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All The Skirts: Spit Up & Stilettos

Spit Up and Stilettos

Spit Up and Stilettos

All The Skirts: Spit Up and Stilettos

We are delighted to announce the next edition of All The Skirts. There is so much in this edition for everyone because everything in it is free. That’s right f.r.e.e. You see our next “sponsor” Spit Up And Stilettos has made all their patterns free for everyone. (You can read why here.) Talk about an amazing “sponsor!”
Let us tell you a little more about Lauren and Alyssa who are the creators of Spit Up & Stilettos. They are busy moms who craft, sew, cook and blog…kind of like you and me, right? Except that they are inspiring and influencing the ability of seamstresses everywhere. For example; two out of three of their skirt patterns have invisible zippers, which bumps up the sewing ability of every seamstress who sews up a Spit Up And Stilettos skirt. We’ll let you know how those invisible zippers go!
Since all the skirt patterns are free, we decided it would be a no brainer to use free fabric this time too. (Otherwise known as our very large fabric stash that needs some reduction action happening!) Do you have a fabric stash needing your attention? Grab a Spit Up and Stilettos pattern, (go ahead and make a donation if you’re able) and then get busy on that fabric stash. Here is a preview of the skirt patterns we will be sewing and reviewing in this edition of All The Skirts:

Spit Up and Stilettos
The Alyson Skirt: A paper bag skirt with tie and zipper, pleats and darts.

Spit Up and Stilettos
The Emilie Skirt: Twirl skirt coming up! The zipper and button will make it fitted to a T.

Spit Up and Stilettos
The Karina Skirt: Stylish, lined and easy.
We are so excited to begin sewing. The giveaway this time will include a copy of Not A Skirt! and a $25 gift certificate to Fabricworm.  You can earn entries to win that great stuff in two ways:
1: Fill out the Rafflecopter entries
2: Link up any Spit Up And Stilettos pattern you’ve sewn, or up to three things you’ve sewn using fabric from your stash in 2014.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That’s it! Have fun and happy sewing. Oh, and with Spit Up and Stilettos patterns it won’t be hard to…

Make it beautiful!
Audrey & the Skirt Fixation team

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All The Skirts: Sis Boom & Imagine Gnats

All The Skirts

We’ve been waiting for today’s announcement for a loooooong time!

All the Skirts Graphic1

We have a new series starting today called All The Skirts!  It’s really simple, and you get to play along too.  For each edition, we will sew up all the skirts from a chosen pattern company using materials featuring one fabric company.  We are so excited to have this first edition sponsored by Sis Boom/Scientific Seamstress and Imagine Gnats.  For the month of October, we will be showcasing All The Skirts from Sis Boom/Scientific Seamstress using some of the best fabrics from Imagine Gnats.

We want you to enjoy this series too, so one lucky winner will receive 3 PDF patterns from Sis Boom and a $25 gift certificate to Imagine Gnats!

Also, these two amazing sponsors are offering special discount codes just for you during the All The Skirts: Sis Boom & Imagine Gnats Edition.

Simply use the code “alltheskirts” when you check out over at Imagine Gnats for a 10% discount.  On everything.  Soon you could be receiving “happy mail” too!

And use the code “skirtfix” over at the Scientific Seamstress/Sis Boom Etsy shop for a 30% discount!  Now’s the time to snap up those patterns you’ve been wanting!

Just the other day we received some “happy mail” from Imagine Gnats.

Imagine Gnats fabric

We can’t wait to show you what gorgeous skirts we’re turning these fabrics into!  Each Friday in October, we’ll show you one of the Sis Boom/Scientific Seamstress skirts we’ve sewn up from this amazing Imagine Gnats fabric.  The last Friday in October, we’ll reveal the (random) winners of the Sis Boom patterns and the Imagine Gnats gift certificate and showcase some of our favorite creations from the link up.

There are two you can to play along.

1. Rafflecopter Giveaway:  Choose how many entries you earn by supporting these generous sponsors in as many ways as you can!

2.  InLinkz Link-Up: Link up your Sis Boom/Scientific Seamstress and Imagine Gnats projects, each one earns you an entry!

