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Top Stitchers Sewing Contest Collaboration

You may remember us blogging about Top Stitchers, a sewing competition?  (Hint: we were inspired by Monet!)  Well, we’ve been holding back on some super exciting news; we’ve joined forces with Becca Duval and we’re going to help her run Top Stitchers!!!

You remember Becca, she was part of the dynamic duo who won Challenge Create: Adult Edition!  We’ve become great friends, and now we’re going to collaborate on a sewing competition together!  And season 3 of Top Stitchers is starting up really soon.  In fact, the competitors are probably already at their sewing machines.


We’ve got the new button on our sidebar.  Those of you waiting for the next edition of Challenge Create, we’d advise you to get involved in Top Stitchers because it’s taking the place of Challenge Create.  Both Becca and I are well aware of the effort it takes to run a sewing competition, so by joining forces, we’re going to divide and conquer and the new sewing contest will be (at least) twice as good!

In the past, Top Stitchers has been held on Becca’s blog, Free Notion, while Challenge Create was held here.  But of course the new collaboration called for something bigger and better, so we’ve created a new website, Sewing Stadium.  Isn’t it gorgeous???

The prompts for the new season of Top Stitchers have just been released, and they are awesome as usual!  To see the new competitor pairings and the prompts, head over to this blog post.

I’m going to be heading up the sew along, and I’m terribly excited about that!  We decided to let everyone sew for any prompt, past or present for the sew along.  That makes 25 total prompts to choose from!  If that sounds overwhelming, here’s a way to help you choose.

 top stitchers prompts

What would your prompt be?  Do you know what it means?  Head over to Sewing Stadium to find out.

Beside sewing competitions, Sewing Stadium has a shop!  Right now in the shop are some t-shirts.  Each one comes in  11 different sizes and 19 different colors.  The one I’m going to be ordering first is this one:


made+this+listingTo see the other really fun shirt designs, click over to the Sewing Stadium shop.  There are some really cool other things coming to the shop soon, so stay tuned.

Alright, that’s all for now.  But we’ve given you sewing homework, so get your machines off and running!


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Meet the Sponsors Round 2 and Rewards for the Judges!

sponsors announcement

Today we want to introduce you to the rest of our generous sponsors and reward our hardworking judges!

Lolita Patterns button 125 x 125

Our first sponsor is Lolita Patterns. If you’ve never heard of this company (and for my Mom who just did a back flip at the company name) a short explanation. One of the major Japanese fashion movements is the Lolita movement. First off, this is not the lolita from the s*xy novel. In fact, there is less skin showing in this fashion style than in most others worn by young people. The young men and women dress in a fashion related to doll costumes of the Victorian era. There are a number of categories of the fashion, but frills, lace, petticoats and half-dresses are common elements. This concept of kawaii or cuteness can be related to a desire to return to a more innocent past time, a sort of reaction against the psychological pressures of present-day life that the young people have to contend with. Amity Gleason founded Lolita Patterns in 2013 for the woman who has a bold and eccentric style but is confined by the professional wardrobes required in many work places.  She designs all Lolita Patterns to work as essentials in a professional wardrobe with Japanese lolita style elements. My favorite pattern, hands down, is the Spearmint, but then again I seem to be in a jacket phase right now!


Amity developed separate blocks for the smaller sizes and larger sizes results in a dramatically better fit. That’s why many of us sew, right? Each pattern is designed to be created in an assortment of different fabrics with the ability to make multiple style variations from one pattern. Another reason we sew! There is a sizing page explaining it very clearly. As each pattern comes out, Lolita Patterns produces numerous tutorials and sew-alongs on the website and blog. Be sure to visit Lolita Patterns and connect with them on Google+ Pinterest Facebook Twitter (@lolitapatterns) and Instagram (LolitaPatterns)! Tell them thanks for rewarding our judges of Challenge Create: Adult Edition.


