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Copycat Anthropologie Skirt {Buy or DIY ~ Skirt}

Copycat Anthropologie Skirt

Today we have another Buy or DIY skirt for you! This time we’re showing you how you can make a perfect skirt for holiday events on the cheap. Our skirt pick of the day is a lace skirt from Anthropologie.

Copycat Anthropologie Skirt

Copycat Anthropologie Skirt Details:

Skirt: Anthropologie Lacy Pencil Skirt

Fabric Recommendation: Emerald Green Metallic Lace  & Emerald Green Poplin from Cali Fabrics

Pattern Recommendation: Nita Wrap Skirt by Sew DIY

Copycat Anthropologie Skirt Math:

Anthropologie Lacy Pencil Skirt: $228 retail price.

Fabric needed: 1 1/8 of each

Pattern: $12

Fabric: $6.75 & $2.99 per yard

Notions: $2 for d rings

Total Cost: $24.96 for DIY

Total Savings: $203.04

Copycat Anthropologie Skirt How To:

The recommended pattern is not intended to make a double layer skirt, but you can’t wear the lace we recommend without a lining!  Simply cut out each pattern piece from both fabrics and baste them together around the edges before sewing the pattern.

In summary:

Wow, the DIY wins again!!  Are you seeing a pattern here?  Perfect for the holidays at a fraction of the price. Be sure to check out all our Buy or DIY ~ Skirt posts, you’ll be inspired and amazed at how much money you can save!

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Anthropologie Copycat Skirt {Buy or DIY}

Make an Anthropologie copycat skirt for 1/2 price!

Today we have another Buy or DIY skirt for you! We’ll be showing you an easy way to make an inexpensive Anthropologie copycat skirt.

Make an Anthropologie copycat skirt for 1/2 price!

Our skirt pick of the day is the Pilcro Chino Skirt from Anthropologie.  This is a really nice chino skirt and here’s how you can make it for less than 1/2 price.

Anthropologie Copycat Skirt Details:

Anthropologie Skirt: Pilcro Chino Skirt

Fabric Recommendation: Art Gallery Fabrics Textured Denim Scarlet Brick  We’ve used this fabric (here) and we can attest to it’s magnificence.  For reals.

Pattern Recommendation:  Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt

Anthropologie Copycat Skirt Math:

Anthropologie skirt: $78 retail price.

Fabric needed: 1.5 yards at $12.50 per yard

Notions: Buttons $7.98  They look like brass buttons, but have you ever searched for buttons on Amazon?  Now there’s a rabbit hole to fall down!  Here’s some fun ones we found:

Pattern: $12.94

Total $: $34.35 for DIY

Total Savings: $43.65

Wow, the DIY wins for sure!! You’ll be winning too if you follow this fun DIY and make yourself this Anthropologie copycat skirt.

Affiliate links are used in this post.  You know the drill, if you click, we MIGHT earn a penny or two.  We can always hope…

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Tulle Anthropologie Knockoff Skirt {Buy or DIY Skirt}

Buy or DIY Skirt comparison by Skirt Fixation

You’ll never believe what I found in the skirt section at Anthropologie! A tulle midi skirt almost exactly like we just made. So it’s time for the next skirt hack in our Buy or DIY skirt series! Today it’s another Anthropologie knock off skirt.Buy or DIY Skirt comparison by Skirt Fixation

BUY or DIY Skirt Details:

Anthropologie Tulle Midi Skirt $168
Fabric Recommendation: Black Tulle 54” Wide Tulle Black Fabric
Pattern Recommendation: Estelle Skirt by Violette Field Threads Estelle Skirt

BUY or DIY Skirt Math:

Anthropologie skirt: $168 retail price
Fabric needed: Tulle: 5 yards at $0.99 per yard 54” Wide Tulle Black Fabric
1 3/4 lining at $4.50 per yard Silky Satin Charmeuse Black Fabric
Notions: 7 inch zipper for $5.12 : Coats Thread & Zippers All-Purpose Plastic Zipper, 7-Inch, Black

Pattern: $10.95
Total $: $17.95
Total Savings: $150.05

So you could make yourself this tulle midi skirt with a little time and effort for a huge savings and look like you shop at Anthropologie. No one would know unless you told them it was an Anthropologie knock off!