Grab your discount codes and get sewing and linking.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
You can also earn as many entries as you want by linking up any Sis Boom/Scientific Seamstress pattern you have sewn, or anything you’ve sewn in 2014 using fabric from Imagine Gnats!

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Jocole PDF Pattern winner!

Today we want to say hi and welcome!  If you are one of our new subscribers and getting today’s post in your inbox, we want to say a special thank you.  We have some really, really fun events coming up, and Friday we get to announce the first of them.  Then, because we’ve had such fun success with our two editions of Challenge Create, you know there is going to be another one of those coming up before too long as well!  Now onto the winner of 2 Jocole PDF patterns of her choice:

Laurie commented:  “Love both skirts! You ladies look so tall and beautiful! I have several of the Jocole patterns.. but not this skirt! I love it!”

Awww thanks, Laurie!  And now because we can’t leave you without at least one skirt, here is our favorite skirt pin from last week:

Katy from No Big Dill made this skirt during Once Upon A Thread.  It’s the neatest skirt inspired by the neatest book!  And if you want to be inspired to sew, Katy has another edition of Once Upon A Thread coming up!  Yeah, this is pretty much a preview of one thing you’ll be seeing later this week!

Ta-ta for now!


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Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt Review

Jocole Yoga A-line Skirt

If you’ve just arrived here on the Jocole Blog Tour, Hi and Welcome!

Jocole Yoga A-line Skirt

We are so delighted to have the opportunity to make the Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt.  I think this is my favorite skirt I’ve ever made in all the skirts I’ve made in my lifetime!

Jocole Yoga A-line skirt

And to think I came so close to not making one for myself!  You see, it was like this: late one night I decided to make the Jocole Yoga A-Line skirt for the Jocole pattern tour.  (Yes we were given this pattern, but we would gladly pay twice the price for a skirt so wonderful!)

Jocole Yoga A-line Skirt

So anyway, it was a dark and stormy night, and I was tired but everyone was asleep and I knew this was going to be a quick sew.  So as usual, I printed out my first pattern piece, checked the test square, and when all looked good, I set off cutting and sewing.  Now I’ll let you in on a little fact that I didn’t learn for another hour or so.  My printer settings were off, but I measured from the edge of the 3 inch block to the edge of the 10 cm block so it looked like it was 3 inches.  I was making a skirt that was 24% too small since my printer was set at 86%.

Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

About an hour later my new skirt was finished and ready to be tried on.  The skirt was so tight it looked like I’d painted it on with a paintbrush.  On my post baby body… Let’s change the subject, shall we?

Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

I returned to JoAnn fabrics the next day and found a sparkly knit orange fabric.  This knit is almost sweatshirt weight.  Think about your favorite old college sweatshirt that you wore and wore and wore out.  This is that kind of knit.  Plus is has little sparkles all over it!

Back of Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt

Armed with new fabric and new enlightened measuring method, I started over again.  One quick hour later, viola, my new favorite skirt was born.  The only change I made to the  Jocole Yoga Aline Skirt pattern was to lengthen it by three inches.  The pattern goes up to forty inches long for tall ladies, but I’m what they refer to as ultra tall.  I may have made this skirt a teeny bit too long, but that’s a heavenly change!!!

Jocole Yoga A-Line skirt tween size

Aria was delighted to inherit the first, tiny skirt.  Come back to the blog tomorrow to find out how I added a lining to her Jocole yoga a line skirt, and also how you could make one for a tween.  Not accidentally.  On purpose.  Because you meant to.  Ahem.

2 Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirts

I just love it when mistakes turn into treasures!  Looking on the bright side, Aria got a new skirt and I got the creamiest, most buttery knit yoga skirt ever!  I forgot to tell you one of my favorite things about the finished skirt.  I made the tall 16″ fold over waistband, and I love the privacy it gives me when I use the option of having it  unfolded for added coverage while nursing the baby!