Sarah over at Sew Squirrel also agreed to sponsor Challenge Create: Adult Edition. When asked to describe the team at Sew Squirrel she replied, “The “us” at Sewsquirrel is currently a very liberally used term, that is generally used to describe me (Sarah) and my occasional helpers who assist with their areas of specialty.  I started SewSquirrel due to pure frustration that I couldn’t get the Sewaholic Cambie dress quickly in Australia.  To date, the Cambie has been my most sewn and worn pieces of clothing. Everything is packed, shipped and cared for in Melbourne Australia.” Don’t worry about shipping though, it’s $3 flat rate from Australia!

peplum pencil skirt

Sew Squirrel carries a large selection of patterns for Men, Women (like the Charlotte peplum pencil skirt above!) and Children as well as assorted Haberdashery (or plain old Notions, as we say over here!) One thing that’s very helpful about their store is that the patterns are categorized into patterns for knits and patterns for wovens. That’s for those of us who hoard fabric and need to use it up! Be sure to connect with Sarah and the Sew Squirrel Team on Facebook Twitter and Pinterest.


Up next is The Ribbon Retreat.  The Ribbon Retreat is a global ribbon and fabric store that is amazing, fun, and full of top of the line products that inspire creativity daily.  This fantastic business started as an online store in June of 2004.  Over the years it has experienced a great deal of growth and in addition to an ever growing online business, also has an amazing retail store located in Shelley, Idaho.

The Ribbon Retreat was started in a most humble and simple way.  In 2004, the owner, Lanae, decided she wanted to earn a little extra cash for Christmas.  After stewing over what she could do to achieve this desire, she discovered that she could make and sell bows in a local craft show, on eBay, and on a small website.  Not only did Lanae accomplish her goal and desire to make a little extra cash, she realized that she loved bows AND ribbon!

Because of her new found love for bow making her business was started and housed in the basement of her home.  However, with love and nourishment, Lanae’s ribbon business grew and grew and grew to the point that she needed help and lots of it.  With the help of her husband, Justin, they created a bow maker to aide in the bow making process and in the creation of a more finished and professional looking bow.  With the creation of this bow maker, The Ribbon Retreat business expanded even more and at great lengths to the point of both Lanae and Justin becoming full time employees of The Ribbon Retreat.


Although The Ribbon Retreat began with such humbleness, it is now a successful and thriving business comprised of over 25 employees and is housed in a 10,000 square foot building, including a beautifully modern and brand new retail fabric store and a wholesale business that furnishes a large number of businesses and business owners with top of the line ribbon and exclusive ribbon.  The business website showcases all of their fabulous products, from ribbon to fabric, from hardware to notions and everything in between, available to both local and virtual customers.  Along with all of the above, The Ribbon Retreat also has a 3 year old blog that is full of greatly creative and fabulous tutorials, contests, and giveaways that are sure to inspire the newest beginner to the most advanced bow maker, seamstress, and DIYer.  The blog has crafts galore and something for all!

They would LOVE for you to pay them a visit at their retail store in Shelley, the website or the blog.   Also be sure to visit them on Pinterest Facebook and see their great tutorials on YouTube.


Natalia Lekala runs the TipTopFit Etsy Shop.  The company has specialized in software engineering for tailoring clothes and designing tailoring patterns since 1989. TipTopFit offers pattern for every gender, occasion and age.  The whole idea behind Lekala Patterns is that you get the patterns customized to your fit!  They offer modern patterns that you will love making knowing they will be custom fit to you when you are finished!  You can also check out the website or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.  Not only is TipTopFit Etsy shop donating 25 patterns for one of the contestants, but also 3 patterns for each sew along winner!  (Yes, I forgot to mention this weekly, but be assured the weekly sew along winners will receive their patterns!)


Maria Denmark Sewing Patterns is run by Maria who lives in Denmark!  She loves to sew, knit and do other crafty stuff.  She designs her own patterns, and came about it like this: In 2002 she started sewing her own clothes, mostly because she didn’t like any that were available in the high street stores. She didn’t know anyone who sewed, so looking for inspiration, and likeminded people, she joined and started reviewing patterns she had sewn. Soon other members asked her to help them get the Danish patterns she used. And shortly after she made an exclusive translation agreement with the designer of the ONION sewing patterns and Dennis (her husband) began programming a shop. And ShopONION was born.