Some affiliate links are used in this post.  This means if you click through we might get a few pennies to throw at the bottomless pit Mr. Skirtfixation calls our blogging habit!!!  Thanks for helping!

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Shopbop Copycat Skirt {Buy or DIY skirts}

Buy or DIY skirt copycat

Today we have another Buy or DIY skirt for you! We’ll be showing you an easy way to make an inexpensive knockoff of a high-end leather circle skirt. Buy or DIY skirt copycat

Our skirt pick of the day is a leather circle skirt from Shopbop.  Here’s how you can achieve a $668 look for much, much less!


Shopbop skirt: Kelly Bergin Leather Circle Skirt

Fabric Recommendation: Black Faux Vegan Leather Fabric from Girl Charlee

Pattern Recommendation: Spit Up and Stiletto’s Emilie Skirt


Shopbop skirt: $668 retail price.

Fabric needed: 1 1/2 yards at $9.50 per yard

Notions: Zipper $4

Pattern: Free!

Total $: $18.25 for DIY

Total Savings: $649.75

Wow, the DIY wins for sure!! You’ll be winning too if you follow this fun trend and make yourself this inexpensive wardrobe addition.  As always, you can see all our Buy or DIY skirt comparisons we make on our Copycat Skirts Pinterest board.  Check them all out!


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Anthropologie Copycat Skirt {Buy or DIY Skirts}

Buy or DIY skirt comparison by Skirt Fixation

There are many reasons we sew, and one of them is the cost of ready to wear clothing.  We’ve often been asked if it’s REALLY cheaper to sew our clothes than buy them.  We think so, and so we’re starting a new series called Buy or DIY skirts!  We’ll try to show you how you can save money by sewing your own skirts, too.  Buy or DIY skirt comparison by Skirt FixationToday we’re starting with an Anthropologie copycat skirt.  Now maybe you don’t shop at Anthropologie everyday, but here’s how you can achieve the same look on the cheap!


Anthropologie skirt: Springstripe Skirt

Fabric recommendation: Isabel Stripe Fantasy Meridian Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric from Girl Charlee

Pattern recommendation: Ladies Yoga A-line Skirt, knee length version, chevron layout.


Anthropologie skirt: $88 retail price

Fabric needed: 2 yards at $5.70 per yard

Pattern: $10

(Shipping on skirt and fabric not included as it cancels each other out.  Just factoring in all variables here!)

Total Cost: $21.40 for DIY

Total Savings: $66.60

So there you have it!  The DIY wins!  And so do you if you make yourself this cute Anthropologie copycat skirt…for less!  We will be cataloging all the Buy or DIY skirt comparisons we make on our Copycat Skirts Pinterest board.  Check them all out!

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Chiffon Maxi Skirt Knock Off

chiffon maxi skirt

Hello again, loyal followers, Allegra here. I wanted another summer skirt, but had a flowy-er one in mind this time.  A chiffon maxi skirt was what I needed!

Chiffon Maxi SkirtI looked out some fabrics from in our stash, and found this light pink one with a flowery pattern of darker pinks and grays. I did want a maxi skirt, and mom said she could probably work with this chiffon, so we got started. First we asked dad if he had any suggestions, ‘cause he’s been helping us out with projects quite a bit lately.

Inspiration Skirt

He liked the gathered style that I had picked in this inspiration photo, but said that we should probably not gather it as much if any at the sides, because that makes a poof, which can cause the feeling of large hips. Uh, yeah. So we did take his advice, and made the sides a lot less gathered.

chiffon maxi skirtHere’s Mom to tell you about the construction process:

1: Sew a tube from the width of the lining fabric.  (Mine was 44/45” width)

2: Sew a tube from the width of the pink chiffon fabric.  (Mine was 60” width)

3: Gather these 2 tubes separately, both to the same circumference.  Then I shifted the gathers on the chiffon fabric so most of the gathers were in the front and the back to achieve the look like the inspiration photo.

4: Baste these 2 gathered tubes together.

