt!

birthday skirt refashionI still have quite a bit of this fabric left over, so there’s room for more fun projects in the future!  Stay tuned!

Denim mini Refashion

Leave me a comment about what you do on your birthday!  Have you ever made yourself a birthday skirt?

Make it beautiful,


We shared this project with Saturday Sewing!

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Refashion of a Denim Mini

Denim mini refashion!

Continuing to show you what we did during Challenge Create: Adult Edition, Allegra and I have a refashion to show you today.  We decided to write this post ala Becca & Suzanne style, for a little fun twist!  So I’ll let Allegra start:

Well, I had a situation lately. I had cleaned out my closet because of some moving around of clothes, and after it was all said and done, all of my clothes fit in one basket and a twelve-inch rod. I had only five skirts. FIVE SKIRTS. Do you actually realize how few skirts that is for a girl that only ever wears skirts? You can only wear five skirts in so many different combinations until people start (hem) talking. I had/ have in mind exactly what I wanted, long, plain skirts that aren’t patterned, as most of my shirts happen to be patterned.

Style J skirtI wanted this one from Style J, but mom said…well, here, I’ll let her tell you:

N.O. in no uncertain terms!  $52 for a skirt when we have a whole stack of skirts waiting to be refashioned?  What are you thinking?  Go and look through the stash and bring me back some possibilities, something we can refashion, some skirts that inspire you!  And she came back with…nothing!  Said she wasn’t in the right mood, or something.  So after I said some more motherly things about doing things to build character even when you didn’t feel like it, I took a venture through the skirt stack myself and came back with these two:

refashion of a denim mini starts here!

ombre beforeAharharharhar. I swear, summa’ this character building is goin’ to kill me some day, no offense. (Help mom, my arm’s cut off! ‘Oh that’s okay, it’ll build character!’) Ahem. Anyway, I was surprised with these skirts and found that I really actually liked them. I DID NOT see that skirt when I was looking. I am 100% sure that mom hid it just to be able to gloat. The denim skirt fit when I tried it on, and so I measured how long I wanted it to be and mom started sewing!

I promise, I hid nothing!  I just am talented (like every Mom out there!) at finding things.  Why is it when anything is missing Mom is the one that finds it every time?  As I tell my kids, “I just don’t give myself permission to NOT find it!”  Okay, enough Mom lecture!  Here’s what I did:

 Step 1: Cut off 6 inches from top of ombre skirt.

Step 2: Gather top of ombre skirt.

Step 3: Sew ombre skirt to bottom of denim mini.

Step 4: Since ombre skirt was very translucent, I cut off the old, worn out elastic top from one of my under-slips I tried to stretch through my pregnancy, and it did just that…stretch out!

Step 5: Sew slip to underside of denim mini.

Step 6:  Cut off the back pocket flaps which were placed in a really awkward spot & stuck out!

Step 7: Hand new skirt to Allegra and hold my breath hoping she likes it!

denim mini refashion

I dooooooo like it!!! I really love the swishiness, the shinyness, and the overall blue-ness. I paired it with my china-patterned shirt, and I love the effect. I’ll probably even be able to play the cello in it.

Denim mini refashion!So there you go, a joint-ish effort that turned out well.

(I still think I need more clothes.)

(Who doesn’t?)

Easy denim mini refashion


We lined this post up to Simple Simon’s Saturday Sewing party!

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Ann Taylor Skirt Refashion

ann taylor skirt refashion

Today I did a little refashion with an Ann Taylor skirt for “Project Sewn.” Their current refashion challenge is called ‘If the Shoe Fits’, and the idea is to take a favorite pair of shoes and create an outfit around them.

shoes I really liked this idea, and since I already did one refashion for Project Sewn (here), I thought I would go ahead and follow through on this one. Last time I embroidered cherry blossoms onto a skirt. This time, I didn’t have many ideas, but I had a pair of shoes in mind, and I found this really nice Ann Taylor Loft, size 4 wool skirt on the bottom of one of our skirt boxes.

Ann Taylor wool skirt

If I remember it right, it smelled like cigarette smoke when we first got it, and it had to hang out for a bit before it smelled nice again. Sometimes when we find a great deal on a good skirt (like this one from Goodwill for $2.50,) we know that we aren’t going to let a little smell stop us.  Mother Nature takes care of any off smells when you hang an item of clothing outside for a few days!  Anyway, I love the pattern, and the sort of greeny-brown color of it. The ruffle at the bottom is really pretty too, but I wished that it would stand out more, to make it more feel more vintage. I took some cream lace that we bought cheap from Goodwill and sewed a layer halfway down the inside of the ruffle, so that it just peeks out the bottom. The ruffle looked weird now, kind of bent out of shape, so I sewed another layer of lace at the top of the inside of the ruffle.

ann taylor skirt refashionI love the way that it looks now! So vintage and glam! I adore the way that the ruffle stands out, and the pretty, feminine look that the peek-out lace looks. I paired the after skirt with a puffy, ruffled vintage shirt, a vintage leather belt, and the shoes that inspired the look. 

ann taylor skirt refashionThese shoes were one of my first pair of heels, they are a low, vintage-inspired heel with lovely twisted details on the tops. I really hope that I don’t grow out of them anytime soon, because they are the prettiest, most comfortable shoes that I have ever owned. 