Julia CardiganThen, the rest of the week, I’ll be sharing blog posts about the top and cardigan I’m wearing since it’s Selfish Sewing Week.  Also be sure to enter the Rafflecopter give away below for a chance to win 2 free patterns of your choice from Jocole.  To help you decide which Jocole Patterns you want,  check out the other stops on the Jocole pattern blog tour.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jocole A-line yoga skirtsSee you tomorrow!


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12 Skirts for Skirting The Issue

Skirting the Issue

July was a great month for skirts!  Over at Simple Simon & Co. the Elizabeths held an event that’s probably the best skirt event of the year.  It’s called Skirting The Issue, and it’s all about making skirts…for needy girls in foster care.  What a great event!  What a great cause!  So of course we couldn’t miss out.  After all, we are the skirt website, right?  So we sewed up some skirts for Skirting The Issue and now we are sharing them with you.

We felt like this event was so great, all 4 of us wanted to contribute some skirts.  Annie’s sewing ability is a little in the shady area so far, but in time she’ll learn!  So she chose 3 skirts from our stash of skirts to be refashioned.  Here are Annie’s selected skirts in sizes 5, 8, and 5:

Skirting the Issue

Aria wanted to refashion some skirts.  So we started with 6 skirts.  The tops of three of the skirts were in great condition, but the fabric on the bottom was ripped.  And for the bottoms of the three refashioned skirts, the original skirts were either stained, lackluster, stretched out or dated!  Combine them, and you have 3 new skirts for girls who need them!  They are sizes 6X/7 and two size 10s:

Skirting the IssueSkirting the Issue RefashionsSkirting the Issue refashions

Aria’s contribution:

3 refashioned skirts

Allegra raided our fabric stash and found three fabrics as her base.  She matched them with the most adorable coordinating fabrics for the pockets and trim for the pocket edges.  She used the basic measurement charts that was provided over at Project Run & Play to make 3 skirts in the upper sizes, a 10, 12, and 16.

3Pocket Skirts2

When Annie saw Allegra’s handiwork, the fairy pockets, the sparkly gold trim and that certain shade of blue, she just had to have “an Elsa skirt” and a photo shoot, so Allegra ended up making 4 skirts!


This child was in full actress mode for these photos!


She has never seen Frozen, only a few YouTube videos of the songs, but that seems to be enough!Elsa Skirt

She found a “perfect cape” in the dress up box!Elsa SkirtI think she was right…the skirt works, and it wasn’t as hard to make as a whole costume!
Elsa Skirt tutorial

You just have to wonder what she’s thinking!!Cute and easy elsa skirt tutorial!

These photos were taken in our “squash tunnel” where things are growing gangbusters!  But we’re not sure how we’re going to harvest this pumpkin!!

Pie Pumpkin

I decided to make 3 skirts, and make a tutorial.  Every day during Skirting The Issue, there were skirt tutorials posted!  We’d love to be chosen to share a skirt tutorial next year!

Finishing a skirt with bias tape tutorial:

Using Seam Binding to finish a skirt

1: Cut out 2 rectangles using dimensions on chart for desired skirt size.  Gather together matching seam binding and thread.


2: Sew 2 rectangles, right sides together, at sides to make a tube.  Finish seam edges as desired.


3: Fold over 1/4 inch on top edge of skirt and iron, wrong sides together.


4: Fold over additional 1 inch on top edge of skirt and iron, wrong sides together.  You have just made the elastic casing.


5: Sew close to bottom edge of elastic casing at top of skirt.  Sew on the inside of the skirt so you can line up the edge of your presser foot along the edge of the casing and end up with a nice straight line!


6: Stop before you get to where you started so you have room to insert the elastic!


7: Insert elastic through casing by using a pin on one end to pull elastic through.


8: Over lap the ends of the elastic and sew together.  Work elastic fully into casing.


9: Sew casing shut.


10: Fold bias tape around unfinished bottom of skirt and sew in place.


11: Overlap the ends and fold under the last end for a nice clean finish.


