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Birthday Skirt Refashion

knit skirt refashion

knit skirt refashion

For my birthday this year, mom got me this skirt from Kmart. It was nice, lovely colors, great hang, but had one flaw. It was a couple sizes larger than my waist. Mom said she waited until it was on sale, and by then they were out of my size, but she thought we could do a quick skirt refashion.  I did want to wear it, it’s a great, modest church or ‘out-and-about’ skirt. Plus, it’s really comfortable. We decided to do a quick fix with the elastic, but upon further inspection, realized that it was sewn a bit weird. The elastic was sewn into the waistband, instead of just floating around in it. That meant I had to spend an hour taking out the stitches. Mom told me only to take out the stitches across the back so the front would still look the same and the gathers would be back there!  After that, mom pulled out the elastic from the inside and took in several inches.  Then she sewed an elastic casing because she said that was going to be easier than stitching it back together the way it was.  Whatev!  Just as long as it would fit and look good, I didn’t care about the whole mechanics of the thing!

quick skirt refashion

Now it fits much better, as you can see.

knit skirt refashion

Here you can see the slight gathering across the back.  Just in case you are wondering, this is one of the things we sewed along with the knit ladies during Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition!

quick knit skirt refashion

I styled it pretty plain, but I hope to dress it up like these skirts found on Pinterest.

Knit Maxi skirt

I love this skirt by Sew Much Ado, and how they tastefully paired it with a black shirt and bright cardigan.  Mine could be paired with a bright cardigan too!

Carissa Knits

This maxi by Carissa Knits is also gorge, and I love the idea of wearing mine with a denim jacket.

Knit maxi idea

The last way would be cute and simple, with a tee and a belt. Anyway, just a easy-peasy skirt refashion, fixing a skirt so that it’s now something that I will actually wear. A lot. Like really.

Simple skirt refashion by Skirt Fixation

Let us know in the comments what kind of skirt you’d choose for your birthday!

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Baby Wrap Two Ways

gauze baby wrap

Sometimes I over-plan.  Do you ever do that?  Recently I decided I needed a new wrap.  Not the kind you eat, the kind you wear!

baby wrap

I have one baby wrap (not pictured in this post) that I absolutely love and have used to tie on my babies for year.  But this wrap has 2 limitations that were going to make it difficult to use for traveling, which was why I needed a new baby wrap.  My old, very expensive, very well used wrap was too hot for a summer trip and too long for easy use in airplanes and airports.  So I spent a very long time researching how to make my own baby wrap.  I read many DIY baby wrap tutorials, dug through my stash for a lightweight fabric, and cut and sewed, shaped, fit, made french seams, measured, wrapped, unwrapped, and so on until I had what I thought was the perfect baby wrap! (I also felt great solidarity by sewing with linen along with the Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition Linen ladies!)

linen baby wrap

But…I just wasn’t happy with it!  The brown floral linen fabric I used for the baby wrap ended up being scratchy as well as lightweight, so not great for all day on and airplane and in airports.  And in my effort to make the wrap short, I made it almost too short, and wasn’t certain this was the perfect wrap for traveling.  So the day before I left on my trip, I raced down to the fabric store, bought 2 yards of black gauze fabric, washed it, zig-zagged the edges, and that was it!

linen baby wrap

Guess which wrap I like better?  Guess which wrap I wear all the time: the linen one I took over 2 hours to make, or the gauze one that took 5 minutes?  The gauze one, of course!  Now both baby and I love a baby wrap.

linen baby wrap

It’s our favorite way to travel, both across the country, and around the house!

gauze baby wrap

He usually falls asleep after a few minutes in the baby wrap.

hands free baby wrap

It’s handy to have my hands free, and baby gets to be close to me.  So now I have 3 baby wraps: 1 for winter when the extra length and weight are perfect!  One for hot summer days and short trips around town.  One for all day whether hiking, gardening, or just hanging out!

gauze baby wrap

As one of my friends said recently, “You can never have too many wraps!”  I think I’ll make a knit baby wrap next!