Since then she became more and more interested in drafting sewing patterns herself and took a lot of classes on the design, drafting and grading.

So in 2012 she started publishing the MariaDenmark pdf pattern line, which are all patterns intended for everyday wear with very detailed instructions, making them easy to sew even for complete beginners.


Here is one of Maria Denmark’s skirt patterns.  Don’t you just love that pleat?  And I love the fact that Maria herself made and wore this skirt to a PR meeting!

YasminYokeSkirtThis is another MariaDenmark skirt I just may be sewing up soon!  I think that yoke would be perfect for holding in the post baby belly!  I love the pockets on it too!

Here are several ways to connect with Maria: Twitter,  Facebook, Pattern Review, Craftsy, Ravelry, Flickr Google+,  and Pinterest!  Basically, if you’re not connected with MariaDenmark, you’re just not connected!

That’s the round up of our awesome sponsors!  Please go visit them and thank them for their awesome donations to our contestants and sew along participants.  They truly made Challenge Create: Adult Edition worthwhile!  Be sure to come back next Friday (May 9th) when we fill you in on where Challenge Create: Adult Edition is headed next!

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Challenge Create: Adult Edition Winner & 1st Runner Up

Alright, we won’t hold you in suspense any longer! Today we get to reward the Challenge Create: Adult Edition winner and the 1st runner up! Every single lady worked so hard, and we are so glad that everyone is being well rewarded for their amazing work. The 1st runner up of Challenge Create: Adult Edition is Michelle from Falafel and the Bee. Let’s take a minute and review her four outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.

MichelleNatureInspiredMichelle’s Nature Inspired Outfit

michellerefashion2Michelle’s Refashioned Outfit

michelle in vintageMichelle’s (Hint of) Vintage Outfit

michelle destashMichelle’s Destash Outfit

Beautiful! What an amazing seamstress! Wouldn’t those four dresses be reward enough for anyone? But we’re so glad that the sponsors are going to help reward her for her hard work by giving her:

tiptop125x12525 patterns (a $39.99 value!) from Tip Top Fit Etsy shop

TRR-Circles-Logo-2$40 gift certificate from The Ribbon Retreat

Not A Skirt! eBookA copy of our ebook, Not A Skirt!

NDADAlso, as a special thank you from us personally, we are giving Michelle the book, New Dress A Day, by Marisa Lynch. Since Michelle totally rocked Refashion week, (hands down!) we know she (and her daughters) will enjoy this book!

We have a little secret to tell you about Michelle! Before Challenge Create: Adult Edition began, Michelle asked us if she could sew (adult size) clothing for her teenage daughter and her friends. Can you imagine how dull this contest would have been without Michelle’s spunky contributions? Without her smiling face?

We are so glad Michelle decided to make and model clothing for herself, aren’t you? We’d like everyone to go over to Falafel and the Bee and congratulate her!

Thank you, Michelle, for contributing such a fun spark to Challenge Create: Adult Edition. We can’t wait to see what you sew up in the future!

This brings us to the Challenge Create: Adult Edition winner, the Becca & Suzanne team from Pattern Revolution. Let’s take a minute and review their four outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.

becca&suzanneBecca & Suzanne’s Nature Inspired Outfits

Becca& Suzanneweek2Becca & Suzanne’s Refashioned Outfits

becca&suzannevintageBecca & Suzanne’s (Hint of) Vintage Outfits

Becca&Suzanne destashBecca & Suzanne’s Destash Outfits

What a great team! What amazing outfits! What awesome sewing talent! As if those four outfits aren’t reward enough, our sponsors are going to make sure Becca & Suzanne are well rewarded with:

SewSquirrel125x125$60 gift voucher from Sew Squirrel

Fat Quarter Shop Certificate$50 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop

Laura Marsh Designs£15/$25 gift voucher from Laura Marsh Design

orangePCHCsalt$25 gift basket from Pure Hearts Clean Hands Soap Co.Not A Skirt! eBook2 copies of our ebook, Not A Skirt!

liquidPHCHsoapAnd as a special thank you from us personally, we are doubling the gift basket from Pure Hearts Clean Hands Soap Co. so each of these hardworking ladies can be pampered!

