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Infinity Maternity Dress

Infinity Maternity Dress sewing pattern review by Skirt Fixation

Recently I had the opportunity to help test the Infinity Maternity Dress sewing pattern.  This pattern will be released next week from Maternity Sewing.  (You can find the pattern here.)  This dress has Infinity in it’s name due to the multitude of ways to wear the straps.  

Infinity Maternity Dress sewing pattern review by Skirt Fixation

I chose to make the longest maxi version of the pattern.  And then I made the hem shorter in the front for a high low look.  This was partly due to the fact that the only fabric with enough yardage available at my local fabric shop was not quite wide enough for the circle skirt, and then it shrunk some more in the dryer.  The other reason is for the dramatic effect!

Infinity Maternity Dress sewing pattern review by Skirt Fixation

The straps are quite long, and that is so that they can be wrapped in many different ways.  Over one shoulder, around the (empire) waist only, over both shoulders, crossed in the back, crossed in the front…you get the idea!  

Infinity Maternity Dress sewing pattern review by Skirt Fixation

The pattern was quite easy to sew.  The hardest part was crawling around on the floor with a pregnant belly in the way, to cut out the pieces.  Speaking of cutting out the pieces, I really appreciate that this pattern has both pattern pieces and template pieces.  Template pieces means that you are given measurements, or small pieces to use to create the larger pattern pieces.  This saves paper and time!  

The only change I made to the pattern assembly was to enclose the waistband fully on the inside.  Since the waistband is lined, it was a very easy change to make, and one I prefer to feeling scratchy seams around my belly.

Infinity Maternity Dress sewing pattern review by Skirt Fixation

This fabric is a double knit, or similar fabric from JoAnns.  As I mentioned, I needed 6 yards to make this dress due to the huge circle skirt, and the length of the straps.  It’s not very good quality fabric, and I suspect it would pill if worn often.  However, I’m not sure how often I’ll be wearing this statement dress, and I only have 3 months left of pregnancy, so it’s not going to be an issue.  Another thing about this fabric, it’s really too heavy for the recommended knits for the pattern.  (But remember, it was all I had access to!)  The problem is that the weight of the skirt pulls down the elastic in the back.  I solved this by using the ties to wrap around the back and stabilize the elastic.  If I had known it was going to be an issue, I also could have used wider or stronger elastic.  A lightweight fabric like double brushed poly would be an ideal knit for this dress.

Infinity Maternity Dress sewing pattern review by Skirt Fixation

My kids absolutely squealed when I put this dress on.  They told me it looked like a medieval lady or a Victorian princess!  Aria had loads of fun figuring out how to tie the straps in several different ways.  For reference, I was 24 weeks pregnant in these photos.  I sewed the size 4-6.  There is also a bandeau that can be made to layer under the dress, but I chose to wear a long sleeve shirt due to the cold weather instead.  The dress can be made in 10 different lengths from 22.5″ (mini) to 45″ (extra tall.)  It can also be used for non-maternity wear and would be great for nursing.   

Since I’m really not sure where I’ll ever have an opportunity to wear this dress, I’m going to call it “Frosting.”  There’s a challenge on Instagram to “sew frosting” where everyone is encouraged to sew something they want, even if it’s not practical, basic, everyday wear.  So this dramatic dress definitely qualifies.  

Maternity Sewing Podcast with Audrey from Skirt Fixation

If you’re more interested in my pregnancy journey, I was interviewed by The Maternity Sewing Podcast.  You can listen to that episode here: Even though I’m an intensely private person, I shared my story in hopes of helping someone else who may be or may have gone through something similar.

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Runway Skirt Blog Tour Day 4

I am so excited about today’s stops on the Runway Skirt blog tour!  You can find the giveaway at the end of this post.

First up we have Scary from Shaffer Sisters.  I absolutely adore the Shaffer Sisters blog and can’t wait to see more of Scary’s Runway Skirt.  Click on the picture to see for yourself.


Next down the runway we have Heather from Feather Flights.  I am in totally draw dropping awe of her preview photo, so you’ll have to excuse me for a minute while I go check out her post!  (Click on the photo to be transported…)

Heather Feather's Runway Skirt

The last stop on today’s tour is…me!  Since I am 7 months pregnant, I’ve been getting a bit envious of all these gorgeous versions of the Runway Skirt being sewn and not being able to wear one myself.  So I created a maternity add on for the Runway Skirt!maternity-cover-croppedYou can find it in the Savvy Patterns shop for the very low price of $3.00 because you also need the main Runway Skirt pattern.  There are 3 different options for modifying the Runway Skirt for maternity wear; an underbelly waistband (picture on the right above,) a fold over waistband (pictured on the left above,) and an additional panel that can be added under either waistband.  I sewed this version from a sweater knit for the main fabric and burgundy chiffon for the godets.  I also lined this skirt, so I will have a tutorial on how to line your Runway Skirt soon.