Baby Wraps by Skirt Fixation

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Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition Winner

Ladies and gentlemen!  (That is if we have any gentlemen readers…) We would like to present the final finalist for Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition.  In other words, the one who won!  Presenting:

fabric swap winner

Thank you to everyone for helping us to choose a winner.  We are so thrilled with everyone’s contributions to Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition.  Teri will receive:


$60 Gift Certificate to Sew Squirrel

etsy button

$40 Gift Certificate to Five Monkey Fabrics


2 PDF patterns from Winter Wear Designs

We’d like it if everyone would visit the sponsors and thank them for contributing.  There generosity truly made Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition great.  And as we mentioned Friday, Wildflower Fabrics wants to stay on as a sponsor on Skirt Fixation.  So they are offering an exclusive discount for our readers.  See the new button on the sidebar?  Refer back to it whenever you want to save on great fabric.  (Their shop is on vacation right now, but don’t worry,they’ll be back by the end of the week!)

We’d love to tell you where Challenge Create is headed next, but we can’t because we don’t have all the details cemented in yet!  So if you want to be the first to know, be sure to follow us.  You can either sign up at the top of the sidebar (where it says Don’t Miss A Single Post) to receive our posts in your inbox, or sign up here to only receive information about Challenge Create.  (But you will be missing out on some really great skirt stuff!  Just saying!)  

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Generous Sponsors and Thank You Judges!

We have the honor of introducing you to the rest of the people who make Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition worthwhile!  These are the generous, amazing sponsors.  We worked really hard for this Edition of Challenge Create to get fabric sponsors, because we know we asked a lot when we asked our contestants to send some of their fabric to someone else!  And our sponsors replied with so much generosity that we had prizes left over when all the weekly challenges were finished.  So we decided to extend the contest one more week and let everyone vote for the winningest winner!  If you haven’t voted yet, be sure to go here and do that!  Here are the rest of the sponsors Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition.


Wildflower Fabrics:

Randy and Sarah have the Etsy shop together – he’s the shipping department.  Wildflower Fabrics began with Sarah and her love of fabric!! She learned to sew at the knee of her grandmother, collecting scraps of fabric to use for clothes for her baby doll. When Grandma realized how interested Sarah was, Grandma decided to teach her how to use a needle and thread. A life long passion and skill was born. Sarah really developed her sewing skills through 4-H and then later studying Textiles in college. Even though she worked in education, she always sewed, from apparel for herself and our children to Halloween costumes the night before Halloween. Quilting came a little later. Sarah started making quilts for babies of family and friends, and then for our grandchildren. And finally she opened her Etsy shop, aQuiltforBaby in the fall of 2009.. This shop has been very warmly received. Her quilts have been adored and cherished by her loyal clientele. Their feedback has been heart-warming. This success is based on Sarah’s ability to pick out beautiful fabrics that complement each other so well! Wildflower fabrics was born through this love of fabric!
Sarah told us, “I just love fabric and am kind of a fabricoholic!!! So having a fabric shop is perfect for me because I get to look at fabric all the time, and buy fabric – my weakness!!”

And now Wildflower Fabrics has decided to become a permanent sponsor on Skirt Fixation!  Just use the offer code SKIRTFIXATION5 at check out for an exclusive 5% discount!  You will be seeing their new ad on our sidebar next week!

map buttin


Catherine runs After My Art, Mapology, and a Spoonflower shop!  This busy lady is committed to helping you decorate your world beautifully and affordably.  Her family friendly designs are available on home furnishings, techy things (like phone cases) and fabric. She wants to help you feather your nest in your own way with unique art from her selections.  She creats new art every day!

For those of you who love maps as much as I do, she have a large collection of vintage maps that she is slowly uploading and working in with her artistic designs.  These can be found in her Etsy shop “Mapology”  and now in fabric at her Spoonflower shop also.    You can find all of her art and maps at AfterMyArt

You can also connect with AfterMyArt in these ways:  Pinterest, FacebookTwitterTumblrInstagram


Bundle Up

Bundle UP is run by the Pattern Revolution team!  Here are some things you might not know about Bundle UP:

What makes Bundle UP different from other bundle sales?

They only feature established designers whose patterns and reputation you already know and trust.

They create themed bundles. This way you get more of what you need and none of what you don’t.

They offer primarily new release patterns and throw in a couple oldies but goodies to round out the bundle.

They allow you to Build a Better Bundle. You get to pick and choose which patterns and how many to include in your bundle (minimum of 6 patterns for bundle pricing).

The all new Bundle UP Boy’s Edition is set for August 2014.  You can read the latest about it here.