The judges were in agreement, (and we concur) that Becca & Suzanne sewed up some amazingly complex outfits using very skilled sewing techniques. We learned in the course of this contest that Becca has only been sewing adult clothing since January! And we also learned that even though Suzanne has a personal blog, she (and Becca) chose to represent Pattern Revolution as a team for the course of Challenge Create: Adult Edition. We were so glad to have them along for the contest.   They added such a modern, stylish element to the challenge.

We’d like everyone to go visit Becca & Suzanne at Pattern Revolution and congratulate them on their win.

Please be sure to come back tomorrow as we tell you more about the second set of sponsors and finish up rewards week with thank you presents for our hard working judges. Seriously, would you like to have been a judge for this contest?

And then be sure to come back next Friday, May 9th, as we reveal where Challenge Create: Adult Edition is headed next! And until then, we’ll be showing you what we were up to during Challenge Create: Adult Edition!

Make it beautiful,


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Challenge Create: Adult Edition 2nd Runner Up

Today our fun task continues. We get to reward another very hard working lady! The 2nd runner up for Challenge Crete: Adult Edition nearly worked herself into oblivion! We would like to present Magda from House of Estrela! Let’s take a minute and review her four outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.Magda - Nature InspiredMagda’s Nature Inspired Outfit

magda refashionMagda’s Refashioned Outfit

magda in vintageMagda’s (Hint of) Vintage Outfit

magda destashMagda’s Destash Outfit

What an amazing maternity wardrobe! What an amazing lady! Does she not personify motherhood in all it’s grace, softness and beauty? We think she deserves to be well rewarded for her hard work, and our sponsors are going to make this possible by donating to Magda:


$35 of her choice of sewing supplies from A Fashionable Stitch

Laura Marsh Designs3 pack of patterns from Laura Marsh Designs

Not A Skirt! eBookA copy of our ebook, Not A Skirt!

Also, as a special thank you from us personally, we are giving Magda a gift basket of our favorite handmade baby essentials. (Yes, there will be a future blog post about this!)

We are also very, very impressed that as well as her four very gorgeous maternity outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition, Magda sewed along with Project Run & Play and also Kids Clothing Week! What an amazing lady and mother, that Magda!

Everyone was in agreement that Magda’s outfits were ones that they would love to have during pregnancy. After all, it’s a time when comfort is so important, and so hard to come by! A little behind the scenes about Magda. She worked so very hard on all her creations, and sewed her heart out, and nearly wore herself out! She wasn’t sure she was going to be able to complete the final week, but we’re so glad she did! We sincerely hope Magda takes the rest of her pregnancy at a slower pace…maybe relaxing on the beach (from her refashion photos) in some of her amazing maternity outfits!

We’d like everyone to go visit Magda at House of Estrela and congratulate her. We wish every woman a beautiful motherhood like Magda!

Thank you, Magda, for contributing such softness and grace to Challenge Create: Adult Edition. We’ll see you in July over at House of Estrela when we contribute to Refashion Month there.

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Challenge Create: Adult Edition 3rd Runner Up Awards

We have a very fun task today. We get to begin awarding prizes to some very hardworking ladies. These seamstresses have sewn their hearts out for the last four weeks. They have sewn, ripped, resewen, and so on! Without further ado we would like to present you our 3rd runner up for Challenge Create: Adult Edition, Stacy from The Land of K.A. Let’s take a minute and review her four outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.