While testing the Runway Skirt maternity add on, I also sewed this all black version.  The main skirt is from a very lightweight french terry fabric and the godets are bamboo rayon jersey.  So basically secret pajamas!

Grab the Runway Maternity Skirt Add On here at Savvy Patterns.

Be sure to enter the giveaway below.  You can win a copy of the Runway Skirt and also a $25 gift certificate to Urban Sew, which should buy you enough fabric to make your Runway Skirt.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And finally, you can grab the Runway Skirt on sale especially for this tour.  Buy it here at Savvy Patterns.

Come back the rest of the week for some more amazing skirts from these talented ladies:


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12-9 Enantiomerproject & My Sweet Sunshine & Sew Haute Blog


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Maternity Lane Raglan

Maternity Lane Raglan

Maternity Lane Raglan

Halfway there is a good time to make an announcement, right?  After I finished sewing the Wild Things vests, Aria kept telling me I needed to take a break and sew something for myself before I started my next difficult project (sewing jeans for my boys: follow along on Instagram to see my progress.)  How could I resist something as persuasive as that?  The only problem was…a growing waistline, and no patterns that worked.  Then I remembered the very intelligent Adrianna, the designer behind Hey June Handmade, had created a tutorial on how to modify the Lane Raglan for maternity wear.

Maternity Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt FixationAfter digging through my stash, I grabbed some mustard knit fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics, leftover from this Aster Cardigan, and some blue brush strokes stripe fabric from Cali Fabrics, leftover from making this skirt.

Maternity Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

I used her tutorial to make a maternity Lane Raglan with only 2 changes.  I added 6” instead of 4” to the length of the front because I’m tall like that!  And then I used one size larger on the front piece and my regular size for the back and sleeves.  And you know what?  I love it!!!  A maternity shirt with the sleeves long enough?  Plus, comfortable, with wide enough shoulders and long enough to cover my bump the whole nine months?  Unheard of unless I wanted to pay a whole bunch of money!  So of course I made a second one.

Maternity Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

On the second maternity Lane Raglan, I made one more slight change; I widened the width of the neckband after seeing someone else do it on Instagram, and it’s pretty cool too.   For this second one I grabbed more fabric from my stash, a charcoal bamboo knit from Cali Fabrics, leftover from this skirt, and a floral fabric from Girl Charlee that I’ve used on this skirt and this cardigan.  The floral fabric has 2 way stretch and fits a little tighter, so it might not make it the whole 9 months.  But we’ll see.

Maternity Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

There are some clothes in my regular wardrobe that would probably work for some or most of the pregnancy, but I like to put away all my “regular” clothes and only wear maternity clothes when I’m pregnant.  Then after I give birth, it’s sort of like my birthday too with all the new clothes I get to wear again!

Maternity Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

So after making these two maternity Lane Raglans, I did something drastic: I cut off all the sleeves on all my maternity tops that were too short and hemmed them short sleeve length.  Because this pregnancy, I don’t have to settle for maternity tops that don’t fit right!  I can make myself all the maternity Lane Raglan tops that I want!

Affiliate links are used in this post.  This is because I totally love and completely think everyone should sew up a Hey June Handmade item for themselves!  Your world with be revolutionized…

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Erin Maternity Skirt {All The Skirts: Megan Nielsen & Imagine Gnats}

Hello Holli wearing the Erin Maternity skirt by Megan Nielsen. Sewn with fabric from Imagine Gnats.

Holli from Hello Holli is sharing with us the next Megan Nielsen skirt pattern.  Brace yourself for serious awwww factor!

Hello Holli wearing the Erin Maternity skirt by Megan Nielsen.  Sewn with fabric from Imagine Gnats.

Hello Skirt Fixation readers!

One fabulous thing about the ladies here reviewing ALL THE SKIRTS is that they can cover girls, teens, and women’s patterns. They’ve got it all covered! Except… maternity! So lucky me, in my last little bit of pregnancy, I got to jump in and sew up the Erin Maternity Skirt by Megan Nielsen. I’ve been a long time admirer of Megan Nielsen’s aesthetic so I jumped at the chance to sew up one of her patterns. Spoiler alert: It won’t be the last time I sew one up- I loved it!