Here’s a little more about Pattern Revolution:

At Pattern Revolution, the age old art of sewing meets cutting edge technology.  Traditional paper sewing patterns are written for a generation of women who learned how to sew at their mamas’ knees. In today’s world, most women are learning as adults, the majority of whom are self-taught seamstresses. Pattern Revolution is all about promoting sewing patterns for the modern sewist, patterns that are delivered electronically and have much more to offer than traditional paper sewing patterns.  Clear, step by step instructions and photos allow even the most novice seamstress to learn to sew gorgeous creations, but are suitable for all levels of experience.

Please connect with Pattern Revolution in one of these ways: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

Parisian Nights

Winter Wear Designs

Winter Wear Designs are PDF sewing patterns created and designed by Suzanne Winter. As a mother of three, Suzanne understands the importance of stylish yet WEARABLE clothing for both women and children. She hopes her collection will inspire more people to sew with confidence.

Suzanne grew up sewing at home, she then studied costume design in college. As a professional photographer she has an eye for detail and a desire to make all people feel great about how they look.

You can find Winter Wear Designs on Facebook,  Google+, Pinterest.  You can find Suzanne over at Pattern Revolution and her blog, Winter Wonderings Wanderings & Whatnot!

etsy button

5 Monkey Fabrics

Opening her Etsy shop in the summer of 2011 was a dream come true for Ginger and since then she has expanded her excellent selection of designer fabrics one her own website. She named her shop after her five monkeys….two children and three dachshunds.  Ginger enjoys working with and getting to know her customers to ensure that every experience they have at Five Monkey Fabrics gives them a reason to smile.

Five Monkey Fabric’s goal is to provide high-quality designer fabric at affordable prices with excellent customer service.  New items arrive weekly so there is always a lot going on in the shop.  She just loves the excitement of finding a package of beautiful fabric in the mail and laying it out and imagining all the wonderful things that can be made with it for people she loves. Doesn’t everyone?…so, let’s start shopping!

Please connect with Five Monkey Fabrics on Etsy, Twitter, Facebook and of course their Shop!


Zeet Zeet


zeetzeet founder, Kerry Adams, began selling fabric on eBay in 2003, following a 20-year international career in design, product development, apparel manufacturing, and textiles. Earning over 60,000+ positive feedback comments on eBay from talented artists, designers, crafters, sewers, cottage industries, and bloggers, zeetzeet is known around the world for their amazing array of over 1000 high quality, innovative, leading edge printed quilting weight cotton fabrics, coordinating basics, newest sewing patterns, and unique coordinating trims from modern designers and high quality manufacturers. Few can offer the experienced and talented eye zeetzeet has for forecasting color and trends and selecting the the best print designs, coordinating fabrics, and trim.

Their selections include leading edge color trends in prints and basics, pop art 50s/60s/70s style mod retro groovy designs, vintage and modern baby and children’s prints, a wide variety of unique novelty designs, and a selection of mod Japanese imports. This weight fabric is suitable for wall hangings, hand bags, apparel, quilts, bedding, home decorating, crafts, and fabric art.  zeet zeet’s service commitment includes the lowest possible domestic and international shipping rates and they are known in numerous international blogs for our superb packaging and same day shipping ~ around the world!

Please thank zeet zeet for sponsoring Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition over on Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, and their website.



Natalia Lekala runs the Lekala Sewing Patterns.  The company has specialized in software engineering for tailoring clothes and designing tailoring patterns since 1989. Lekala Sewing Patterns offers pattern for every gender, occasion and age.  The whole idea behind Lekala Sewing Patterns is that you get the patterns customized to your fit!  They offer modern patterns that you will love making knowing they will be custom fit to you when you are finished!  You should also check out all their free patterns and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.


Sew Squirrel

Sarah over at Sew Squirrel agreed to sponsor Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition.  Do you remember that Sew Squirrel also sponsored Challenge Create: Adult Edition?  When asked to describe the team at Sew Squirrel she replied, “The “us” at Sewsquirrel is currently a very liberally used term, that is generally used to describe me (Sarah) and my occasional helpers who assist with their areas of specialty.  I started SewSquirrel due to pure frustration that I couldn’t get the Sewaholic Cambie dress quickly in Australia.  To date, the Cambie has been my most sewn and worn pieces of clothing. Everything is packed, shipped and cared for in Melbourne Australia.” Don’t worry about shipping though, it’s $3 flat rate from Australia!pastedGraphic_1.png

Sew Squirrel carries a large selection of patterns for Men, Women (like the Charlotte peplum pencil skirt above!) and Children as well as assorted Haberdashery (or plain old Notions, as we say over here!) One thing that’s very helpful about their store is that the patterns are categorized into patterns for knits and patterns for wovens. That’s for those of us who hoard fabric and need to use it up! Be sure to connect with Sarah and the Sew Squirrel Team on Facebook Twitter and Pinterest.