Stacy’s Nature Inspired Outfit

stacy's refashion

Stacy’s Refashioned Outfit

Stacy in vintage

Stacy’s (Hint of) Vintage Outfit

stacy destash2

Stacy’s Destash Outfit

Who wouldn’t love to be rewarded with four new outfits like those? Even though Stacy said she did not enter the contest to win we think she deserves to be rewarded for her hard work. Thanks to our generous sponsors Stacy is going to receive:

Simple Simon & Co.

$25 of favorite sewing supplies from Simple Simon & Co.


2 PDF patterns from Shop Onion

 Not A Skirt! eBook

A copy of our ebook Not A Skirt!


Also as a special thank you from us personally we are giving Stacy a gift certificate to Spoonflower.

We were also very impressed that as well as her four very sophisticated outfits for Challenge Create: Adult Edition, Stacy sewed up some very intricate garments as she sewed along with Project Run & Play!

We agree with the judges who gave Stacy very high marks for her work, commenting that she was performing advanced techniques on difficult-to-work-with materials. We felt like all four of Stacy’s outfits were ones we would love to wear. Did anyone else notice that Stacy made SKIRTS!!! all four weeks?  Also, we promised we’d dish a little on each of the contestants, so here’s a secret about Stacy!  For the final week, Stacy sent us her write up with a totally different set of photos than the ones you saw.  Then she emailed us the photos you saw, saying that she absolutely hated the previous photos.  So we’re going to show you one of those hated photos!

stacy destashHorrible? Right?  Seriously, I don’t think anyone could look anything but glamorous in that outfit!!

We’d like everyone to go visit Stacy at The Land of K.A and congratulate her. We aspire to have this level of talent some day.

Thank you, Stacy for contributing to Challenge Create: Adult Edition with such a sophisticated presence.  We expect to see many more great things from you!

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Destash Sew Along Winner

destash sew along

What a month we’ve had! What a great Challenge! What amazing creations! We’re so thrilled with everyone who came to sew along. The sponsors have been very generous and have made sewing along worth it for each winner.

This week, the Destash sew along winner is Elizabeth!


Be sure to go over to The College Seamstress and tell Elizabeth how awesome she is for sewing along with Challenge Create: Adult Edition!

She will receive $10 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop.

The Fat Quarter Shop

2 PDF patterns from Shop Onion.


And a free copy of our ebook, Not A Skirt!

Not A Skirt! eBook

Every sew along seamstress has received a coupon for 50% off our ebook, Not a Skirt! If you haven’t already picked one up, the discount code, “aprilsale” for $10 off Not A Skirt! expires on 05/05/14 so be sure to get yours before then as the price goes back up after that!

Now as to the winners from our very talented contestants, we’re going to create a little suspense by unveiling the 3rd runner up tomorrow, the 2nd runner up Wednesday, and the 1st runner up and Grand Champion on Thursday. Then, be sure to tune in Friday for the scoop on the second set of sponsors! Also, you will want to come back next Friday as we will reveal where the next edition of Challenge Create is headed!

Our contestants were simply amazing! Really, we are almost at a loss for words due to their creativity, their ability, and their awesome participation! One reason we are unveiling the winners slowly is so we can take time to tell you a few behind the scenes secrets, and feature each and every one of them in detail!

One thing for sure, Challenge Create: Adult Edition has exceeded our wildest expectations in every way! The sponsors were so very, very generous! For example, one of our goals was to create interest and participation in the sew along, and so we asked 3 of our sponsors to give even more than they’d already pledged, and they agreed! So please take a minute to visit The Ribbon Retreat, The Fat Quarter Shop, and Shop Onion and thank them for their generosity!

So come back tomorrow as we begin rewarding these ladies for their persistently hard work!

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Stacy @ The Land of K.A.’s Destash Creation

Today we get to present the final contestant for the final time on the final week of Challenge Create: Adult Edition!  Unveiling Stacy from The Land of K.A. and her destash creation:

I don’t think the ultimate goal of learning to sew is to be able to make a t-shirt that you can buy for $5 at Old Navy. I think it is learning how to create something different. Something that is unique to YOU, and no one else will have.