Hello Holli wearing the Erin Maternity skirt by Megan Nielsen.  Sewn with fabric from Imagine Gnats.

The Erin Maternity skirt is a knit pencil skirt with an elastic waist and side ruching. I like to wear my giant belly proudly so I’m no stranger to pencil skirts and pregnancy- but I usually just wear knit ones a size larger and wear them under my belly. By the end of pregnancy wearing things under my belly is anything but comfortable, so this over-the-belly style is perfect right through till the end. Speaking of the end- these pictures were taken at 38 weeks (baby was born at 39), and as you can see my belly still fits! I wish I’d have made like 5 of these much sooner in my pregnancy as it was much more comfortable than the other skirts I’d been wearing.  I love the option of wearing it with a top tucked in like I did here, or with a longer  loose top.

Hello Holli wearing the Erin Maternity skirt by Megan Nielsen.  Sewn with fabric from Imagine Gnats.

I selected my size based on my normal pre-pregnancy size as directed and found that to be accurate. The construction was easy as could be- a definite beginner friendly project. It came together really quickly, and it’s a good thing, because I didn’t have much energy left for things like sewing, cooking dinner, or getting myself off of the couch ☺ The instructions were easy to follow and the pattern itself was well drafted.

Hello Holli wearing the Erin Maternity skirt by Megan Nielsen.  Sewn with fabric from Imagine Gnats.

The fabric I used is an organic cotton interlock from Imagine Gnats. It doesn’t look like it’s in stock anymore, but she’s got lots of other fabrics that would work great for this skirt, like this great Art Gallery knit if  you’re looking for a fun print ( or this cotton jersey ( available in several colors for a good basic. While the interlock worked for this skirt, you can see at the most stretched points that the white fibers are showing through the printed  black- so a printed interlock may not be the best choice. Still, I love this print!

I’ll be holding on to this pattern for any future pregnancies and definitely see it as a versatile staple piece for a maternity wardrobe!

Hello Holli wearing the Erin Maternity skirt by Megan Nielsen.  Sewn with fabric from Imagine Gnats.

Thank you so much Holli!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cuter pregnant lady, and I KNOW I’ve never seen a cuter maternity skirt!!  Everyone, be sure to visit Hello Holli for lots more beautiful sewing.

Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter widget below for a chance to win $50 to spend at Imagine Gnats and a PDF pattern from Megan Nielsen.


Also the Inlinkz is open for you to link up anything you’ve made in 2016 using fabric from Imagine Gnats, or any Megan Nielsen pattern!  We can’t wait to see what you’ve created using supplies from these fantastic sponsors.  And remember to use the discount code SKIRTS16 for 15% off at Megan Nielsen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Jumper to Maternity Skirt Refashion

I have another maternity refashion for you today.  You know because a woman closing in on her due date needs more clothes!  But like last week’s maternity refashion, I decided it was now or never on refashioning some of those maternity skirts in my closet that had never seen the light of day.  So today it’s a jumper to maternity skirt refashion.

jumper to maternity skirt refashionThis time, the maternity skirt that had never been worn was this number.  Uh, yeah!  I hesitated to even post that picture, but it’ll give you an idea of where I started.  This little puppy was so tight that walking was…difficult.  Plus there was that whole awkward side split thing.  As if it was going to make the skirt any less tight.  But if it hadn’t been there, this would have officially been the first maternity hobble skirt!  Now maybe if I was as famous as Kim Kardashian, I could have pulled off this look.  But I’m not that famous…yet!

kim kardashian

Don’t get any funny ideas here, I have no desire to be the Kim Kardashian sort of famous!

jumper remakeThen there was this jumper.  Yep, it screams, “I’m over 50.”  Which is fine, unless you’re 15!  So pretty much unwearable, but the dear, sweet lady that gave it to us intended it to be refashioned before it was worn.

So here are the step by step jumper to maternity skirt refashion instructions:

Step 1: Cut off top of jumper.

Step 2: Cut off bottom of maternity skirt.