5: Finish the tops of these two.  I decided to do it at this point because I could do it in one step.

6: Sew the two layers to wide elastic for a waistband.  This was the first time I’d done this, and you’ll notice there are no photos of the waistband exposed!  But since Allegra doesn’t plan to wear it that way, we’re both happy!

7: Hem the bottoms of the two layers.  I did this at this point so that I could level them off and even them up!  If you are a super seamstress, you can do this at an earlier step, but because it was my first time sewing on an exposed elastic waistband, I wasn’t sure how even the hem would be when I was finished!  Plus Allegra wanted the lining to be about 2 inches shorter than the chiffon overlayer, so that’s another reason I did it after!  It was really very easy, and I’ll be using this method again.

chiffon maxi skirtNow I have a cute chiffon maxi skirt that’s more fancy, and more flowy, just what I wanted!

DIY chiffon maxi skirtThanks for reading,


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Knock It Off Tulle Skirt

Knock it off Tulle skirt

Today we’re participating in Heidi from Elegance and Elephants Knock It Off series.  What is that all about?  It’s basically why a lot of people sew.  We see something we like, and want to copy it without breaking the bank.  There have been some really beautiful Knock It Off creations over at Elegance and Elephants, and today we are showing you our knock off.

Knock It Off tulle SkirtWe saw this beautiful tulle and floral silk skirt over on Melijoe.  It was $583.33 when we first spotted it.  (It’s on sale for $350 now, but that’s still out of our price range!)  So what did we do?  Knock it off!!!

Tulle Skirt

We found some floral cotton fabric in a very similar print as the original Roberto Cavalli skirt in our stash.  The original skirt is silk, but we didn’t want to have to care for a silk skirt, so we went with cotton.

Tulle Skirt

This was my first time working with tulle, and it was very easy.  I read a couple of tutorials, and decided to just draft my own skirt.

Tulle Skirt Knock Off

The tulle was the only thing I bought for this project as the floral cotton was in our stash, and I salvaged the elastic from a dress in our refashion pile!  The tulle cost me a whopping $2.97, total!!!

tulle skirt knock off

I decided to make this skirt for Aria.  As a tween, she has a pretty much straight figure, and so I gathered both the full width of the tulle and the floral cotton for one poofy ballet skirt!

copycat tulle skirt

If I were going to make one for Allegra or I (who both happen to have hip curves!) I would use a circle skirt pattern.

tulle copycat skirt

The one thing I did that was different from any of the tutorials I read was to fold the tulle in 1/2 (I had 54/55 inch wide tulle) and sew it into the waistband like that rather than cutting the tulle in 1/2 and sewing all layers into the waistband.  This made it easier for me it 2 ways: the most difficult thing about working with tulle is is slippery quality which makes it hard to cut.  And the second reason is I didn’t have to keep track of how as many ends that I was sewing into the elastic waistband because some of them were folds and stayed right where they needed to be.

tulle skirt copycat

Then it was time for the photo shoot!  I decided I wanted to try another photoshoot (this is my second sucessful one after reading Aleta’s ebook; Style That Kid.)   You can see the first one here if you missed it!

knock off tulle skirt

As I’ve told you about before, Allegra is usually the photographer around Skirt Fixation.  But she was unavailable, so off we went without her!

tulle skirt

When she saw the photos, she said, “Ooooh, Mom!  You did really good…you got a couple of great ones!”  So that makes me happy too!

tulle skirt copycay

I had fun playing around with different lighting and different poses and backgrounds.

Knock It Off

Of course when you are working with a tween, they are able to be posed and hold still longer!

Elegance and Elephants Knock It off Series

And Aria thought of many of these poses and secret spots in the woods to show me herself!  She’s got great taste!

Knock it off Tulle skirt

This fabric is some we had purchased to make a refashioned denim mini like this one, but that never happened, and then Aria outgrew the denim mini.  So the fabric just sat waiting for a happy project like this!

Tulle skirt

Now for just photos and no commentary!

fairy tulle skirtspider webfairy skirttulle skirt for ballerinatween tulle skirttulle skirt for a tweentulle skirt on a tweentween tulle skirt

I am very happy with the way this whole project turned out.  Aria loves the skirt, too.  And of course the $580.36 savings helped!  Stay tuned for more sewing with tulle in the near future!