That is what I aimed to create this week.

As usual, I drafted something (basically changing up pattern blocks that I use frequently). It was inspired by an Alexander McQueen outfit from a few years ago. I bought fabric specifically to make this outfit, but there it sat…for YEARS.

Finally, this contest got me to pull it out and tackle this project. I made my own spin on the AQ outfit. One big change was not to have the “mullet” back quite so long. That would just get crushed when you sat on it.


The vest started out as a princess seamed top. I did an inverted V-pleat on the back. I was drafting as I was making it to get the look that I wanted. There was a bit of trial and error. I had to put the zipper in TWICE. At the end I believe I got a pretty decent fit on it.



The vest is interfaced and fully lined in black satin. The skirt is lined up to the edge of swooshy part of the skirt, and it is mainly a black polyester. Not the best fabric, but what I had in my stash. I also put in a side invisible zipper.


Of the two pieces, I think I will be wearing the skirt a lot. It is a nice wardrobe basic with a fun spin on the satin design elements.


I hope you enjoyed my stash busting outfit that I drafted. It was a bit trying at times, but I enjoyed making it! I have more details and pictures on my blog here.

Stacy, you are so inspiring!  What an amazingly amazing destash outfit!  We are so glad that Challenge Create: Adult Edition inspired you too.  We are also so grateful you were a contestant because you added such an sophisticated presence to the Challenge!  Now it’s time to review and vote for your favorite destash creation!

magda destashMagda @ House of Estrela’s Destash Creation.

Becca&Suzanne destashBecca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution’s Destash Creations.

michelle destashMichelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s Destash Creation.

stacy destash2Stacy @ The Land of K.A.’s Destash Creation.

Now it’s time for you to participate.  Vote in the poll for your favorite Destash outfit.  Voting is open NOW and ends at 8am Sunday.  Remember, 25% of their score is based on your vote!

Vote for your favorite Destash Creation!

  • Stacy @ The Land of K.A. (11%, 18 Votes)
  • Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee (18%, 29 Votes)
  • Magda @ House of Estrela (23%, 37 Votes)
  • Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution (48%, 77 Votes)

Total Voters: 161

Loading ... Loading ...

Voting is also now open in the Sew Along entries, and you get to choose the winner, so be sure to visit the Sew Along seamstresses and vote there too!  Come back Monday for the first day of Awards Week!

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Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee’s Destash Creation

Today we get to share with you the third contestant’s destash creation.  Unveiling Michelle from Falafel and the Bee:

The final week! Yahoo we made it!

This was a rough one for me. Since I have a lot of small pieces of fabric in my stash (and they are mostly novelty kid fabric), and wasn’t up to a patchwork project, I was searching frantically for something I could use. I drafted a pencil skirt and made it (with the small pieces I had left over from the last challenge), along with a stretch velvet tank and a jacket made from an over-sized sweatshirt….AND HATED IT (I did post it on my blog for your viewing pleasure though).

So I scrapped the entire thing and started over.

I then took a cream colored sheet (which I always have on hand) with an old lace tablecloth that had holes in it, and dyed them in a turquoise dye (which I also always keep on hand). The lace took the dye much differently. It came out this amazing blue color. The sheet I dyed in sections for an ombre-like effect. I do realize it is another dress. I couldn’t help myself. I love this style for dressing up, and I found that it ultimately has to be something I would wear over again.


I call this my Petal Dress. This is the first time I have ever made a scalloped hem! I think it adds just the right amount of whimsy. And if I am anything, I am whimsical.


I drafted a funky collar to show off my equally funky lining. To make that neckline, I sliced straight down in the center of the bodice (sewed it right sides together) and attached the collar above it. After turning right sides out again, I tacked open the corners of the lower part. I love the effect it creates.


This dress was going swimmingly well, until I was trimming the seams after it was all put together, and accidentally cut two sizable holes in the middle of the side of the bodice. *slaps forehead in disbelief*

I quickly unpicked a bit of the skirt portion and the side pieces and added a pop of color that doubles as a major oops cover-up!