Step 3: Pin and sew the two together.

maternity maxi skirtFinished!  Whew, that’s sure an improvement!  Finally a maternity skirt that will see the light of day.  For a few weeks anyway!  But that’s better than never right?

pocket closeupI love the cute pocket embroidery and pockets.  Every pregnant lady needs a pocket or two.

maternity skirt DIY

Total Time: 30 minutes

Total Cost: $0

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

back viewYou can’t see it, but the maternity panel is now located at the top of the skirt!  And it is super, super comfortable; something I always overlooked before because I was so busy hating it every time I tried it on!

maternity skirt refashion DIYLeave a comment and let us know what you did to help pass the time in the last weeks of pregnancy!

Make it beautiful,


P.S. This post also appears at Refashion Co-op.

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Maternity Sweater Skirt Refashion

maternity sweater skirt refashion

What does a pregnant woman do when she only has 6 weeks of pregnancy left?  Sew up a storm, of course!  (Remember, good logic leaves her brain when the baby enters the womb!)  So I rationalized that I’d better do something with those maternity skirts that I never wore for one reason or another.  Enter the maternity sweater skirt refashion!

motherhood maternity skirtI started with this long black skirt from Motherhood Maternity.  The problem?  Well, there were many!  It wasn’t made for a 6 foot tall woman…no maternity clothes are, thus it was yuck length!  The second problem was that the material was so lightweight that it was almost immodest to wear (read: see-through) not to mention terribly cold!  Which lead to a third problem; the slit was ripped, fixed, ripped again, fixed again, etc.  Yeah, so basically not wearable!

sweaterThen there was this sweater.  Yep!  For real!  But the person who gifted it to us intended for us to refashion it, not wear it.  Too big for anyone in this house, too scratchy to wear without anything underneath, too thin to be refashioned into a sweater skirt without a layer underneath.  (If you are a regular refashion-er, you immediately see where to go with these two things!)

 Step by step maternity sweater skirt refashion instructions:

Step 1:  Pin bottom of sweater to outside of maternity skirt, just below maternity panel.

Step 2: Sew 2 layers together.

Step 3: Cut off sleeves and across shoulders/neck opening.

Step 4: Sew former sleeve openings shut and hem around bottom of skirt.

Step 5: Cut off maternity skirt just above hemline of sweater and zig zag edge.

maternity sweater skirt refashionAnd because I never have, but have seen so many cute boot socks photos, I thought I’d give it a whirl!

Step by step matching boot sock instructions:

Step 1: Cut tops even.

Step 2: Zig zag edge.

maternity sweater skirtWell, do you think that’s an improvement?  Those items are definitely more wearable now!  And the matching boot socks were so easy, it’s a shame we didn’t try it earlier!  Annie will very soon have matching boot socks for her sweater skirt!  

maternity sweater skirt and matching boot socksTotal Time: 1 hour (The socks took 10, the skirt 50!)

Total Cost: $0

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

ruffled edge on maternity skirtOne thing I did was to pull tension on the sweater as I hemmed it to create the lettuce edged ruffle you see.

maternity sweater skirt

And I love the buckles at the top, rather than at the bottom.

lining for a sweater skirt

Leaving the underskirt adds warmth (Go away winter, go away!) and prevents the itchy sweater issue.

maternity sweater skirtWe’re linking this post to Project Sewn!  This week’s theme is signature style.  What more defines my style than a maternity skirt refashion?  (Now in a 6 weeks my signature style will dramatically change, but that’s part of the fun, right?)

maternity sweater skirt refashionMake it beautiful,


This maternity sweater skirt refashion can also be seen over at Refashion Co-op.

P.S. Did you notice the new tab at the top of our blog?  Stay tuned for some VERY exciting news later this week!

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Maternity Maxi Skirt 5 Ways – Skirt Outfits

turtleneck with maternity maxi

Today’s 5 Ways outfit post shows how you can stretch your maternity wardrobe (yes, the pun is intended!)  But since I only wear maternity clothes for less than a year, I don’t really have the desire to buy a whole new closet full of clothes.  In fact, by the time I give birth, I am really missing my old clothes and never want to see my maternity clothes again!  So one way to save some money on your maternity wardrobe is to buy (or make) a wardrobe staple and style it five different ways, like I did with this black maternity maxi skirt.  First of all, are you might wondering how a 6 foot tall woman found a maternity maxi skirt?  Well, I didn’t!  I made it following the same general instructions as the brown maxi we featured a few weeks ago, but cut this one fuller than the more a-line shape of the brown maxi.  Now on to the outfits!

maternity maxi skirt with hoodie#1: Short sleeve shirt under a long sleeve hoodie.  In cooler weather I like to layer up, and this allows me to be able to s-t-r-e-t-c-h my wardrobe even further by wearing a short sleeve shirt under a long sleeve one.  I paired this combination with black pumps.