And now, for one more thank you…we wanted to mention Lolita Patterns again.  They are helping us to thank the Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition Judges for their hard work by giving them PDF patterns!  Seriously, would you have liked to narrow down the creations to the winners?  Not us either!!!

And now, just one more reminder to go vote for your favorite Fabric Swap winner…you have until Sunday at noon (EST)  Good luck!

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Mystery Fabric Swap Results & an Announcement!

Vote for one of the final 5!

What a mysterious week!  We were so pleased with every creation made with mystery fabric, and the sew along was so very awesome!  So now you want us to let you know the winner, right?  Well, we want you to take one last look at the amazing four entries!

Vote for your favorite Fabric Swap look.

The judges have had their say, the votes have been counted, and the scores reveal that the winner of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition for Mystery Week is:

Mystery Fabric Swap Tank

Kara from Sweeter Than It Seams

Beside the warmth of victory, your positive applause, and many virtual high fives, she will receive:

White Tree

$50 gift certificate to White Tree Fabrics


One copy of Style That Kid


6 pattern bundle of her choice from the recent Women’s Bundle or the Upcoming Boy’s Bundle from Pattern Revolution


3 PDF patterns of her choice from Lekala Sewing Patterns

Now Kara couldn’t have done it without help from Lauren who sent her that mystery fabric, so in addition to many thanks from Kara,  Lauren will be receiving:


$25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop.

And just so Terri & Jordan know how very awesome they are, we are sending them each a yard of fabric from our stash!

The winner of the Favorite sew along, as determined by equal parts vote and the contestants judging is:

Emily from The Lady And The Gents

She will receive:

1 yard of this beautiful fabric from Mapology.

Now we have had so much fun with Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition, that we just couldn’t let it end here!  So because our sponsors have been so very, very generous, we had prizes left over!  So we are going to extend the Challenge for one more week!  Here’s the deal…the 5 winners from the 5 weeks of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition are lined up for you, the voter, to choose the final winner.  The final winner will be receiving:


$60 Gift Certificate to Sew Squirrel

etsy button

$40 Gift Certificate to Five Monkey Fabrics


2 PDF patterns from Winter Wear Designs

So here is the lineup of the 5 weekly winners for your viewing pleasure:

Vote for one of the final 5!

  1. Noelle from The Sewing Sparrow

  2. Bonnie from Fishstick Designs

  3. Teri from FaSewLa

  4. Ajaire from Call Ajaire

  5. Kara from Sweeter Than It Seams

So let the voting begin…100% of the score is based on your vote!  Voting ends Sunday (August 10th) at noon (EST) winner will be announced Monday, August 11th.

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Adventures of Lauren’s Mystery Fabric Swap Challenge

mystery fabric swap

This is the last day of the last week of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition. We wanted it to go out with a bang, so we saved a very fun theme for the last! This week is Mystery Fabric Week! The four contestants exchanged and sewed up 2 yards of fabric. The mysterious part was they had no clue about what kind of fabric they were sending AND no hint about what they were getting! Today, Lauren from Adventures of Lauren shows us her Mystery Fabric Swap Challenge:

Hi everyone, it is Lauren here from Adventures of Lauren. I am so excited about my mystery fabric from Terri. It was thin tan suede and  purple satin.


I truly freaked out about this material. I really did, problems I thought about: one shot sewing, special needles, nap, and ironing. I opted to sew a dress because of course I love dresses. I went for this Vogue 1286. It actually has bands that I could use the purple to accent.


And away I cut! I kept a running list of what pattern piece went for what fabric. I had just enough of the purple, which I also used for the lining of just the purple. I had to pull some scraps for the rest of dress lining.