I made it slightly longer in the back. This thing has a great twirl factor!


If you want to hear any more about this dress and see a few more photos, hop on over to my blog.

Thanks for having me as a contestant! This contest really pushed the limits of my creativity and helped me gain a fun new wardrobe.

Oh Michelle, you are simply amazing!  This dress shows of the real you in such a pretty way!  That scalloped hem is amazing; we are so glad you were a contestant Challenge Create: Adult Edition, you added such spunk to the Challenge!  Everyone else, be sure to come back tomorrow for the last contestant and her destash creation.  And if you have not entered the sew along, you still have time!

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Becca & Suzanne @ Pattern Revolution’s Destash Creation(s)

Today we get to present you our second contestant team for the final week’s event.  Unveiling Becca & Suzanne from Pattern Revolution with their destash creation(s):

Becca: I’ll admit, of all the themes this month, I was most prepared for DESTASH! I have *so* much fabric I’ve collected over the last year of my sewing adventure, and one print in particular I’ve been dying to use. But see.. it isn’t especially versatile, this print of mine. It’s sorta, kinda… TRIBAL.

But I’m not the only one with a vision. Suzanne has had a fabulous city-slicker trench planned for weeks. Merging our visions, we decided an “URBAN JUNGLE” theme was the way to go!

Suzanne: Well, any girl entering the jungle needs to be well prepared – which means: layers, prints that will help her blend with the indigenous tribes, and a weapon – Killer Heels!

I really was set on a trench style coat though – I have been wanting one for a while but couldn’t afford the retail ones I fell in love with.

You may not believe this, but this is the same Burda Pattern I used in the Refashion week! Wellllllll, sorta…. I used it as a base and drafted a skirt, the cross over lapels, and the gathered back, along with the trench sash tie. My favorite thing is that every single seam is finished with bias tape binding – my fingers are still a bit singed!

I LOVE that the you used a contrast bias! It’s details like that you can’t find in retail!

What about that coat of yours – it just looks so cool!

Thanks girl, I’m *kinda* obsessed with it actually! It’s also a Burda jacket base… but I made it REVERSIBLE! (Gotta knock out another fabric from the stash, amiright?) It’s rib knit across the cuffs and waistband, so it’s super comfortable, for such a fitted piece.

I love that – so versatile!!!!! And yes – hubs keeps eyeing my stash and the garbage bags! It looks amazing on you!

I’m pumped with how the bomber turned out, considering it was my FIRST time working with a reversible zipper.. OR a separating zipper for that matter! *backpat*

But tell me about that inner animal I see you rocking under the trench, is that an IKAT print tank?

You did awesome! And yes, that is some awesome Ikat I scored from Fabric Fairy. I adapted the Penelope Peplum to a tank… it looks pretty tame from the front, but turn it around, and this girl has a wild side!

Oh la la! EYE will LET you make me a saucy cross-back tank like that anytime, my friend! I love that design! I can’t believe how easy you make self-drafting patterns look!

It comes from years of looking at things in stores and not being able to fit in them or afford them – and saying, ‘I can make that.’ Speaking of tops – I completely love the neckline of yours!

My top isn’t self drafted, it’s another Burda design, but I like to think I’m pretty good at modifying things to fit my petite frame. This shirt was no exception. Straight out of the pattern, it was too wide across the shoulders to hold up! Last thing I need during a photoshoot is my 1 year old staring at me screaming “LUNCH!” (too much?? Oh well. Subtlety isn’t my style.)

*insert a joke about my tights here*

But I like the tights ;o) And the top looks like it was made for you – oh wait – it was! It is also the perfect compliment to that skirt. HELLLOOOOOOO Legs!

You told me to bare them, so bare them I did! Leave it to a circle skirt to prove that the simplest of sews can still pack a powerful visual punch! Those shorts of yours look anything but simple though – is that a tuxedo stripe??? That pulls in the (albeit accidental) piping detail on the reverse side of my jacket!