maternity maxi skirt with color pop accents#2:  All black long with color pop.  Wear a long sleeve black shirt and accent color shirt and accessories for a pop!  You can also add patterns, texture, and stripes (or all of the above) and get away with it on an all black base.  I added a knit headband in the same color tones, and some black UGG boots.

maternity maxi skirt with layers #3: Short sleeve shirt over long sleeve shirt.  Again, layering up allows for more looks.  In this outfit, I added a short sleeve shirt with floral accents for variety.  Some ballerina flats finish the ensemble.

black maternity maxi#4:  Button up shirt and scarf.  When you have somewhere special to go, a button up shirt can really dress up a plain black skirt.  Adding the infinity scarf on top completes the look.

turtleneck with maternity maxi #5:  Turtleneck and crop sweater.  A crop sweater accentuates the growing belly, and can be a really fun accent piece.  Plus it’s warm in chilly weather!  This cold weather outfit also includes a bright red turtleneck, and matching hat and gloves.  Again, the UGG boots finish the warm, cozy look.

5 ways to wear a Maternity MaxiWell, there are you suggestions for some good ways to stretch your maternity wardrobe using a black maternity maxi skirt as the base.  Leave us a comment telling us some ways you s-t-r-e-t-c-h-ed your maternity wardrobe!

 Make it beautiful,


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Shorts to A-line Maternity Skirt Refashion – Chintzy to Chocolate Perfection

DIY maternity skirt

Today we have a shorts to a-line maternity skirt refashion for you!  We really hope those of you who aren’t pregnant are not getting tired of pregnancy clothes.  To tell the truth, I’m getting tired of maternity clothes myself, but with 2 1/2 months to go, it’s time to just relax and settle into refashioning some things to help wait out the time!

shorts to a-line maternity skirt refashion To begin this refashion, with you will need a pair of maternity shorts.  We started out with this pair of khaki maternity shorts we found at Goodwill for $1.00.  We actually didn’t get a before picture but this photo shows pretty much what we bought, except they were stained.  Now all we bought them for was the maternity panel, so we didn’t care that they were hideously out of style and stained.

 Step by Step Instructions for a Shorts to A-line Maternity Skirt Refashion

Step 1: Cut off the shorts.  Or cut off the maternity panel.  Whatever!  Just separate the two because all you will be using is the panel.

Step 2: Measure the circumference of the maternity panel and cut a large rectangle from fabric with this dimension as the width and the length whatever length you want the skirt to be.  Now the fabric we used was this awesome embroidered chocolaty brown color and best of all, the bottom edge was already embroidered and didn’t need hemmed.

Step 3: Sew a tube from fabric.

Step 3: Sew the tube onto the bottom of the maternity panel.

DIY maternity skirtTada!  What do you think of that?  We think it’s an improvement especially with snow still on the ground!  Much warmer than the shorts would have been.  Plus shorts don’t hide unsightly veins very well.  Actually, at all!

Total Time: 45 minutes

Total Cost: $1 (Fabric was from our stash.  Which we are trying to de-stash, a little anyway!)

Talent Level: Beginning Seamstress

shorts to maternity skirtWith a skirt this showy, I only needed to add a plain white T-shirt and a ruffled chocolate brown sweater.  Yes, I seem to have chocolate on the brain…give me a break, I’m a hormone laden female!  If you take it away I might cry.  And more and more research is showing how totally awesomely healthy dark chocolate is for you.  Okay, time to wipe the drool off the keyboard now!

Shorts to a-line maternity skirt refashion

You choose: Chintzy before of Chocolate perfection after?

View Results

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Let us know how you got through the final few months of pregnancy!  Or what you think of this refashion.  Or anything, we’d love to hear from you!

Make it beautiful,


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DIY Maternity Capri Refashion – Capricious to Captivating!

maternity capri upcycle

We have a DIY maternity capri refashion in store for you today.  We started with a pair of denim maternity capris from Old Navy that we picked up at Goodwill for $5.

DIY maternity capri refashionNow I couldn’t even model these on my person because as a 6 foot tall woman, every pair of off the rack pants looks like capris on me, so capris look…well, just plain silly!  If I put the belly panel where it should go, the capris end just past my knees!

photo 6If I put the capris where they should end, the waistband stops short at my thighs.  So why would a tall woman buy a pair of capricious maternity capris?  Solely for the belly panel!  Follow along and see what we did.