TaDa!  You have finished a skirt in record time!

pink bias tap skirt

And such pretty hem detail too!

pink bias skirt

You can use this for a pencil skirt shape too!

pencil bias2

You can add pockets and use bias tape trim at the top of the pockets if you want too!

bias tape pocket skirt

I made 3 skirts like this, in sizes 4, 6 & 8:

Skirting the Issue

So that’s a total of 12 skirts donated for the Skirting The Issue cause!  We loved this event, and since our mission here at Skirt Fixation is to promote skirts, this event is right up our alley!  If you have time to whip up a skirt or two, be sure to find all the information you need here for donating your projects to this great cause.

Skirting the Issue

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The Eagerly-Awaited Skirt Giveaway Remake Results!

giveaway skirt remake results

Allllllllllright!  Now we apologize first of all for keeping you waiting, but yesterday we were on the go all day long, and we haven’t gotten mobile blogging down pat yet, so without further ado, we present the Skirt Giveaway Remake Results!

Just to refresh your memory, here is the before skirt once again.  We were given it by a grandma lady, and it was won by another dear Grandma.

free white stag skirt!

Here is what Grandma M. said about her remake process:

Well, I finally was able to get to this skirt!!  It took me most the day Saturday to get it done, but I enjoy sewing & love the end product!  I patterned it after one of my favorite skirts from days gone by, you maybe remember the flannel skirt in greens, maroons & creme colors?  Anyway, the giveaway skirt took longer b/c of being made from rayon, needed lots of edge finishing & since I’d cut it twice there were lots of edges to attend to. 
skirt giveaway remake results
And it’s very “full & flowing” with a bottom circumference of about 10 1/2 feet and a finished length of 41″  :O)  This skirt took lots of math & measuring, so might be in the advanced sewing bracket.  I took a close-up to show the braided pattern in the black material that I used.  It was some from (one of my daughters) projects from high-school.  :O) 
giveaway skirt remake resultsWhat a gorgeous skirt remake!  To tell the truth, we couldn’t imagine what to do with such a “grandma” skirt, and we were so excited to see the results of whoever won!  What a fabulous remake.  We are absolutely bowled over!  So now Allegra and Aria have one Grandma who they hope to inherit fashion sense from, and another Grandma who they hope to inherit sewing ability from!  What an incredible sewing talent, and such great vision.
skirt giveaway remake resultsWe love how you paired this fantastic new skirt with a coordinating sweater and black jacket and boots.  What a great autumn combination.  Bring on the falling leaves and amazing fall colors!  Grandma M. will be there right in the middle of the action, in her beautiful new skirt.
pinterest ready photo
 So now you know what to do!  Leave Grandma M. some comment love and tell her what a great seamstress she is!  For that matter, tell her what a great Grandma she is!  Tell us about one of your Grandma’s and what she sewed!  Or let us in on your latest sewing project!  How about telling us about your favorite skirt?  We’d love to hear from you!

Make it beautiful,


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Skirt Alert! and Giveaway Winner!

floral skirt

Today’s Skirt Alert includes celebrity skirts!

lace skirt

First up is Beyonce in a lace coverup skirt on the beach in Brazil on September 17.  What a swimsuit coverup!  She wears this one with flair!  I think she actually wore this one to several functions during the day…must have been super comfortable!

floral skirt

Katie Holmes wore a cute floral skirt to a fashion show September 11.  She paired it with a green top, matching the foliage rather than the flowers.  Cute, cute, cute!  Looks sort of vintage, if you ask us!  Love the creamy clutch too.

olivia palermo skirt

We found a totally cute outfit that Olivia Palermo wore to a fashion show on September 16, on What She Wore, one of our favorite websites for finding celebrity skirts. This picture shows Ms. Palermo in a navy blue ensemble comprised of a skirt, shirt, and jacket. We love the shoes that she wore with this outfit, and we adore the asymmetrical zipper on her jacket.

Well, that’s this week’s skirt alert; let us know what you think of the chosen outfit in the comment section.

free white stag skirt!

And now for our free skirt giveaway winner!

The random number generator picked “Gramma Mary” who commented the following!