The satin was not too hard to cut but the tan ultra suede was like an octopus and grabbed EVERYTHING. On the mat, random threads in my sewing room, you name it! I really liked the purple with the tan. I actually quickly sewed through the dress UNTIL THAT IS I GOT TO THE BACK STRAPS.

fabric swap

The instructions got a bit confusing at this part. Also the back part of the dress was BADLY TOO BIG. It was a hot mess. I spent a long time slowly trying to rework the back. I had done all the lining inside and the dress was almost complete. I took a little in and tried on. Sew. Sometimes I was sewing with the dress partly on me. I was in stage 4, I needed chocolate, ice cream, and to cry some. Basically I had to take some in at the shoulders. Then, in the middle, I promise you I took off 2 inches each side and I still had too much leftover. And the straps had over an inch too much each. But I made it work. And to finish the skirt, I opted for steam a seam. It was the easiest option for me.

mystery fabric swap

Done!! OMG I could cry that this dress is over and done with. I had to raise the bodice a little bit as it was just too low cut. I did not feel comfortable wearing it. The sides line up well. I was happy and this dress will be perfect for fall.

mystery side

I am so happy for this opportunity for this fabric swap. I had a great time and I feel like I learned a lot from sewing with this fabric. I will also never sew this pattern again. EVER!

mystery fabric swap

For more information, go and check out my blog!



Now that’s what we call perseverance that paid off!  Difficult fabric, difficult pattern, but one determined lady!  That is one amazing combination and one amazing dress!  Now let’s review the four mystery fabric swap looks:

Vote for your favorite Fabric Swap look.

1.  Kara from Sweeter Than It Seams

2.  Jordan from Goddess Of Sewing

3.  Terri from Sew Straight & Gather

4. Lauren from Adventures of Lauren

Be sure to vote for your favorite Mystery Fabric look by clicking the little circle next to their name in the poll below.

Now go over to the Favorite Sew Along and vote for your Favorite Creation there too!  See you Monday for results and for some exciting NEWS about Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition!!!

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Sew Straight and Gather’s Mystery Fabric Swap Challenge

This is the third day of the last week of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition. We wanted it to go out with a bang, so we saved a very fun theme for the last! This week is Mystery Fabric Week! The four contestants exchanged and sewed up 2 yards of fabric. The mysterious part was they had no clue about what kind of fabric they were sending AND no hint about what they were getting! Today, Terri from Sew Straight and Gather shows us her Mystery Fabric Swap Challenge:

Hi Everyone! And thank you Skirt Fixation for inviting me to participate in this awesome challenge!

My fabric was from Jordan over at Goddess of Sewing!  Her little note stated that she had purchased it at Walmart in the bargain bin and she instantly loved it! She didn’t know what she would make from it but she loved it! Lucky for me she never did figure out what to do with it!

There were no details about what  it was, so it was truly mystery fabric. My guess is… a chiffon, possibly fine voile….I really have no idea but it is a beautiful brushed rose color with a dotted striped gold inlay, very pretty.
I was pleasantly surprised and slightly scared – it was sheer and slippery, not my favorite.
Actually I do love sheer fabrics, I just find it hard to sew with. My biggest pet peeve is when you can see the seams through the right side but I didn’t have that issue, YAY! It did fray though…oh man did it fray. After I cut it I had to be super careful. At one point my daughter snuck into my sewing space and decided to pin fabric for me -the pink one of course…..nothing bad happened though, phew!

Mystery Fabric Swap Challenge

So what did I make with it…? I drafted up a high low dress! It’s something I’ve wanted to make for a while now. I knew the lightness of the mystery fabric would make the perfect overlay for it. I drafted it like a triangle so it would gradually get wider towards the bottom and this created the beautiful drape in the dress.

Mystery Fabric Swap Challenge

Obviously the mystery fabric was incredibly sheer and I needed something underneath to prevent the dress from being see through. So I used my all time favorite,  jersey knit from L’oiseau’s. I chose a taupe colored jersey which is so high quality and has a naturally beautiful drape. I drafted the underneath about 1 1/2″ shorter than the mystery fabric to create a layered feel to the dress and I had just enough jersey leftover to make a basic pair of leggings to go with it. Lovely!

Dress Collage one

To emphasize the drape of the mystery fabric and add some detail, I added a gather at the front neckline. I finished the hem of the mystery fabric with a short width zig zag stitch – almost a satin stitch and I left the jersey hem raw. I made a U shaped opening in the back and finished it with a tied bow closure from the mystery fabric – my favorite, it turned out so pretty!