Total Time: 30 minutes

Total Cost: $2.50

Talent Level: Beginning Seamstress

ann taylor skirt refashion

Now if you want to, you can click on over to Project Sewn, and vote for my If The Shoe Fits sew along submission, I’d really appreciate it!  I’m number 44.

Ann Taylor skirt upcycleWell, leave me a comment describing your favorite pair of shoes, and the skirt(s) you wear with them!

Always be Exciting,


P.S. We shared this post over at Refashion Co-Op!

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Summertime Swim Suit Coverup Skirt – Yes we’re tired of winter!

swim skirt coverup

Have we mentioned that we are ready for warmer weather?  We have?  Oh, well, just to be clear…WE’RE READY!  And today’s skirt refashion reflects that desire.  We present you a swim suit coverup skirt refashion.  We started with a skirt that we got from St. Vincent de Paul for $1.50.

swim suit cover up skirtThis skirt is make of that great stretchy combination of about 80% polyester and 20% spandex.  Which is comfortable to wear, but also great material for a swim suit.  In fact, that was our first idea, to make a swim suit out of this skirt.  But never having made one before, and not having a pattern, we decided to go with a swim suit coverup skirt.

Step by step swim suit coverup skirt instructions

Step 1: Decided what the finished length should be and then measured the skirt to figure out where it would be best to get the needed 14” from.  We decided to keep the waistband (because it fits Allegra perfectly, and she is in need of a new swim suit anyway!) and also use the cute ruffles at the hem.

Step 2:  Cut the skirt in 3 pieces; 5 inches at waist, 9 inches at hem, and the rest in the middle section.  Actually we took the “before” picture at this point, having forgotten earlier!!

Step 3: Pinned ruffled hem section to waist section, gathering in excess around width.

Step 4: Sewed the hem section to the waist section using the knit stitch (also called the overlock stitch) to retain the stretchy properties we wanted in a swim suit coverup skirt.

swim skirt coverupThere you have it!  It was easy, fast, cheap, and looks so gorgeous!  Now we don’t have the after pictures modeled on Allegra, because as we mentioned earlier, she needs a new suit!  But we checked out a few options for her and these are our suggestions:

vintage modcloth suit This navy blue cutie can be found at Modcloth.  It has cute, vintage touches, a flattering fit due to the side rouching, and modest bust line.  But adding our cute swim suit coverup skirt will make it just awesome!

athleta swim suitThis aqua swim suit from Athleta would be another great option!  One thing about Athleta swim suits is they are made for active women, so you could be assured this one would stay right where you wanted it to!  Just throw on our swim suit coverup skirt and you’ve got a comfy, all-day, beach volleyball ensemble!

Land's End floral swim suit


This last swim suit can be found over at Land’s End.  It would be a daring splash of color with our coverup in the same colors, but different pattern!  The only thing wilder would be the waves!  This suit is also flattering with the cross body fabric panels.  These would be echoed in the asymmetrical hemline ruffles of our swim suit coverup skirt.  The bust line on this one looks a little low, but since we are refashionistas, we would add either a navy piece of fabric, or better yet, some of that middle section of the skirt we started with!  Go bold!

swim suit coverup skirt refashion

Total Time: 30 minutes

Total Cost: $1.50

Talent Level: Intermediate Seamstress (The fabric is a little tricky to work with…it wants to slip and slide…hey, that’s perfect for a swim suit coverup skirt!)

Swim suit coverup skirt refashion

Collaborating today,

Audrey & Aria

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Hollister Denim Mini Refashion

embroidered hollister denim mini

Today we have a super fun refashion for you!  This is a great example of how you can take thrift store items and refashion them into something completely new and on trend.  The only thing this refashion needs is some warm weather to go with it!

hollister denim miniWhen we found this Hollister denim mini at Goodwill for $2.50 we knew it was coming home with us!

hollister denim mini embroidery detailThe embroidery details are beautiful, and gave us a hint about how it would be refashioned to show off its details best.

handkerchief hem skirtAnd we were also give this handkerchief hem skirt by our denim mini packin’ grandma!  It had a super comfortable waist, but looked…tired out.  Never fear, the Skirt Fixation team is here!  But it was one of those really cool skirts where you take two rectangles of fabric and sew them onto an elastic waistband, leaving a handkerchief hem effect.

 Step by step Hollister denim mini refashion instructions:

Step 1: Pin handkerchief hem skirt to underside of Hollister denim mini

Step 2: Sew around bottom hem of Hollister denim mini

Step 3: Cut off waistband of handkerchief hem skirt

Step 4: Zig zag raw edge of handkerchief hem skirt where waistband was cut off.

Step 5: Sew an additional line of stitching around hem of Hollister denim mini for added stability.

