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Mother & Daughter Art Gallery Fabrics outfits sewn by Skirt FixationAudrey: Hello!  I’m a mom of 7 kids, 6 feet tall and have refashioned or made my own clothes ever since I reached my adult height around age 18.  That’s almost ½ my life!  The reason I make or remake most of my clothing is because at 6 feet tall, buying clothes off the rack makes me look like I’m trying to wear my daughter’s clothes!  Denim and linen are two of my favorite fabrics to wear.  From time to time I like to take on huge sewing challenges like learning to sew with knit fabrics and sewing for my boys!  I love leading the team at Skirt Fixation.




Jocole Yoga A-line skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using Urban Sew knit fabricAllegra: Hi there.  I was taught sewing by Mom at about age six or seven. I can sew with a machine, but I love hand sewing and embroidery best.  Working with cotton is easiest for me, but I relish the feel of rich and sumptuous fabrics like silk, satin, and velvet.  I love wearing long, swirly, flirty skirts, but also enjoy often mixing up my style. My passion is designing. I enjoy following current styles with my designs, and also freshening up vintage fashions. I’m excited to be second in command and Chief Photographer at Skirt Fixation.




Drop & Twirl Circle Skirt sewn by Skirt FixationAria: Hi! I’m young but I love to sew. I learned to sew when I was eight, and I have ever since. My mom was the one who taught me how to sew, and I learned by starting to make tea towels into bags. The kind of skirt that I like to wear is flowing and long, although sometimes I like to wear skirt that is just below the knee and a little tighter. I like doing the paper fashions you see on our blog, because they allow me to make my dream skirt. I also love seeing Princess Kate’s outfits because they are always so cute and fashionable.




Jocole Double Ruffle Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation using Kokka world map fabric from Urban SewAnnie:  Annie is our spunky, cute & fashionable child model.  She loves the color pink.  A girly girl to the core, she can also be found climbing trees (in a skirt with shorts underneath!) with her brothers.  She alternately begs for ballet lessons and gymnastics classes.  She’s started to complain about her skirt drawer…stuffed so full of skirts it often spills over onto the floor!  Her favorite place to shop is “The Attic” where Allegra & Aria store the clothing they’ve outgrown.  Often we refashion things from “The Attic” to make them new and special just for her!



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