Knock It Off tulle Skirt

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Four Seasons Skirt Pattern!

Four seasons skirt pattern for spring

Today I’m going to continue with yesterday’s skirt pattern tutorial, and morph it into a four seasons skirt pattern!  The pattern I showed you how to make yesterday is for a very basic skirt, and can be modified so many different ways.  For today’s post I’m going to show you the way to use the four seasons skirt pattern to make maxi skirts, but it would be very easy to shorten this into midi or mini or knee length skirts too!  Without further ado…the four seasons skirts!

The Spring Skirt

Four seasons skirt pattern for springTo make this skirt I found a very spring-y fabric at Jo-Ann’s.  All the pattern and the embroidery make this skirt very colorful and busy!  I didn’t want to add to the busyness of the skirt by making a seam up the back, so I cut out two pieces from my interfacing pattern piece, both on the fold, cutting the fabric 4 inches longer than I wanted the finished length of the skirt to be.  I moved the zipper over to the side seam, and made the basic part of the skirt as usual.  Next I made two horizontal pleats around the bottom  of the skirt. Then I cut out several long rectangles and gathered them for the ruffle around the bottom.  Finally, I added the tiny transparent blue ribbon above the two pleats.

spring detailEvery time I wear this skirt, I get complemented!

The Summer Skirt

Four seasons skirt pattern summer skirtThe fabric for this skirt came from Jo-Ann’s also.  It came all sewed together in strips as shown, but every time I wear this skirt, someone asks if I made the skirt, and they are so impressed at all the work I put into it!  Sometimes I explain, and sometimes I let them remain impressed!  I made this summer skirt as described for the spring skirt above, except I didn’t add 4 inches to the bottom of the pattern.  I added a strip of lace around the bottom, and I was done with my lightweight summer maxi skirt!

summer detailThe Fall Skirt

Four seasons skirt pattern fall skirtThis was the easiest of the four skirt to make!  I did not make any alterations to the pattern except for putting the zipper on the side instead of in the back because again, the print of the skirt was busy enough without putting a seam in the back.  I didn’t even hem this skirt, instead using the selvedge for the hem.

fall detailI picked up this fabric at Jo-Ann’s as well, and I’m sure it was intended for making dresses, but since I’m so tall…skirt it was!

The Winter Skirt

Four seasons skirt pattern winter skirtI saw a skirt I really loved being sold by Long Tall Sally.  But (this was a few years ago, before they had any buying options for us US tall ladies) I didn’t want to go through the hastle of buying a skirt from the UK, plus it was a little out of my price range.  So I decided to copy it!  I started with some navy blue wool crepe.  I cut out the skirt exactly according to my interface pattern, with the zipper in the back.  Then I cut out an additional rectangle of fabric, about 4.5 inches wide, hemmed it and sewed it on about 4 inches above the hem of the skirt, making for a layered look.

winter detailI added the buttons because the original skirt had decorative buttons there.  My mother-in-law says this skirt looks like I payed a lot of money for it!

4 Seasons Skirt PatternNow it’s your turn…do you have a pattern to turn to every season?

Make it beautiful,


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Copycat: Soft Surroundings Top (made from a skirt!)

A few days ago we got a magazine in the mail from Soft Surroundings.  Now those things are good for several minutes browsing and daydreaming time!  I always love the skirts in them, they are so feminine, but this time, a beautiful top caught my eye.

Soft Surroundings Soutache top

Now there are several reasons I couldn’t order this right away; they don’t carry it in my size (um, I guess that would be smaller than women’s sizes) and the neck looks pretty low for the low temperatures we are still having, and I don’t really want to spend $70 for a top!  So for today’s post I decided to do a Soft Surroundings copycat top.

girls' skirt from Target

This was a short skirt we found at Target several years ago. I wore it for a long time and really liked this skirt and wore it out!  This skirt was a good exercise skirt and other things, but soon got too short and too tight so I donated it to the Skirt Fixation bin.