Hollister denim mini refashion That was easy!  And such an up to date, on trend look!  Now all we need is some warm weather to go with this springy number.  Think spring…that’s what Allegra was doing when she went out barefoot in the snow for the photos!

Hollister denim mini refashionSo that you can get a jump start on your spring wardrobe, we are listing this skirt on Etsy, here!  And we promise to get that sale page on our website up soon!

embroidered hollister denim miniHere’s another look at that gorgeous embroidery!

back pocket detailWe seem to be addicted to embroidery lately, as evidenced here and here!

Total Time: 30 minutes

Total Cost: $2.50

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress


That’s all for today!  If you’re here for the first time, be sure to browse around for more skirt fun!  And hop on over to Etsy if you are in love with this skirt and must add it to your spring wardrobe!

Make it beautiful,


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Hand Embroidered Skirt Upcycle

hand embroidered skirt

I am really excited about today’s refashion, which took me almost all day. (Whew!!!) I started with this nice, good quality, St John’s Bay khaki skirt that we got from St. Vincent for $2.00.

beforeActually, the skirt has shorts underneath, which I guess makes it a skort… 🙂 The skirt is a bit too short for us, so we will be listing it on Etsy here, although… uh… I kinda hate to part with it after all the work that I did on it… OK, here’s the unveiling. I’m nervous, I really hope that all of you loyal fans like it… Ahem, Ahem. Dun Dun Dun….

hand embroidered skirt Woooooooo! Yeah! Uh-huh, Hu-huh, who’s da man! Yessssssssss! Woooooooo!  It’s not every day you get to see (and have the chance to purchase a hand embroidered skirt!)

All right, sorry for that unrestrained gloating, but I spent about six hours hand embroidering these Japanese cherry blossom flowers today, and baby, that is some sweet needlework, even if I do say so myself. I started with a cherry branch pattern  that you can see on the right side, here it is… yep!

hand embroidered skirtAnd then cut some flowers off of the branch pattern and ironed them in different places on the left side! They are so pretty, and they look like falling cherry blossoms! 

Here’s one,

hand embroidered flower

Here’s the other one.

hand embroidered flower and leaves

You could easily pair this skirt with so many different outfits…the possibilities are almost endless!  Dress it up, dress it down, this hand embroidered skirt is just begging to be worn!

hand embroidered Japanese flowers I used regular back-stitch for the flowers and leaves, satin stitch for the branch, and french knots for the yellow stamens on the flowers. Weellll, just leave a comment telling me how great I am, and how much you adore my embroidery! 

hand embroidered skirtJust kidding 🙂 I had a great time doing this, and I really adore the beautiful and sophisticated look that the embroidery gives the skirt.

hand embroidered skirtWe’re also working on adding a sale page to our website (which for the time being will redirect you to each skirt on Etsy) so be sure to check that out.

hand embroidered skirt refashionAlways be Exciting,


P.S. Remember to check out this skirt on Etsy!

This skirt has been linked to Project Sewn!

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Lauren Jeans Co. Denim Skirt Refashion

Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirt refashion

For today’s skirt refashion, I started with this Lauren Jeans Co. Size 10, 22-inch long skirt.  We picked it up at Goodwill for $2.50, knowing that a Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirt was a great buy for $2.50 and this one was is great shape.

Lauren Jeans Co denim skirt

It was a nice plain skirt, kind of blah, a little outdated, and as I didn’t want to add on new fabric, or take off some of the length, I started thinking about embellishing it. I picked out some non-gathered lace from our lace box and laid it out in patterns until I got the pattern that I wanted.

 Step by Step Lauren Jeans Co. Denim Skirt Refashion Instructions

1. Sewed a piece of lace on either side of the slit.

2. Sewed a brown ribbon onto the top of the piece of lace.

3. Repeated steps 1 and 2 three more times.

4. Sewed a pink bow onto the top layer of ribbon.

Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirt refashion

I really like how this turned out!

Lauren Jeans Co. denim skirtHere you can see how the back has no lace on it, but I was using scraps of lace, and I didn’t have enough lace to go around the back, so the lace and ribbon are just on the front.  This produces a sort of cool, split-personality effect!  It’s a different skirt coming and going!  But then again, a bunch of lace on the back might have been uncomfortable to sit on…or would it have produced a completed look?  Hmmm, I might have to find another skirt like this and do an experiment!

denim skirt by lauren jeans co.This is definitely a warm-weather skirt, so you’ll have to excuse my cold-weather outfit and hunched-up expression. Hey, when it’s negative degrees outside, I just wanna get back inside!  I paired this skirt with a navy blue tee under my brown-pocketed jacket, and wore white tights and my favorite brown boots.

Lauren Skirt Co. denim skirt refashion

Since this skirt is a bit too large and a bit too short for me we are selling this skirt on Etsy here. I sewed the lace on so that it lifts up on the bottom and is only attached on the top, and I think that it is a really cute look overall. I had a lot of fun with this skirt, so I hope that maybe I can do another remake like this sometime soon. Lemme know what you think of my newest skirt remake!

Always be Exciting,