I have very few memories of any of my grandparents because they were all gone by the time I was 8 years old. But I do remember spending a couple weekends with my mom at her folks. I loved to sit & watch my Gramma iron. I was intrigued because she still used two old “flat-irons”, keeping one on the old cookstove to heat, while ironing with the other one – hot off the stove! But before you think this was way, way back, it took place in the 60′s. My grandparents were in their 80′s & chose not to update their home with all the “modern” inventions. :o )

This gramma was a seamstress by trade. My mom said she could look at a dress in a store & then go home & cut a pattern out of newspaper & sew it up. Maybe that’s why the women of our family like to sew & re-invent and do it so well! :O)

So be watching your mailbox Gramma Mary!  You’ll be receiving the skirt soon!  We can’t wait to see what she refashions it into!  We’ll keep everyone updated and post the end result as soon as we get it!

Always be Exciting,


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Skirt Giveaway! Grandparents Theme Week

free white stag skirt!

free white stag skirtThis week we are so excited for all the fun to come! Yesterday was Grandparents Day, and we sure think Grandparents are wonderful!  We were blessed with some really awesome Grandparents and great-Grandparents!  We thought that each of us would share a little grandparent love, and then we have a way for you to join in!

To start off the week with a bang, we’re holding a skirt giveaway!  We’re offering the Grandma skirt pictured above.  We got this skirt from a dear grandma lady, and we’re going to share it with you!  It is a White Stag size 8 women’s skirt.  We’re quite sure you could come up with a really cute refashion for it!  Will you attach it to the bottom of a denim mini?  Will you make it into a pillow?  Will you add some purple lace to the bottom and go?  Will you cut it into strips and incorporate it into a quilt?  Will you shorten it to a mini?  We can’t wait to see what the winner refashions!  Here’s how it works; Leave a comment, and tell us something about one of your grandparents.  Agree to send us a photo of the (re)finished product if you’re the winner of the random drawing!  That’s it!  On September 21, we will draw the winner, and send the lucky person the skirt!  So without further ado, here are our Grandparent memories:


My Grandma is the greatest lady in the world!  If I turn out to be even 1/2 the woman she is, I’ll be blessed!  I love the way she laughs so hard tears come leaking out the corner of her eyes.  When I walk into her kitchen, the smell brings tears to my eyes…there is no better smell, and no matter how hard I try, I cannot replicate that smell!  One year Grandma gave me some blackberry jam she’d made from the berries in her garden, and I savored each and every bite!  Since this is a skirt blog, I must mention my Grandma’s sense of style!  I covet her timeless, classy style.  A smart lady, she was the secret behind my Grandpa’s business success.  Quiet, soft, strong, and steady, my Grandma loves to feed the birds and discuss ways to outwit the squirrels.  One thing I wish she would teach me is how to fold fitted sheets neatly.  I’m convinced she irons them although she laughingly protests she doesn’t!  One of my goals in life is to become as much of a lady as she is.


My Grandma M. is a big encouragement to me. I am thankful that she is such a loving grandmother that really likes to sew as much as I do. I love it when she helps me on sewing projects- I learn so much!  One time she showed me how to make a renaissance costume!  I loved it! I am also thankful that she taught my mom to sew, otherwise I wouldn’t know how!!! She has a very comfortable style, and she wears a lot of skirts! She likes denim skirts, which is something that we share in common:)


My Grandmother is so nice, as all Grandmas’ should be. She goes to Goodwill once or twice a week, and sometimes brings us the cutest things. It really was her who introduced us to Shelly, at Shelly’s Boutique. Sometime she’ll take Allegra and me to the mall as a birthday present. Sometimes, when we go to a second-hand store, we’ll see a skirt that looks like her style. We always see if she wants it before we remake it. I wonder if there is a best grandma award, I think if there was, I would give it to her.


I like my Grandma because she came to our house and she’s my mom’s Mom.  She read me Mary Poppins.  I like my other Grandma because she comes on Wednesday and helps us clean the house.  My great-Grandma has lots of toys in her basement, a bunch and I wish we could go there more often to play with them.  I like all my Grandma’s skirts!

Well, that’s our memories and Grandparent love!  Be sure to enter the skirt giveaway by leaving us a comment about one of your grandparents!