Here are the steps for making the Copycat Soft Surroundings Top:

Step 1: I cut out some of the patterns on the skirt.  I just sort of meandered around, getting several of the parts I liked best, but missing the stains and holes!

Step 2: I laid out the designs into a pattern onto a t-shirt I had and liked and fit.  Then I pinned them in place, and Mom helped me zig zag them down in place to the t-shirt.

after copycat t-shirt

There you have it!  It was easy, and I just love how it looks.  Since it is snowing, for now I will layer it up with a black turtleneck and a long black maxi skirt to stay warm.  But when spring arrives, maybe I will borrow Allegra’s khaki pencil skirt, or wear one of my denim skirts with it.

soft surroundings copycat top

Here is a close up of the details on this shirt.  I still have a lot of this skirt left, so maybe I will have to do this again on a different color t-shirt!  After all, Soft Surroundings offers their top in four different colors!

copycat soft surroundings top

The best thing about this Soft Surroundings copycat?  The $70 I saved!  Leave me a comment!

Get Flirty With Skirts,


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Copycat and Knock Off Skirts – Skirt Designer

knock off skirt

Today for our skirt designer post I decided to make some copycat skirts on Style-Studio.  We just love copycat and knock off skirts!  I mean it’s what we’re all about here at Skirt Fixation, right?  Good quality, cheap price, easy redo!  So I decided to play around and see what I could do with the Style Studio app.  I started with the remake we did on Hacked to Happy. Remember this skirt?

sundress refashionI wasn’t sure how to copy this skirt, because Style-Studio didn’t have the exact plaid and it never looked right!  But then today I kind of exploring and I found a spot where I could take a picture, so I took a picture of the actual skirt right in the Style Studio app!

knock off skirtThis is what I came up with! I love it because it looks so realistic, and hardly a bit of work, (once I found out about the camera) and I am extremely happy with the results.

My next copycat skirt is the remake Color Block to Color POP we did a while back.  I think that I like this remake even more although it doesn’t look as realistic.

knock off skirt

What I did first is I found a skirt that was about the length and style of the real skirt.  I then made the skirt all brown but cut off the bottom part and added the bows, making sure that they were close to the real color. I would have added lace but I couldn’t find out how. And this is my results.

copycat skirtNow I was having so much fun I decided to check out what some others have done!  I came across three copycat and knock off skirt tutorials that I think you’re going to enjoy too!  All three happen to be Anthropologie knock off skirts.  Now I’m not sure why Anthropologie skirts end up being copied so often, but I’m pretty sure there are likeminded people to us out there who love the look and the quality of Anthro skirts, but not the price!

anthropologie knock off skirtThe first one we found started with this happy yellow Anthropologie skirt.

knock off skirt tutorialAnd here’s what she came up with.  Awesome, right?  Here’s the link to her tutorial if you want to try this one yourself!

The next one is a ruffled Anthropologie knock off skirt.  Now we love Anthropologie skirts and Anthropologie look skirt, but add ruffles, and we’re a puddle of drool on the floor!  Here’s what she had her eye on:

Anthropologie knock off ruffled skirt

And here’s where she ended up!

knock off skirt tutorial

Really, really awesome!  I think I’m going to talk Mom into doing a copycat or knock off skirt like this!  Here’s a link to her tutorial.

And the last one is probably the most complicated, but just wait until you see the knock off skirt look!


Dreamy, huh?  But just look at the layers and the detail…I think we may have to add another skirt to the wish list!  Or since Anthropologie no longer sells this skirt…a knock off skirt!  Many times we find pictures on Pinterest of really cute skirts that are no longer for sale, and that’s the beauty of knock off skirts!  Bringing back something great, for less!  So anyway, here’s this blogger’s version:

knock off skirt tutorial

Yep, that’s what I’m talking about, bringing back a great thing!  I think I even like her fabric choice better than the original.  (Here’s her tutorial, if you want to try!)  And that’s another beautiful thing about copycat and knock off skirts, you can tweak them to suit your style perfectly!

Leave us a comment on your thoughts about copycat and knock off skirts.  Are you going to be trying one soon?  We’ve certainly got our creative juices flowing now!

Get flirty with skirts,