And that’s about it! I loved how it turned out and so does she! The jersey being inside the dress must give it the coziest feeling! Unfortunately I can’t try it on to confirm that. I think I may have to make one for myself – as I have about a meter left of the fabric!

Thanks again Skirt Fixation for having me, it really is such a cool concept and thank you to Jordan for sending me some very pretty  fabric, it will be well used!  Come over to my blog to see more photos.

What a perfect use of mystery fabric!  We’ve seen fabric like that before, but never bought it because we were scared and didn’t know exactly what to do with it!    We certainly didn’t know something so dreamy could come of it!  Now we know…And now, we have a challenge for you…link up your favorite thing than you’ve sewn in 2014 to this week’s sew along.  It’s going to be challenging to narrow it down to just one thing, but the reward will be fabric from Mapology for the winner!  See you tomorrow for the last mystery fabric swap contestant.

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Goddess Of Sewing’s Mystery Fabric Swap Challenge

fabric swap challenge

This is the second day of the last week of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition. We wanted it to go out with a bang, so we saved a very fun theme for the last! This week is Mystery Fabric Week! The four contestants exchanged and sewed up 2 yards of fabric. The mysterious part was they had no clue about what kind of fabric they were sending AND no hint about what they were getting! Today, Jordan from Goddess of Sewing kicks off the Mystery Fabric Swap Challenge:

When it was time to choose my theme for Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition, there was really no question that I would go for the Mystery Fabric. Kara from Sweeter Than It Seams sent me two darling cotton prints. I’d planned on making something for myself, but anything I make now can only be used for the next three months before baby comes. It worked out perfectly though, because the light red background on the chair fabric is the favorite color of my older daughter, Blue Eyes, and it begged to be made into something cute for her.

mystery fabric swap

After many hours of internal debate I settled on the free Brooklyn Frock from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. I shortened the dress into a top, angled out the sides a bit for a little extra fullness, shortened the sleeves, scaled down the pocket size to fit the new length, and added a second pocket. My favorite addition was the piping. It added such a fun pop of yellow and I think it really helped tie the other fabrics together.

fabric swap challenge

Because Blue Eyes has a birthday coming up (results for this week will be announced that day!) I had her help choose several design elements. She selected the ladybug and gold star buttons, as well as a couple of choices on the purse. The loops are colored hair elastics I picked up at the dollar store.

mystery fabric swap challenge

My original plan was to make shorts out of the swap fabric. Despite searching through paper, PDF, and self-drafted patterns, I just couldn’t find anything I wanted to pair with the top. Instead I pulled out some white jersey I had on hand and made up a pair of Go To Leggings.

fabric swap challenge

A quick shopping trip in my mom’s fabric stash produced the red knit I used to trim the hem and peek-a-boo hole. And oh, the accent bows! I may die from cute overload. I used both of the swap fabrics in two different sizes to get a layered bow, then used the red knit for the center.

mystery fabric swap

In addition to the challenge of using the mystery fabrics, I also challenged myself to use as much of the swap fabrics as possible. To accomplish that I printed up the Free Child’s Ruffled Purse Pattern from Create Kids Couture. The bag echoes the top with the added piping and moving the second ruffle down a bit to leave space for the buttons. At Blue Eyes’s request I added a button and loop closure to the opening, as well as “side pockets like the diaper bag!” Now the purse is just what she wants.

fabric swap challenge

If you were wondering, she’s holding a live ladybug in one hand and dead butterfly in another. Blue Eyes loves the whole outfit and I do too. This has been a great and fun opportunity! For much more of the guts and glory about this project, as well as more pictures of Blue Eyes refusing to smile for the camera, visit my blog.

Oh, what a neat outfit!  What a lucky girl to have such an accomplished seamstress for a mom!  We love how Jordan gave herself an additional challenge to use up as much of the fabric as she could!  And now, we have a challenge for you…link up your favorite thing than you’ve sewn in 2014 to this week’s sew along.  It’s going to be challenging to narrow it down to just one thing, but the reward will be fabric from Mapology for the winner!  See you tomorrow for the next mystery fabric swap contestant.