DIY maternity capri refashionI also snagged this skirt from Allegra’s closet.  She’s always borrowing my clothes, and I hadn’t seen her wear this one in a few years!  I chose it for the circle skirt width and also because geometric patterns are really in right now!

Step 1: Cut off capris below back pockets.

Step 2: Pin together layers of Allegra’s skirt and cut off the top waistband and first tier.

Step 3: Pin and sew Allegra’s skirt to the bottom of the capri.

Step 4: Sew another line of decorative stitching around where the two join.

Step 5: Sew lace to the bottom of the skirt.

maternity capri upcycleThere you have it!  Another successful skirt for a tall pregnant woman, a truly awesome feat you’d understand if you’ve ever tried to find tall maternity clothing. You’ll have to ignore my facial expressions in these photos, it was a few degrees below zero when we took these, and I could hardly breathe!

DIY maternity skirt refashionTotal Time: 1.5 hours (The hem around the bottom of Allegra’s skirt was miles long!  I think it took me over an hour just to sew the lace on!  But I love the princess-y effect the fullness makes!)

Total Cost: $5

Talent Level: Intermediate Seamstress

maternity skirt refashionSome people have a dislike for buying used clothing, we’ve heard comments like, “You never know what the previous owner wore it for!” And, “But what if someone died in those clothes?”  Or, “What if they had some disease or something?”  But everyone should feel comfortable buying maternity clothing…you always know why the previous owner donated the clothing!  (Men: here’s a hint…notice the lack of baby belly?)

maternity circle skirtSee?  Just look at how full this skirt ended up being!  Can you believe it?  I would have twirled around except twirling and pregnancy don’t go together very well, something about nausea, dizzyness/clumsyness combined don’t make for very smart twirls.

Turn a pair of maternity capris into a modest skirt!Vote in the poll and leave us a comment!

Pick your favorite - Capricious or Captivating?

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Make it beautiful,


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Maternity Skirt Refashion – Revealing Mini to Modest Maxi

denim mini maternity skirt

Today we have an announcement.  A little announcement.  Or a very large announcement…depending on what side of the belly you are on!  We are going to have a new little arrival in the spring!  Allegra, Aria and Annie are crossing their fingers that it’s a girl because they want to sew little, tiny, cute, pink skirts!  So there is now a new category on this blog, maternity skirts because we are branching out into a new area, maternity skirt refashions.

maternity skirt refashion

We started with…you guessed it, a denim mini!  This one is a maternity denim mini I found at a second hand store for $4.00.  Now I have a little confession I’d like to make before we continue; I get varicose veins and spider veins in my legs when I’m pregnant.  Both of them.  Everywhere.  So bad that if I were to dress up for Halloween I wouldn’t need any makeup to scare little kids!  I’m sort of known to be an opinionated female, but exposing my legs during pregnancy to get everyone to accept my condition isn’t one of my hills to die on!  So short, leg-baring maternity skirts are not an option for me.  I like to save little children from harmful events, that’s why I eat all the cookies they over-decorate during the holidays.

over decorated cookies

And I try to spare mothers from having to answer embarrassing questions.  Like the time Aria, at 5 years old, pointed to a very, very large lady and asked me in a stage whisper, “Mom, does that lady have elephantitus?”  Now where on earth did she come up with that?  The good news is that for me these image-scarring veins go away as soon as I give birth!  Thank you for listening…we will now return to our regularly scheduled refashion.

maternity skirt refashion

The other skirt we used for this maternity skirt refashion was a Aeropostle skirt we got at Goodwill for $2.50.  It was a too large for any of us, and Allegra thought the three layers of brown and black were a little too folksy looking.

Step 1: Cut off top of Aeropostle skirt just above black tier.

Step 2: Fold under lining at top of black tier ¼ inch and iron.

Step 3: Sew black layer over top of denim mini, being sure to catch the lining underneath.

denim mini maternity skirt

That’s it!  Easy, modest, and best of all hides my legs!  No more children running away screaming!

denim mini maternity skirt

Total Time: 25 minutes

Total Cost: $6.50

Talent Level: Beginning Seamstress

Modest maternity skirt refashion

What do you think?  Be sure to vote in the poll and leave us a comment or two in the comment section.

Maternity Denim Mini - Revealing Mini or Modest Maxi?

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Make it beautiful,


P.S. You might have fun checking out our new maternity skirt board on Pinterest too!