That is indeed a tuxedo stripe – couldn’t hold back on the last week. I made these shorts from the Sewaholic Thurlow Pattern. The fabric I dyed so that I could get a more vibrant green – they were originally a faint olive colored curtain. I felt like the tuxedo stripe dressed them up and pulled the whole outfit together. I love that they have both front pockets and back welt pockets!

Welt pockets, refashion, AND a dye job?? Way to make the rest of us look bad 😉 I’m so excited I got to sew beside you in this contest! It’s been such an incredible learning experience for me!

But the journey’s not over – check the Pattern Revolution blog on Friday for more details on this week’s destash challenge, and again next week for our #challengecreate REMIX wrap-up! We’ll be restyling all our pieces from the contest, and answering YOUR questions. So pop by our facebook group and tell us what you want us to cover in our final contest behind-the-scenes post.

Way to get wild, Becca & Suzanne!  With sewing talent like that, it’s no wonder you had a copious stash to draw from…you know, the POSSIBILITIES!!  We’re so glad you were a contestant team for Challenge Create: Adult Edition.  You two, you creations, and your banter brought such a modern vibe to the Challenge!  Everyone, come back tomorrow to see the third contestant’s destash creation!  And if you haven’t joined the Destash Sew Along, it’s not too late to link up!

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Magda @ House of Estrela’s Destash Creation

Today we get to share with you the first contestant for the final week of Challenge Create: Adult Edition.  Presenting Magda from House of Estrela and her Destash Creation:

This week’s theme was “Destash”, and well, that is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years, so this should have been an easy week. But I’ll be honest! It wasn’t! So many things went wrong. Read why on my blog. But I made it!
I really thought I wouldn’t be able to have an outfit done for this week’s entry.  I even considered giving up on the pieces I was making and start all over with something quite simple.
Before picking any patterns, I went looking at my fabric stash. I picked this very light grey cotton. It’s not in the stash for a long time, contrary to most of my stuff. I bought it already in 2014, and I am sure if it wasn’t for this challenge it would just sit there for a much longer time. 
I decided to make a pair of trousers with it. What?! Yeah! I just went a little crazy here. It was the only piece of clothing I said I wouldn’t be making because I already had two maternity pants and didn’t need a third pair. But this would allow me to use a lot of the fabric. I used a regular women’s trousers pattern from Burda, it has two pleats on the front and two on the back, and side pockets. It original had a high waist and a zipper on the side, but of course I had to adjust that to maternity wear. I’ve cut it on the front and attached a knit band that goes all over my belly. To make this, I used an old shirt, and an elastic on the top of the band so it will fit until the end of the pregnancy. 
When I figured out the pants, before going into the patterns again, I went looking into the fabric stash. I had this mustard piece of fabric that I had been saving (for years). It was the best colour to go with the grey pants, so I picked it. Then I chose the tunic, it was from a maternity clothes Brazilian magazine. I loved the pattern, but the picture of the tunic they had kept me skeptic about it until I finally started doing my own.  I tried to follow the instructions, but they were so basic that I was quite confused when I got to the button placket. I just couldn’t put it together and had to work it out on my own. It has some decorative zebra printed ribbon on the chest. It closes in the front with three wood buttons, from my stash, just like the ribbon. Another feature of the tunic, is the pleats on the front. And I can wear it while nursing too!
So, even though it was finished on the last minute, the photoshoot was quick and conditioned by the weather, I am pleased with my last outfit for Challenge Create. For more info and photos, visit my blog HERE
Once again, Magda, you’ve really sewed up an amazing outfit!  That cute little top will be perfect for the summer months of pregnancy and nursing!  We are amazed by your resourcefulness throughout this entire Challenge!  We are so glad you persevered and were a contestant on Challenge Create: Adult Edition!  You brought such femininity and grace to the Challenge.  Everyone, come back tomorrow as we show you the next contestant’s destash creation!