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Sweeter Than It Seam’s Mystery Fabric Swap Challenge

Mystery Fabric Swap Tank

This is the first day of the last week of Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition. We wanted it to go out with a bang, so we saved a very fun theme for the last! This week is Mystery Fabric Week! The four contestants exchanged and sewed up 2 yards of fabric. The mysterious part was they had no clue about what kind of fabric they were sending AND no hint about what they were getting! Today, Kara from Sweeter Than It Seams kick off the Mystery Fabric Swap Challenge:

Hi y’all!  I’m Kara from Sweeter Than it Seams and I am extremely excited to share my creation with you today.  This is the “Mystery Fabric” that Lauren from Adventures of Lauren sent me.
I have to be honest, when I first saw this fabric I thought it looked like a little girl or a nightgown fabric.  But, I’m always up for a good challenge so I knew I wasn’t going take the easy way out and make the obvious.  I spent many hours searching and deciding on what to make out of this lovely fabric.
I finally landed on the Simone from Victory Patterns.  I just love the summery light feel this tank has.  The second challenge was to find a fabric that would accentuate the strong points of my mystery fabric.  I searched through my stash and found some less than stellar options.  Finally, I found this stretch lace at JoAnn and I thought it would be a perfect fit.

Don’t you just love the back?  I love the contrast!  My teenage daughter really liked it when I put it on, so that is a double score!  
Mystery Fabric Swap Tank
I used the Wide Leg Pants from Jocole to make the shorts to complete my outfit.
Stop by my blog to find out where I got my inspiration for this outfit and more pictures..
Whew, it’s a good thing Kara didn’t take the easy way out on that fabric because then she would have missed the opportunity to wear such a smoking hot outfit!  Seriously, who would have thought that mystery fabric could turn out so good?  And now, we have a challenge for you…link up your favorite thing than you’ve sewn in 2014 to this week’s sew along.  It’s going to be challenging to narrow it down to just one thing, but the reward will be fabric from Mapology for the winner!  See you tomorrow for the next mystery fabric swap contestant.
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Call Ajaire’s Knit Fabric Swap Challenge

This is the last day of the Knit fabric sewing creations made from fabric the 4 contestants swapped. They each sent and received 2 yard of fabric and then sewed it up! Their only stipulation was that the fabric be knit fabric. Today, Ajaire from Call Ajaire is here to show you what she created:

Hi guys!  I’m Ajaire from Call Ajaire and I can’t wait to show you what I made with this knit swap fabric!

Charity from Say Grr Sewing was charged with sending me the fabric for the swap and in her note she said that she had purchased the floral and the yellow and was a bit disappointed in the quality of the yellow when it arrived so she threw in the white at the last minute.  I really like the color of the yellow and wanted to use it even if it was a little thin.  However, the three fabrics sat in a pile in my sewing room for ages as I couldn’t figure out what to make with them.  Then I got the idea to add another color to the mix.

I tried a few different solids like green, brown, and blue, but gasped when I put this variegated orchid knit next to the others.  The orchid did something to the floral that pleased my eye.  I knew immediately that I would make another Paneled Sunsuit for Bean with a cardi to complete the look.

For the Paneled Sunsuit I used two layers of the orchid on the bottom since it was also a little thin, and just like the first one I made, the bodice is fully lined.  The white fabric was used for the lining.  I added a strip of the yellow as a faux piping at the top of the bodice to tie the fabrics together.

The cardigan I chose to make is the Aster Cardigan from LBG Studio through Willow & Co.  I have been eyeing that pattern since Vanessa designed it for her season of Project Run & Play.  It’s a really sweet shape and perfect for layering.  The pattern does not disappoint.  It’s even better than I expected and so easy to follow.  The inside finishes are nice and clean which I really like for the insides of a top layering piece that might be unbuttoned or removed.

It turns out the yellow fabric is perfect for a cardi.  It is a great light layer and I love how it looks with the pop of white faux piping.

I am so pleased with how this outfit came together.  Bean seemed really comfortable in it and the sunsuit is super cute.  The cardi will be worn a lot this fall and I was really happy to use that yellow fabric after all!  I definitely declare this knit challenge a success!  Stop by my blog to see more fun pics!

That little romper is so cute, and the color combinations are fabulous.  That adorable little cardi is simply icing on the cake!  Fantastic ensemble for sure!  Now let’s review the four creations submitted by our knit contestants:

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1.  Scary from Shaffer Sisters

2. Karly from Paisley Roots

3.  Charity from SayGrrSewing

4.  Ajaire from Call Ajaire

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